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Create Typographic Images with Typo-Painter – only $5!

md13 650x609 Create Typographic Images with Typo Painter   only $5!

Artists can easily support the theory that a picture is worth a thousand words. Nowadays, Web designers can actually prove it! Using text to create images is a really unique and entertaining approach to creating graphics. The really neat thing is that you can do it yourself with minimal effort!

Typo-Painter for Adobe Photoshop will quickly become your absolute favorite app in your artistic toolbox! This app lets you create a typographic painting from any image, using any text you’d like! What’s more, it can also save your file as a vector EPS for easy editing and resizing! Now, read our lips… for a limited time only, thanks to this Mighty Deal, you can get this fantastic app for a mere $5!

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Inspiring Digital Art by Puppet-Soul

021 inspiring digital art puppetsoul Inspiring Digital Art by Puppet Soul

Collection of inspiring digital artworks / photo manipulations by a 26-year-old female artist from Poland – Puppet-Soul. Enjoy!

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Trooper Madness

Trooper Madness by Donpcustoms 03 Trooper Madness

“Trooper Madness” sculpture series by Donpcustoms.

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18 Ready to Print Grunge Templates

f10a 650x432 18 Ready to Print Grunge Templates
Get all you need for a perfect design in a grunge style. This unique bundle features 18different grunge style print templates from Jumbo Design. All these templates are completely print ready! Just customize to your needs and ship off to your printer.

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Star Wars Characters and Vehicles

Star Wars Characters and Vehicles by David Vancook Tie Star Wars Characters and Vehicles

“Star Wars Characters and Vehicles” painting series by David Vancook.

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Disney Gender Costume Swap

Costume Swap by Haruki Godo 05 Disney Gender Costume Swap

Disney Gender Costume Swap illustrations by Haruki Godo.

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Creative Concept Art by Chenbo

001 creative concept art chenbo Creative Concept Art by Chenbo

<a href=""Chenbo is a digital artist based in Guangdong, Guangzhou – China and has produced a vast array of artwork for Blizzard Entertainment’s masterpiece the World of Warcraft. Enjoy my picks!

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Amazing Digital Portraits by Anavi

001 amazing digital portraits anavi Amazing Digital Portraits by Anavi

Collection of spectacular digital portrait illustrations by an artist from Serbia – Anavi. If these 40+ artworks below are not enough, make sure to visit her dA page. Enjoy!

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Jello Presidents


6 Professional iOS7 App Design Templates – only $29!

md12 650x609 6 Professional iOS7 App Design Templates   only $29!

Just because Apple claims, “There’s an app for that,” doesn’t mean programmers are out of a job. Far from it. Every day more and more amazing, helpful, and downright fun apps are introduced. And if you’re sitting there looking to get in on the fun, take advantage of this Mighty Deal and you can get a huge jump on it!

This collection of 6 professional iOS7 iPhone App Design Templates from MyAppTemplates will save you a load of time and money. With these design templates, you can easily edit any text or images to fit your need, or dive right in and start coding the app itself! With real clean, organized code, these design templates will be a snap to work with! And if you need any further prodding, try this on for size: Act now and you can save 95% off the regular price!

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Generation Two Pokemon Badges


Digital Illustrations by Reza Kabir

001 digital illustrations reza kabir Digital Illustrations by Reza Kabir

Reza Kabir aka Artipelago is a digital artist / illustrator living and working in the United States. Below, you may check out over 20 quality artworks I liked the most. For more, make sure to follow the link at the very bottom. Enjoy!

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Angry Marvel Heroes


Hot Concept Art by Ivany86

001 hot concept art ivany86 Hot Concept Art by Ivany86

Saint-Petersburg, Russia – based Ivany86 is a talented concept artist / illustrator currently working for Nevosoft. Below, you may scroll through several amazing artworks selected from his portfolio. If you’re into fantasy, this post is a must.

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Abstracted Superheroes

Abstracted Superheroes by Jonathan Edwards Iron Man Abstracted Superheroes

“Abstracted Superheroes” painting series by Jonathan Edwards.

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