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Portrait Photo Manipulations by Esther Puche

022 digital portraits esther puche Portrait Photo Manipulations by Esther Puche

Esther Puche is a self taught digital artist / photo manipulator based in Madrid, Spain, specializing in female fantasy portraits. Below, you may scroll through over 30 hot artworks selected from her portfolio. Enjoy!

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LIFETIME ACCESS: Certified Training in Adobe Software from Train Simple – only $79!

This popular deal has been brought back for a very limited time, so if you didn’t buy it before, now’s your chance to get it!

Adobe puts out some of the most popular Web Design and Development tools around. Incredibly robust, it can take some serious practice and help to fully master some of them. So why not let some of the top Adobe Instructor’s around teach you the ropes? With this Mighty Deal from Train Simple, you can get unlimited access to over 5,000 professional video tutorials covering Adobe’s popular software from Photoshop to Illustrator to InDesign and everything in between!

You’ll also have access to course files for each lesson, and the ability to watch the high-quality videos anywhere you go thanks to some spiffy mobile apps. Top-notch instructors, thousands of lessons, and a wide range of topics! Need more incentive? How about saving more than 50% off a 1-year subscription or even better, 97% off a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP!?

md1 650x364 LIFETIME ACCESS: Certified Training in Adobe Software from Train Simple    only $79!

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30 Examples of Shadow Art

Fabrizio Cornelli Flying Felix 2011 30 Examples of Shadow Art

Shadows are the most natural occurrence in our world filled with light. Whether there is sun or artificial lighting, no one can separate themselves from their shadow, they are around us and with us, dark imprints of all three dimensional creations, animate or not. Shadows can be very light or dark, blurry or clear-cut, depending on the lighting, they come in different shapes, and a long time ago man realized that things that cannot merge in reality, can easily merge as shadows, giving out another, new and completely unexpected shapes. We have all played with our hands in childhood, making all kinds of shadow animals with our fingers, but as we grow up, shadows easily fall out of focus as something entertaining. It’s only with the emergence of shadow art, that we are again turned to these amazing volatile visuals. Shadows are illusions, and just like any type of illusionism, people just love it.

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Traditional Illustrations by Francesca Baerald

001 traditional illustrations francesca baerald Traditional Illustrations by Francesca Baerald

Francesca Baerald is a freelance artist / illustrator based in the Italian city of Reggio nell’Emilia. As you may see below, Francesca specializes in traditional fantasy art. Her work has been published by various magazines such as Dartzine, Skillism Visual Creativity, Mi Natura, Kingdom of Fantasy etc. Enjoy the collection!

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Beautiful Digital Art by Daiyou-Uonome

001 beautiful digital art daiyouuonome Beautiful Digital Art by Daiyou Uonome

Collection of cute digital illustrations by talented Daiyou-Uonome, an artist from Japan. Enjoy!

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Concept Illustrations by Jake Murray

001 concept illustrations jake murray Concept Illustrations by Jake Murray

Originally from Fort Wayne, Indiana, Jake Murray has been drawing and imagining fantastical things for as long as he can remember. Entangled with his obsession for drawing was also a love of story telling. Movies, video games, comics, and playing pretend were among his favorite childhood pastimes, and he still has notebooks from the first grade that are filled cover to cover with primitive scrawlings of Velociraptors, Sonic the Hedgehog, and X-Men.

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Mega Bundle: Add-Ons (Effects & Actions)

mainprv 650x432 Mega Bundle: Add Ons (Effects & Actions)
5in1 Mega Bundle v.3: Add-Ons (Effects & Actions) on Dealjumbo contains 80+ vintage text effects, 215+ photography actions, 380+ brushes & lot of styles, patterns and mockup templates from 5 talented designers.

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1,000+ Art Deco Vector Graphics from Vectorian – 50% off!

If you’re looking for a fresh set of designer elements to add a touch of sophisticated fun to your latest project, then you’ll certainly think this Mighty Deal from is just the bee’s knees! A fantastic collection of more than 1,000 Art Deco Graphics, you can send your designs back to “The Great Gatsby” era with some real flourish!

This Ultimate Art Deco bundle includes 275 frames, 150+ illustrations and ornaments, and more than 100 vector seamless patterns. There are even a few dozen customizable specimens to really show off the endless possibilities awaiting you!

md 650x609 1,000+ Art Deco Vector Graphics from Vectorian   50% off!

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Fantasy Illustrations by Scott Murphy

012 fantasy illustrations scott murphy Fantasy Illustrations by Scott Murphy

Scott Murphy graduated with a BFA in illustration from The Hartford Art School in 2006, and soon after relocated to New York City to begin a freelance career. Since then, his illustrations have been published in several books, articles, and games. Scott has always been intrigued and inspired by the various worlds and endless possibilities within the sci-fi and fantasy genres. He strives to employ the sense of adventure he’s had since a very young age to inspire his artwork and give life to the stories and worlds within.

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Cool Concept Art by Brolo

002 cool concept art brolo1 Cool Concept Art by Brolo

Collection of exceptional digital artworks by a talented artist based in Santiago, Chile – Brolo. If you’re into quality concept art, make sure to scroll though.

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203 photoshop presentation mock-up templates

mprev1 650x432 203 photoshop presentation mock up templates
This new mega bundle is definitely best presentation mockups bundle yet on Dealjumbo. And with 19 items from 5 premium design shops is this bundle one of the biggest and best quality photoshop mock-ups bundle ever! So don’t miss it ;)

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8-Bit Movie Posters

Stunning Digital Art by Rob Shields

003 stunning digital art rob shields Stunning Digital Art by Rob Shields

Rob Shields is a self taught digital painter currently residing in Philadelphia, United States. He holds degrees in Psychology and Philosophy with postgraduate work in Media and Communication. Below, you may scroll through several quality artworks selected from his portfolio. Enjoy!

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“Manhattan Days” – A Skateboarding Film by Pontus Alv

Manhattan Days A Film by Pontus Alv 2014 01 650x432  Manhattan Days   A Skateboarding Film by Pontus Alv

Manhattan Days is a film composed by Pontus Alv celebrating the Converse Cons Polar Skate Co. CTAS Pro and featuring Cons and Polar riders Aaron Herrington, Kevin Rodrigues, David Stenström, Jerome Campbell, Dane Brady and Pontus himself. Taking inspiration from back in the day when you skated all over the city we carted around some East Coast style plates and a pole jam in a skateable shopping cart and just let the skating happen.

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ALL NEW: 3,100+ John Forsythe’s 2014 Photoshop Text Effects Collection – only $37!

md12 650x609 ALL NEW: 3,100+ John Forsythes 2014 Photoshop Text Effects Collection    only $37!

Adding text effects to any project is a great way to make things pop. We’ve run Mighty Deals from John Forsythe before, featuring some fantastic effects. Well, they proved so popular that not only did we bring the deal back, but it’s completely new. That’s right, you can get more than 3,100 All-New, High-Quality Photoshop Text Effects from John Forsythe in this latest collection!

Made up of 12 amazing sets, you’ll score more than 3,100 brand-new text effects that are simple to use, easy to adjust settings, and covers a slew of different styles. You’ll even get some great bonuses with your purchase, including PSD templates and textures. And for a limited time only, you can get this spectacular set at more than 60% off the regular price!

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