Iceland by Jan Waider

Abstract Iceland landscapes in Black & White by Jan Waider Nuremberg, Germany. Enjoy :)

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Cat Cafe in Osaka, Japan

The world’s first cat cafe opened in Taiwan in 1998. The Taiwanese cat cafe, located in Taipei, eventually became famous in Japan and began to attract many Japanese tourists as well as domestic visitors. In Japan, the first cat cafe opened in Osaka in 2004 (in photos by Natalia Sobolevskaya)

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Illustrations by Marina Etc

A series of illustrations inspired by the nature, the unnatural and the supernatural, by the Bulgarian artist Marina Etc.

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VANCOUVER, B.C. BY ALANA PATERSON – travel through a local lens

Travel through a local lens. Vancouver B.C, through the lens of local photographer Alana Paterson. Read the full interview/travel guide here.

30+ Cool Free Water Drop Textures For Designers

Using textures is a great way to enhance your designs.Whether you design a website or a graphic design,high quality textures can totally change the look of of your design projects. Today,i will be sharing a freebie set to use in your future design projects.These are great high qulity water drop textures.

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“A Walk in the Nature”

This short clip is the result of two weeks walking in nature, enjoying wonderful landscapes and breathtaking views.

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Sight-seeing by Michael Danner in THISISPAPER MAGAZINE

Sight-seeing by Michael Danner in

Sight-seeing, Michael Danner, photography, thisispaper, magazine
Sight-seeing, Michael Danner, photography, thisispaper, magazine
Sight-seeing, Michael Danner, photography, thisispaper, magazine

“These photographs are the result of a workshop by 7 photographers, curator Dr. Wolfgang Scheppe and Tyrol tourist board. My work investigates the alpine valley of Ötztal in the Austrian state of Tyrol. The exhibition catalogue Sight-seeing…”

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10 Amazing Swimming Pools

Happy Monday! Check out these 10 amazing swimming pools around the world. More info and pictures!

10 Amazing Swimming Pools

10 Amazing Swimming Pools

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Black-and-white landscapes by Chaerul Umam

Amazing collection of black and white landscapes by talented Chaerul Umam. Enjoy!

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New NASA Discovery Reveals Unprecedented Blooms Of Ocean Plant Life Beneath Arctic Ice

Thanks to a NASA-sponsored expedition to the Arctic Ocean in the summers of 2010 and 2011, scientists have found an area underneath the sea ice, which is richer in microscopic marine plants, essential to all sea life, than any other ocean region on the Earth.

The expedition, called ICESCAPE (Impacts of Climate on EcoSystems and Chemistry of the Arctic Pacific Environment), explored the waters in the Beaufort and Chukchi seas along Alaska’s western and northern coasts using optical technologies. According to scientists, the findings would help reveal a new consequence of the Arctic’s warming climate and provide a vital clue to understanding the impacts of a changing climate and environment on the Arctic Ocean and its ecology.

Sunsets started to tease the Arctic horizon as scientists on board the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Healy headed south in the Chukchi Sea during the final days collecting ocean data for the 2011 ICESCAPE mission. (NASA/Kathryn Hansen)

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‘Stacked’ Space Station Photos Highlight Star Trails

A scientist aboard the International Space Station took extraordinary photos of the starscape from aboard the vessel, using a special technique that highlights their movement. Expedition 31 Flight Engineer Don Pettit used long exposures in conjunction with digital editing to achieve the star-trail effect. Given that some of the shots required nearly 15 minutes of exposure, Pettit needed the software to overcome the limitations of his camera.

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Amazing Animals #1

Amazing wild animals and pets photography showcase. Enjoy :)

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Sabine Weiss Photography

Amazing B&W people and still life photography by Sabine Weiss from France. Enjoy :)

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People under Water

It is definitely hard work for both photographers and models to create such masterpieces. By the way, today people, namely women, still remain practically the only objects or models in underwater photography. This art requires serious training and certain skills; first of all, the ability to look natural under the water. In addition, it is really advisable to practice holding the breath for as long as possible.

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Small mouse world

Amazing mouse in nature photography by Jean-Louis Klein & Marie-Luce Hubert form France. Enjoy :)

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