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Anatomical Cross-Sections Made With Tissue Paper

For her ‘Tissue Series‘ Lisa creates anatomical cross-sections of the human body using tissue paper.

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Illustrations by Robert M.Ball

Robert M.Ball is an illustrator and graphic designer living and working in London. In his series ” Supers “he took of famous comics and other superhero he is in a cubist style retro graphics. Discover.

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Illustrations by Andrés Ariza

Andrés Ariza is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Barranquilla Colombia. He specializes in character design as well as vector illustration. His trademark: a color palette definitely flashy. More work on his Behance .

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Minimalist posters by Grégoire Guillemin

Smooth Heroes” is a series of minimalist posters themed superheroes made ​​by the French artist Grégoire Guillemin. Passionate about superheroes he had already noted with vector graphics so cut paper and returns today with this new series playing on the lights and shadows.

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Art by Kilian Eng

Kilian Eng from Stockholm, Sweden put together a nice collection of various artworks. Take a look …

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Artworks by Brian Luong

It’s that time again! To commemorate the end of 2011, here’s a round up of some personal pieces and some client work that I’ve done over the year. Projects are organized from newest to oldest.

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20 Beautiful Free Vector Files For Download

Vectors are the best resource when it comes in creating graphics. This post will let you download 20 Beautiful Free Vector Files For Download which you can use in your projects.

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3D paint splashes for free

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Four 3D paint splashes for free! Transparent background in PSD format.
Size : 4000×3000


World Maps Created with Country’s own Currency

Swedish design studio Bedow produced the world map using international coins. Reddit user The310Investigator did the same – with paper money:

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Think Invisible – Guess the Negative Space Characters

Do you think you are smart enough to guess the pictures which you have seen more than many times? M. Szulyuvszky and A. Bodor have come up with a unique concept and project which is named as Think Invisible. It is a fun project according to the creators. They are of the view that people will enjoy guessing the pictures which are smartly trimmed and selected for the project. It is strange that most of us even by not seeing the complete picture but the circles can identify the product, movie or advertisement.

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Amazing Fashion Illustrations

I suppose there is so much more to fashion illustrations that can inspire every designer. Like other designers and illustrators  fashion illustrators express themselves through their artwork. That`s why most of theirs works are extraordinary, sometimes freak but for sure inspiring.

Toda I`ve picked up 50+ breathtaking fashion artworks to make your day more stylish.

1. Danny Roberts artwork

Danny Roberts artwork

2. Vogue by  Danny Roberts

Vogue by  Danny Roberts

3. 2 Queens by  Danny Roberts

2 Queens by  Danny Roberts

4. ELSEVIER  by Laura Laine

ELSEVIER  by Laura Laine

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Halloween Savings Illustrations

Infographics done by Daniela Geigner for Halloween Saving Tips poster

Illustrations by Jessica Oyhenart-Ball

Today we’ll take a look at 28 year old concept artist for video games originally from Northern Virginia, Jessica Oyhenart-Ball. We made sure to gather the very best from her artworks. You may look forward 28 amazing inspirational pieces. If you’re into digital illustrations, make sure to scroll through.

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Grow by Andreas Preis

Another set from Andreas Preis that surely didn’t disappoint. Amazing stuff … recommended!

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