SOUTH PASADENA, CALIFORNIA – by local designer Jesse Tise

Can you sum up South Pasadena? South Pasadena’s this small but beautiful town, with lots of old craftsmen-style houses and greenery and plant life everywhere. Theres lots of rambling side streets that criss cross through hilly terrain; ideal stomping grounds when you just feel like dropping all your work and going out for a nighttime stroll. I teach during the day in Downtown L.A., so coming home to South Pas is often a welcome change from life in the city. – Jesse Tise – Check out the full interview/travel guide at Global Yodel.

The Best Astronomy Photos of the Year

The winning photographs from the 2012 Astronomy Photographer of the Year Competition were announced, and they will blow you away.

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FDR Four Freedoms Park by Louis Kahn

The new FDR Four Freedoms Park opens to the public next week on NYC’s Roosevelt Island. Designed by Louis Kahn before his death in 1974, the project has been 40 years in the making. See more on collabcubed.

Guerilla Gardening? Seedbombs Designed to Grow Things On the Spot

Seedbombs might be the coolest new way to combine your aggression with your desire to make things more beautiful.

Earlier this week, I talked about how design is awesome when it makes everyday things like making espresso easier and better for the environment. Seedbombs are better for the environment too, but they’re fun in a different way from the Presso machine. They’re fun in the way that you never thought you’d be able to take a slingshot and a set of small balls and grow wildflowers or ingredients for salsa.

In addition, the seedbombs are made by employees of Chrysalis, a nonprofit in Los Angeles that employs homeless and economically disadvantaged men and women. Seedbombs are not just a story about design and urban ecology, but a story about using sustainable materials and giving jobs and opportunity to people within the community.

Designed Good curates well-designed products that are good for the world. And seedbombs are definitely a unique find – and one that is available on their website for 10 more days only.

Sebastian Cox furniture

“Coppiced hazel”, furniture collection created and presented at Tent London by the British designer Sebastian Cox.

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Realistic paintings and Creative thinking of Artist Vladimir Kush

Vladimir Kush: Just then came to me the sensation of huge open spaces – I knew that beyond the nearby wood the snow-covered great Russian plain stretched on, unimpeded, for thousands of kilometers. And I conceived a dream to absorb the space into myself, to reach the edge of the earth- in the north, where the White Sea begins, or on the south, where Black Sea – Pontus Euxinus of Ancient Greeks – laps the steppes.
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Images From East Maui – Hawai’i

A Stream Of Tourists In Rental Cars Make Their Way To The Summit For Sunrise

The View of Kahului and Wailuku from the Summit of Haleakala

The Observation Deck On Top Of Haleakala - the 10,000 ft high peak on East Maui

These Images were made by Photographer Nick Gerber at the Haleakala National Preserve on East Maui over the course of 2 days. The first set were on top of the Summit of Haleakala – the 10,000 foot summit of the mountain that makes up East Maui and after the jump is the Bamboo forest that sits near Hana on the far eastern edge of Maui, Hawai’i.

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Hanging Tent, by Black Diamond

The awesome Black Diamond Cliff Cabana Double Portaledge alows for two people to dwell in the vertical…

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Earth-size exoplanet discovered in our nearest Star System

An Earth-size exoplanet discovered by scientists, in our nearest Star System, in Alpha Centauri 4.3 light-years away from us.

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GoPro – Hero3 video

Here is the last GoPro video release between sea, mountain and amazing natural spaces filmed by the last Wi-Fi enabled Hero3.

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Amazing nature photos

Beautiful nature landscape photography showcase.

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Trains by Steve McCurry

An incredible image gallery from Steve McCurry in India.

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The Dreamer: Shot on Location in Glacier National Park

Still from video

Still from video

Sydney’s secret beach – smoothies, bikinis, swimming, surfing, drinking, chilling

We asked Australian writer Laura McWhinnie about her perfect day in Bondi Beach, here was her answer… Waking up to a beautiful sunny day. Going for a run along the beach. Making a smoothie. Choosing a bikini. Taking a swim. Chilling on the beach with friends. Taking photos. Going for a surf. Sunset drinks and dinner by the sea.

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Plankton by Stefan Bleihauer