Colorful Star Trails

These are the spectacular snaps of swirling star trails which transform the night sky into a kaleidoscope of color. Keen photographer Evgeniy Zaytsev, 24, captured the stunning shots on trips to Crimea, Altai and Murom, Russia. The pictures of circular star trails are formed by merging multiple photos taken over the course of several hours. Movement of the Earth causes the stars appear in different places in each image. Here: vibrate, colorful star trails over an abandoned beach house. (Photo by Evgeniy Zaytsev/Caters News)

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This Is Heaven

The morning sky comes alive with colors over the Queensboro Bridge spanning the East River in New York City on Tuesday, January 20, 2015. (Photo by Gordon Donovan/Yahoo News)

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Peach Blossom in Vietnam

People pose for souvenir photos along peach blossom flowers at a field in Hanoi February 6, 2015. The peach blossom, believed to bring luck to families, is used to decorate homes during the Vietnamese “Tet” (Lunar New Year festival), which will take place from February 14 to February 24. (Photo by Reuters/Kham)

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Lava-ly View

A brave photographer managed to get within metres of an active volcano despite it spewing out lava waves over 140 metres high. Silhouetted against a fiery fountain of red, Icelandic photographer, Tómas Freyr Kristjánsson, 37, braved blistering temperatures to get as close the volcano as possible. Captured at the Holuhraun volcano in the heart of Iceland, the incredible photographs show craters of magma exploding high into the air. In fact, the volcano became so violent that whilst Tómas was visiting the site, Icelandic national security were forced to close the site to tourists to ensure their safety. Although very few were brave enough to get so close, Tómas managed to photograph nearby tourists to give some scale to the spraying molten rock, including that of a nearby motorcyclist. (Photos by Tómas Freyr Kristjánsson/Caters News)

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40 Small But Charming Urban Gardens

Won’t be long until all the plants come back to life and we’ll enjoy the sea of green. And that doesn’t necessary mean you’ll have to go to the countryside or in your local park to enjoy the fresh air. Here are 40 rather small but really charming urban gardens for your inspiration. The spring is upon us, so you’d better start planning, a garden will drastically improve the way your balcony, terrace or small yard looks and feels.

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“Distant Natures”

Photographer Manuel Alvarez Diestro captures Hong Kong’s surreal landscape. This is absolutely fantastic!

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Humans in the Landscape

A worker carries salt before loading it onto a supply truck at a salt pan on the eve of May Day or Labour Day on the outskirts of the southern Indian city of Chennai April 30, 2014. (Photo by Reuters/Babu)

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Deadly Snowstorm Hits USA

Pedestrians have a snowball fight in Times Square following a mandatory shutdown of the streets at 11 p.m. on January 26, 2015 in New York City. New York, and much of the Northeast, is bracing for a major winter storm which is expected to bring blizzard conditions and 10 to 30 inches of snow to the area. (Photo by Alex Trautwig/AFP Photo)

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The Storm Chaser

These stunning images show the phwoar-some power of some of Americas most extreme weather. Camille Seaman’s wondrous work features huge super cells, crashing lightning and gale-force winds. The roaming photographer has chased storms across the US from Iowa to Wyoming and from Minnesota to Texas. Her favorite places to chase are Kansas, Nebraska and South Dakota – notorious hotspots for spectacular storms. Here: this lovely monster over a farm, Lodgepole, Nebraska in 2012. (Photo by Camille Seaman/Caters News)

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“Red Tide”: The Natural Luminescence Phenomenon

Glow-in-the-dark blue waves caused by the phenomenon known as harmful algal bloom or “red tide”, are seen at night near Sam Mun Tsai beach in Hong Kong January 22, 2015. Algal blooms occur when there is a sharp growth in algae population in a water system, and are considered harmful when resulting in negative impacts on other organisms. Picture taken using long exposure. (Photo by Tyrone Siu/Reuters)

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Crystal Caves Shots in South Iceland by Julien Ratel

Reykjavik-based travel agent and photographer Julien Ratel recently visited the well known ice Caves in South Iceland, sometimes called Crystal Caves.

He took some beautiful shots of the northern lights ice cave in the area of the famous glacier lagoon Jökulsárlón.

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19 of the Most Beautiful Up Close Flowers to Enhance your Spring Time Fever


Viktor Hanacek is a great photography, web designer, and graphic artist. He loves photography and making websites so much, he feels our pain as we desperately search for high quality photos for our web designs. He has taken it upon himself to start PicJumbo which offers full public domain rights for all pictures on the website. And let me tell you, the ones in this gallery are just the beginning. He has a wide variety set up in great collections so it is easy to find what you are looking for. You can thank Vickor through his Twitter account, or go look at some great photos on his Facebook Page. Viktor also has a wonderful website where you can see the services he offers and prices along with his contact information. I know one thing is for sure, I have bookmarked Viktor’s site and am spreading the word about his wonderful cause.

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Autumn Chimeras by Gaelle Villedary


All of us have seen autumn leaves but who can see a hybrid leaf in an alley or in the park? Gaelle Villedary tried to bypass all technical difficulties a scientist could have arose, and as an artist, realised hybrid plants by scewing different breed leaves together.

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Beautiful Winter Wonderlands Around the USA

These snaps capture true winter wonderlands – as Mother Nature’s icy grip takes hold of America’s National Parks. From snow-capped mountains in Yosemite to an icy still Glacier Bay, the incredible images show their beauty is year round. In other breath-taking shots crisp frost lines the paths through Great Smokey Mountains and Crater Lake has had more than a dusting of snow. Each stunning shot was collated by the U.S. Department of the Interior – the agency which protects US land, water and wildlife. Tim Fullerton, Director of Digital Strategy, said: “America’s public lands are just as beautiful this time of year as they are in the warmer months. Snow and ice turns national parks, wildlife refuges and other public lands into a winter wonderland, enhancing the beauty of nature in America’s great outdoors”. Here: Apostle Island National Lakeshore Park in Wisconsin. (Photo by U.S. Department of the Interior/Cater News)

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December 5 – 13, 2014: Nature and Climate

A boy sifts through the debris Wednesday, December 10, 2014 following an overnight fire at an informal settlers’ community of Tonsuya in Malabon city, north of Manila, Philippines. The fire razed more than 200 houses and affected close to a thousand people. Fire officials said five people were injured and currently investigating its cause. (Photo by Bullit Marquez/AP Photo)

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