EDC Wooden Trays


From the front pocket to the front hall, Maxx & Unicorn has a solution to keep your essentials where they belong. In the collection, you’ll find sustainably-sourced cherry and walnut valet trays organize your everyday carry, so that your keys, your phone, or your favorite pocket knife are ready to go at a moment’s notice.

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Summer House by Selina Kazazoglu

Summer House by Selina Kazazoglu - InteriorZine.com
This house that is situated in a beautiful location on the Aegean Sea expresses itself in the peaceful balance with nature and its minimalist concept. The gardens have many plants and trees native to the Aegean region such as lavender, bonsai, olive, thyme and jasmine while also reminiscing of the spirit of Provence.

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Loft Apartment by Olivier Burns


Olivier Burns designed this sophisticated loft apartment located in the heart of fashionable Soho, West London. The contemporary luxury living blends industrial design with delicate feminine highlights.

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Geometric Circles Cushion Collection


New mini-collection of four super colourful cushions designed by UK based Illustrator and Designer Sam Osborne. The designs are all based around the geometry of circles and each would make a bright addition to a sofa or bed. Available in three sizes – 16″, 18″ and 20″ the cushion covers are individually cut and sewn by hand and finished with a concealed zip.

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Contemporary Home by NOTT Design Studio

Trendy Functional and Contemporary Home - InteriorZine.com
Stylish and warm with dynamic contemporary features this two story family home is magnificent example of unostentatious lux and fashionable moody darkness.

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Family home by Clare Cousins

Brick House with Smooth Curves - InteriorZine
In a way, this brick house with its smooth curves is truly a family home – it belongs to the architect Clare Cousins, the builder that created the new addition is her husband, and the landscape artist is her uncle. The interior choice decoration combines comfortable, at times vintage furniture, soft and colorful textures and elegant decoration elements.

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Wallpapers in rolls by PIXERS – modern touch of tradition


Have you always adored an ingenious union of tradition and modernity? PIXERS has a new selection of home décor products that might meet your desires.

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VD House by Studio Guilherme Torres

Original Urban-Style Home - InteriorZine.com
VD House is a private residence designed by Studio Guilherme Torres – it’s full of wood and shades of blue, classic furniture and art objects. Massive table in the living room is combined with Wishbone chair by Hans J. Wegner and Tom Dixon lamps.

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Design Studio Poznan by PL.architekci

Poland-based architecture studio PL.architekci has completed their own modern studio/office in Poznan, Poland. The architect say that they sought to maximize the space and reveal its character to provide an inspirational working environment whilst allowing our clients to experience our style of architecture and design. The attics original wooden rafters have been expressed by designing a physical separation between themselves and new divisions within the space.

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Parisian Attic by Marie Deroudilhe


Space of Parisian Attic got a chic and cozy look thanks to the renowned decorator and interior design Marie Deroudilhe. The dark grey paneling separates the area and bring a new note to the functionality of the space, at the same time adding up a refreshing design element.

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Salva Apartment by Georg Kayser

Spain-based interior designer Georg Kayser has designed Salva Apartment in Barcelona, Spain. The designer say that all small rooms were joint to form a free floating singular space, with the bedroom and bathroom set behind a diagonal running line throughout the apartment. Elegant materials such as marble and oak parquet were used in combination with light colors to give the spaces a simple but noble appearance.

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‘Przystanek Piekarnia’ Bakery by Maciej Kurkowski


Przystanek Piekarnia on Koszykowa Street is a fifth shop of this bakery opened recently in Warsaw. It is located on the ground floor of XIXth century tenement house designed by Józef Hintz, situated in vicinity of the Warsaw Technical University Architecture Faculty.

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Obed Restaurant Design by Studio G-sign

Restaurant so Luxuriantly Adorned with Graffiti - InteriorZine
One artistic project of design Studio G-sign for a fast-food restaurant, which is so luxuriantly adorned with graffiti, wall drawings and design installations that in the end becomes more like refine gourmet place, where one can meet with friends and family, instead of just having a quick bite.

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Brazilian Weekend Home by Studio Arthur Casas

Luxurious and Sophisticated Spirit of Brazilian Weekend Home - InteriorZine
Wonderful example of elegant luxury, contemporary design, all extras needed (swimming pool with Jacuzzi, sauna in the basement, spectacular view) high quality materials and luxuriant tropical plant life – all design to create rich of sunshine and pleasure ambiance.

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Stylish Penthouse in Shanghai by Dariel Studio


This stylish penthouse was designed by Dariel Studio. It is located in Shanghai, China.

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