Dinosaur Shaped Rock

What seems to be a large dinosaur drinking water from a distance, is actually just a large piece rock shaped like one.
This amazing natural wonder is located in Iceland, and you can actually walk to it when the tide is low.
It stands 15 meters high on what seems to be legs and a head, in Iceland they call this the Hvítserkur .

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The hottest wonders of New Zealand

The land around Rotorua, in New Zealand, is home to a highly active geothermal zone. There we can enjoy the beauty of rare phenomena, like geysers, hot springs, incredible pools and other features. They scatter a wide array of colors that emerge from the core of the Earth.

The hot water algae that live here have adapted to survive temperatures between 35 and 59 °C.

The hot water algae that live here have adapted to survive temperatures between 35 and 59 °C.

The same pool on a different day: different colors and shape.

The same pool on a different day: different colors and shape.  Sources HERE

Acidic Oceans

It is proved in many researches that oceans are becoming acidic at a higher rate that is negatively affecting and harmful for marine life and the hundreds of millions of people who depend on the fishing for their livelihood.

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Icelandic Dinosaur – Hvítserkur

Hvítserkur is 15 meters high cliff and protrudes out of the sea. The sea erosion has carved holes through its foundations and sculptured it in the unique shape it is today. Some say it is in the shape of a petrified monster.

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Terrific Wallpapers Of Bermuda

Mysterious yet serene, the Bermuda islands are that part of the world where the occult nature comes with beauty and magnificence. We present some terrific wallpapers for your curiosity’s sake.

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Observing the Earth – Images from the European Space Agency

The European Space Agency (ESA) brings the world images of Earth from space as part of their program, “Observing the Earth.” The ESA is an international organization with 20 member states. It coordinates the financial and intellectual resources of its members to invest in space for the benefit of Europe and the world.

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Yaghi – selections of photos


Painted Fishes

Have you ever seen the painted fish. I am sure many people have seen the fishes that are painted but actually they don’t know about. Anyways, please have a looks at some painted fishes in the pics and keep the same in mind and hopefully you recognize the painted fish next time.

The Oceans End And Beginning

Every ocean and sea has a beginning and an end. Here are some amazing photos taken of these places where the come together.

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House of Fins SPLASH Event 2013

House of Fins recently hosted  SPLASH event 2013 on it’s 56th anniversary. This splash event offered huge discounts on livestock and dry goods. House of Fins is a leading source for unique aquariums, expert aquarium maintenance and exotic livestock from the world over.


Typhoon Haiyan causes devastation in Philippines

Desperate survivors of the devastating Philippines typhoon told how they had to steal from the dead to eat. In the worst-hit areas, 235mph winds created 20ft waves that are thought to have killed between 10,000 and 15,000 and left 500,000 homeless after their houses were reduced to splinters.

Super-typhoon Haiyan struck with such force on Friday that entire villages were flattened, ships were swept inland and corpses were left hanging from trees.

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Balanopsammia Wirtzi is The Newly Recognized Coral Species Of The Year

Have a look at the  impressive newly recognized coral species that were defined previous year.

Bill Wann has the largest fish tank in North America

Bill Wann, is the local guy now owns the largest tank in North America. Wann has designed  a 24-foot-long, 10-foot-wide and 10-foot-deep 20,000-gallon reef tank for his living room. He himself designed all the support systems of the tank as well.


World Beautifully Secluded Places In The World

Secluded Places In The World


20 World Beautifully Secluded Places In The World More Photography

Nature At It’s Best Part 3

Here’s a 3rd part of Nature At It’s Best Pictures. Amazing photographs taken of nature, animals and city by various photographers.
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