25 Useful Free Handwriting Fonts

All new set of Free Handwriting Fonts, download them today for your windows or mac. Check out the complete list of 25 Useful Free Handwriting Fonts.

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Old & New: Miracles


A new series of bible art biblical designs launching soon at Old & New Project. Features art by Mark Weaver, Scotty Reifsnyder, Clare Nicholas, Alex Griendling, Justin Mezzell and many more inspiring graphic artists and illustrators.

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Epic Minecraft Art

Today we have showcased some of the most incredible and geektastic minecraft fan artworks, illustrations, comics, in game screen shots (because that is what minecraft is all about, building epic stuff!) wallpapers, and posters! Some of them range from freaking incredibly detailed illustrations that are terrifying, all the way down to really simple minimal posters (and some hilarious comics haha). There is a little somethin’ somethin’ here for everyone – even if you don’t like the game, you can’t deny that the retro pixel art style of minecraft really makes for some creative artwork and design inspiration.

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Illustrations by Sara Vandermeulen

Grow: A Perssonal Project by Andreas Preis

We recently stumbled upon an awesome personal project titled ‘Grow’ by Andreas Preis. At first glance we thought the vector like illustrations were created with Adobe Illustrator, but boy were we wrong. At least 95% of what you see here is done by hand with pencils and fineliners. Colors and structures were added in Photoshop afterwards. Andreas is an accomplished graphic designer and illustrator that currently works for Elektropastete in Germany.

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Oil Paintings

We have collected here a great variety of oil paintings, featuring diverse range of topics. You will see bright portraits and some cartoon-like illustrations, battle pictures and conceptual compositions; even the notes of caricatures can be found within this mix of saturated colors and distinct brushes. Of course, by applying oil painting filter in Photoshop or similar software one can transform virtually any picture into an oil painting. However, let us agree that only a true and genuine oil painting can become a real chef-d’oeuvre with the authentic feel and look.

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Beauty portraits by Esther Bayer

Amazing beauty watercolor portraits by Esther Bayer. Enjoy :)

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Welcome to blogging

Again such a super short, but fun cartoon by Brian @ Shoeboxblog. It shows us, how every blog starts.

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You can see this and more on mobiles.co.uk blog.
Designed by KSRuprai

Illustrations by Jacob Livengood

Jacob Livengood is an illustrator and graphic designer living in San Diego. It reuses the old movement that modernized in pointillism works very colorful. More work on his blog.

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Ilustrations by FENIKS Grafix studio

FENIKS Grafix is a studio founded in 2009 by Hosmane Benahmed aka IKS specializes in creating graphics for the web projects and textile printing. In parallel with the activities of his company, IKS works as a designer and art director for several clothing brands. Discover.

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Artworks by Hylton Warburton

Durban, South Africa – based Hylton Warburton is a graphic designer by trade, but specializing in illustration. He worked for an agency, and moonlighted as a freelancer for over 5 years now. He worked for international clients, such as Kids Footlocker, and Penna TCS, as well as a few local South African Companies.

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Stunning Illustrations by Jessica Oyhenart-Ball

Today we’ll take a look at 28 year old concept artist for video games originally from Northern Virginia, Jessica Oyhenart-Ball.

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Maccheroni t-shirt – Cucina italiana collection

Maccheroni tee.
Check out this original Cucina Italiana t-shirt for sale on vintage.it!

Illustrations by Daarken

Daarken began his career in 2004 when his incessant video game playing was interrupted by a phone call. The mysterious voice on the other end identified himself as someone from Wizards of the Coast. Daarken immediately blurted out that he would like to work for them. His overzealous nature was countered with the statement “but you haven’t even heard what the project is yet.” And so began the lifestyle of creating monsters and zombies, with the occasional video game playing on the side.

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