Illustrations by Monsta

Monsta is a French illustrator and street artist based in Lyon. Varying media such as graffiti, collage, illustration, watercolor, sculpture, graphics or animation … Monsta takes us into his world ambiguous, both tortured, childish and cheerful and makes us discover her little monsters. More work on his portfolio .

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Android UI Kits

Android use getting hire everyday many app are released each day as it is friendly OS and adopted by big phone manufactures. We bring some Android UI kits which helps to create app design from scratch.

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich UI (PSD)

download ui kit
By Chris Arvin @meinhyperspeed

Android 4.0 GUI – High-Density (PSD)

android ui
By Teehanlax

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ø suave by Diego L. Rodríguez

“ø suave” is an experimental project where I combined different techniques to create some psychedelic+glitchy digital collages on square canvases.

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The Unique Character Design Style of French Graffiti Artist Amose

Amose is a french graffiti artist whose style and use of shapes has always inspired the abstract side of me to jump out. His creative characters are popping up all over the place and definitely unique to him, Amose is most definitely an inspiration to all creative practices.

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Gruesome Character Toy Design by Dr.Befa

The intricate illustrations by Dr.Befa neatly placed upon these plastic sculptures make for some awesome toys. The word “Toys” itself sounds childish, but I think if any of these “toys” were given to a child I do not think they will be too impressed.

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Surreal Creative Illustrations and Typography by Tarin Yuangtrakul

Tarin Yuangtrakul does not just dabble with Illustration, he also creates fantastic Typography pieces and Font Faces. His work has so much detail and imagination, looking through his behance, he doesn’t just show the finished pieces but he also shows how it has been done through pictures of his sketches. His work was featured in the ‘Advanced photoshop’ magazine.

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Freaky and Scary Surreal Digital Artwork by Anton Semenov

Most of Anton Semenov‘s surreal digital artwork reminds me of the creature with hands for eyes in the film Pans Labyrinth. Such freaky and surreal images, but pure genius. The detail and work put into each piece is very unique, I have never seen anything like this! This post is a must see, you will not be dissapointed.

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I Thought It Was Love t-shirt

Pensavo fosse amore invece era un calesse tee.
“Com’è che vi sposate…. avete problemi?”
Famous quote from “Pensavo fosse amore invece era un calesse”, italian movie directed by Massimo Troisi.

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All Monster are the Same! by Marco Angeles

A happy monster design creatively made for hoodies. Monsters are known to be bipolar!
Printed on American Apparel California fleeze zip hoodies.

3D Illustrations by Yinxuan Li Dezarmenien

Yinxuan Li Dezarmenien is a Chinese 3d illustrator and character designer currently living in France. Since 2009 she has created many characters and CG illustrations. Yinxuan especially loves to create beautiful women, lovely kids and cute animals. And what she loves the most is to bring them alive in 3D.

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’70s Soviet “Technology-Youth” Magazine Covers

On publication of the journal has grown five generations of Russian scientific and technical intelligentsia. Among the authors’ technique – young people “were such scientific luminaries as Werner Heisenberg and Paul Dirac, Otto Gunn and Robert Oppenheimer, Enrico Fermi and Louis de Broglie.

On the pages of “TM” were almost all of the outstanding Soviet scientists, specialists, heads of production, from the venerable Ivan Pavlov, Nikolai Zelinsky, Peter Kapitza, Anatoly Alexandrov to anyone unknown Sergei Korolev, Viktor Glushkov, Igor Kurchatov, Ivan Artobolevsky. And if the first task of the magazine was to give young readers the basis of scientific and technical knowledge, then – to get acquainted with the latest developments in science and technology, industry, medicine and agriculture. And yet – to raise an innovator, unconventional thinking man, defending his point of view, to learn to think creatively and look beyond the horizon of current knowledge. No wonder many in the Russian intellectual elite believed, and believe that they raised in the literature, “TM”.

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Yuriy Mironoff

Stereoscopic GIF-art by Yuriy Mironoff — artist & illustrator from Kiev

Fantasy Art by Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson is a professional concept artist and illustrator born in Montana and living in Seattle, Washington. Richard has worked with ArenaNet since 2003 where he has created environment art, textures and character concepts for the Guild Wars franchise. Let’s take a closer look at some of his artworks.

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Marinina by Geliografic

Just amazing set of illustrations by Russian Geliografic. Enjoy and get inspired!

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Incredible Hand-Crafted Vintage Design by Jon Contino

Jon Contino is one of the biggest and most influential custom typographers on the net, The combination between hands on illustration and digital manipulation is becoming more and more popular in today’s designer market, the less perfect looking pieces, are quickly becoming much more appealing. I like the classic aged vibe that I get from looking at Mr.Contino’s pieces, and I’m sure I am not the only one. See for yourself at these not so perfect creations, and judge for yourself.

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