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Resources for Smart Designers

We managed to put together an amazing set of fresh resources for you, designers. I am sure these items could help you get the job done faster, maintaing the desired quality level. As you know, most of these are not free, but they are just few bucks per item, so definitely worth it. When I said most of them are no free, it means there are some freebies at the very bottom waiting to be downloaded! :). Enjoy!

i1a231 Resources for Smart Designers

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40+ Facebook Timeline Profile Cover for Download

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Rik Oostenbroek

Art, Illustrations, Inspirations

20 Jaw-Dropping Photorealistic Works by Sheridan Johns

Sheridan Johns is a professional freelance digital painter, illustrator and portrait artist from Australia. She’s the talented illustrator behind these jaw-dropping photorealistic portraits of some of our most loved characters in pop culture. After graduating High School, she continued her studies of Design and Illustration for 2 years, earning a diploma within the field of arts. During those years, Sheridan was able to explore realism, apply new techniques and work with different artistic styles.

Ever since 2004 Sheridan has been studying various forms of Digital Art. She’s been through nearly all digital art styles you can name; Anime, Manga, Vector, Photomanipulation, Logo design, Typography, Western comic, Fantasy, Dragons, Landscapes, Abstract, even the Yaoi phase. She has finally found her passion in Portraiture and the fine detail within Photo Realism.

9000 the avengers by sheridan j d514g7g11 750x1026 20 Jaw Dropping Photorealistic Works by Sheridan Johns

hit girl by sheridan jd3icmzz1 20 Jaw Dropping Photorealistic Works by Sheridan Johns

neytiri  s tears by sheridan jd2yeqkk1 20 Jaw Dropping Photorealistic Works by Sheridan Johns

amber heard   drive angry by sheridan j d3bqke711 20 Jaw Dropping Photorealistic Works by Sheridan Johns

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Bijinga Paintings by Takeshi Ohgushi

1161 Bijinga Paintings by Takeshi Ohgushi

Born in 1977, Japanese self taught artist Takeshi Ohgushi, uses “ancient Japanese implements of brush and ink” to create these gorgeous and striking images. His works are considered contemporary BIJINGA (which means “pictures of beautiful women”). He paints in rolls and sweeps of sumi ink on traditional Japanese paper.

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A Roundup of Free Sport Icons for Designers sport icons A Roundup of Free Sport Icons for Designers sport icons A Roundup of Free Sport Icons for Designers
Using attractive web,applicationn and interface icons is one of the best to attract your visitors and it not hard to find beautiful icons anymore.You know designers share free icons almost everyday for every kind.

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50 Awesome Music Note Logo Designs note logos 50 Awesome Music Note Logo Designs note logos 50 Awesome Music Note Logo Designs
If you are trying to create beautiful logo for either a radio station,a record studio or even for a musical brand you can use musical notes.At first,using music notes may seem very simple and generic but it may add a clever and innovative feel to the trademark.

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Paintings by Jose Rivas

JR5 Paintings by Jose Rivas

Jose Rivas is a painter based in Vancouver. Mainly figurative, his paintings are interested in expressions and what they can tell through the colorful and expressive portraits

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Illustrations by Alex Pardee

AP6 Illustrations by Alex Pardee

AP4 Illustrations by Alex Pardee

Alex Pardee is a freelance illustrator & writer born in California. Affected by depression, he found his own therapy in the art and developed from sketches, drawings, paintings and graphic style rather morbid. His graphic universe also draws heavily on horror movies and the world of graffiti and rap.

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Daily Inspirations no. 436

Let’s start with a sexy underwater photography by Nikosalpha called Anerades. That’s the way to start the working day .) If you’re more like taking a walk through the woods, check Daybreak by R3novatio … so peaceful. In the illustration section I love the very last artwork called Freedoom by Apofiss. For those loving digital art, there is nice Marilyn Monroe by Ben Heine. Pretty stunning what geometry and talent can do together. In the ad section, there is a hilarious artwork by Ogilvy & Mather called Retro Boutique: Grandpa. That’s right … we shouldn’t leave naked :). If you’re already curious what’s new in the freebie section … guess what?! There is a nice set of PSD Paper Notes … So if you think you’ll find an use for it, go ahead and download. Enjoy the collection!

i1a228 Daily Inspirations no. 436

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Animal Super Heroes Illustrations

Superheroes like Spiderman, Hawk Girl, Batman, Cat woman and many more characters always been inspired to Animals. Sakiroo Choi’s has created some muscular, athletic animal superheroes who take unconventional and eccentric approach to the popular genre.

i1a226 Animal Super Heroes Illustrations

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An elephant or a fly? (Optical illusion.)

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The Priceless and Hilarious Illustrations of Chow Hon Lam

Chow Hon Lam aka Flying Mouse, is a t-shirt designer/illustrator from Malaysia. Chow just completed his personal project called Flying Mouse 365, the purpose is to create 1 design every single day for an entire year. Chow continues to put out fresh content on a monthly basis and has been feature in numerous publications. You can purchase most of his designs as a t-shirt on

Chow is currently working and collaboration with some clients like AirAsia, Nike, Lotus F1, MARTELL VSOP, KLUE, and Dave Matthews Band. He hope his designs can bring some smile to the world serious world that we live in. Most of his illustrations will make you appreciate the silly cleverness that he hides within his work. We think he can easily be compared to Glenn Jones.

0ac706c0f982a06dbbe2ad3954d6a1661 The Priceless and Hilarious Illustrations of Chow Hon Lam

0c5e71ba7ec2519a3a24162872fa33581 The Priceless and Hilarious Illustrations of Chow Hon Lam

2d740b2c1787ee3306c82e1467aef9261 The Priceless and Hilarious Illustrations of Chow Hon Lam

72fb989497eacea71516c8c28ed92e511 The Priceless and Hilarious Illustrations of Chow Hon Lam

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34 Creative Facebook Timeline Covers

We can’t ignore the fact that Facebook is such a huge phenomenon nowadays … no matter the stock disaster at Nasdaq recently .). That’s why we decided to publish a collection of interesting Facebook Timeline covers. Simply amazing how creative people can be out there. Just check the collection … if not getting inspired as least have a good time scrolling through. Some of them are really funny. Make sure to check the timeline cover by Jörgen Bröms, Gabriel Masliah and James Jackson. Enjoy!

i1a225 34 Creative Facebook Timeline Covers

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No-Botty by David Emmite

A personal series about homeless robots by David Emmite from Portland, OR, USA. Enjoy :)

i1a224 No Botty by David Emmite

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