Till Rabus Artwork

Till Rabus is an artist from Neuchâtel, Switzerland

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The Skoda Fabia RS WebRallye

The Skoda Fabia RS WebRallye by Leagas Delaney.
Video and more here

Home Sweet Home #11

This post is part of our series of posts showing the most inspiring houses around the world. This institution is one of the most important things in life, because in homes we can think, grow, feel confortable and reinvigorate ourselves to continue the beautiful journey of our lives.

Home Sweet Home #11

Highly Entertaining: The Social Network

Left to right: Jesse Eisenberg and Justin Timberlake (as Sean Parker) in "The Social Network." Photo by Merrick Morton; © 2010 Columbia Tristar Marketing Group, Inc..

Film Review: […] “The Social Network” depicts the genesis of Facebook—and its complex, conflicted creator: hacker-turned-billionaire Mark Zuckerberg. With a sparkling screenplay by Aaron Sorkin and bravura direction by David Fincher, the film more than lives up to all of the inescapable and incessant hype. It is, quite simply, the must-see film of the year.


Left to right: Jesse Eisenberg and Justin Timberlake (as Sean Parker) in “The Social Network.” Photo by Merrick Morton; © 2010 Columbia Tristar Marketing Group, Inc..

Tshirt store on Rawtee

more from Tshirt store on R△WTEE, every day a new tee label


ball’s heroes & villains

illustrations by grapc designer robert ball.
more simple illustrations here.

Struggling to Find Her Identity

If you’ve ever struggled with who you are, you’ll find this editorial incredibly fascinating. Featured in the Art issue of WestEast Magazine, Identity is a series of photos that have been digitally altered to show the transformation of a person’s self. With concept and direction by Jeffrey Wang and photographed by Liang Su, it demonstrates how a human being can be affected by the external forces of the world. See more at My Modern Metropolis.

33 Daily Inspirations no. 6

Would you agree if we say that the true source of inspiration can be found even in the most usual and trivial things that surround us? A tiny rain drop, reflecting the huge universe with its splendid mix of colors and shapes, or a group of clouds, dancing in the sky and forming elaborate sceneries and patterns – there are really lots of sources of inspiration in the world around. However, once a rain drop dries out or clouds escape from the dome of the sky, do not hesitate to direct your browser to Cruzine.com, where you will always find a source of inspiration for your daily design or art works.

Redemption by Mario Wibisono

Ooh la la! by Andrew Hickinbottom

Bugatti 16 C Galibier Edition by Bugatti

More inspirations!

Metal ‘Stool’en Table

Designed by Bill Hilgendorf, the Metal ‘Stool’en table is made of locally collected scrap material found from making other metal products.
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Сoca Сola «Mystic»

Graphic Design – GZA

John Robert Nilsson – Lake House

Amazing architecture design, nothing else to be added…

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3D Printed Rat Earrings: Halloween Jewelry Par Excellence

Reminding me somewhat of a dead rat found in a river, or perhaps a teen angst poem about the same.
Rat Earrings by Martynas are 3D printed in stainless steel or silver by Shapeways.

War Memories in Photography

The smell of gunpowder, bitterness of close friends’ losses, disgust when killing a man and constant fear of being killed, hopes for the war to end, pain of the defeat and triumph of the victory – war memories may vary, but they are always linked to the extreme emotional experience, the traces of which always become secured in human minds forever. Those, who have been at war, will never get rid of its memories; and those lucky ones, who haven’t, will never be able to apprehend in whole the real meaning of war and its influence on human personality.

We have collected some vivid and distinct photographs with clear association with war memories. Many of them are historical photos from the World War I and World War II, and others were taken at the modern day’s war scenes. Here you will find many pictures in black-and-white, but their artistic value may even exceed that of color images, because they can still express the tension of the moment and situation. Kevin Arnold once said, “Memory is a way of holding on to the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose.” However, if it is war memory, then it is also the way to keep in mind things you would never want to experience again.

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