Retina Icons: 1350+ Vector Icons For iOS 8 & iOS 7 – Agency License – $24!

If you’re in search of a large icon collection that covers a variety of themes, well, your search is over. This high-quality Retina Icons Bundle includes more than 1,350 high-quality icons for iOS7 and iOS8, all available in multiple file formats. Covering 26 different categories, each icon is pixel-perfect, fully scalable and highly versatile! And that’s just the half of it. For a limited time only, is more than 75% off!


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Vectorlicious Bundle: $1,500 Worth of Premium Quality Vectors – only $25!

Get your design paws on the ultimate graphics bundle with this incredible Mighty Deal! Full of 300 premium vector files, you’ll beef up your artist’s toolbox with all sorts of graphic elements such as infographic elements, backgrounds, signs, labels, flat design icons, Hipster characters, vintage styles and more. It’s a whopping $1,500 worth of premium, quality vectors for a mere $25! This is definitely one deal you do not want to miss!


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eBook: Jason SurfrApp’s Creativity For Sale – only $5.97!

Stuck in an old grind? Not sure how to get your own business up and running? Then you need to get your hands on Jason SurfrApp’s book Creativity For Sale. Learn from one of the most innovative, out-of-the-box thinking entrepreneurs how to turn your passion into some serious profits. Follow Jason’s examples as he turned a simple website into a $1M empire in just a few short years! At just $5.97, do you really have anything to lose?


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Digital Art by EDDY SHINJUKU

Digital Art by Eva Lagnim


Cute digital art by Russia based artist Eva Lagnim.

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Beautiful Gadgets Made in USA

Hextie-Honeycomb-Space-01Culture a new daring fashion in your everyday necktie with this beautiful Hextie Honeycomb Space Black designed for the modern man. It’s an artistic masterpiece of two rigid polymers joined together by a flexible fabric that is bound to catch attention from the fashion forward gentlemen.

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Ink Pen Sketches by Basak Erdemir

Ink pen sketches by Basak Erdemir will be featured. She loves sketching, drawing and animals. She has been used to draws sketches using black ink pen. The drawing we are sharing have been draw on coffee breaks at work and at commercials breaks on the couch.
She is talented and brilliant who used to draw doodles with ink pen. She’s from Istanbul, Turkey. She keeps focusing on craft, drawing and sketching. We are sharing her sketches that are really fine and nice to see.

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Amazing Paintings by Iyan de Jesus

Amazing Paintings by Iyan de Jesus

Iyan de Jesus is a multi-faceted artist from the Philipinnes specializing in oil on canvas paintings with mixed style of fantasy and steampunk. Below, you may scroll through over 40 quality artworks selected from her portfolio. Enjoy!

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7 Sleep Mistakes You Don’t Know You Are Making


My sleep never was at its best form though I was never though I was doing something wrong. The Sleep Matters Club pinpointed the following:

22% of people sleep poorly most nights.
47% of people say stress or worry keeps them awake at night.
49% of people have never taken steps to help them sleep.

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Aegean Airlines – The Greek member of the Star Alliance

Aegean Airlines, first founded in 1987 as Aegean Aviation by the Greek businessman Nick Simigdala, is now the largest Greek airline by number of destinations served, fleet size and total number of passengers carried. Its main hub is Athens International Airport, while having a secondary hub at Thessaloniki International Airport. What’s more it uses six other Greek airports as seasonal bases during the summer, like Larnacas’ International Airport.

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Digital Art by XiaoJi


Digital portraits by Chinese artist XiaoJi.

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Creative Mock-ups Toolkit

If you are looking for new logo design and need also some cool and realistic stationery, t-shirt or business card presentations for your clients, then you are at the right place. Becouse here you will get a great collection of pre-designed and easy to edit logo/badge templates & also lot of presentation mock-up templates in one bundle on Dealjumbo.

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Portrait Photography by Daria Zaytseva

Portrait Photography by Daria Zaytseva

Daria Zaytseva is a 22-year-old photographer from Moscow, specialising in fashion, portrait & advertising photography. Currently she’s living and working in Milan, Italy. Let’s take a look at some of her artworks.

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Amazing Digital Art by Diogo Carneiro

Amazing Digital Art by Diogo Carneiro

Diogo Carneiro is a freelance concept artist / illustrator based in Campo Grande, Brazil. Below, you may check out some of his artworks. Enjoy!

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50+ Inspiring Hand Lettering Logotype Examples by Mateusz Witczak


Today I am unfolding before you 50+ inspiring hand lettering logotype examples by Mateusz Witczak. Have a look at the collection.

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