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Matthieu Gafsou

I Have PSD

“I have PSD” made with love by Hyperakt and friends.

Photoshop dexterity (PSD) is a skillset acquired by proficient users of Adobe Photoshop, the world’s most ubiquitous digital tool for creating visual ideas.

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Injecting your mind with refreshing ideas

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Sakke Soini — worx

Chaise Vari Outdoor Furniture

The Chaise Vari outdoor furniture is a robust and aggressive piece, reinterprets a common scene in many streets of Mexico City, where itinerant weavers produce woven pieces for passersby, imprinting each piece with their unique expression. By Hector Esrawe.
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Great London photographer

New talent on the block. http://www.kateberry.co.uk

24 Very Stylish Wallpaper

Here is a collection of 24 very stylish wallpaper and maybe you will find something for you…
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Logo Designs Where Magic Starts

Just like all the people are different, business entities also vary greatly, as well as their needs in marketing materials and approaches to logo designs. Once some companies choose traditional and conservative textual logos, others vote for something extraordinary, where magic and fantasy make a perfect fit. Magic should be understood literally here. Wizards, fairies, and even voodoo accessories are featured in logo designs we have prepared for you today. Often, such alternative style logos are chosen for some progressive online services and products. However, many of them would fit great for the traditional businesses as well. For example, isn’t it a good idea to make a fairy-featured logo for some children cloth brand, or wouldn’t you be attracted with the local pub’s logo, where a wish-fulfilling Aladdin’s lamp is illustrated, or why wouldn’t a government choose Pandora’s box as its official emblem?

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Álfheiður Erla

Diesel intimate 2010

The Fall/Winter 2010 collection of DIesel intimate is out. With 22 Be-Stupid-like photographies.

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Aya Kakeda

Alessandro Mendini- Proust Geometrica Armchair

The multicolor fabric Proust Geometrica Armchair with hand-carved + hand-painted wooden frame is the new face of Proust Armchair by Alessandro Mendini.

Proust created in 1978 for the Palazzo dei Diamanti in Ferrara was immediately recognized as an icon
of 20th century design. In 1993, Cappellini inherited the piece & today after reupholstered in a new cotton fabric with traditionally hand-finished by Alessandro Mendini, Proust Geometrica still preserves the forms + value of the original Proust armchair but with a refreshing breath of new life + image.

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Stickers in Paris

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Natasja Maria Fourie