Runner’s World Feature by Jon Reinfurt

This is a series of illustrations I did for Runner’s World back in the Spring for a feature they were running on “Destination Races”. For those of you who are like me and have never heard of a destination race, it’s when you plan a race or marathon during your vacation. The article basically goes over all sorts of helpful tips you can use for planning the different aspects of your race, like what to pack, how to deal with a long flight, and what to do when you finally arrive at your destination.

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Digital Artworks by Exit Man

Exit Man is an illustrator and digital artist from France. We made sure today to handpick the best from his crazy colorful artwork collection. You may look forward to see quality stuff only … as usual. All of these artworks are available for purchase, so if interested do not hesitate to check Exit Man’s website. Get inspired!

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Digital Illustrations by Jessica Oyhenart-Ball

Set of various digital illustrations by Dallas, Texas based artist, Jessica Oyhenart-Ball. Get inspired!

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Venice t-shirt

Venezia. The magic of a city that blends history and future, elegance and luxury, traditions and creativity.
The sentence of this T-shirt means that a new law will rule at most for a week in Venice… It’s about changes!

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Food Italian Drug 01

Food Italian Drug tee.
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“THE RUM DIARY” by Rocco Malatesta

Rocco Malatesta is an artist based in Berlin. Have a look at his stunning work.

The see more just follow this link.


Illustrations by Chaichan Artwichai

A must-see illustrations by Bankok-based illustrator Chaichan Artwichai. Scroll through and get inspired! Amazing stuff.

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20 Awesome 3D Character Designs and Backgrounds by Jose Alves da Silva

I am jose alves da silva, a 3D artist working as s full tiem freelance. i have started working in the 3d field in 1996 ub tge area of architectural visualization. I am fully dedicated to this passion wich has allowed me to work with different teams from around the world in the fields of advertising, games and feature film. To know more about the AUTHOR click here. Continue reading for seeing the full collection of this post.

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Higgs Boson iPad Wallpaper Background, Ctrl Alt Design

up for voting on threadless

Google eyed panther

High Flyer

Curt man’s Exhibition ‘Trinity’

Trinity Exhibiton (Curt man’s first exhibition)

“His work is delightful and brilliant! Truly.” – Rick Berry

“The Trinity exhibit is a dazzling display of weird and wonderful! Where the everyday becomes extraordinary.” – Scott M. Fisher

Artist : CURT MAN
Gallery : Gallery Artsagan (SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA)
Address : 3F, 22 Samchung-Ro Jongro-Gu SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA
Date : August 16(THU.) ~ 27(MON.), 2012
Opening show : August 18(SAT.) 6. P.M.

From August 16th to 27th Curt man’s first exhibition ‘Trinity’ was held at the gallery ARTSAGAN in SEOUL , SOUTH KOREA.
Curt man is well known as Wonman Kim.
Curt man is his artistic name.
Curt man’s Facebook


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Shine Summershine fading: Haiku Illustration by Cristian Grossi

What is Haiku? Haiku is a traditional form of Japanese poetry.
Is often written in 3 short lines and read out loud in about six seconds. Take a breath and see.

The summer is fading out.
Shine on the end of this Summer is an Haiku Illustration, a visual prayer by italian artist Cristian Grossi.

Gaming Posters by Marinko Milosevski

Facebooking at work

A true comic strip by Endless Origami.

Found here.

Inspiration #287

Like every weekend here are the links that I propose to discover or rediscover: Campbell’s celebrates 50 years of Andy Warhol with Pop Art soup cans, Vincent Peters photography, Generic Surplus and OBEY Present: “Disciplines” – A Short Film, Ballpoint pen drawing by Samuel Silva, SOL REPUBLIC x deadmau5 headphones, the photography of Tamara Lichtenstein,

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