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Original Illustrations by Alberto Cortes

001 original illustrations alberto cortes Original Illustrations by Alberto Cortes

Alberto Cortes aka AC Osorio is an Illustrator, Graphic & Web Designer born and raised in Puerto Rico. If you’re into comic art, make sure to scroll through these 20+ inspiring artworks below handpicked from Alberto’s dA portfolio. Enjoy!

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Amazing ArtDeco Style Templates

preview1 650x432 Amazing ArtDeco Style Templates
If you like vintage style, specialy glamorous ArtDeco and The Great Gatsby style, you should take a look at this templates from Cruzine Design. There are lot of logo/badge and frame templates great for your new artworks. All templates are for personal and commercial use.

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Daniel Ting Chong x RVCA Capsule

RVCA Range Full1 650x533 Daniel Ting Chong x RVCA Capsule
RVCA has collaborated with South African designer Daniel Ting Chong to produce a capsule filled with food iconography & lettering.

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Digital Illustrations by Sergey Kolesov

002 digital illustrations sergeykolesov Digital Illustrations by Sergey Kolesov

Sergey Kolesov aka Peleng is a 35-year-old Russian digital artist / illustrator currently based in Brno, Czech Republic. Let’s take a look at several original concept artworks selected from his portfolio. Enjoy … and get inspired!

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Hot Concept Art by Crow-God

001 hot concept art crowgod Hot Concept Art by Crow God

Xu aka Crow-God is a talented Chinese digital artist / illustrator currently living and working in Tokyo, Japan. If you’re into fantasy / conceptual art, make sure to scroll through several quality artworks handpicked from his portfolio. Enjoy!

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50+ Spectacular Space Wallpapers

46 specular space wallpaper600 397 50+ Spectacular Space Wallpapers

Out space is a world full of mysteries and unknowns. With the help of Hubble Space Telescope, it makes it possible for man to view the objects of far distant galaxies. There are a lot of exciting planets, facts unveiled by scientists. Space is also amazing for its beautiful stars, planets and galaxies.

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Pantone as Pixel

Pantone as pixel by Txaber 12 Pantone as Pixel
“Pantone as pixel” graphic series by Txaber.

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Blurred Background Websites for Your Inspiration

image0081 Blurred Background Websites for Your Inspiration
Some of them are WordPress themes, some portfolios whereas others are for mobile websites. But all of them are awesome. Check them out:

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DC Comics “Avatar Art”


Portrait Illustrations by Esther Bayer

Esther Bayer 8 Portrait Illustrations by Esther Bayer

Esther Bayer is an illustrator and designer from Charlottetown, PE, Canada who is fascinated with creating illustrations of faces and expression. She loves the fluidity of watercolor and experiment various of methods by combining traditionaland digital elements, creating beauty in her pieces.

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Fog shots by Charles De Ridder

IMG 64552 650x975 Fog shots by Charles De Ridder
We all like fog, it gives a magic, intriguing, sometimes disturbing atmosphere. Whether it is in forest, on a road or on railroads, the fog is always very beautiful to see.
Here, Charles De Ridder, a French photographer, gets this atmosphere, early in the morning, when the fog is still present.

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Luke Violonist


Cool Comic Art by Marco d’Alfonso

001 cool comic art marco dalfonso Cool Comic Art by Marco dAlfonso

Marco D’Alfonso was born sometime during the 80′s and he’s been drawing pretty much ever since. His love of comics and art all started with an ALF comic he found in a loot bag.

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Hot Illustrations by Alexandra Schastlivaya

009 hot illustrations alexandra schastlivaya Hot Illustrations by Alexandra Schastlivaya

Set of inspiring digital illustrations by a Kiev, Ukraine – based illustrator and photographer, Alexandra Schastlivaya. Make sure to scroll through!

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Superhero Selfie

Superhero Selfies Ironman by Butcher Billy Superhero Selfie
“Marvel #Selfies: Avengers” illustration series by Butcher Billy.

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