Light Rhapsody

Untitled1 192 Light Rhapsody
Untitled2 114 Light Rhapsody
Untitled3 73 Light Rhapsody
“Light Rhapsody” is a real time human lighting sculpture made by two young french directors (Marc & Vivien) that decided to create a real time installation and make a video from it.

Shot with two cameras, a D90 and a 1Dmk4, “Light Rapsody” is a magnificent video that you should see in HD mode.

See the video on the Creative Side.

Jeff Wack — worx

120 pictures – Cosplay Special from the Tokyo Game Show 2010 !

New York – What Meaning Do YOU Read into It?

The Big Apple, Empire City, the Capital of the World, the City that Never Sleeps, and the City So Nice, They Named It Twice – there are so many names for one magnificent city of New York. As Meyer Berger said, “Each man reads his own meaning into New York”. Indeed, this city cannot be defined or described with some single statement. It is a multi-faceted environment with its own unique atmosphere, local charm, and specific traditions. New York has always been something more than just a city. For many people, NY is a friend and a partner – almost a living organism with its appearance, character and emotions…
ny01 New York – What Meaning Do YOU Read into It?
Below we offer a collection of stunning photographs of New York to present this city to you from as many angles as possible. Buildings are, definitely, among the most prominent representations of New York, forming its unique architectural style. You will find many professional New York buildings photographs in the gallery. Furthermore, the city is also known for its traffic and this will also be illustrated below. Finally, New York is definitely about its inhabitants. People of New York have almost formed a particular nationality with the proud name “New Yorkers”, distinctive local color, and inimitable ethnic flavor. Truly, New York is a magnificent city in many aspects. Thomas Wolfe was definitely right saying that one belongs to New York instantly, one belongs to it as much in five minutes as in five years…
ny02 New York – What Meaning Do YOU Read into It?
ny03 New York – What Meaning Do YOU Read into It?
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fbc 49 New York – What Meaning Do YOU Read into It?

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Onion Suspension Light

Onion Suspension Light from LZF. Organic in its inspiration this lamp design is reminiscent of many natural forms: a flower, a buzzing fire-fly or perhaps an onion. The Onion looks to replicate the random charm of nature through a combination multi-layered wood veneer hoops and strips. The final creation is a collection of veneer hoops of different diameters and widths that are held together with a central metal rod.
onion Onion Suspension Light

Copeland Light

The Copeland Light™ from Knoll integrates design dexterity with workplace needs at an affordable price. Efficient use of materials, a pioneering spring mechanism and a novel dual-mode head create Copeland’s fluid movement and streamlined profile.
copeland Copeland Light

Florence Knoll Lounge Seating

Like so many of her groundbreaking designs that set the industry’s gold standard, Florence Knoll’s 1954 Lounge Collection has made it into the pantheon of modern classics. Consistent with all of Knoll‘s designs, the Lounge Collection has a spare, angular profile that reflects the objective perfectionism of modern design in the early 1960’s.
florence Florence Knoll Lounge Seating

Follea // Your desire – our aspiration @ 100BestFlashWebsites

Women love to play, reinvent themselves, switch personalities. Mysterious or exuberant, reserved or sexy, natural or sophisticated. Having fun is a way of life. Being different, a game.

Most of all, every woman wants to look beautiful, feel desirable and radiate confidence. That’s why nature gave her beautiful hair to tell the world who she is, or who she wants to be.


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Nature’s Best Photography: 2010 Ocean Views

Natalie of 800k pearls

Lady in the forest (by Felix Antoima)

This creative photographer once again shares with us a fragment of his creativity mixed with imagination brought to life, not to mention the natural beauty of venezuelan femmes.

silent as usual the trees hid between their branches their share of memories, wishes and myths; all of them hard to believe by humans living in the outskirts. it hid a muse that made rivers of light among the woods to travel to the hidden world behind the moon / Los árboles, mudos como de costumbre, escondían entre sus ramas gran cantidad de recuerdos, deseos, mitos; todos difíciles de creer por los humanos que vivían a la periferia. escondía una musa que hacía ríos de luz entre los bosques para poder ir al mundo oculto detrás de la Luna.

Vegan Lady of the Forest
5002234294 7f58dfd848 Lady in the forest (by Felix Antoima)

Vegan Lady of the Hidden Lake
5002228058 3829f65d96 Lady in the forest (by Felix Antoima)

Twitter: – @Flixant

Wildlife Photography by Klaus Nigge

KlausNigge Wildlife Photography by Klaus Nigge
KlausNigge2 Wildlife Photography by Klaus Nigge
KlausNigge3 Wildlife Photography by Klaus Nigge

Born in 1956, photographer Klaus Nigge grew up fascinated with photography.
Wildlife Photography by Klaus Nigge

Creative Drawings by Langdon Graves

LangdonGraves Creative Drawings by Langdon Graves
LangdonGraves2 Creative Drawings by Langdon Graves
LangdonGraves3 Creative Drawings by Langdon Graves

Amazing art pictures by Langdon Graves. The artist Graves’ beautifully unsettling drawings and sculptures tell stories that defy the boundary between the imagined and the physical.
Creative Drawings by Langdon Graves