Animated GIFs

Actually, the range of applications of the animated .gif images is vast: from making attractive navigation buttons and cute icons for web to creating magnificent digital art works. Not complicated method of creating animated gif images plus simple way of their integration into the web layout (with the help of an ordinary tag) have made animated gif images popular and widely-used elements of web design. Of course, today they are gradually substituted by Flash movies; however, the technology itself has already moved into the field of digital art, offering fancy “live” masterpieces of the motion graphics. Animated gif images are definitely self-sufficient works, which are perceived as the accomplished creative pieces with their unique conceptual style and strong impression.

i1a Animated GIFs

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25 Mind Blowing Water colour Paintings by Geliographic Studio

Water%20colour%20Paintings%20Geliografic%20(13) 25 Mind Blowing Water colour Paintings by Geliographic Studio
Geliographic Studio represents these truly inspired art works. You will be charmed by beautiful colors, interesting compositions and awesome technique. I hope everyone will like this post.
Water%20colour%20Paintings%20Geliografic%20(3) 25 Mind Blowing Water colour Paintings by Geliographic Studio

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Portraits by Michele Del Campo

 Portraits by Michele Del Campo Portraits by Michele Del Campo

Though his bold brush strokes assure the viewer that he or she is indeed viewing a painting, the emotion and level of detail infused into Michele’s work touch on photographic realism. See more on Enpundit

Fabulous Examples of Dark Digital Art

20 Digital Art 4 Fabulous Examples of Dark Digital Art

Here is a new feature again of some talented artist who don’t have a lot of recognition for their great work. Here are much creative and fabulous examples dark digital art.

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Nero T-shirt Illustration

nero artslaves com Nero T shirt Illustration
nero art Nero T shirt Illustration

Nero T-Shirt
Men’s Classic T-Shirt
Classic-cut t-shirt for men, 100% cotton, Brand: B&C
Note: not all colours are available in the size 3XL.

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Hong Chun Zhang

hongchunzhang collabcubed Hong Chun Zhang
Chinese artist Hong Chun Zhang’s amazing charcoal drawings and oil paintings of hair and hairy objects. See more at collabcubed.

Fashion Illustration Nr. 48 by Bianca Raffaela

fashion illustration bianca raffaela 48 Fashion Illustration Nr. 48 by Bianca Raffaela

Latest Addition to Fashion Illustrations by Bianca Raffaela

Illustrations by Raul Urias

RU2 Illustrations by Raul Urias

RU1 Illustrations by Raul Urias

Discovery of the young illustrator and graphic Mexican Raul Urias based in Mexico. Freelance, he worked for various clients and brands such as Nike, Adidas, Coca Cola etc … to the achievement of of posters, logos but also character design or illustration for publishing and textiles. A dynamic and colorful style vector, funny and quirky.

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Sailing ♡ – cool video

Flyer int2 Sailing ♡   cool video


Concept Cars Showcase

However, it is necessary to say that there have always been particular car models, which set the direction for the future car design and further development of automobile industry. They are called concept cars or prototypes. These cars have a very important and specific role – today they show us how cars will look tomorrow. Concept cars are always unique – not only because they are usually produced in one exemplar only, but also because such vehicles of tomorrow represent the most cutting edge and experimental concepts, technologies, and innovations, known to car makers at the given period of time. Concept cars reflect the state of the art in both functionality and design. Not only new engines and transmissions are first introduced at concept cars, but also novelties of the exterior and interior design. Have a look at the pictures below, and you’ll be able to feel the scent of the future. Cars, shown in this gallery, fascinate and attract with the ultimate style and unusual appearance. Concept cars truly can show the fusion of revolutionary technical innovations and the most progressive art trends.

i1a7 Concept Cars Showcase

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Get Inspired

Here is another amazing selection of designs for your inspiration, enjoy!

i1a6 Get Inspired

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Amazing Artworks by Denise Nestor

Delicate graphite drawings with a perfect balance of stunning detail, and a lovely lack of detail. Dublin based graphic designer, illustrator and artist Denise Nestor makes me want to wear a set of bunny ears, oh, and a Christmas sweater!

i1a5 Amazing Artworks by Denise Nestor

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M.D.D illustration

218009 1716778121518 7727264 n4 M.D.D illustration

252474 1804171506298 6266706 n4 M.D.D illustration

278569 1927894639299 4039029 o4 750x374 M.D.D illustration

298381 2102185276456 944361649 n4 750x473 M.D.D illustration

310234 2260783801320 110603127 n4 750x425 M.D.D illustration

420240 2706754470308 820344545 n4 750x428 M.D.D illustration

420884 2744279568412 340422707 n4 750x464 M.D.D illustration

414669 3258809511339 1825956853 o4 750x375 M.D.D illustration

469833 3425940089499 2095636292 o2 750x375 M.D.D illustration

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M.D.D (Kipic Dusan) Illustration

I love videogames

Sabbath orgy poster – The lusty naked witches ( Pizzi e Merletti )

sabbath naked orgy poster cristian grossi artwork Sabbath orgy poster   The lusty naked witches ( Pizzi e Merletti )
An intriguing infernal sabbath of lusty witches is the subject of the newest artwork by Cristian Grossi
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