Casa Nova Lima

Luxurious Casa Nova Lima with Dramatic Landscape Compositions - InteriorZine
From the handmade walls consisting in intensely red local stone that multiplies its radiance under Nova Lima’s abundant sunlight, to the conceptual circus in the inner courtyard – the design and the architecture from S+A Brazil in partnership with Piantina Architecture are impeccable and glamorous.

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Luxury Villa by DOOI Studio

Luxury Villa on Lake Snagov -
This contemporary architectural project is luckily situated at the verge of vast forests and beautiful shores of Snagov Lake – exceptional and secluded location. The abundance of glass, vast windows and mirrors (that invite and multiply the natural light and beautiful views) is supplemented by some beautiful glass and light art – the interior lighting solutions and lamps have the signature of the master glassmakers from the Murano Island and of the renowned Catellean & Smith.

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1OR2 by April and May + Norm Architects


1OR2 is a minimalist house located in The Netherlands, designed by April and May + Norm Architects. The store opened in September this year and Norm Architects have taken care of the design of the 1OR2 cafe where an open structure and a Japanese/Scandinavian feeling were the key words in the design process. In the cafe one can experience all the products of Menu and sit down to enjoy some delicious coffee and chocolates.

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Clinica da Vila by Duarte Caldas


Clinica da Vila is a minimalist house located in Ericeira, Portugal, designed by Duarte Caldas. The project consists of the refurbishment of an existing shop in downtown Ericeira into a Dentist Clinic for a young doctor. The concept was developed around a fresh and comfortable aesthetic of the space. DCA developed the planning alterations of the interior space, designed all fixed furniture and developed the light design.

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Mama Campo: organic-food restaurant in Madrid

Mama Campo restaurant eclectic design with decors and pastel shades - www.homeworlddesign. com (3)
The project named Mama Campo was realized in the Olavide market from Madrid, given that its prime objective has been to bring in the centre of the city vegetables, fruits and ecological food and dishes carefully selected. Mama Campo was organized on three directions: a grocery with fresh green products, an organic-food restaurant with traditional Spanish food and a shop of natural parenting articles. The founders Ignacio Aparicio and David Yllera took care of the interior arrangements, succeeding to realize an eclectic design with decors and pastel shades based on natural textures and materials. More artists have participated with a variety of handmade products.

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Residential and Dental Practice Interior by ARSP

Residential and Dental Practice by Architekten Rüf Stasi Partner -
Bold and creative this contemporary project of a building combining residential and business functions is located in the town of Hard, Austria and is a great example of modern architecture and design.

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SiteGround Office Space

SiteGround Office Space by Cache Atelie - InteriorZine
Cache Atelie have designed a 500 sq.m office for SiteGround – an IT company. Space is located in the city of Stara Zagora, Bulgaria and is a vivid mixture of materials and perceptions. The raw concrete ceiling altogether with the visible infrastructural equipment combined with the colorful floor and playful wall decals create an eclectic, yet harmonious space.

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Modern House Interior by Nico van der Meulen Architects

Modern Home that Emanates Luxury and Functionality -
Filling a contemporary house with natural light and style was the main goal of Nico van der Meulen Architects when the client approached them with the task of renovating their old South African house. So the final result of the project is a modern home that emanates luxury, functionality and artistry set into minimalistic architectural framing.

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De Gaspe House

Dynamic and Contemporary Family Home in Montreal - InteriorZine
This creation of La SHED Architecture is located in Montreal, Canada and has gone under complete reconstruction of an old building, achieving at the end its playful, homey and welcoming atmosphere that comfortably hosts the owners family.

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Pastel colours and freshness in M73 apartment

Pastel colors and freshness in this apartment in Jaworzno - www.homeworlddesign. com (5)
From the first sight, the interior design of this apartment gives you a good mood and a positive attitude. The apartment is arranged by Widawscy Studio Architektury in the Polish town of Jaworzno and it occupies an area of 80 square meters. The pastel colours are well highlighted by the white background and balanced by the presence of the natural colour of the wood. The paintings on the walls, wooden support for mugs and cups and the blackboard from the kitchen on which are written in chalk a few dishes, make the space seem as a bistro.

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Russian Villa by SL Project

White Clear-Lined Interior of Russian Villa - InteriorZine
This concrete villa it’s slightly different from the rest and is an architectural creation of SL Project for a client with a dynamic lifestyle and high requirements, which is reflected into the interior and exterior of the home. The natural and simple color base is spiced up by the presence of some punchy and vivid color solutions (like the purple wall, yellow working-space chair or deep blue lightning into the bathroom zones) not to mention the bold color and light play at the pool-bar area or the usage of plant life as walls.

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H + M Apartment in Vienna

Beautiful Restored H + M Apartment by Studio Destilat -
Design studio Destilat managed a restoration of H + M apartment in Vienna, Austria, located in a classic old building dating from the turn of the 19th century. The architects have modified the original layout of the apartment, making it more functional. The kitchen has become part of the living area, thus freeing extra space for a child’s room overlooking the courtyard.

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Canvas prints with cinematography stars by PIXERS


Thinking of cinema definitely brings to mind sparkling Hollywood, a place where real stars are born and whose fame will last.

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Riba House Interior by SVOYA Studio

Riba House by SVOYA Studio -
The main idea of SVOYA Studio was based on the combination and the interaction of color, material and texture contrasts. Black gloss kitchen and a moss panel, bright polished marble and dark matte wood, prominency and perfect smoothness are harmonized with eco design elements.

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The Austrian Loft by Tatyana Bobyleva

The Austrian Loft project by Tatyana Bobyleva, comprises the restoration of a small apartment in an old building. The intrigue of this interior comes from the contrast in the materials used – exposed red bricks, green smooth walls, and a cement floor.

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