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Daily Inspirations no. 438

Let’s start with some fresh photos as pretty much every single day .) This time I would like to highlight Licantropia and an amazing lion portrait photography called BIG CATS by Vincent J. Musi. If you’re looking for some cool illustrations, there are six featured today. Make sure not to miss these two though: Gothic fairytale by Anotherwanderer and Stairs by Pesare. It’s already a tradition that the art / digital art section is packed with quality stuff. It’s no different today. My personal favs from this section are the artworks by Robert Carter and Marumiyan. Also make sure to check the ad by Ogilvy & Mather … can’t help it … love their style and creativity. This time it’s the Comfort Fabric Conditioner: Good Soak, War and Peace. Enjoy the collection … and get inspired!

i1a10 Daily Inspirations no. 438

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3D Fractal Flames by Chiara Biancheri

I’ve been making fractals with Apophysis since late 2008, deeply fascinated by the oneiric feeling so typical of fractal flames, and the intriguing patterns and geometries this software can generate. While I do also enjoy other fractal generating programs such as UltraFractal, Mandelbulber and Mandelbulb3D, I still prefer Apophysis for its higher expressive potential. I’ve been recently focusing on three dimensional flames, with a “photographic” approach and an evident organic and floral inspiration. A collection of three-dimensional fractal flames created with Apophysis 7X.

i1a 3D Fractal Flames by Chiara Biancheri

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Art, Illustrations

Illustrations by Petros Afshar

PA1 Illustrations by Petros Afshar

PA21 Illustrations by Petros Afshar

Petros Afshar is a graphic designer in London to the world vector. Freelance artist he creates illustrations, fonts and logos and has worked for clients such as Microsoft, Hugo Boss, Adidas, Red Bull etc.

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Madrid Spain by Ricardo Cavolo for Global Yodel 750x535 KINGS OF HOPE   BY RICARDO CAVOLO   IN MADRID, SPAIN
Travel through a local lens. Place specific postcard design by Madrid artist, Ricardo Cavolo. Check out the full interview/travel guide at Global Yodel.

Art, Illustrations, Inspirations – #45: Particle Aurora

45 Particle Aurora by Matthew Butler tablet android 750x468   #45: Particle Aurora

dsktps wallpaper release #45 is now available! Check out “Particle Aurora” by motion graphic designer Matthew Butler. Download today for your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

Check back every Monday for a brand new wallpaper from a different artist!
You can also get the latest dsktps updates by following us at twitter, facebook and Google+. If you’re an artist or photographer that would be interested in submitting, check out the new submission section of the site.

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The Eternal Dispute: Copywriters vs Art Directors

A copywriter and an art director have to inevitably work with each other, and have to deal with creativity everyday. But if you notice their working style, you will find differences in habits and choices. The following illustrations exploit those differences and give us a view on how the people who hold those professions operate.

Copywriter vs Art Director is a Facebook fan page were we collected these works and decided to share them with you today. Whether you’re currently in one of these professions or not, they’re guaranteed to provide a hearty chuckle or two.

9643 240234779423573 222224777891240 437716 716417370 n1 750x578 The Eternal Dispute: Copywriters vs Art Directors

75209 231414503638934 222224777891240 414388 1868625617 n1 750x578 The Eternal Dispute: Copywriters vs Art Directors

379198 239206622859722 78332260 n1 750x578 The Eternal Dispute: Copywriters vs Art Directors

522239 222237107890007 1955117721 n1 750x578 The Eternal Dispute: Copywriters vs Art Directors

See the rest differences here!

Art, Design, Illustrations

Flying Mouse 365 aka Chow Hon Lam Art

tumblr m50hnudlUF1rse1ipo2 500 Flying Mouse 365 aka Chow Hon Lam Art tumblr m50hnudlUF1rse1ipo1 500 Flying Mouse 365 aka Chow Hon Lam Art

Chow Hon Lam hopes his designs can bring some smile to the world.

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Illustrations by Ekaterina Koroleva

54 Illustrations by Ekaterina Koroleva

Amazing watercolor illustrations by Berlin-based graphic designer and illustrator Ekaterina Koroleva.

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Scenery Illustrations

Just have a look at some of the landscape and scenery illustrations, we have picked up for Cruzine readers. These works are simply perfect and professional. Even if you are not a great fan of landscape painting, some of these works, like Soledad or Haunted House, are so emotionally enriched, that they will surely whip up your emotions. Actually, speaking about landscapes and scenery, it seems to be just a case, when the prologue should be short to allow our readers enjoy the paintings with their own eyes as soon as possible.

i1a8 Scenery Illustrations

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Illustrations by Mercedes deBellard

Welcome! My name is Mercedes deBellard. I was born on April 20th, 1986 in Madrid. I´m an illustrator living in Granada (Spain). Hope you enjoy my work :)

i1a6 Illustrations by Mercedes deBellard

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Illustrations, Inspirations

Vector illustrations by Alejandro Garcia

alejandro garcia10600 963 Vector illustrations by Alejandro Garcia

Alejandro Garcia is a graphic designer & illustrator, based in Valencia, Spain. Alejandro is well-known for his pop art vector illustrations of celebrities as well as human subjects altogether in favor of animals. Rather than simply rendering wildlife as they are usually depicted, Garcia has chosen to draw only their faces in close-ups. Viewers are thus left staring into the eyes of penguins, raccoons, flamingos, wolves and other creatures in a unique perspective not commonly seen.

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Illustrations, Packaging, Typography

Philips CitiScape headphones x Machinegrems

packs all Philips CitiScape headphones x Machinegrems

For the launch of CitiScape headphones, Philips asked the famous french urban artist Grems to design 3 limited edition collector’s box sets, and Machinedrum, the equally famous New York electro producer, to compose 3 exclusive tracks. 3 headphones. 3 styles. 3 sounds. 3 exclusive packs.
See more photos here

Pack Shibuya detail Philips CitiScape headphones x Machinegrems

Pack Uptown opened Philips CitiScape headphones x Machinegrems


Illustrations by Iban Barrenetxea

iban barrenetxea15600 600 Illustrations by Iban Barrenetxea

Iban Barrenetxea is a graphic designer and writer from Spain. Iban lets his imagination run lose in his work, and creates hilarious and fantastic scenes overflowing with unique details and characters.

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Watercolor Illustrations by Cate Parr

1600 797 Watercolor Illustrations by Cate Parr

Watercolor Illustrations by Cate Parr. Cate is a fashion illustrator born and educated inEngland. Currently living in the Silverlake neighborhood of Los Angeles, California.

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20 Brilliant Advertising Photographs by Jean-Yves Lemoigne