Gorgeous Villa in Thailand

This amazing exotic residence is located in Kamala, Phuket in Thailand. Would you beliebe that it costs $9 million? If not, maybe you should check out the rest of the pictures. For more check this.

Overton house by Jessica Helgerson interior design

Check out this great house for a young family with a very modern aesthetic. More info and pictures!

Overton house by Jessica Helgerson interior design

Overton house by Jessica Helgerson interior design

More info and pictures!

Liliput stool by Muzz

A rocking stool created by designers Erin Turkoglu and Melodi Bozkurt.

MORE INFO & IMAGES > Liliput stool by Muzz
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Notchless, the straight edge tape dispenser by Yasukuni Kikuchi

“Notchless” is an adhesive tape dispenser which leaves clean, straight edges without zig-zags on cut tape, simply by tearing it on the edge of a blade in the same easy way as with conventional tape dispensers.

Adhesive tape without zigzags has an attractive appearance, and it does not break up when peeled as does tape cut with conventional dispensers.

It thus has the advantage of not causing stickiness or dirtiness at the cut edge, increasing the utility of adhesive tape.This patented blade technology cuts adhesive tape with a straight edge in an easy and safe manner.

More Pictures and information and LooksFeelsWorks

Sustainable Green House by Djuric Tardio Architects

This house called Sustainable Eco-House was designed by Djuric Tardio Architects in Paris, France. The mobile kitchen units wheeled out on sunny days, while the winter the house is heated by a fireplace just inside. The shape of the roof / pergola, it looks like an unfinished roof has a specific function.
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Daily Inspirations no. 406

I feel like starting with illustrations today instead of photos. How do you guys like the artwork by Jennifer Healy called Daydream? I personally love it! It’s not the only artwork I love though. Just few spots lower down in the art digital art section there is a nice illustration by Alexandra Bezrukova. I’m a huge fan of fonts, so no wonder I’m always eager to check the typography section. From today’s typographic artworks I picked one piece that is a mixture of various typographic styles. Check it out … it’s called Advertising Design: 7-Eleven & Tullamore Dew. Make sure to check today’s ads as well … it’s definitelly worth it. Enjoy!

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Oops, trivet silicone dishes that appear broken

Oops is a silicone trivet which aims to surprise the user and his guests in a fun way.  It creates an element of surprise, when you lift the hot container the dish appears to be broken, then the user thinks he broke it, crushed by the burden of containing. 
Oops is currently being co-production on the site: www.designerprod.com

More Pictures at LooksFeelsWorks!

Fabulous Direct Oceanfront Villa in Thailand

Happy Thursday! A stunning oceanfront location with understated contemporary Asian design and a luxuriously appointed interior combine to make this four bedroom villa a home of unmatched character and comfort. More info and pictures!

Fabulous Direct Oceanfront Villa in Thailand

Fabulous Direct Oceanfront Villa in Thailand

More info and pictures!

Reportage from Salone Satellite 2012

A photo reportage of over 500 images from Salone Satellite in Milan.

MORE INFO & IMAGES > Reportage from Salone Satellite 2012
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Cardboard Furniture by KARTON

Cardboard, really?

YES, really! You’ll have to forget everything you think you know about cardboard, and discover that KARTON offers an impossibly strong and exceptionally handsome way to sleep, sit, store and live.

But, we’re talking about cardboard furniture here. Is it strong enough?

You will be blown away by the incredible strength of KARTON. Super high-grade corrugated paper board means that KARTON products are often stronger than you need them to be

More photos of products

The Dune House by JVA

The Dune House was designed by JVA, one of Norway’s most renowned practices. (more photos here)

Check out all photos of the Dune House by JVA. Via Enpundit

21 Coolest Alcove Beds

Take a look at the 21 Coolest Alcove Beds we could find! (more photos here)

See all photos of the 21 Coolest Alcove Beds. Via Enpundit

Alemanys 5 – Spain

Alemanys 5 is a vacation home in the core part of Girona’s medieval quarter, offering two exclusive rental apartments in a beautifully restored building. Located in the core part of Girona’s medieval quarter, within the scope of the first wall and overlooking the Plaça de Sant Domènec, is the property Alemanys 5, whose original building dates from the Sixteenth Century.

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Compact Kitchen by Snaidero

The project stems from the profound reflection imposed by the radical changes in living needs and the difficult global economic trend: as a result, the design research began to focus on more accessible solutions that are easier to design, customise, purchase and inhabit. Though seemingly straightforward, this concept required a huge effort within the company in order to shift the focus towards services and quality.

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Raw Look Loft in Düsseldorf by Bruno Erpicum

Check out this wonderful loft in Düsseldorf, Germany. More info and pictures!

Raw Look Loft in Düsseldorf by Bruno Erpicum

Raw Look Loft in Düsseldorf by Bruno Erpicum

More info and pictures!