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Deloitte Virtual Event – Business Alchemy

Access the Deloitte virtual as they put some of the top CEOs under the microscope and learn how they have unlocked the the talent formula to superior business and financial performance. Find out more…

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Visual Brain Gravity is a design studio driven by design—and art. Its site, with a crisp and minimal design featuring hashtag functionality to link all content, beautifully breaks the perfect grid to present its portfolio.

Elan Snowboards |

Elan Snowboards

Pushing the web design with this all new snowboard website. Besides the community and all the new gear, the new website in simplified and focused on new wave of typography usage.
We are holding a strong statement towards standard community featured although the new social media is present but not focused. We strongly believe content on brand website is far more important than social sharing.

Micha Lamp

Abstract 3D artworks

Lost Souls by Mauricio Gomez

Technologis by Jeremias Virtanen

Reverend by Caust1c

More 3D artworks!

Banksy style wall graphics

han solo and the millenium falcon

Han Solo and the Millenium Falcon now available as a vinyl wall graphic from STUK

Edge Round Table

At the cutting edge. Stretching the limits. That’s Edge. Multifunctional and flexible, the Edge Round Table is the backdrop for functions from the serious to the playful. And like all Edge Tables, this gaming table features a rectangular tube frame with a cap at the end of each foot and tubular legs capable of housing/hiding lamp cables. Optional Cable Transit Cover and optional Casters are available.

Monster Kings on Rawtee

more from Monster Kings on R△WTEE, every day a new tee label


Henco Multilayer – Flexible Tap Connectors

The latest innovative product to be developed by leading fittings manufacturer, Pegler Yorkshire, is its range of Henco Multilayer – Flexible Tap Connectors with in-built isolation valve.


The range of flexible tap connectors offered by Pegler Yorkshire includes both the renowned Kuterlite compression and Tectite. Both ranges are designed to connect varying material types from copper to PEX / PB. The flexible connectors offer heat-free joints through the Kuterlite compression fitting mechanism and instantaneous jointing with the Tectite push-fit version.

Find more details about Henco Multilayer – Flexible Tap Connectors at ASC. ASC is one of the largest resource for building materials in UK

Voort – No limits for dreams! Summer 2010/2011

Banana Wall Art Installation

With 10,000 bananas & some glue, Stefan Sagmeister created a giant Banana Wall, part of an art installation on Things I Have Learned In My Life So Far exhibition. The interesting thing about this installation is that it change over time. As the banana ripen further, the motto will disappeared and the background become brownish-yellow.
More photos here.

Energy Harvest

Lesia Pietri Artwork


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