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A better tomorrow – Relaunch

abt A better tomorrow   Relaunch

A better tomorrow” redesigned its design competition site with a whole new shop and design voting system. Submit your ideas.

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Oriol Angrill Jorda

Oriol Angrill Jorda Illustrations 18 Oriol Angrill Jorda

Amazing work by Spain based illustrator Oriol Angrill Jorda

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Los Angeles, California – travel through a local lens

LA by Christian Morin for Global Yodel 750x535 Los Angeles, California   travel through a local lens
“This illustration was inspired by Andy Warhol. He said, “I’m a deeply superficial person” which reminded me of the bad wrap LA gets being associated with Hollywood and surf culture. I like to think we care about looks and style but there’s an intellectual depth as well. We just don’t walk around wearing it on our sleeve. We wear short sleeve shirts all the time, there’s no room for pedant’s.” Travel through the local lens of art director/designer Christian Morin at Global Yodel.

The future seems exciting by Pixelete Labs

pixelete future small The future seems exciting by Pixelete Labs

The future seems exciting, doesn’t it?

Via Pixelete Labs

The birthday boy – in special wrapping!

a... .....l The birthday boy   in special wrapping!

Source: Thinkinvisible


Hi, my name is Mariella, but people call me Lella.
I’m from São Paulo and I like to draw a lot. Mostly detailed nature themed stuff.

To see all, go to

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The Monster Volume by CreatureBox

CreatureBox began in 2007 as a spontaneous exploration of character design. Jumping back into the influences of our childhoods, we pulled inspiration from classic Sunday comics, monster books and a wide assortment of cartoons. In the years that followed, we searched for our own voice while learning from the classics. This wild journey, with thousands of hours behind the drawing table, has culminated into our first premium artbook: The MONSTER VOLUME.

i1a33 The Monster Volume by CreatureBox

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 Bicycle journeys*

This is an album about what bicycles mean to us,
our friends and for us to get to know each other during the pedaling.
What does life feel like on a bicycle?
Álbum is a release, the first issue of a magazine.

album 03 Álbum,
 Bicycle journeys*
album 021 Álbum,
 Bicycle journeys*
album 011 Álbum,
 Bicycle journeys*

The contents are a collective sample of texts, illustrations,
photographs about the relationship we have with the bicycle
during these global and digital times.

Mood series by Isaiah Stephens

A simple minimalist color/mood series Isaiah Stephens has been working on.

tech 1 Mood series by Isaiah Stephens

tech 2 Mood series by Isaiah Stephens

More Artworks

Epic Surrealism In Art

Today we have a great showcase of some Epic Surrealism Artworks that are just across the board creative and inspiring. I hope they inspire YOU to do something creative, outside of the box, and crazy on your next project. So Go Get Inspired! But most of all, Enjoy!

 Epic Surrealism In Art

 Epic Surrealism In Art

surreal photography art creepy 750x750 Epic Surrealism In Art

See All Epic Surreal Art » – 53: Time

53 Time by Virginia Poltrack tablet android 750x468   53: Time

dsktps wallpaper release #53 is now available. Check out “Time” by talented artist Virginia Poltrack. Download today for your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

Check back every Monday for a brand new wallpaper from a different artist!
You can also get the latest dsktps updates by following us at twitter, facebook and Google+. If you’re an artist or photographer that would be interested in submitting, check out the new submission section of the site.

Hot Drawings and Illustrations

This week’s latest inspirational article gonna be dedicated to beautiful detailed drawings and illustrations. If you’ll take a look below you’ll see amazing artworks which obviously took considerable amount of time to work on … but it was worth it. To highlight just a few .. it would be no doubt the calendar illustrations by Irina Vinnik, digital illustrations by Andreas Preis and the digital artworks by Florian NICOLLE. In total, more than 80 quality artwork are featured in this collection and I would strongly suggest you not to skip a single one. Enjoy! … and have a nice weekend. :)

draw 1 Hot Drawings and Illustrations

draw 2 Hot Drawings and Illustrations

More Illustrations

Stunning Caricature Illustrations by Anthony Geoffroy

Anthony Geoffroy is an amazing illustrator and character designer living in Lyon, France. He is not only an excellent draftsman, but also an entertainer, who points out all the important features of character that he portrays. Below you may see a collection of amazing mostly celebrity related caricatures. If you’re looking for some inspiration, make sure to keep your eyes open. Now is the time .).

i1a32 Stunning Caricature Illustrations by Anthony Geoffroy

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Art by Marius Watz

Marius Watz (NO) is an artist working with visual abstraction through generative systems. An autodidact, he dropped out of Computer Science studies to pursue visual work based on parametric processes. He is known for his bold use of colors and hard-edged geometric compositions.

i1a30 Art by Marius Watz

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Italian vintage Death Style t-shirt 03

vintage death style 03 Italian vintage Death Style t shirt 03

Italian Vintage Death Style tee.
Check out this original Italian Vintage t-shirt for sale on!