Wonderful pictures from year 2011

These are some of our favorite weird and wonderful photos of 2011.

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Pollution in China the World’s Worst

The expeditious growth of industry in China over the last decade has been disastrous for the country’s environment. China is currently the number one producer of carbon dioxide in the world and hundreds of thousands of people die a premature death each year thanks to pollution.

Even with new regulations on waste disposal, air and water pollution continues to rise. Often, factories, chemical plants and mills dump waste directly into waterways and chemicals flow from farms down into the soil and watersheds. Rivers have become choked with algae and slick with oil, while thousands of dead fish continue to wash ashore in some areas.

A man smokes at a pond filled with dead fish on the outskirts of Wuhan. (Reuters)

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Baby Canadian Harp Seal smiles for camera

Photographer Keren Su traveled to Îles de la Madeleine in Eastern Canada and snapped photographs of baby Canadian harp seals as they lounged and slept on the densely packed snow. via Hungeree.

Orphaned baby seals crowd sanctuary in Netherlands

Fierce storms which ripped through the northern coast of the Netherlands have produced an inordinate number of seal orphans in the past year. Rescue teams have retrieved hundreds of the baby seals which are being housed and cared for at the Pieterburen Seal Creche (formerly known as the Seal Rehabilitation and Research Center) which is currently home to 360 seals. Once the seals are healthy and able to fend for themselves, they will be returned to the ocean from whence they came. via Hungeree

Daily Inspirations no. 337

As almost everyday, you may look forward another dose of fresh inspirations .). Fans of architecture and history may check the Construction of Manhattan’s Flatiron Building photo. In the same section there are two awesome colorful fashion photos by Kristian Schuller and Chrystel Plischke-Livolsi. Worth checking out. From the illustrations my pick would be the Plum portrait illustration by Debra and probably the portrait by Lori Early .. although kind of like the Sophie Sees artwork by Aly Fell as well. Digital artworks are not staying behind … there is another piece of art by Jarek Kubicki and original Jesus creation by Ben Heine. Of course there are some freebies in today’s collection as well. If you’re looking for cool business card designs, do not hesitate and download the Psd Business Card Mock-Up Vol 2 by Pixeden. Enjoy!

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Adorable Photos by Elena Karneeva

These sweet and cheerful photos were taken by children’s photographer from Moscow Elena Karneeva. Each shot, highly professional executed by the way, give you really pleasant emotions since photographer adores her work. “When photographing children is important to dive into the world of childhood, to anticipate and feel the movement of the child, understand his motivation. To be a children’s photographer – so learn to look at the world through the eyes of a child. And most importantly – do not spare the time, after a successful picture is often necessary to wait for hours”. With these snowy photos we want to wish you a Happy New Year! See you next year!

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Winterscapes Photography

Winter is coming and today we got the first snow here in Providence, RI so I decided to search for some good winterscapes photography and I found some great ones that will give you the chills just by looking at it. Enjoy the cold season and stay warm my friends.

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DigitalGlobe’s Top Satellite Image of 2011

A satellite image of the Rakaia River threading its sinewy veins through the green-checkered Canterbury Plains in New Zealand has won the distinction of ‘Top Satellite Image of 2011.’ via Hungeree.

Temporary Museum (Lake) by Studio Anne Holtrop on thisispaper.com

Temporary Museum (Lake) by Studio Anne Holtrop on thisispaper.com

Temporary Museum (Lake),  Studio Anne Holtrop, design, architecture, interiors, thisispaper
Temporary Museum (Lake),  Studio Anne Holtrop, design, architecture, interiors, thisispaper
Temporary Museum (Lake),  Studio Anne Holtrop, design, architecture, interiors, thisispaper

Temporary Museum (Lake) is a curvaceous form set at the end of a meandering path in a nature reserve north west of Amsterdam. Like the ephemeral transitions of the autumnal season it inhabits, the gallery, which opened on mid august 2010, had a lifespan of only six weeks.

Inspired by the automatic drawings of Dadaist Jean Arp – in which the hand is allowed to move instinctively across the paper – Anne Holtrop began the work with sketches through which he intended to use chance in a way to ‘discover form’…

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Weather Permits Light Show on Swiss Jungfrau Mountain for Second Time!

Giant light installations illuminated the north face of the Jungfrau Mountain in Switzerland on Wednesday night and through the wee hours on Thursday, as the weather was favorable for hosting the light show, which is a part of the celebrations to mark the centenary year of Jungfrau railway.

The light installations, first put on show by artist Gerry Hofstetter on Jan. 1, attracted much international attention and a second illumination is now planned for this week, according to a statement released by the Jungfrau Mountain Railway authority on Jan. 11.

Light projections illuminate the north face of the Jungfrau mountain, next to the Eiger (L) and Moench (C) mountains, in the Bernese Oberland Jan. 11, 2012. (REUTERS/Arnd Wiegmann)

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Enjoy this cool #235 Thursday daily inspi­ra­tions for all DYT read­ers :) with great pho­tos and artworks.

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Photography by Laura Ruth

Fine art photography by Laura Ruth. Enjoy this beautiful showcase :)

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Tiniest vertebrate found in Papua New Guinea

A crimson and black frog named Paedophryne amanuensis is the smallest vertebrate in the world at a mere 7.7mm or 0.30 inches in size at adulthood. The frogs were discovered by Professor Chris Austin of Louisiana State University in Amau, Papua New Guinea. via Hungeree.


Hilarious umbrella designed by taiwan’s 25togo design studio. Available for sale at Designboom Shop.

Amazing Photography From Tom Lacoste