Re-Vision — Comic Icons

Series of portraits of the most representative characters of comic books

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Super Heroes Illustrations

Common, we all love super heroes .. and every single one of us has THE most favorite one. Today it’s like the dream came true .) We’re presenting the best of super heroes illustrations. There are three I like the most. It’s the Spiderman 3, Uncanny X-men 268 which is a Captain America illustration … and the third one got to be the FJM Batman. Btw all three were done by Jeremy Roberts. Guys, scroll through and drop us a comment. I would love to hear which one is your favorite. Enjoy!

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Epic Icon Sets

So today we have some really epic icon set design inspiration for you. Dig in and start drooling because some of these icons are drop dead sexyyyyyy. Lots of great examples of an Icon Set as well as lots of misc individual icons that are just freaking beautiful!

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Wood Artworks

Of course, wooden furniture is familiar to all of us, but with this showcase be ready to see some really interesting wooden furniture designs and solutions. Wooden toys offer another opportunity for admiration. A guitar made from wood may seem to be pretty traditional, but not this time – the wooden guitar we have in this gallery is pure art. Finally, we have several art compositions or installations, featuring wood and different wood-related items, which can demonstrate you some of the alternative trends in art with all their conceptuality, symbolism, and even surrealism. So, enjoy the wood art showcase at Cruzine!

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Eyelicious by Pixelete Labs

Eyelicious by Pixelete Labs

Via Pixelete Labs

Miss China

German student with Chinese roots, Linshu Zeng, created an awesome set of illustrations called Miss China. Enjoy!

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Moonlight shadow by Pixelete Labs

RedCow by Pixelete Labs

Via Pixelete Labs

Satta Outside Festival Posters

Amazing poster illustration and design for the Satta Outside Festival on Lithuania. Hope you like it!

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That’s our Anna!

With an impolite introduction of our team, it should be enough to bore you with the fact, that we are a boy and a girl who most of the time act like a drama queen and her gay shopping buddy – the only difference being that we argue about the fine lines of drawings and letters instead of the thickening horizontal stripes of the new ASOS Tops.

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RedCow by Pixelete Labs

RedCow by Pixelete Labs

Via Pixelete Labs

“Avengers Saucy” by Rob Duenas

Rob Duenas aka Sketchcraft is an American illustrator and graphic designer living in San Diego. He produced a series of illustrations in pencil, felt pen and watercolor themed Avengers. It includes Captain America alongside Hulk, Iron Man or Thor or Loki.

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Virgin T-Shirt by Martynas Pavilonis

Lithuanian illustrator Martynas Pavilonis (White White Dog) released new print/t-shirt called ‘Virgin’. Take a look.

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Sgustok Magazine Issue 003

Morgan O’Donovan, Stephen Morris, Wonford St.James, Daniel Gordon, Nikki Graziano, Philipp Schaerer, David Welch, Knotan, Jacopo Benassi, Synchrodogs, Cate Underwood, Alvaro Sanchez-Montanes, Raven Smith, Conan Thai, Natsumi Hayashi, Elene Usdin, Petros Efstathiadis, Qiu Zhen, Maleonn Ma, Amira Fritz, Phyllis Galembo, Shadi Ghadirian, Madame Peripetie, Jim Cowan, Nadav Kander, Sasha Kurmaz, Saga Sig, Julia Leydik, Lee Price, Kevin Cyr, Nick Gentry, Kristian Hammerstad, Langdon Graves, Moonassi, Beth Hoeckel, Hilary Faye, Ashkan Honarvar, Nick Cave, Tip Toland, Jacqueline Rush Lee, Michael DeLucia, Sebastian E, Florentin Hofman, Lang Baumann, Anish Kapoor, Aryz, Jan Vormann, Nicolas Mendez, Walter Van Beirendonck, Comme des Garçons, Gareth Pugh, Jeremy Scott, Rick Owens, Thom Browne, Tommy Ton, Mr. Newton, Yvan Rodic, Caroline B, Felicia Nitzsche, Katja Hentschel, Amy Creyer, Nels Frye, James Bent and others.

The edition by Denis Kovalev, Dmitry Kovalev, Nastia Karasev, Paul Mantsevich, Sergei Nechaevsky Maxim Karbanovich Svetlana Novikova, Andrey Dichenko Mary Sanfirova.

Free Russian Language Magazine (PDF 499 str.)


Cool Portrait Illustrations

For Monday, we managed to prepare a cool set of quality portrait illustrations. There are some exceptional pieces, but that is nothing you didn’t expect .). To say the truth, my personal favs are the artworks by Shannon Bonatakis, Odessa Sawyer, Denis Zilber and Stephane Goddard. Feel free to drop us a comment which do you like the most. Enjoy!

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“Marvel Babies” Variant Covers by Skottie Young

Illustrator Skottie Young created these adorable variant covers for the debut issues of marvel’s new ‘Marvel NOW!‘ series

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