Sydney’s secret beach – smoothies, bikinis, swimming, surfing, drinking, chilling

We asked Australian writer Laura McWhinnie about her perfect day in Bondi Beach, here was her answer… Waking up to a beautiful sunny day. Going for a run along the beach. Making a smoothie. Choosing a bikini. Taking a swim. Chilling on the beach with friends. Taking photos. Going for a surf. Sunset drinks and dinner by the sea.

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Plankton by Stefan Bleihauer

By Cerqueira Marilène

25 Hot Examples of Summer Photography

For many summer is one of the most beautiful time of the year. We don’t know about your side but in Dubai it’s still summer season and will continue for next couple of months. Favorite outdoor activities for people in summer are walking, camping, sight seeing, but there is an activity that can fit into any of these activities without spending much. We are referring to summer photography or one whose theme is to celebrate or tell the beauty of summer by immortalizing them in photos.

can you feel the summer

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Gallery of Planetary Nebulas

A gallery of four Planetary Nebulas, in this composite image, shows X-ray emission from Chandra colored purple, and optical emission from the Hubble Space Telescope colored red, green and blue.

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Railways by Jakub Polomski

This year Jungfrau Railways celebrate their centenary. In August 1912 was completed the construction of the highest railway station in the Europe – Jungfraujoch. With 7km long tunnel completed in the beginning of the 20th century, Jungfraujoch – trains and facilities – is the miracle of engineering.

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Majestic Photographs Capturing the Beauty of Antarctica [43 Pictures]

In today’s post we showcase 43 majestic Antarctica pictures for your inspiration. Antarctica is Earth’s southernmost continent and the most magical place on the Earth. November marks the end of spring, the beginning of summer, and the beginning of Antarctica’s cruise season. This cold, southernmost continent is an increasingly popular tourist destination.

antarctica pictures

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21 Mind Blowing Sceneries and Landscapes – Digital Art works by Feliks

Feliks is a famous Digitial Artist in Poland, His digital landscapes and scenary paintings have its own unique style, with excellent use of colour and details. In this post we have added 20 awesome digital landscapes for your inspiration.
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Bat For Lashes – The Haunted Man (Album Stream)

After the video release for “All Your Gold”, Bat for Lashes (AKA Natasha Klan) released a full stream of her new album, ‘The Haunted Man’. Listen in ‘After the Circle‘.

Wonderful Analog Photos of Reflections

Here are a few wonderful images of reflections, taken by film cameras

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The enchanted Island of Suomenlinna – a 15 minute ferry ride from Helsinki

Epic local travel tips!

Travel through the local lens of Wilma Hurskainen at Global Yodel. Local tips and photographer interview at Global Yodel.

Islas Fiji

Todos hemos escuchado hablar sobre las famosas islas Fiji, un destino de especial belleza natural en el océano Pacífico, y que goza del turismo que llega de lugares como Australia y Nueva Zelanda. Entre sus grandes atractivos se encuentran sus arrecifes de coral y playas de quieto mar y azul paisaje donde se puede navegar o bien bucear. Cuenta con una variedad de resorts en donde disfrutar de unas vacaciones. Así que si a la hora de planear vacacionar piensas en vacaciones en Aruba o uno de esos lugares enigmáticos de sol y arena, piensa también en Fiji.

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“Todos hemos escuchado hablar sobre las famosas islas Fiji, un destino de especial belleza natural en el océano Pacífico, y que goza del turismo que llega de lugares como Australia y Nueva Zelanda.” – 63: Myrtos

Myrtos by Dejan Baric

dsktps wallpaper release #64 is now available. Check out “Myrtos” by photographer Dejan Baric. Download today for your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

Note: This release has full support for iPhone 5, MacBook Pro Retina and iPad 3 resolutions!

Check back every Monday for a brand new wallpaper from a different artist!
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Amazing Cliff-Top House, Chile

cliff house

Mind-blowing little wooden house built high on a cliff off the south-central coast of Chile…

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C/Z House, dialogue with nature

A house where guests are protected from adversity of nature but feel it intensely? C-Z House is the name. Find out the amazing work by Inês Vieira da Silva and Miguel Vieira, from group-architects Sami, in São Roque do Pico, Portugal.
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