Unique Bachelor’s Nest by AT26

Trendy and Unique Bachelor’s Nest - InteriorZine
This dynamic and original apartment, situated in Piestany, Slovakia, has much to offer as an intriguing interior and timeless approach towards design. The designers, from AT26 architecture & design team, successfully use the contrast of black and white surfaces, ceramic tiles and oak veneer, painted brick walls and shining gold ornaments to create trendy and unique bachelors nest.

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Valentine’s Day! Interiors with Love by Wallsheaven

“Love is a canvas!” – so say designers from Wallsheaven.com. Do we need to write more? On the occasion of the greatest day of the year, let’s see the collection of design canvas prints dedicated to all lovers. We wish you more and more love!

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Your moment in your space with “50 Moments of Grey” collection by PIXERS

The E.L. James’ book, “50 Shades of Grey”, changed the life of millions of women, who discovered their own, till now unconscious, erotic fantasies. The novel has been sold in dozen of millions of copies and it was adapted into a movie by Sam Taylor-Johnson. It also became an inspiration for PIXERS team, which created a new special collection of wall decorations called “50 Moments of Grey”. The collection features 50 artistic nudes in black and white, which can be printed as canvas prints, posters and wall murals.

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The Loft by The Playing Circle

The Loft - conceptual pop-up store by The Playing Circle - www.homeworlddesign. com (1)
The Loft is a project of The Playing Circle Company from Amsterdam that represents a periodically recurring conceptual pop-up store. Loft is a showroom concept, a space arranged as a house in which all the supplies and decorations are for sale, including carpets, books and pieces of art. Loft has been opened to the public for a month and it hosted several activities: conferences, tea nights, movie nights, etc.

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Objet élevé by Mieke Meijer

Mieke Meijer designed Objet élevé for his residence in Wassenaar. Designer say that Objet élevé is an installation in three parts that functions as a connection between two floors while also offering space to work, collect and store. Objet élevé is strongly related to previous installations by Studio Mieke Meijer that were inspired on photographs by Bernd & Hilla Becher.

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Restaurant Design by Yellow Office

Romantic Old Time Decorated Restaurant by Yellow Office - InteriorZine
This Romanian restaurant offers warm, attractive vintage space for interesting meetings with friends, dining, having a drink or visit events. Combining restaurant and event space the architectural project of Yellow Office represents a dynamic fusion of romantic old time decoration and contemporary approach towards the construction.

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The Little Pilot by Brani & Desi

The Little Pilot_Brani-Desi04
“The Little Pilot” is a room for a little boy who loves the idea one day to become a pilot. He loves to build airplanes and stories about famous pilots.

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Contemporary Home in Singapore by ONG&ONG

Contemporary Home in Singapore with Curved Spiral Staircase - InteriorZine
The architecture and the facade of the house, as its interior, represent the delicate fusion of modern home and the cultural heritage of shophouse– skylights meet traditional arched windows and together bring daylight into the family home.

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Barcelona Restaurant by Adam Bresnick Architects

Chic Barcelona Restaurant by Adam Bresnick architects - InteriorZine
The designer’s team of Adam Bresnick architects aimed to create a stylish and discreet interior as a “backdrop” to the refine cuisine and its delights, but succeed both in creating a stylish mid-town eclectic cuisine happening and in embodying a place with character and intriguing artistic presence.

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Vintage Office and Bohemian Ambiance

Vintage office for a private residence  Denis Krasikov - www.homeworlddesign. com (3)
Creating a welcoming space with a slightly nostalgic air, with a bohemian ambiance and decor formed of old furniture, bare walls, books, old documents and white – black photos, all these are elements that might help to characterize the vintage style. This style invites you to a journey back in time and it will always surround you with pieces of furniture that have a special story to tell.

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Loft Apartment by FORM Architects Bureau

Loft Apartment KaiF by FORM Architects Bureau - InteriorZine
The KaiF loft interior is dominated by beautiful fitted and free-standing furniture made to individual designs by FORM Architects Bureau – including the kitchen, wooden wall on a corridor, wardrobes, tables and shelves in the living room.

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Oh!Dessa by 2B.GROUP

Urban Loft Oh!Dessa by 2B.GROUP - InteriorZine
The owner has set the task to create an open space for living and receiving guests. The proposed design solution allowed to do without the extra doors and partitions while maintaining the privacy of each room. In the apartment are no corridors. Even transit from the bedroom to the bathroom leads through walk-in closet.

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Loft Apartment by Studio GutGut

Bratislava Loft Apartment by Studio GutGut - InteriorZine
This contemporary and multifunctional space, situated in central Bratislava, had been refurbished by studio GutGut and turn from four roomed apartment into an open loft – like space with different functions. The space is vast and clear with minimalistic furnishing but with intriguing materials, textures and construct elements.

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Casa Nova Lima

Luxurious Casa Nova Lima with Dramatic Landscape Compositions - InteriorZine
From the handmade walls consisting in intensely red local stone that multiplies its radiance under Nova Lima’s abundant sunlight, to the conceptual circus in the inner courtyard – the design and the architecture from S+A Brazil in partnership with Piantina Architecture are impeccable and glamorous.

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Luxury Villa by DOOI Studio

Luxury Villa on Lake Snagov - InteriorZine.com
This contemporary architectural project is luckily situated at the verge of vast forests and beautiful shores of Snagov Lake – exceptional and secluded location. The abundance of glass, vast windows and mirrors (that invite and multiply the natural light and beautiful views) is supplemented by some beautiful glass and light art – the interior lighting solutions and lamps have the signature of the master glassmakers from the Murano Island and of the renowned Catellean & Smith.

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