Creative photography by Nich Hance McElroy

Nich Hance McElroy is a 26 year-old photographer based in Seattle, WA, who ventures into the great wilderness and comes back with photographs that depict a wonderful outdoor universe at its most grandeur.

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Mare01 by Alessandro Puccinelli

“Mare” is an ongoing project, which I started in 2006. To some extent, the sea has been my guide throughout life and I think of the ocean as both an example to learn by and a source of knowledge and inspiration. The images attempt to capture the sea at different levels. It can seem to be larger than anything else, both empty and full at the same time, similar but never the same, in perpetual movement, always a source of inspiration, a multitude of contradictions to our eyes but which, nonetheless, manage to fit together in total harmony.

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Paradame Shift Series

Paradame Shift x Paradox by Marco Angeles

Paradame Shift x Perished by Marco Angeles

Paradame Shift x Prisma by Marco Angeles

Paradame Shift x Pristine by Marco Angeles

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Designed by Marco Angeles
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The Manhattan HD1080P Project (Manhattan / New York Timelapse Clip)

This time-lapse production has been a wild and exhilarating ride, with a lot of physical work lugging my 120-130 pounds of gear around all of Manhattan.

Read the full story und watch the clip here.

Landscapes by Alexandre Deschaumes

Amazing landscape and nature photography by Alexandre Deschaumes from France. Enjoy :)

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Birds Photography

Birds have always played a significant role in the life of humans. As the evidence for this statement, let us remember that in ancient times birds were commonly considered as creatures close to Gods and thus endowed with supernatural powers. Birds were common characters, mentioned in multiple legends and fairy tales. Just to give a few examples, let’s remember the eagle, sent by Zeus to execute punishment to Prometheus, or the white dove, that brought the palm twig to Noah as the sign of new land found after the Deluge.

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Vertical Garden by Patrick Blanc

The Quai Branly Museum in Paris is home to one of botanist Patrick Blanc‘s beautiful vertical gardens. (more pics here)

Click here for more photos of the Vertical Garden by Patrick Blanc. Via Enpundit

Dolomites After Storm

This time I invite you to a series of photographs taken in the Dolomites during a stormy aura. In July the weather in the Dolomites was very variable. Several times even snow was falling. Fortunately, storms did not last long, and after them there was coming out the sun, which was creating interesting lighting conditions.

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Tierra by Xaime Aneiros

Photos taken on 2011 in a flight from Santiago de Compostela to Barcelona. Enjoy :)

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NASA Transit of Venus 2012 – Best Photos plus Clip

“We get to see Venus in exquisite detail because of SDO’s spatial resolution, SDO is a very special observatory. It takes images that are about 10 times better than a high-definition TV and those images are acquired at a temporal cadence of one every 10 seconds.”

Read the full article and watch the clip here.

The Wilkinson Residence “Treehouse”

The Wilkinson Residence is a unique home that is referred to as a “Treehouse“ by some and “Wave House” by others. (more photos here)

Check out more photos of The Wilkinson Residence “Treehouse”. Via Enpundit

Beautiful Six Senses Zighy Bay Resort near Dubai

If you want a quiet and relaxing place to spend your holiday, Six Senses Zighy Bay Resort must be on your choice list! This piece of heaven is located only two hours from Dubai in a secluded bay on the Northern Musandam Peninsula. Nested between mountains this luxurious resort will absolutely charm you. For the rest of the pictures click here.

The Bountiful Year: A Visual Guide to Seasonal Produce

The best chefs in the world will tell you a dish is only as good as its ingredients. Every kind of produce tastes better at the height of its season. Tomatoes are juicier, strawberries are sweeter, and pretty much any other fruit, vegetable, or herb is better when eaten during its natural harvest. Check out the infographic below by Visual News to see when your favorite fruits and vegetables are in season.

via: Visual News

Amazing Photographs of Lightning

One of the most majestic light show happens in the sky itself. A thunderstorm brings with itself lightning – along with some ‘Dolby surround’ sound effects as well.

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Daily Inspirations no. 440

Today we’ll start with two amazing nature photos. The first one is called Grasses of Pew Tor by Alex37 … love the atmosphere btw. The other one is right below and it’s from Fregona, Treviso, Italy. What a view. Let’s continue lower down in the illustration section. Again, I’ll pick two artworks I like the most. I am sure you’ll agree that Demos by Apofiss deserves to be featured .). Although I am not into fairy tales anymore, I do like the illustration called Knight by Pesare. For all the fans of photorealistic drawings, make sure to check Almost Famous by Andre Villanueva. Typography by Mircozett is a mixture of typography and 3d. Looks pretty hot to me. Do not miss the Mercado Magazine‘s vision of UK-Brazilian flag available in the Ad section :). At the end, got to mention there is a nice free font available called Gabba All Caps. Worth downloading .). Enjoy!

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