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MindSprkle Magazine Best of The Week #3

Best of the Week #3

Architects of Invention: Silknet

Alongside the main avenue in the center of tbilisi, georgia is the ‘silknet sales office’, a retail space for an internet, telephone and television service company by london and tbilisi-based firm architects of invention. derived from an information transmitter, a central desk for communication between representatives and customers becomes the primary location for communication within the store. the focal element is formed with 70 layers of plywood sheets which have been CNC routed, painted and stacked in their specified order. undulating voids pass through the horse-shoe shaped working surface, creating a 3-dimensional swiss cheese effect.

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Featherstone Young: Providence Row Activity Centre

London-based architecture studio featherstone young (sarah featherstone, jeremy young) has sent us images of ‘providence row activity centre’, a multi-storey arts and office building for a homelessness charity
in east london, united kingdom. Providing a range of structured and meaningful activities for the users, the new facility features a ground floor bike workshop that focuses on developing useful skills towards employme.

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Saturday inspiration #24

Happy Saturday! Here is another collection of some sweet interior design pictures, some eye candy for the weekend! Today we have some great interior design photos from photographer Per Wennberg. More info and pictures!

Saturday inspiration #24

Saturday inspiration #24

More info and pictures!

Traditional St. Petersburg Apartment

The elegant design by Anton Valiev features both feminine and masculine touches with a neutral color palette. (more photos here)
st petersburg kitchen
Check out more photos of the Traditional St. Petersburg Apartment by Anton Valiev. Via Enpundit

Orange House by Yazgan Design Architecture

Check out this very special house Located in Ankara, Turkey. More info and pictures!

Orange House by Yazgan Design Architecture

Orange House by Yazgan Design Architecture

More info and pictures!

Daily Inspirations no. 402

Seems we’ll be continuing with female beauty today as well. There are several amazing photos featuring hot women, but we’ll start with something different today if we may. What about beautiful horses? Andrey Vasilyev is quite talented … but you’ll figure that out yourself after checking his Horses photo. Seems more like a photo manipulation to me, but the end result is brilliant, so it doesn’t matter at all. My second pick has something common with beauty, but this photo is more conceptual or fashion related. I am speaking about the Follow the wind by Zlatimir Arakliev. Seems like the girl is representing hunting season with all the feathers and furs :). Anyway, let’s move on. I kind of like unusual style, and that’s exactly what I see in the 3d illustration called General Portfolio by Lee Hasler. I like it a lot. In the art / digital art section there is a nice ink illustration called Portraits in Ink and Tea by Carne Griffiths. I bet the author spent a great deal of time working on it. Can’t help it, but today I have to highlight something from the architecture / design section as well. Fans of interior design gonna agree that the Leafy Faucet by Andrea de Dominicis is worth highlighting. Amazing design. Love the sink too! That’s everything from me guys … now it’s up to you to get your mouse busy. Enjoy!

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Retro Furniture Collection And Ideas

Jory Brigham, whose work we recently had the opportunity to evaluate, not sitting idle. This time he offers a collection of retro furniture. The designer was inspired by the stylish interiors of the houses the 60s of the 20th century. Redecorating your home can be stressful sometimes, but if you have an idea of how you want that to look, you won’t have any hard times! If you like retro furniture, there is some great ideas when it comes to decorating living room, or other spaces in your home. Take a look, and enjoy in decorating your home!

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The happy tropics at Ninety7 & Siglap

Three storeys of curves and luxury in the heart of Singapore. The Ninety7 & Siglap house by Aamer Architects touches down from another planet, dictating the trends of an eco-friendly future from the top of a hill.

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Furniture collection by Muller Van Severen in

Furniture collection by Muller Van Severen in

Furniture collection, Muller Van Severen, design, thisispaper, magazine
Furniture collection, Muller Van Severen, design, thisispaper, magazine
Furniture collection, Muller Van Severen, design, thisispaper, magazine

Fien Muller and Hannes Van Severen launch a furniture collection. Clear-cut storage boxes, tables, racks and lamps that refer to – in their pure form – the work of Donald Judd and Bauhaus, but embrace the lush adornment in their completion and combination…

More here.

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Amazing Kitchen Designs by Dada

Hi-Line 6 is designed with a special attention to the interaction between the kitchen and its users.

via MindSpárkle Magazine

Light Lamp by Maciej Bidermann

A floor lamp inspired by a crane for construction, created by the Polish designer Maciej Bidermann.

MORE INFO & IMAGES > Light Lamp by Maciej Bidermann
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Kessel Run

Han Solo completes the Kessel Run in record time

Love Bikes? Love StarsWars? want to support charity? Limited edition print from Art V Cancer

Crystal Bubble Hotel rooms

The French town of Roubaix, has recently opened a series of portable hotel rooms in a local park. They can be rented by people who want to feel close to nature in the middle of the urban jungle….



Enjoy this cool #268 Friday daily inspi­ra­tions for all DYT read­ers :) with great pho­tos and artworks.

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