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Frolle Wall Hangers by Andrea Brugnera for Formabilio

FROLLE, delicious wall coat hanger, made of wood with chocolate or cream glaze finish.

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Take a Tour of Pinterest’s San Francisco Office

Pinterest has been all the buzz within the social media space these last few years, so what does the home to such a creative, high growth company look like. Partnering with 3 different design firms, Pinterest restored this beautiful warehouse in San Francisco.

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Carousel suspension lamps

carousel lamp white and yellow
Mambo Unlimited Ideas introduces new Carousel suspension lamp, a 5 lampshade lamp supported by an harmonious iron structure. Been presented in 2 color combinations: white+yellow and cooper+black, with the signature of the designer Cláudia Melo, it’s undoubtedly a piece of sophisticated beauty.

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ETNA BATH listed for the Bathroom Product Innovation by DBC

We are delighted to announce that Designer Bathroom Concepts’ Etna Bath has been short-listed in the Bathroom Product Innovation Category for the KBB Review Awards 2014. An incredible achievement for a business that only began trading earlier this year and exceptional kudos for the brand and the niche products they have procured.

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Utility Spoon Rest by Pigeon Toe

Utility Spoon Rest is a minimalist design created by Oregon-based designer Pigeon Toe. This design is a hand-thrown porcelain spoon rest with a unique cut-out side that perfectly cradles all shapes and sizes of kitchen tools with minimalist flair.

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Skylight by Frederik Roijé

Skylight is a minimalist design created by Netherlands-based designer Frederik Roijé. The hanging light is manufactured in powder-coated metal, and made in Holland. The light comes in a multitude of variations including a short, medium, and long extension from the base of the lightbulb.

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Upside Down Planters for the Home

Designed by the team at Boskke, this planters are a whole lot different than the one’s you’re currently using. The Sky Planter suspends from your ceiling, and lets the plants grow upside down, which actually has a handful of benefits.

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The Copper Mirror Series

The Copper Mirror is for sure one of the most striking design and « sculptural mirrors ». Designed and created by the Norwegian studio design Hunting & Narud (based in London), it is a freestanding mirror inspired by the Norway’s cultural and material heritage, the visual language and the solar system.

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Bunker Becomes Connoisseur Gallery

When you think about a bunker you’d never imagine someone transforming it into a stunning gallery like this.
It is called the Connoisseur Gallery and it has been created by a Shanghai firm called Studio Twist. They’ve decorated the gallery with excotic objects and pieces of art giving it a mysterious but yet amazing look.

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Lighting ideas: unique and luxurious lamps

Looking for the perfect lighting for your home? My Design Week gives you unique and luxurious lamps that will bring elegance to your personal space while being unique.

“Lighting is a perfect way to create a wintery feel in any room, just dim the lights and light lots of candles, it really changes the mood and creates a feeling of warmth.” This is one of Kelly Hoppen‘s interior design ideas on facebook this week and My Design Week couldn’t agree more.

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AïOLI Cantine Bar Café Deli in Warsaw

A+D Retail Store Design created in Polish capital Warsaw an interior in loft style for AïOLI Cantine Bar Café Deli.

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Pettls – a piece of nature in your interior

Original designer pillows in the form of animals that will bring a piece of nature in your home. Pettls – are designer 3d pillows in the form of animals, made of quality material that will satisfy everyone and decorate any space. It does not matter who you are, child or an adult, you will love Pettls.

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Bicicleta Bar

Check it out! A bunch of bicycle parts have scattered their way throughout the Bicicleta. Masterminds behind the fantastic madness of cyclist decor was a collaborative effort of the joint owner Stefan Ciobotaru and Alina Turdean.

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Contemporary Home with Feminine Twist

This spacious residence in Brazil offers up plenty of art friendly lighting, feminine colors and soft textures. [View More Photos at]

73 Brilliant Scandinavian Christmas decorating ideas

Scandinavian Christmas decorating can create a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere in your holiday home. We all have some typical style for decorating our homes for Christmas each year, but why not try something totally new this holiday season?

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