Chinese Pedestrian Paintings

Just as the people stepped toward the crosswalk, they first intercepted a giant green ink pad that would then transfer to their shoes and leave a “leaf” print behind, reminding urbanites of the benefits of walking.

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Illustration Art by Marina Muun

Beautiful paintings and illustration art by cologne based artist Marina Muun.

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Epic Alternative Minimal Movie Posters

Get creative, explore your boundaries, and get inspired! Today we showcase some of the best Minimal Movie posters on the net that show you an alternative side to the typical movie poster! They are funny, creative, and most of all Original ideas! You can take away lots of different things from these posters, but I hope what you take away is inspiration to challenge something that is already established – make it different, make it your own! Whatever you are working on though, I hope you Enjoy!

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Adobe Ideas: Darkk

Adobe Ideas Darkk

Adobe Ideas Darkk

A comic illustration created in Adobe Ideas by artist Ryan Boyle.

The “Marmalade” Illustrations to the Reggae Music

Being already a well-established yet instantly progressing graphic illustrator with the solid portfolio of completed works for many local and world-known trademarks, such as Wrigley, Milka, Coca-Cola, Beeline, Fil Dunsky enjoys the freedom of freelance work from his own studio in the Far East Russian city of Vladivostok.

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Utopia branding agency

Utopia branding agency logo design portfolio

Utopia branding agency stationery design portfolio

UTOPIA is an international branding agency formed in 2011 by 3 certified brand identity specialists.
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10 New Professionally Designed Admin Templates

A modern and easy to use Admin User Interface is the key to success of web applications. A custom made web admin user interface usually cost you a fortune.

Due to the popularity of 20 Professional Web Admin Templates we have published a year go, we have hand picked the following 10 New Professionally Designed Admin Templates on ThemeForest. You may find them useful when designing your own web application. All of them are professionally designed, and selling at a very low price.


Illustration by: Fran Pulido

Artworks by Olga Noes

Floating down a lazy river of beautiful women and acid encrusted dreams, Olga Noes was hatched as the godchild of filth in a sweeping east Tennessee town located on the outskirts of mischief. Her most prolific hobbies include routine beer drinking, solo dance parties and the ritual of dousing the divine with the atrocious, using pencils and paintbrushes as the viscosity.

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Pizza t-shirt – Cucina Italiana collection

Pizza tee.
Check out this original Cucina Italiana t-shirt for sale on!

Stunning Digital Illustrations by Sakimi-chan

Today we’ll take a look at several impressive artworks by Sakimi-chan, a talented 21 year old digital artist from Canada.

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Illustrations by Weiye Yin

Weiye Yin, graphic designer from Beijing, China, started to accept training of traditional painting when he was a little boy, and had been engaging in art creation of oil painting before the year of 1997. In 1997, he started to dabble at CG art creation.

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Optical Illusions

On a day-to-day basis, human eyes gather an incredible amount of imagery and information for our brains to process. There are times, however, when perception does not quite match the physical reality and it’s no surprise that artists worldwide have endeavoured to play upon these apparent weaknesses.

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22 Mind Blowing and Realistic Oil Paintings by MaryJaneAnsell

Brighton, England’s Mary Jane Ansell is an award winning oil painter specializing in contemporary and figurative portraiture. Her paintings are crisp and immaculate and exude a strong sense of emotion from a display soft colors and tones. Mary Jane graduated from Brighton University in 1994 and is currently represented exclusively by The Fairfax Gallery in London. See examples of Mary Jane’s work below. To know more about the AUTHOR click here. Continue reading for seeing the full collection of this post.

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20 Creative and Colorful Graphic illustrations and Photo manipulations

You have got my colors all over your face. Adhemas was given free reign to explore his vibrant and colorful style through concepts, designs and illustrations. When the site launched in 2005, it received worldwide exposure and resulted in a number of prestigious advertising and design awards. At the age of 25, Adhemas was sought after for his unique style and saw his career take off. To know more about the AUTHOR click here. Continue reading for seeing the full collection of this post.

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