Peugeot Shine Concept Car

Awesome concept car “Peugeot Shine” made by Piotr Czyzewsk, a CG artist that uses his experience in 2D and 3D to make incredible concept cars, shoes, watches and other things.

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Animated GIF is back !

GoPro Action Demo

Greg Manis

33 Daily Inspirations no. 9

Friday is a great day to get some relax and allow your imagination recharge itself with the new portion of inspirational images that we have collected for you today. If you are working in the field of website design, you will definitely benefit from typography materials, floral brushes for Photoshop, and free vector packs presented below. Those, dealing with advertising, will also find here some new and fresh ideas to promote goods and companies. Finally, the fans of digital art will feel delight just viewing the selection of digital photographs and art illustrations, compiled by the Cruzine team.

So by kosara

Donaar by Kerem Beyit

Advertising by Gregor Collienne

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dragonant’s surrealism

surrealistic photomanipulations by louis botha, south africa.
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HSBC Shanghai Expo Guides

Nice corporate work from FITCH with the HSBC design re-fresh.

Multi -lingual HSBC Business Country guides for the Shanghai Expo
Four regions packed together in a semi-transparent outer wrap.

Warm Lamp

Matthieu Gafsou

I Have PSD

“I have PSD” made with love by Hyperakt and friends.

Photoshop dexterity (PSD) is a skillset acquired by proficient users of Adobe Photoshop, the world’s most ubiquitous digital tool for creating visual ideas.

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Injecting your mind with refreshing ideas

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Sakke Soini — worx

Chaise Vari Outdoor Furniture

The Chaise Vari outdoor furniture is a robust and aggressive piece, reinterprets a common scene in many streets of Mexico City, where itinerant weavers produce woven pieces for passersby, imprinting each piece with their unique expression. By Hector Esrawe.
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Great London photographer

New talent on the block.

24 Very Stylish Wallpaper

Here is a collection of 24 very stylish wallpaper and maybe you will find something for you…
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