25 Amazing branding haikus

Sometimes you come across something that you just must share with others, and this article is just that. When I came across the 100 Days of Branding Haikus project by Creative director Kerry DeBruce-Burrison, I just knew I had to share it with you guys. Every day for 100 days Kerry wrote a Haiku about a certain company. As a business major I know just how important branding is to a company, and perhaps that is why I love this idea, in this article I have found 25 of my personal favorites. I hope you will like them as much as I do.

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British airways is about to use A380 on the route Heathrow san Francisco

irbus A380 is a double-decker airliner, which is manufactured by Airbus. IT is one of the largest passenger airliners in the world. It literally challenges the Boeing’s Aircraft market. This Aircraft A380 took its first fly test on 27th April, 2005. Then, In October 2007, it finally comes to the commercial service by joining up with Singapore Airlines. Read More

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Optimize Your Mac with CleanMyMac 2 – Two licenses for only $30!

If your Mac’s running a bit sluggish lately, chances are there are a ton of unused and unnecessary files slowing things down. What you need is a quick and easy way to manage and clean up all that junk.

CleanMyMac 2 can easily fit the bill! This amazing application is fast and easy to use, as it helps you clean out your large, unnecessary files to optimize your Mac, making it a leaner, cleaner machine! And if you act now, you can save 50% off the regular price and get yourself a license for 2 Macs!


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Make Your Mark


What sets the businesses that succeed apart? This book is the Creative’s Guide to Building a Business with Impact…

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Amazing Digital Illustrations by Sylar113

Amazing Digital Illustrations by Sylar113

Sylar113 is a talented 20-year-old digital artist / illustrator based in Chelyabinsk, Russia. Below, you may scroll through over 30 amazing artworks selected from his portfolio. For more, make sure to follow the link at the very bottom. Enjoy!

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Digital Portraits by Amro Ashry

Digital Portraits by Amro Ashry

Amro Ashry is a 27 years old digital artist and graphic designer based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Below you may scroll through a collection of beautiful female portraits selected from his portfolio. Enjoy and get inspired!

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Media Tube Visual Identity


Media Tube is an independent art organisation in China, Shanghai. They exhibit and present contemporary media artists within a progressive curatorial framework. Founded in April 2012, Media Tube also publishes a booklet which shares the art news and critic of international movie and media art pieces.

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Comic Book Art by Robb Mommaerts

Comic Book Art by Robb Mommaerts

Robb Mommaerts is an illustrator, character designer and graphic designer from Green Bay, Wisconsin. He has worked on five children’s books, as well as several children’s publications. He has also created character designs for computer games, mascots, and animation. Below, you may check out the very best from his portfolio. Enjoy!

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The New Boeing 737 MAX Is Here

Boeing 737 MAX is generally called the New Family Member of Aircrafts, which are developed by Boeing Commercial Planes in US. This is the new-generation 737 which will be introduced in 2017 as scheduled, 50 years after the first 737 introduced by Boeing. The airframe is also in need to get some modifications. More info

Meet the new Airbus 320neo

The Airbus A320 neo family is a family of aircrafts being developed by Airbus. The A320 neo family will replace the existing A320ceo family since New Engine Options (neo) is the last part of the modernisation programme which was started in 2006. An improved air purification system, a new cabin with larger space for luggages, weight savings, aerodynamic refinements and large curved winglets will be some additional improvements included in the modernisation programme. More than 2500 firm orders were made for the A320neo family as of November 2013, reaching the number of more that 3000 orders from 57 costumers during the 2014 Farnborough Airshow in the UK. More info

Digital Portrait Illustrations by Namecchan

Digital Portrait Illustrations by Namecchan

Collection of stunning digital portrait illustrations by Namecchan, a female artist / illustrator based in Venice, Italy. Enjoy!

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Brilliant Illustrations by Sang Kyu Moon

Brilliant Illustrations by Sang Kyu Moon

Sang Kyu Moon aka skmoon is a 29-year-old Korean born traditional artist living in New Zealand. Below, you may scroll through several amazing illustrations selected from his portfolio. Get inspired!

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260+ Artistic Photoshop Brushes from Layerform – only $11!

If you’re looking to change things up in your designs, one option to consider is using a new Photoshop Brush. In the case of this Mighty deal from Layerform, however, you’ll get yourself a few hundred options! That’s right, this brushtastic bundle includes 263 artistic Photoshop Brushes in 1 awesome deal! Made up of 4 popular Brush collections, these high-res sets include a slew of handmade brushes to breathe originality into your work. And if you act now, you can get the entire collection for a mere $11!


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25 Yummy food inspired web designs

There are certain things in life we can live without, and then there are things we absolutely must have in our life and food is one of those things. Even though you can never replicate the taste of food on a website, at least until we get smell internet, you should still make sure your food website looks appealing and appetizing. We hope you will enjoy these websites as much as we have.

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Hot Digital Art by DanteWontDie

Hot Digital Art by DanteWontDie

Collection of digital manga / anime illustrations by DanteWontDie, an incredibly talented artist from China. For more, make sure to check out his dA portfolio. Enjoy!

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