Véronique Pêcheux

Great figurative modern sculptures

Mardi Gras Diva – Redux 1 by Nicole West

Wormwood – Painted by Jamie D. Macfarlane

Rocky Painted 4 by Team4D

More modern sculptures!

20 Coincidentally Identical Logos !!

Collection of awesome Photoshop tutorials

Adding Texture to Skin
Old to Young Case Study in Photoshop
Here are 25 amazing Photoshop tutorials for all Photoshop lovers and designers. These tutorials will teach you new ways to manipulate images, creating new text effects, cool photo effects and much more in details, enjoy!
Check Collection of awesome Photoshop tutorials

How to make Stunning Selective Color Photography

Toy ‘R’ Us Dinghy

This is not a model kit, this is a life-size dinghy made by Swedish artist Michael Johansson for the exhibition Besökarna.

Black Swan Prints

Here are the limited edition Black Swan Prints released by FOX today,
I havent found out who created them, but they are amazing.
Similar film prints available from here:

Stickers in London

More on ChouKawaii.

LeavittWeaver Launches Exclusive Furniture Collection

Read and see more pictures of this limited furniture collection.

Limited Furniture Collection

Luxury Furniture Line

Luxury Furniture

Read and see more pictures of this limited furniture collection.

FAN THE FIRE Mixcast: Sweeties #4

The FAN THE FIRE mixcast is back; Sweeties is back for round #4 and Soi Soi are back behind the decks! You can stream it on the player below, or click the little arrow to download. Artwork by Igor Termenon.

Check out the mix and the tracklisting here.

The Smiths

Set of posters inspired by The Smiths song lyric, recreated as iconic Penguin book covers.
Created by Raid71 and available at Hunting Bears

Google – Battlesheep

Google’s advertising campaign by Grey.
More here

Blood Is The New Black on Rawtee

more from Blood Is The New Black on R△WTEE, every day a new tee label


Photography by Eric Cantrell

Photography, for me, is my chosen language. A lexicon which the eye perceives and the heart comprehends and I hope that during your visit you hear the poetry. Thank you

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