A Violent rush of blood to the brain

A Violent rush of blood to the brain / WIP


Japan Dolls by Irina Vinnik

A must-see collection of amazing detailed Japanese dolls illustrations. Enjoy!

More Illustrations


Illustrations by Warren Louw

Warren Louw is an illustrator all the way from Johannesburg, South Africa. He specializes in various styles and techniques, illustrating beautiful woman, creating character designs, storyboards and taking on new and challenging subjects.

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Street art by Mark Gmehling

Here I’d like to share my latest and the coming murals. In july 2011 I started to look for big sized painting opportunities to paint the mantras I’ve in the back of my head since I started doing graffiti in the late eighties. Till today “In Style We Trust” and “Fuck The Norm” are the monkeys on my back that keep me trying harder every day.

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Bike Like a New Yorker Campaign by BikeNYC

The campaign is launched in order to stay ahead of the debate on the upcoming bike share program “Citi Bike” in New York City. Print ads and billboards will be posted throughout publications and city streets supporting the growing bike movement.

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Florence t-shirt

Firenze. Italy at it’s best! Art, culture, life, fashion, history. A t-shirt, a sentence: “Icché ci vah, ci hole” means: all that goes in is needed!

Check out this original Italian t-shirt for sale on vintage.it!

RED, Epic-M Monochrome b&w

The professional digital camera brand RED just released the Epic-M Monochrome with a new black & white-only Mysterium-X sensor. 

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Anachroquarianism by Kristjana S Williams

Illustrations by Sam Nielson

Sam Nielson is a 34 year old artist and illustrator from United States, currently working as graphic designer at Avalanche Software / Disney Interactive Studios. Below we put together a collection of 23 amazing artworks we thought were the best in Sam’s portfolio. If you love digital art / illustrations, make sure to scroll through. Hard to pick a favorite from these.

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16 Beautiful and Creative Oil Paintings by Artist Colette Calascione

Artist Colette Calascione’s oil painitngs are very famous, here we have attched few of his oil painting works for your inspiration. To inquire about paintings by Colette Calascione. To know more about the AUTHOR click here. Continue reading for seeing the full collection of this post.

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Consume Tank Top

Consume released this pretty good tank top MORE INFO HERE

Tee by Ronin

NY based brand Ronin released a new collection taking inspiration from historic references from various different cultural backgrounds whilst maintaining clean and appealing designs. SEE THE FULL COLLECTION HERE

tee shirt by Aon! Black

Aon! Black released a new collection called featuring a dark aesthetic. SEE THE FULL RANGE HERE

New lookbook by Dead Castle Project

The great australian brand Dead Castle Project released its new collection made of graphics tees and tanks top CHECK THE FULL LOOKBOOK HERE

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Tee shirts by Print Monkey

Print Monkey, a new brand from london, released a full range of awesome graphic tees SEE THE FULL COLLECTION HERE