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Illustrations by Therese Larsson

therese larsson1600 1119 Illustrations by Therese Larsson

Therese Larsson is a freelance illustrator based in Stockholm, Sweden, specialising in character design and realism. Therese started out as a traditional artist working in oils, pastels and aquarelle, but made the transition into digital. Therese works mainly in the field of advertising , book design, logotypes and storyboarding.

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Christian Waggoner’s Star Wars Paintings

tumblr m50hd7ogTA1rse1ipo1 r1 500 Christian Waggoner’s Star Wars Paintings

Atlanta-born artist Christian Waggoner has been creating a series of Star Wars fine art paintings for ACME Archives Direct, featuring detailed close-ups of some of the famous helmets of George Lucas’ galaxy. The idea of the series is to explore light and reflection, capturing unforgettable moments from the classic trilogy from an entirely new perspective. All of Waggoner’s paintings are available in limited edition paper, and canvas prints on the Acme Archives website.

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All Day I Dream About Sneakers

all day i dream about sneakers 1 All Day I Dream About Sneakers

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Inspiration #280

Links280 638x260 Inspiration #280

Like every week(end), I invite you to discover or rediscover: Glen Luchford – British fashion photographer, Banksy Er… Jubelee Special Print for Free, the art of Alec Gross, Skating in a house – Schuster Skate Villa, Bristol-based freelance illustrator Ainsley Knott, Stuart Whitton illustration and typography

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Intrinsic Nature Experiment

intrinsic nature experiment1 Intrinsic Nature Experiment

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F Residence by Edward Suzuki Architecture

This two story contemporary home is located in Kamakura, a city located in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, about 31 miles (50 kilometers) south-west of Tokyo. The F Residence was designed by Tokyo-based studio Edward Suzuki Architecture. See the whole gallery on Sparks of Inspiration, so impressive.

F Residence 03 800x533 F Residence by Edward Suzuki ArchitectureF Residence 07 1 800x533 F Residence by Edward Suzuki Architecture

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Best of the week 44

We introduce our “top four”, which contains the best four articles of the week: Triangle superheroes, T-rex necklace, Aga Prus handmade shoes and Biro pen drawings.
1o3 Best of the week 44
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Awesome digital work

img flyfree 750x504 Awesome digital work
img desktopography 750x504 Awesome digital work

See more of this amazing work on Beware.


Funny and Clever illustrations of Pop Culture

 Funny and Clever illustrations of Pop Culture
Kazakhstan-based illustrator Evgeny Yakovlev, aka lost-angel-less, uses iconic characters from pop and nerd culture to create funny, illustrated scenes.
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Concept Art By Andyparkart

environment experiment 2 750x482 Concept Art By Andyparkart

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Illustrations by Rin Nadeshico

rin nadeshico1600 703 Illustrations by Rin Nadeshico

Born in 1984 in Chiba, Japan, Rin Nadeshico has been drawing since he was a little kid. Rin graduated from a design school in Tokyo, where he learned graphic design and became friends with wonderful young artists. In 2009, he studied art in Paris. Rin’s work is strongly influenced by Hokusai Katsushika, a great Japanese art 200 years ago, expressing the theme of Strength and Beauty

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HANNA the film – art tribute poster

hanna poster sm HANNA the film   art tribute poster
art tribute poster to the film HANNA by 1974DESIGN

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25 Perfectly Timed Photos

There is nothing quite like a perfectly timed photograph. (see more photos here)

perfectly timed photos enpundit 6 25 Perfectly Timed Photosperfectly timed photos enpundit 40 25 Perfectly Timed Photos

Check out all 25 Perfectly Timed Photos. Via Enpundit

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Stereo Boy x Dudebox

STUBBORN SIDEBURN DESIGN designed a graphic for vinyl toy from DUDBOX. For more info take a look at more photos after “continue reading”
149789 441845085845656 225582917471875 1589935 619056947 n Stereo Boy x Dudebox

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Triangle superheroes by Inge Jalink

Awesome illustrations created by Dutch artist Inge Jalink.
1o2 Triangle superheroes by Inge Jalink2o2 Triangle superheroes by Inge Jalink
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