Trends: Stunning illustrated foulards from PINKO

Pinko continues surprising. Ariel, it’s latest collection of foulard is a concentration of fantastic mood and colourful graphic.

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Beautiful, Creative & Inspiring Canvas Prints

The word canvas is derived from the 13th century Anglo-French canevaz and the Old French canevas. Both may be derivatives of the Vulgar Latin cannapaceus for “made of hemp,” originating from the Greek κάνναβις (cannabis).

Canvas has become the most common support medium for oil painting, replacing wooden panels. One of the earliest surviving oils on canvas is a French Madonna with angels from around 1410 in the Gemäldegalerie, Berlin. However, panel painting remained more common until the 16th century in Italy and the 17th century in Northern Europe. Mantegna and Venetian artists were among those leading the change; Venetian sail canvas was readily available and regarded as the best quality.

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Tianxi Oriental Club by Deve Build Design in Huizhou

Modern Wooden Interior
Deve Build Design have designed this awesome interior club with wooden design and inspiration. Let’s see some pictures for Interior Tianxi Oriental Club by Deve Build Design in Huizhou below and hope you get inspiration.
More Picture and Description

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Kudu Fridge Magnets

It’s difficult to approach fridge magnets in an imaginative way, but Kudu took the magnets one step forward and created designed magnetic panels that cover the whole fridge, and turn a common fridge to a work of art. What’s even better is that, unlike stickers, the designed magnets can be easily changed depending on the holidays, seasons or even your mood. Ultimately, the Kudu Magnets are a great and easy way to spice up your kitchen space.

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Pearlworks video by Videonik

Promotional video for Pearlworks architectural details.

Made by Russian production company Videonik.

Villa Areopagus by Paravant Architects

Happy Wednesday! Check out this great house in Atenas, the province of Alajuela, Costa Rica. More info and pictures!

Villa Areopagus by Paravant Architects

Villa Areopagus by Paravant Architects

More info and pictures!

ColoredSHAPE lamp by Sabrina Fossi

A wall lamp created by Italian designer Sabrina Fossi, a concept inspired by the classic silhouette of the bed-side lamp.

MORE INFO & IMAGES > ColoredSHAPE lamp by Sabrina Fossi
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Mr and Mrs Mug by Cassandra Marie

“Mr and Mrs Mug” made ​​by the designer-craftsman Cassandra Marie.

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Daily Inspirations no. 405

You may remember photography by Mike Powell, it’s not the first time we featured his work here on Cruzine. Anyway, I like his photos with tiny bit of post production .) Check the runner … it’s the very first photo. Let’s move lower down though. From illustrations I would like to highlight Cover Trois Couleurs – FR by DAVID VICENTE as well as Abominable Snowman by Joel Hustak. These two are amazing. From art / digital art section I like the water painting called Water Spread by Sophie Song. If you guys could need a free postcard design, check our freebie section for Painted Postcards by FluxVFX. Enjoy!

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Amazing Container House by Poteet Architect

It’s a clever idea but often the idea never lives up to expectations. Not in this case. Poteet Architects, San Antonio, Texas have designed and executed a fab backyard retreat that still leaves no doubt as to its origins. I think what separates this conversion from many other ho-hum versions is the attention to detail both internally and externally and especially in its siting and landscaping. Too cool! Just need to get my hands on a container.

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Floating Balloon House

This incredible floating house was inspired by Pixar’s animated hit movie Up and set a World Record for the largest balloon cluster flight ever attempted (more pictures here).
flying balloon houseflying balloon house
Check out more pictures of the Floating Balloon House. Via Enpundit

Transparent Bubble Tent

French designer Pierre Stephane Dumas has invented the see-through BubbleTree pressurized tent, which provides you with a 360° view of nature’s incredible scenic views (more pictures here).
bubbletree bubble tent
Check out more pictures of the Transparent Bubble Tent. Via Enpundit

Accordion Folding Kitchen Table by Olga Kalugina

Designed by Olga Kalugina here is Accordion Folding Kitchen Table. A modular kitchen with sneaky little triangular drawers popping out from the folds of the table, sliding counter tops, ample storage units and its cool design all speak out for the inimitability of the design. It’s sort of a transformer table, morphing from a simple table into the ultimate countertop. Neat little triangular drawerscan pop out of the sides of the table when needed. Accordion Folding KitchenTable is creative innovation for you that are looking for modular kitchens to fit in your small room.

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Magnificent penthouse apartment in the middle of Madrid

Check out this great penthouse apartment in Madrid, Spain. I really like this clean interior with elements of concrete. More info and pictures!

Magnificent penthouse apartment in the middle of Madrid

Magnificent penthouse apartment in the middle of Madrid

More info and pictures!

Stylish Modern Furniture that Combines Form and Function

We’ve all seen that perfect piece of furniture with an incredibly funky, cool design that turns out to be the opposite of useful or comfortable. It looks good, but it takes up too much space, the doors don’t open, or you get a backache after sitting down for more than a few minutes. This post is dedicated to all things stylish and modern that have not only a unique and fun design, but also fulfill the basic needs—and sometimes more—of practical, useful furniture.

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