tumblr m6sc9hVKQk1rse1ipo1 r1 500 Jazzatlán
Jazzatlán is a cute little jazz club in the heart of Cholula, the ancient town that holds a church on top of an aztec pyramid buried under rocks by the spanish in the 17th century. Jose Guizar is a designer based in Mexico

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Inspiration #285

Links286 638x260 Inspiration #285

Like every weekend here are the links that I propose to discover or rediscover: the fashion photographer Nicole Bentley, the amazing 3D Illustrations by Nagai Hideyuki, hyperreal paintings by Luigi Benedicenti, Evgeny Parfenov illustrations

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Food Ads

Fortunately, there is not less art in modern food advertising as biology and marketing. To be efficient, advertising, whether it is a TV trailer, restaurant logo, or a menu decoration, should work in a very sophisticated way. By stimulating visual receptors of a potential customer (this is the art component in advertising), it should affect his basic instincts and form irresistible desire (this is where commerce starts) to drop into a supermarket for a new type of organic ham or rush into the nearby restaurant and satisfy his instincts with the extra portion of taco. Not to be accused in advocating emotional eating :-), let us publish here some examples of food advertising concepts, where art component is strong enough to overwhelm (at least for some time) the basic instincts and let one enjoy the aesthetic value of advertising itself before tasting the culinary values of the advertised product.

i1a53 Food Ads

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Creative Paper-Cut illustrations

Here we have composed most creative paper-cut illustration Artwork to inspire you and let you see what other artists are doing with paper all around the world. Many people think that paper art only comprises drawing, sketching and painting but some talented artists have taken this ordinary form of art to the next level of creativity by involving innovative forms of cutting, folding, and carving. Enjoy this post!

i1a52 Creative Paper Cut illustrations

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Nextel – Inspiring 3D Animated Short Films

thumb nex Nextel   Inspiring 3D Animated Short Films
Latest Project we, at techno image, worked on with the talented guys of Meindbender. It was a amazing experience and we had the opportunity to work in diferents steps of this short movie.
Our role was design of diferent elements, modeling, sculpting and texturing of 2 main human characters, Aeroplane, ground, clouds, and logo “Team loro”.
768ac2d96d9c1cfb0b7ec797e05ab1bb Nextel   Inspiring 3D Animated Short Films

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Shark Wranglers

Sharks have been one of the most feared creatures of the ocean for nearly 400 million years. There are more than 400 living species of sharks in our world, with over 200 of those species being listed on the World Conservation Union’s “Red List” of endangered species. This new show from the History Channel, Shark Wranglers, will head to the Atlantic Ocean, faring some of the world’s most treacherous waters, to follow Chris Fischer and his crew aboard the shark research vessel OCEARCH, who are on a mission to decode the mystery of one of the planets most notorious predators: the great white shark.

sharks infographic 750x2285 Shark Wranglers

via: History

Super Realistic 3d Female Models (Wallpapers) by SaphireNishi

super realistic 3d female models by saphirenishi Super Realistic 3d Female Models (Wallpapers) by SaphireNishi
Super Realistic 3d Digital Art Female Models (Wallpapers) by SaphireNishi. She is highly skilled artist from netherlands. 3D realism is her favourite style of art. These stunning and most beautiful 3D women to give your grim day a complete makeover!
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Super Realistic 3d Female Models (Wallpapers) by SaphireNishi

Illustrations by Yuhon

the spirit by yuhon600 847 Illustrations by Yuhon

Illustrations by Graphic designer and illustrator Yuhon

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Color In Wallpaper by Jon Burgerman

color in wallpaper enpundit 7 Color In Wallpaper by Jon Burgerman

Perfect for bedrooms, offices, studios and playrooms. The color in wallpaper by Jon Burgerman is a fun activity for people of all ages. Follow the link for more pictures.

Vlad Rodriguez

Vlad Rodriguez Illustrations 2 Vlad Rodriguez

super cool illustration by Miami based Artist Vlad Rodriguez……

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MGMT Illustration

wendyding mgmt1 MGMT Illustration
Toronto illustrator Wendy Ding captures one of her favourite bands MGMT in this new illustration. The band is portrayed in a kaleidoscopically psychedelic fashion akin to their signature sound.

30 Amazingly Clever Gym and Fitness Logos

7.gym and fitness logos 30 Amazingly Clever Gym and Fitness Logos
9.gym and fitness logos 30 Amazingly Clever Gym and Fitness Logos
Logo design is the important part of graphic design and a logo is the trademark or symbol of an easy recognition for companies,organizations or specific events.Your logo reflects your business and it plays a vital role in branding and creating visual identity so that it’s one of the most effective and fast way to coomunicate with your potential customers.

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Tee by Any Thing Goes Apparel

295337 437907939576234 2146046093 n Tee by Any Thing Goes Apparel
When a brand’s catch phrase is “beers, boobs and tattoos” can we expect tee shirts featuring Care Bears ? thanks Any Thing Goes Apparel. MORE PICS AND INFOS HERE

Epic Examples of Skateboard Art

So many skateboarders out there! And NOW So many Ill Designs!! If you are looking for some inspiration for some abstract, radical design work – then all you really need to do is sit down and scope out some skateboards brah! Whatever you are working on, check out the skateboard art below – you will find some awesome graphic design work – as well as a couple of nicely shaped custom boards.

 Epic Examples of Skateboard Art

 Epic Examples of Skateboard Art

 Epic Examples of Skateboard Art

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Tee Shirt by Rawtee

68 750x563 Tee Shirt by Rawtee
Rawtee released its first tee shirt, designed by Death In Paris, it’s a limited run (100 pieces), hand printed and hand numbered. Now available for 22€ at http://rawtee.bigcartel.com A black version is coming soon