Art by Kelly Durette

Kelly Durette from Toronto is a self trained artist that creates haunting portraits with graphite and colored pencils. Enjoy :)

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Junior Brat – Till I Die (Verified Remix)

Filmed & Edited by [ ]

Defigo Management /Starz Up Worldwide Ltd 2012


“From Cologne With Love” by Are We Designer

Once in a while it happens that Are We Designer  have to send real mail out into the world.  «From Cologne with love» is their brandnew set of goodies, which they created to enjoy their clients and friends who receive mail from them, and – not to forget – the postman. 

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Keep your Head above the Waves! Motivation by Daniel Hannih (

Motivation by Daniel Hannih
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Illustrations by Daniela Uhlig

Born in February of 1982, Berlin based graphic designer Daniela Uhlig creates some of the most beautiful comic-inspired art, occasionally using traditional painting tools, but mostly using Photoshop to shape and bring life to her images. Check 30 of her artworks below.

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Kamasutra by Malika Favre

This beautiful book cover by Malika Favre was rejected by Penguin… for being too tame and not sexy enough.

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25 Beautiful Digital Paintings and illustrations from Loopy Dave

Loopy Dave is a great illustrator who produces all type of digital illustrations. we are happy to share his works today with everyone. please add your comments here and his Devian Art Portfolio.
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Adec Patterned

Really awesome and useful Adec patterned free fonts, it is must have typeface which could be use as text and as pattern alphabets as well to create impressive pattern with ease. These cool fonts created by Serge Shi.


Fonts inspiration

Fonts Pattern

Patterned fonts

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Hands Turned Canvas

Hands become the perfect canvas by transforming human palms, fingers, and fingernails into extraordinary works of art.

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Woman Decorates Her Home With 30,000 Bottle Caps

Using plastic bottle caps that she has collected over several years, Olga Kostina makes colourful mosaics on the outside walls of her house.

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Leslie Knope

Parks and Recreation and the guiding philosophy of civil servant Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler)

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Karate Kid

T-shirt design up for scoring at Threadless, If you like it and would want to see it printed on a tee, please give it your score here

Last days of these exhibitions in London

Korean Eye 2012

Korean Eye 2012 Opening Reception Ribbon Cutting

Dorothy Bohm: Seeing and Feeling

Dorothy Bohm: Seeing and Feeling, Sweden, 1971

Click here to check other exhibitions that will be hosted through London museums until the end of this month.

25 Useful Free Handwriting Fonts

All new set of Free Handwriting Fonts, download them today for your windows or mac. Check out the complete list of 25 Useful Free Handwriting Fonts.

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Old & New: Miracles

A new series of bible art biblical designs launching soon at Old & New Project. Features art by Mark Weaver, Scotty Reifsnyder, Clare Nicholas, Alex Griendling, Justin Mezzell and many more inspiring graphic artists and illustrators.

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