Runner’s World Feature

This is a series of illustrations I did for Runner’s World back in the Spring for a feature they were running on “Destination Races”. For those of you who are like me and have never heard of a destination race, it’s when you plan a race or marathon during your vacation. The article basically goes over all sorts of helpful tips you can use for planning the different aspects of your race, like what to pack, how to deal with a long flight, and what to do when you finally arrive at your destination.

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Streetart: Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada New Mural in Barcelona

Cuban-American artist Jorge Rodríguez-Gerada recently completed this brilliant new mural on the streets of Barcelona, Spain.

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Nineteen eighty-three

A selection of works from the portfolio by Andrea PEPPER Berretta, Italian visual artist.

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3d Cartoon Characters by Andrew Hickinbottom

Andrew Hickinbottom is an artist born in 1979 in Wolverhampton, currently working from London, UK. He specializes in character design, character modeling and pinup art. Below, you may see 30 top-notch works handpicked from his portfolio. These are pretty awesome, so make sure to keep your eyes open for portion of quality inspiration .)

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“Lost in outer space” by Daniel Hannih (

Amazing artwork done by Daniel Hannih

25 Creative and Realistic Matte Paintings for your inspiraiton

A matte painting is a painted representation of a landscape, set, or distant location that allows filmmakers to create the illusion of an environment that would otherwise be too expensive or impossible to build or visit. Historically, matte painters and film technicians have used various techniques to combine a matte-painted image with live-action footage. At its best, depending on the skill levels of the artists and technicians, the effect is “seamless” and creates environments that would otherwise be impossible to film.
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20 Most Funniest 3D character designs for your inspiration

In today’s film 3D animation is a very common part. You pick any good movie you can find at least 15 minutes of CG elements. And for this lots of 3D animators are needed. Actually CG graphics have become popular because it creates a virtual world which is crafted with fantasy. In this post we have added 27 best 3D character designs for your inspiration.
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25 Beautiful Oil Paintings by Andrei Belichenko – Woman, Garden and Dreams

Andrei Belichenko was born in 1974 in Karaganda, Kazahstan. He is a graduate of the Republican Art Schoo (1990). Andrei studied in the Graphic Department of the Academy of Arts. Consumed by the importance of detail, realism, and the individual expression of his subjects, Belichenko’s exceptional talent and excellence in academic standing earned him a Master of Fine Arts within five years instead of the customary six.
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Pushpin Portrait of Pinterest’s CEO

Imagine individually pushing over 20 thousand pushpins into a cork board to create a portrait. Thats exactly what Eric has done with his portrait of Pinterest founder Ben Silbermann.

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Platonic Solids by SuperStupidBros

Illustrated design artworks by “SuperStupidBros”, a small Berlin-based design studio.

More illustrated design artworks here • // SuperStupidBros

Illustrations by Robniel Manalo

Illustrations by Batangas City, Philippines based illustrator Robniel Manalo.

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Jeff Owens aka “JTO” Pop Culture Patterns and Paintings

Jeff T Owens – “JTO” – is a gallery artist and a professional illustrator based in Gainesville, FL. JTO’s endless fascination with 60s and 70s television and popular culture has led to work that references pop iconography with a touch of humor using his distinctive brand of graphic detailing and heavy lines. Opening Saturday, October 6th, at WWA Gallery, JTO will be one of 8 talents featured in “The Noise in the Basement”.

Some of the more unique pieces in his digital portfolio are striking pattern designs. Viewed from afar, they appear as a beautiful kaleidoscope of shapes and colors, but up close they reveal illustrations of such icons as Batgirl, Margot Tenenbaum, Wonder Woman, and more!

For “Noise in the Basement” JTO will be exhibiting a cross-section of his homage to 70s comics, movies, and album cover art for a project titled “My Metal Hand.” Painting primarily with ink and a limited color palette for the last 3 years, this new body of work is a return to full color.

The opening reception for “The Noise in the Basement” takes place on Saturday, October 6th, at WWA Gallery and is open to the public. Other exhibiting artists alongside JTO include JoKa, James “Jimbot” Demski, Dan Goodsell, David Lozeau, Juan Muniz, JC Rivera, and Saratoga Sake. No strangers to the gallery world, each of the artists in “The Noise in the Basement” have exhibited in numerous nationwide solo and group shows. They have boldly staked their own territory in the street, vinyl toy, graphic or comic scenes with their uniquely raw creative visions.

The exhibition will be on view through November 3, 2012.

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3D Illustrations by Benjamin Simon

Benjamin Simon is a Madrid based Graphic Designer and Art Director focusing on 3D-Illustrations and 3D-Typography. Here some of his great works:

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Art – The Power of Shepard Fairey

Back in the mid 80′s there was a skateboard subculture growing fueled by punk rock, grimy skate magazines, and the youth who participated in it. Shepard Fairey was among them. For some it was a passing phase that lasted a year or two, for Shepard it became culture.

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Stunning Tilt-shift Photography (25 Photos)

Tilt-shift photography captures your subject in a miniature, almost fake looking appearance.

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