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DeLorean Time Machine Illustration by jtabije

delorean jtabije web DeLorean Time Machine Illustration by jtabije

Back to the Future DeLorean Time Machine Illustration by jtabije. Buy the print here.

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Rocco Malatesta Posters & Prints.

grantorino Rocco Malatesta Posters & Prints.

blow Rocco Malatesta Posters & Prints.

nocountry Rocco Malatesta Posters & Prints.

 Rocco Malatesta Posters & Prints.

P1000448 Rocco Malatesta Posters & Prints.

429967 3516985363295 1231819228 3575654 1496114243 n 750x498 Rocco Malatesta Posters & Prints.


Limited edition of 100. Hand Signed and Numbered.
Archival pigment print. 100% Cotton, 310g. 12 Colors.

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Simple Designs

Afterlife 640 MarcoAngeles Simple Designs
After Life

No More s40 MarcoAngeles Simple Designs
No More :(

Who 640 MarcoAngeles Simple Designs
Who’s Biting Who

Simple Designs by Marco Angeles

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Air Yeezy 2 – Yeezytography

IMG 1966 Air Yeezy 2   Yeezytography

The street scene has been going crazy over the past week. The most anticipated sneaker release of the last decade has happened. The Kanye West designed Nike Air Yeezy 2 hit the market ! Sneaker Freakers were camping up to 7 days to get a piece of Kanye design on their feet. The first eBay auction for the Air Yeezy pre release finished at 90.300$ , crazy right? The sneakers are available on eBay for around 2000$ , but there is still a chance to earn them on some give away contests. Tried myself to get my hands on a pair but its hopeless. Anyway, I love those sneakers and i put together a collection of Twitter, Instagram and other amazing shots of the Air Yeezy 2. For all the pics visit Sparks of Inspiration

cfe6f8ceb5de11e19e4a12313813ffc0 7 Air Yeezy 2   Yeezytography436f491cb3ec11e1af7612313813f8e8 7 Air Yeezy 2   Yeezytography

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Text Decoration Tutorials

To help designers and offer them some fresh ideas on text decoration, we have collected the best tutorials on text manipulation and decoration styles from all over the Web and brought them up here to the Cruzine magazine. The tutorials provide step-by-step guidelines and explanation on how to create a particular effect or style of text decoration using popular image editors or painting programs. Since text decoration project requires the use of colors, specific shapes, backgrounds, brushes, fonts, and the text itself, these text decoration tutorials are good sources of information about practical application of multiple tools and techniques you have probably seen, for example, in Photoshop, but never knew their purpose and practical use.

i1a140 Text Decoration Tutorials

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HOLD STILL by Henrietta Harris

Paintings created for my third solo show “Hold Still” in Auckland, New Zealand, May 2012.

i1a139 HOLD STILL by Henrietta Harris

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Photo Sculptures by Susy Oliveira

Toronto-based artist Susy Oliveira has created these awesome 3D sculptures, which she calls ‘a compromise between sculpture and photography.’ (more pictures here)

sculptures by susy oliveira enpundit 1 Photo Sculptures by Susy Oliveirasculptures by susy oliveira enpundit 3 Photo Sculptures by Susy Oliveira

See more pictures of Photo Sculptures by Susy Oliveira. Via Enpundit

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Giampaolo Miraglia

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Exceptional Artworks by El Grand Chamaco

Another artist we decided to feature today is Grand Chamaco. This talented artist was born in Los Ramones, Mexico. As you can see below, his artworks are really exceptional. After reading his kind of sad biography, I couldn’t believe his style and artworks were misunderstood for years in his home country. Thanks God Internet hit his town and he’s able to share his ideas and masterpieces with us, the designer community. When scrolling through the collection of artworks below, I have to say the 3d ones are my favorite. Love the colors used and the slight retro style. Another post you got to see!

i1b136 Exceptional Artworks by El Grand Chamaco

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Awesome Artworks by Colin Johnson

Colin Johnson has been a professional Freelance Illustrator and Gallery Artist since his graduation from The Maryland Institute College of Art in the Spring of 1995.

His work has received honors from Print’s Regional Design Annual, The Society of Publication Design, Communication Arts Illustration Annual, American Illustration, and Society of Illustrators Los Angeles from which he received the Gold Award in the Editorial category for the Illustration West 43 contest.

i1a136 Awesome Artworks by Colin Johnson

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Harmony and relaxation in a fantastic universe

Hot set of paintings by Jean-Claude Desplanques. Enjoy!

i1a135 Harmony and relaxation in a fantastic universe

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DRIVE in toothpicks

An incredible work of art, a mosaic with 8000 toothpicks combined together by hand, created by the Danish artist Mark Nors Arnesen.
2o15 DRIVE in toothpicks7o3 DRIVE in toothpicks9o1 DRIVE in toothpicks
MORE INFO & IMAGES & VIDEO > DRIVE in toothpicks
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Illustrations by Alexandra Levasseur

AL1 Illustrations by Alexandra Levasseur

AL4 Illustrations by Alexandra Levasseur

Alexandra Levasseur is an illustrator living in Montreal Quebec. For a year, each of its illustrations is organized according to her, his emotions and environmental circumstances. And each season it is changing its works and the female characters that compose them by changing the staging.

More picture here.
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Wine portraits by Amelia Fais Harnas

AFH1 Wine portraits by Amelia Fais Harnas

AFH2 Wine portraits by Amelia Fais Harnas

AFH4 Wine portraits by Amelia Fais Harnas

Amelia Fais Harnas is an artist based in Portland singular artistic process as it is with wine and fabrics she made ​​portraits. To do this it must control the spread of red wine through the fabric to create forms and embroider the facial features using wire. A process to obtain works she describes as “a mixture of chaos and control.

More picture here.
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Amazing Typography by Mats Ottdal

Mats Ottdal is a multidisciplinary Designer / Art Director with an additional passion for illustration and typography. After 8 years experience working closely with local and international clients, Mats is currently working with design projects for agencies in Oslo, London and New York, mostly within branding and packaging design. In the past 2 years, Mats has worked on design projects for clients like Nestea, Virgin, Havaianas, The Coca-Cola Company, Absolut Vodka and Nike.

We made sure to pick the very best from his extend portfolio. To say the truth, I am quite happy we’re featuring this artists as typography is one of my favorite subjects. The work below is exceptional … very creative and original. It’s a must for everyone looking for typography inspiraton. Enjoy!

i1a134 Amazing Typography by Mats Ottdal

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