Amazing Italian Villa With Magnificent Views

Check out this great place in Italy called Spinaltermine. More info and pictures!

Amazing Italian Villa With Magnificent Views

Amazing Italian Villa With Magnificent Views

More info and pictures!

Nit nightstand by Adrian Candela

A nightstand created using three sheets of corrugated cardboard by the Spanish designer Adrian Candela.

MORE INFO & IMAGES > Nit nightstand by Adrian Candela
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Flavio Melchiorre x Fieldcandy

“Intothewild” is the new outstanding tent designed by the artis Flavio Melchiorre for the brandnu Uk label Fieldcandy.

Daily Inspirations no. 401

Seems today’s photography section is presenting human, well let’s be specific, female beauty only. There are some hot artworks such as the Color of Beats by Chinese Yanzhou Bao, Destiny by David Terrazas or Marianna by Joanna Kustra. Of course there are several more, not less creative than the ones presented above. From today’s illustrations I like the retro Volkswagen illustration / poster by Marcelo Schultz called Volkswagen “Bubble”. The ones into traditional art, make sure to check the brilliant sketches by Tomasz Usyk. So far my overall favorite today! Hmm, just found another hot piece in the typography section by Marcelo Schultz called Nike – Just Do It! That’s called creativity. And now something for all the web site developers. This one is a must … the quality is there, plus it’s free! Get the Premium Web Sliders by Agneva from our freebie section. Make sure to scroll the inspirations from the very top to the bottom … it’s utterly worth it! Enjoy!

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Future Systems: Enzo Ferrari Museum

In 2004 future systems won an international competition to design a new museum in modena, italy. dedicated to motor racing legend and entrepreneur enzo ferrari (1898 – 1988), the museum comprises exhibition spaces within the early nineteenth century house where the motor racing giant was born and raised, and its adjoining workshop, as well as a separate, newly constructed exhibition building.

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black&black collection by Nendo in

black&black collection by Nendo in

black&black collection, Nendo, design, furniture, thisispaper, magazine
black&black collection, Nendo, design, furniture, thisispaper, magazine

black&black concentrates on perfecting the balance between structure and function in furniture, without the unnecessary distraction of new materials, technique and colour. It is an exploration of the fundamental elements of any object. As the name suggests, all the pieces in the collection are black…

More here.

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CAPE FEAR – Rocco Malatesta

Every man… every man has to go through hell to reach paradise. (MAX CADY)

Cape Fear and the terrifying villain and evil Max Cady is up for sale:

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Minimalism in Architecture

This week we featured various animal photos, hot Nat Geo photography and we thought it would be time to present something from the architecture as well. As you already noticed after reading the title, we’ll be focusing on minimalism in architecture today. What is minimalism anyway? Minimalism used to describe a trend in design and architecture where in the subject is reduced to its necessary elements. So guys, today you may expect plenty of simple, but modern looking houses. To say the truth, it’s exactly my cup of coffee. I love a combination of cold and warm materials, so my favorite is the Floating Volume House for Living and Leisure by Studio Guilherme Torres. There is something similar lower down by Susanna Cots. Of course, the other pieces are brilliant as well … enjoy and get inspired!

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TV screensaver

A paper print on a cardboard simply attached to the antenna with a cord. Makes no sense but looks at least better than a plain black screen (and still better than most of the stuff running on tv).
If you like stuff like that check out the coresinceeightyfour blog on the on facebook or visit the website.

Habitus stool by Sebastian Jansson

Habitus: the bar stool created by Finnish designer Sebastian Jansson.

MORE INFO & IMAGES > Habitus stool by Sebastian Jansson
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Studio Daniel Libeskind’s 18.36.54 House

‘18.36.54’ is a boldly designed stainless steel home by Studio Daniel Libeskind in Connecticut, US.

See more photos of Studio Daniel Libeskind’s 18.36.54 House. Via Enpundit

30 Unusual Bedside Tables

We all know that bedside tables are a must. Books, eye-drops, glasses are just a few things we usually drop on. Freshome is all about creativity, so be creative! You will definitely find something for your taste. For more pictures click here.

Casa Corallo by Paz Arquitectura

Check out this great house located on a dense hillside forest in the Santa Rosalía area of Guatemala City. More info and pictures!

Casa Corallo by Paz Arquitectura

Casa Corallo by Paz Arquitectura

More info and pictures!

glOWL in the dark

The new member in the puxxle family with special glow-in-the-dark pixels.
The puxxle is a puzzle of 2x2cm vinyl adhesive pixels that one can stick on various types of surface. Pixel by pixel, you can discover the characters we propose or if you are of the brave kind, create your own.


Triangulation Series by Zhang Zhoujie

The Chinese designer Zhang Zhoujie presented at the show in London, a final version of the complex project TRIANGULATION SERIES , with the new table and a low stool in addition to the chair.

More picture here
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