30 Flat Poster Design for Your Inspiration

flat poster 03 30 Flat Poster Design for Your Inspiration
Flat design is becoming a common practice for app and web interfaces. However, this design style has now spread to physical materials as I have seen more and more flat poster and brochure designs. Flat Design is all about minimalism, typography, and the use of strong, bold colors. This post rounds up 30 fantastic examples of flat poster design that feature trendy flat illustrations are part of their overall design.

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51% off Workshop: Full-Day Online Responsive Typography

md4 650x568 51% off Workshop: Full Day Online Responsive Typography

Responsive Design is all the rage these days, but what about Responsive Typography? How your fonts look and act across multiple devices can be just as important as a site’s overall layout. With the Online Responsive Typography Workshop from Frontend Masters, you’ll get the full lowdown from basic overviews to hands-on advanced topics. By virtually attending this 1-day online workshop, you’ll learn it all first-hand from Responsive Typography Master Jason Pamental and ask questions to Jason live via chat. You’ll also get yourself DRM-Free downloads of the event, replay videos and a 6-month premium membership (worth $234) to the Frontend Masters video library of more than 150 instructional hours! And by acting now, you can save 50% off the regular price!

Unable to partake in the online workshop? No problem! We’ve also included an exclusive option to just purchase the downloadable videos from the workshop as well s the 6-months premium membership.

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Cool Illustrations by Caleb Thomas

008 cool illustrations caleb thomas Cool Illustrations by Caleb Thomas

Caleb Thomas aka dCTb is a young concept artist / illustrator based in the United States. Most of current digital artists work with Adobe Photoshop … it’s really surprising Caleb works with GIMP only, a free alternative to Photoshop. Anyway, let’s take a look at several pieces selected from his portfolio. Enjoy!

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Multi Devices Display Mockups

mainprev 650x432 Multi Devices Display Mockups
This mock-up templates can save you a lot of time in presentation process. For this reason, we offer you one of the best presentation mock-ups collection on the internet! Get the best multiple devices mock-ups for your apps, web design, and so much more!

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100 Premium Infographics V2 from Ingimage – only $18!

md3 650x609 100 Premium Infographics V2 from Ingimage   only $18!

Sometimes a deal is so great and popular, we bring it back for more. Other times, a deal is so great that people want even more deals just like it. In this case, that’s what we’ve got from Ingimage. Consider this volume 2 of 100 Premium Infographics! You’ll get a new set of cool 100 modern infographics, all simple to edit and fill in with your own data. Covering a massive range of industries and topics, you’ll get a slew of unique design elements including arrows, icons, signs and more. Best of all, you can get this bundle for a mere $18!

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150+ Presentation Mock-ups

mprev1 650x432 150+ Presentation Mock ups
You are a professional designer? You need to be more efficient and to produce high quality presentations for your clients and for yourselves? So this deal is for you! You will get 150+ design resources and all new resources to come for the duration of 12 months.

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Creative Photography by Anita Anti

001 creative photography anita anti Creative Photography by Anita Anti

Set of stunning photos and photo manipulations by an artist from Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine – Anita Anti. Get inspired!

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Colorful Caffe Latte Art

Quality Concept Art by Jacob Atienza

004 quality concept art jacob atienza Quality Concept Art by Jacob Atienza

Jacob Atienza is a young 20 years old digital concept artist based in Oakland, California, United States. Below, you may scroll through several artworks handpicked from his portfolio. Enjoy! … and have great weekend.

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Suzugami すずがみ Plate

Silver Plate 650x650 Suzugami すずがみ Plate

Suzugami is a very unique tin plate like paper which has very beautiful patterns created by a special hammering technique. It is compressed and extended many times with rhythmical hammering to decrease the degradation by skilful craftsman, Yoshinori Shimatani. This design was inspired from “Snow dance on the fine day with few clouds”, which is a phenomenon of beautiful weather of Japan. Because it made from 100% tin, it can be used as tableware, like small plate or bowl. You can bend or fold it like origami.

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Superhero Paparazzi Shots

Superhero Paparazzi Shots Spiderman 650x650 Superhero Paparazzi Shots
Superhero Paparazzi Shots illustration series by Mioxy.

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Stunning Digital Art by ANG-angg

001 stunning digital art angangg Stunning Digital Art by ANG angg

Collection of inspiring digital concept illustrations by ANG-angg, an artist from Malaysia. Enjoy!

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GRANDÉ BUNDLE: 160 PSD Mockups Bundle from Zippy Pixels – only $27!

md2 650x609 GRANDÉ BUNDLE: 160 PSD Mockups Bundle from Zippy Pixels   only $27!

Mockups can be a huge timesaver (and lifesaver) when it comes to design. Get an early look at what your projects are going to look like in the real world before you commit. With this Mighty Deal from ZippyPixels.com, you’ll get yourself 160 high-quality, professional mockups to play around with. Simple to use, you can place your latest designs in these PSD mockups and easily see how your work will look on everything from stationery to flyers to ads to office gifts. And for a limited time only, you can get this mega professional collection for just $27!

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Hot Digital Art by Eduardo Garcia

009 hot digital art eduardo garcia Hot Digital Art by Eduardo Garcia

Eduardo Garcia aka EdCid is a talented concept artist / illustrator based in Spain. Below, you may scroll through over 20 amazing concept illustrations selected from his portfolio. For more, make sure to check out the link at the bottom. Get inspired!

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Creative Graphic Designer Bundle

prewmain 650x432 Creative Graphic Designer Bundle
Every web & graphic designer needs a library full of icons, illustrations and elements. They are great for your web or application designs.

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