Meet the new Airbus 320neo

The Airbus A320 neo family is a family of aircrafts being developed by Airbus. The A320 neo family will replace the existing A320ceo family since New Engine Options (neo) is the last part of the modernisation programme which was started in 2006. An improved air purification system, a new cabin with larger space for luggages, weight savings, aerodynamic refinements and large curved winglets will be some additional improvements included in the modernisation programme. More than 2500 firm orders were made for the A320neo family as of November 2013, reaching the number of more that 3000 orders from 57 costumers during the 2014 Farnborough Airshow in the UK. More info

Digital Portrait Illustrations by Namecchan

Digital Portrait Illustrations by Namecchan

Collection of stunning digital portrait illustrations by Namecchan, a female artist / illustrator based in Venice, Italy. Enjoy!

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Brilliant Illustrations by Sang Kyu Moon

Brilliant Illustrations by Sang Kyu Moon

Sang Kyu Moon aka skmoon is a 29-year-old Korean born traditional artist living in New Zealand. Below, you may scroll through several amazing illustrations selected from his portfolio. Get inspired!

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260+ Artistic Photoshop Brushes from Layerform – only $11!

If you’re looking to change things up in your designs, one option to consider is using a new Photoshop Brush. In the case of this Mighty deal from Layerform, however, you’ll get yourself a few hundred options! That’s right, this brushtastic bundle includes 263 artistic Photoshop Brushes in 1 awesome deal! Made up of 4 popular Brush collections, these high-res sets include a slew of handmade brushes to breathe originality into your work. And if you act now, you can get the entire collection for a mere $11!


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25 Yummy food inspired web designs

There are certain things in life we can live without, and then there are things we absolutely must have in our life and food is one of those things. Even though you can never replicate the taste of food on a website, at least until we get smell internet, you should still make sure your food website looks appealing and appetizing. We hope you will enjoy these websites as much as we have.

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Hot Digital Art by DanteWontDie

Hot Digital Art by DanteWontDie

Collection of digital manga / anime illustrations by DanteWontDie, an incredibly talented artist from China. For more, make sure to check out his dA portfolio. Enjoy!

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Paper Wallet, the wallet that blossoms.

Paper Wallet - DUX-3

The hand made Paper Wallet responds to usage. The wallet reflects in wrinckles the life of the owner. In shape and functionality the paper wallet is in line with a body, no interruption.

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Artistic Mega Bundle

Take a look at these handwritten fonts, textures, graphics elements, shapes and vintage style logo templates by Layerform only on Dealjumbo. You can play with over 1000 of graphic elements, textures and brushes!

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Artist Replaces Weapons With Flowers In Historic Pictures


These sensible collages by French artistic Blick take a stand for pacifism that’s directly highly effective and humorous. The artist took historic photographs depicting troopers on obligation or at struggle and changed their weapons with gigantic flower illustrations, making them look notably pleasant and delicate.

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Isolated Objects & Textures

Whether you want to create original restaurant menu, bakery advertisment, wedding invitation or just add something new and fresh to your graphics collection, this Dealjumbo bundle from Mousemade is just for you. Available for limited time only, so you’ll need to grab this unique bundle while you can ;)

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2,000 Unique Icons (5 different icon sets) – only $13!

Need a few good icons? How about 2,000 of them? That’s what you’ll get with this fantastic Icon Bundle composed of 5 professional, high-quality icon sets. Besides getting icons in a number of popular icon sizes, you’ll get the original PSD files to edit the size, shape, color or anything else you’d like. Save more than 50% off the regular price if you act now!

The Regular license for this collection of icons normally sells for $29, but for a limited time only, you can get all 2,000 icons for a mere $13!


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4 User Interface Kits

Today we are happy to present you great UI kit bundle with 4 different UI kits from Pixelglow. Only on Dealjumbo!

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eBook: Sketching with CSS – only $14!

Sick of spending so much time creating Photoshop mockups only to completely rebuild everything in HTML? Save yourself a step by sketching out your website directly with your code. The Sketching with CSS eBook will teach you how to use CSS’ amazing features to your advantage. This deal includes a number of different packages offering more than 200 pages of design info, along with cheat sheets, screencasts, video interviews from expert designers, and more. You can even save more than 50% off the regular price for a limited time thanks to this amazing Mighty Deal!


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Digital Art by Tan Yong Lin

4 infinite scroll sites for your daily inspiration
This site gives you a feed of images mainly based on photography and design. All content comes from hand picked sources. You can make up to 5 moodboards for free.

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