Visual Effects Before-And-After from your favorite Movies and TV Series

visual effects hollywood before after 01 650x742 Visual Effects Before And After from your favorite Movies and TV Series

It’s no secret that a whole lot of money and effort goes into visual effects these days, with film studios constantly pushing the limits of what’s possible and how realistic CGI can look. Robert Zemeckis’ film Contact was one of the first to push the boundaries and includes what is supposedly the longest ever continuous single digital FX shot created.

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hft000 eveleth.introsale 1 650x317 Eveleth
Eveleth is a textured font with plenty of customisability – 3 different textures are each spread over 3 different weights, with 6 character sets in each category, giving you plenty of options for each character, word and phrase. That’s not even mentioning options for shadows, thin forms and regular characters. Eveleth’s customisability allows you to use it for any message you want to send, in any tone.

Buy Eveleth from HypeForType for just £12 per font, or all 16 variations and ornaments for an amazing £27. Even better, until July 31st 2014, Eveleth is 85% off, making it only £4.86 for 16 amazing fonts.

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Movies Hipster Kits Part II

Gotham Apocalypse

Gotham Apocalypse Joker 600x561 1 Gotham Apocalypse
“Gotham Apocalypse” painting series by Veronica Fish.

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Amazing Illustrations by Gina Chacón

001 amazing illustrations gina chacn Amazing Illustrations by Gina Chacón

Gina Chacón aka Saiyagina is a talented female illustrator and visual artist who happens to live in Chihuahua, Mexico and is quite into japan styled stuff. Let’s take a look at several of her artworks. Enjoy!

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adorn final 1 brilliant 650x317 Adorn
Adorn your invitations in any number of fantastic and elegant styles, thanks to Laura Worthington’s new font Adorn! Designed with the goal in mind of creating fonts for invitations of every kind, Adorn can be found in 13 wonderfully individual styles, not including 7 sets of ornaments.

Buy Adorn from HypeForType, from £9.60 upwards, or be prepared for every occasion with a £59 package of all 20 styles.

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Focus in on Success with Freelancelift Weekly – up to 54% off!

md6 e1402650611874 Focus in on Success with Freelancelift Weekly   up to 54% off!

Having trouble making your freelance life a true success? Maybe the problem isn’t education, but focus. There is such as thing as information overload. That’s where Freelancelift Weekly can help big time. This amazing program offers you tips, tricks and advice about building a successful freelance career.

You’ll receive a weekly action item to tackle, helping to focus your vision down and build some serious momentum. With videos, eBooks and interviews, you’ll learn from the experts based on their own personal experiences. Your first big lesson? Jump on board this incredible Mighty Deal to save up to 54% off Freelancelift Weekly! But hurry, this offer’s only available for a limited time.

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Amazing Shopping Bag Designs

9313c354b6b9aae7c627d703f1ff5df6 Amazing Shopping Bag Designs
Nowadays shopping bags are an integral part of any BTL campaign, not only because its form or size, or even strong printing technique, but also because bags are a good publicity tool; when people are moving around, that’s why advertisers should take into consideration the way how they put messages and artworks on their bags.

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Digital Illustrations by Vipada Jakavanphituk

001 digital illustrations vipada jakavanphituk Digital Illustrations by Vipada Jakavanphituk

Vipada Jakavanphituk aka Gtako is a young talented artist / illustrator based in Thailand. I have to admit, I fell in love with her artworks pretty much instantly :). Amazing use of colors … and overall, the illustrations are quite original and inspiring. Enjoy!

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Stunning Concept Art by Daniel Kamarudin

007 stunning concept art daniel kamarudin Stunning Concept Art by Daniel Kamarudin

Daniel Kamarudin aka theDURRRRIAN is a young digital artist based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Let’s take a look at several amazing artworks selected from his portfolio. If you’re into quality concept art, this post is an absolute must. Enjoy!

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Gift Ideas For Father’s Day

Fathers Gift Guide 650x304 Gift Ideas For Father’s Day
Call your dad, grandpa, uncle, person-that-made-you-who-you-are-today, and tell them you love them. It’ll make their day, we promise.

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Under Canvas Glamping Experience

campz  650x433 Under Canvas Glamping Experience
The team at Under Canvas have opened up their latest location just outside of Glacier Park. This glamping experience sees everything from tipi suites to a treehouse tent, and a whole lot between.

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Amazing Manga Illustrations by Han-Yuan Yu

003 amazing manga illustrations hanyuan yu Amazing Manga Illustrations by Han Yuan Yu

Han-Yuan Yu aka B.c.N.y. is a freelance illustrator from Taiwan who is currently pursuing an MFA in Illustration at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. As you may see below, her art is influenced by anime, classical painting, and Chinese culture. Her favorite subject is beautiful girls in aboriginal costumes. Enjoy!

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Iconic Film Cars

cars and films a team ghostbusters Iconic Film Cars
“Cars and Films” poster series by Jesús Prudencio.

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Traditional Illustrations by Tanya Shatseva

003 traditional illustrations tanya shatseva Traditional Illustrations by Tanya Shatseva

Tanya Shatseva is a Tambov, Russia-based artist / illustrator specializing in traditional watercolor portraits. Below, you may check out my favorite pieces selected from her portfolio. Enjoy!

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