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Artistic Mega Bundle

amb1 650x432 Artistic Mega Bundle
Take a look at these handwritten fonts, textures, graphics elements, shapes and vintage style logo templates by Layerform only on Dealjumbo. You can play with over 1000 of graphic elements, textures and brushes!

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Artist Replaces Weapons With Flowers In Historic Pictures

1168 Artist Replaces Weapons With Flowers In Historic Pictures

These sensible collages by French artistic Blick take a stand for pacifism that’s directly highly effective and humorous. The artist took historic photographs depicting troopers on obligation or at struggle and changed their weapons with gigantic flower illustrations, making them look notably pleasant and delicate.

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Isolated Objects & Textures

mpr 650x432 Isolated Objects & Textures
Whether you want to create original restaurant menu, bakery advertisment, wedding invitation or just add something new and fresh to your graphics collection, this Dealjumbo bundle from Mousemade is just for you. Available for limited time only, so you’ll need to grab this unique bundle while you can ;)

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2,000 Unique Icons (5 different icon sets) – only $13!

Need a few good icons? How about 2,000 of them? That’s what you’ll get with this fantastic Icon Bundle composed of 5 professional, high-quality icon sets. Besides getting icons in a number of popular icon sizes, you’ll get the original PSD files to edit the size, shape, color or anything else you’d like. Save more than 50% off the regular price if you act now!

The Regular license for this collection of icons normally sells for $29, but for a limited time only, you can get all 2,000 icons for a mere $13!

md5 2,000 Unique Icons  (5 different icon sets)   only $13!

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4 User Interface Kits

p1 650x432 4 User Interface Kits
Today we are happy to present you great UI kit bundle with 4 different UI kits from Pixelglow. Only on Dealjumbo!

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eBook: Sketching with CSS – only $14!

Sick of spending so much time creating Photoshop mockups only to completely rebuild everything in HTML? Save yourself a step by sketching out your website directly with your code. The Sketching with CSS eBook will teach you how to use CSS’ amazing features to your advantage. This deal includes a number of different packages offering more than 200 pages of design info, along with cheat sheets, screencasts, video interviews from expert designers, and more. You can even save more than 50% off the regular price for a limited time thanks to this amazing Mighty Deal!

md4 650x484 eBook: Sketching with CSS   only $14!

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Digital Art by Tan Yong Lin

4 infinite scroll sites for your daily inspiration
This site gives you a feed of images mainly based on photography and design. All content comes from hand picked sources. You can make up to 5 moodboards for free.
niice 650x363 4 infinite scroll sites for your daily inspiration

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Creative Digital Art by Widdershins-Works

001 creative digital art widdershinsworks Creative Digital Art by Widdershins Works

Set of inspiring digital illustrations by Alexander aka Widdershins-Works. Enjoy!

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Get MODERNA: A Beautiful Sans Serif with 16 weights – only $14!

When it comes to fonts, you can never have too many, especially since each typeface performs a different function. One thing’s for sure, though – you always want a neat, clean font to get your point across in a stylish way. That’s where Moderna fits in. With this Mighty Deal, you’ll get the entire Moderna Font Family consisting of 16 different weights, for one ridiculously low price. Try 88% off!

md3 650x577 Get MODERNA: A Beautiful Sans Serif with 16 weights   only $14!

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Mega Bundle: Watercolor Art

wcb 650x432 Mega Bundle: Watercolor Art
Highest quality watercolor graphics & textures in one mega bundle on Dealjumbo! Watercolor style in graphic design is very popular these days so if you’re looking for some new and fresh elements, effects or textures, this Jumbo Deal is just for you! With almost 92% off and available for limited time only, you’ll need to grab this new 5in1 mega bundle while you can.

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Digital Art by Isabella Morawetz

200+ Vintage Textures & 30 Vintage Brushes – only $17!

Everything old is new again. Surely you’ve heard that before. And as far as this Mighty Deal’s concerned, it’s 100% accurate! Go vintage with this amazing Texture Anthology from Matt Borchert, and you’ll quickly and easily be sending your latest projects back to a more charming era. You’ll get 200+ high-quality, vintage textures, 30 vintage Photoshop brushes, and a bonus Photoshop action, all for a super low price of just $17!

md2 650x609 200+ Vintage Textures & 30 Vintage Brushes   only $17!

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The Good Creative (audiobook + eBook) – only $9!

Full of ideas but not exactly sure where to start? Yeah, creative-minded people are just overflowing with ideas, but sometimes organizing all that into a career can be a bit overwhelming. Not to worry, Paul Jarvis can help. The author has put together the perfect inspiring guide to success.

As a 60-minute audiobook and accompanying illustrated eBook, The Good Creative features 18 real-world habits to help you build success in the creative industry. You’ll also get ePub and MOBI formats of the book, so you can take these lessons with you everywhere you go. And if you act now, you can get the whole shebang for just $9!

md1 The Good Creative (audiobook + eBook)   only $9!

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Inspiring Art by Sam Raffa

004 inspiring art sam raffa Inspiring Art by Sam Raffa

Sam Raffa is an artist and graphic designer whose clients have included Book Of The Month Club and Dark Horse Comics. His paintings have hung at Le Jardin Des Arts Gallery and Royce Galleries Ltd in Colorado, and the International Art Expo New York. Enjoy the collection!

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