People under Water

It is definitely hard work for both photographers and models to create such masterpieces. By the way, today people, namely women, still remain practically the only objects or models in underwater photography. This art requires serious training and certain skills; first of all, the ability to look natural under the water. In addition, it is really advisable to practice holding the breath for as long as possible.

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Small mouse world

Amazing mouse in nature photography by Jean-Louis Klein & Marie-Luce Hubert form France. Enjoy :)

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Barrel (Oil on canvas) by Titus R.©2012 / You can see more here: Titus Artwork

Ladybug Adventure – by Antonio Komiyama

Other Self. Cold war mask’s. Photography by Nuno Serrao

Other Self
Don’t blindly follow your perception, it’s easily mislead by circumstance.

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MAELSTRØM, A short film by Tom Geraedts

Plant-In City

Plant-In City is a project as I love them, a project who blend technology and nature…
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Gorgeous Creative Photography By Erik Almas

Originally from Norway, award winning photographer Erik Almas came to San Francisco, CA at the age of 22 to attend the Academy of Art University. He was so inspired and in love with the bay area that he decided to stay and make it his home.

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Fantastic Sceneries

Fortunately, the progress of digital graphics and photography industry has opened a new way to paint future sceneries, suggested by graphical artists’ keen imagination. The works, presented in this showcase, show how their authors see some fantastic far-away worlds or the future of our own world. From clearly pessimistic prophecies of civilization decline to the images of ideal utopia world – modern graphical artists did their best to combine their bravest ideas and conceptual visions with the innovative digital techniques.

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Conceptual Photography Inspiration

“I strive to create unique, realistic images with a surreal twist. I have been taking photos for a little over a year, and my passion for photography continues to grow each day.” Brian Oldham

Check out more Conceptual Photography Inspiration by Brian Oldham. Via Enpundit

Creative photography by Nich Hance McElroy

Nich Hance McElroy is a 26 year-old photographer based in Seattle, WA, who ventures into the great wilderness and comes back with photographs that depict a wonderful outdoor universe at its most grandeur.

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Mare01 by Alessandro Puccinelli

“Mare” is an ongoing project, which I started in 2006. To some extent, the sea has been my guide throughout life and I think of the ocean as both an example to learn by and a source of knowledge and inspiration. The images attempt to capture the sea at different levels. It can seem to be larger than anything else, both empty and full at the same time, similar but never the same, in perpetual movement, always a source of inspiration, a multitude of contradictions to our eyes but which, nonetheless, manage to fit together in total harmony.

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Paradame Shift Series

Paradame Shift x Paradox by Marco Angeles

Paradame Shift x Perished by Marco Angeles

Paradame Shift x Prisma by Marco Angeles

Paradame Shift x Pristine by Marco Angeles

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Designed by Marco Angeles
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The Manhattan HD1080P Project (Manhattan / New York Timelapse Clip)

This time-lapse production has been a wild and exhilarating ride, with a lot of physical work lugging my 120-130 pounds of gear around all of Manhattan.

Read the full story und watch the clip here.

Landscapes by Alexandre Deschaumes

Amazing landscape and nature photography by Alexandre Deschaumes from France. Enjoy :)

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