Illustrations by Matteo Scalera

Matteo Scalera is an Italian comic book artist. After graduating from the College of Arts Parma, he continued his studies in Milan in a school of comics. He now works for editing, especially for Italian publishers but also for Boom Studios and released soon his first artbook ” Some Like It Rough . ”

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Amazing Digital Art by Sasha Fantom

I hope you will like our collection of digital art work. Take have a look Amazing Digital Art by Sasha Fantom.

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Illustrations by Jublin

Today we’ll be presenting a talented illustrator/designer Justin White aka Jublin. He’s currently living in California and working as a freelance illustrator. So if you are in need of a talented artist like that, you can snatch him up.

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40 Examples Of Landscape Digital Paintings

In this post, I will showcase 40 Examples Of Landscape Digital Paintings for Your Inspiration. Hopefully everybody will find some inspiration at least in some of the works showcased below.

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colorful poster designs by Showler & Showler

Very colorful and joyful illustrations by Showler & Showler. Coupling Tom and Hannah Showler stand behind this poster designs – literally.

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Photographs Capture Energy in Motion

Using the flawless faces of commercial models, Crawford splashes them with paint, with colored powders, with water, and it is in these moments where the motion is most pronounced.

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Childhood’s End

Amazing set of watercolor paintings by an artist from Seoul, South Korea – DRIC. Enjoy!

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Neil Armstrong first man on the moon wallpaper

That’s one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind

RIP Neil Armstrong, 1930 – 2012

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Illustrations by Omri Koresh

Creative and colorful digital illustrations by Omri Koresh from Israel. Enjoy :)

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Select Personal Pieces by Brian Luong

It’s that time again! To commemorate the end of 2011, here’s a round up of some personal pieces and some client work that I’ve done over the year. Projects are organized from newest to oldest.

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“Islands” by Reinhard Krug – Metropolises illustrated as Islands

(New York)

Some of the worlds biggest meropolises illustrated as detached islands by Hamburg-based art director Reinhard Krug.


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Illustrations by Terry Fan

Toronto, Canada based artist Terry Fan works with ink, graphite and photoshop. He’s currently involved in a number of creative pursuits which include t-shirt design, screenwriting, graphic novels and children’s book illustration.

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Art by BAKEA

Very cool and unique illustrations by Juan Carlos Paz Gómez AKA -BAKEA- from Madrid, Spain. Enjoy :)

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Illustrations by Erik Jones

Illustrations by Brooklyn, New York based artist Erik Jones, aka theirison. Erik is a freelance artist, painter focusing on contemporary figure painting, cover illustration and apparel.

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Fantasy Illustrations by ZWY-001

The last post this week will be dedicated to one talented fantasy illustrator from China known as ZWY-001. Below, you may see 22 quality artworks … most of them are nice character designs. If you’re into fantasy make sure to scroll through. Enjoy!

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