GW Apartment by AMBIDESTRO

AMBIDESTRO has completed GW Apartment in Porto Alegre, Brazil. The designer say that the GW project is the first apartment of a young couple that likes art, contemporary architecture and wine. With the premise that the clients receive many friends at home, the project sought to organize the social space within a fragmented old social plan from the nineties.

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Hawkesbury Residence by Marmol Radziner


Hawkesbury Residence was designed by Marmol Radziner. This three bedroom modern home is located in the Wanaka Valley in New Zealand.

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Villa G by Audrius Ambrasas Architects


Villa G is a contemporary home designed by Audrius Ambrasas Architects. It is located in Vilnius, Lithuania.

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The OFFBar by Twodesigners

Twodesigners has completed interior design project for The OFFBar. The designer say that the mix of workspaces was our leitmotiv, each zone has been designed for its function. The warm atmosphere of the bar and lounge enhances usability while the open space and work areas offer comfort and quiet to users. Inspired by the same theme of the mix, the logo was designed to be derived in many ways and to be revealed to the visitor during the discovery of the place.

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Chasen Residence by In Situ Studio


The Chasen Residence is a contemporary home created in 2012 by In Situ Studio. This house is located in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA.

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Lovelli Residence by Word of Mouth


Lovelli Residence is a 3,230 square foot, two storey house designed by Word of Mouth. The home is located in the trendy area of Seminyak, in Bali.

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Red’s True Barbecue by Blacksheep

Red's True Barbecue theatrical distinct experience by Blacksheep - HomeWorldDesign 0 (2)
The story of the brand begins in Leeds, England, under the restaurant held a first location in the centre of the city. Red Team has approached the Blacksheep studio from London to design a new interior concept for the restaurant and bar.

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A Young British Family Wanted A Modern Home To Relax And Entertain In

London interior designer LLI Design have recently completed a ground floor renovation of a home in Buckinghamshire, England.

LLI Design - Butterton - Family Living Room Kitchen Overview

The clients, a young professional couple with 2 children, wanted a modern look that wasn’t cold and clinical, they wanted their home to be somewhere they could relax and entertain, but at the same time would function as a practical family home.

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Home in Zakrzewo by JAGODYstudio

JAGODYstudio has renovated an early 90’s suburban villa in Zakrzewo, Poland. The architect say that their project consists of: a kitchen area, a dining space, a living room and a bathroom. It’s key idea was to combine all of the original living functions of the floor into one, airy and bright open plan,where each space smoothly leads into another. In order to bring more tranquility and clarity into the living room, we have decided to demolished few of the original partitions and incorporated two panoramic windows.

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Top Floor Apartment in Gdynia by Dragon Art


Top Floor Apartment is located in Gdynia, Poland. Its modern interior was completely redesigned by Polish studio Dragon Art.

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The Bond: mix of modern and vintage style

The Bond eclectic mix of modern and vintage - Parisa O'Connell - HomeWorldDesign  (3)
The contiguous images represent a sample of interior design Parisa O ‘Connell brand. This apartment is located in The Bond building, Boutique Condos in Jack London Square, Oakland, California.

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510 Cabin by Hunter Leggitt Studio


Designed by Hunter Leggitt Studio, the 510 Cabin serves as a tranquil weekend retreat for a family. The modern cabin is located in Wofford Heights, CA, USA.

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Colbost House by Dualchas Architects


Colbost House is a contemporary residence divided into four buildings. The house has a simple, black facade and it is located on Waternish, a peninsula on the Island of Skye, Scotland. It was completed in 2012 by Dualchas Architects.

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PANO Penthouse by AAd


PANO Penthouse is a luxury private home designed by AAd. This unique house is situated at the 53th – 55th floor of a residential tower in Bangkok, Thailand, offering panoramic views over the city.

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Renovated Victorian House by Studiofour

White Rhapsody Whit a Hint of Bohemian Sophistication -
The designers from Studiofour had created a delicate and light space with different levels and areas for family life, and had allow the owners individuality , books and art collections to vitalize the house.

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