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Spring Watering Can

spring modern watering can goods design 4 650x981 Spring Watering Can
Made of brightly colored polyethylene with a matte finish, this Dutch watering can was designed by Robert Bronwasser for Goods. The ergonomic design has a slender spout and a large opening for ease of filling with a faucet or hose. The watering can’s organic shape gives it the appearance of a flowering plant, a simple look that will complement any garden, indoors or out.

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Gorgeous Duplex in Sweeden

architecture concept home Gorgeous Duplex in Sweeden

We will share with you today this clean home design enhanced by color and personality despite it’s minimalist approach. Behind the designing of this apartment spreaded on two levels, stand ConceptHome, and the arrangement presented has several interesting features. The high ceilings and the large windows that frame the surrounding landscape contribute to the strong impression of the area.

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BULBING – optical illusion LED lamp

logo2 BULBING   optical illusion LED lamp

BULBING is a versatile LED lamp, 3D optical illusion design object, by Studio Cheha. A calming light to suit any mood at any room. BULBING is a sleek and functional design piece, an everyday object with innovative design. A functional design piece with a twist that merges the 2D & 3D Worlds, forcing people to rethink their everyday objects. Made of wooden base and acrylic glass design.

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take-off light

takeoff lightning many web 650x433 take off light
The lampshade is made of two sheets of paper with a very fine pattern of laser stiches which can be enlarged at will. So it is possible to determine where the light passes through the lampshade. This leads to an endless variety of light/shade structures and patterns. The metal frame is to be stuck to one piece, to which the paper sheets are fixed by magnets.

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Wooden Apartment With Amazing Rustic Details

rustic interior design Casa Cojana 17 Wooden Apartment With Amazing Rustic Details

Cortina d’Ampezzo is an adorable alpine resort situated in Italy. In this resort you can enjoy a beautiful welcoming cozy apartment entirely designed in wood. It’s certain already that wood inspires you a winter, snowy feeling. Suited for a perfect holiday retreat, Casa Cojana provides this rustic yet modern and original living environment.

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BLACK & WHITE kitchen
 – How to use this trend in your house

kitchen4 BLACK & WHITE kitchen
   How to use this trend in your house
In small rooms white should become a predominant tone (tvosevens).

If we compared a house to a life form, a kitchen would certainly be a heart in it. As a place where we spend a lot of time with our family and friends – it is hard to control a chaos, which encroaches on there. And this is when we start thinking about a change of the interior’s arrangement. Is it possible to find a way to make a kitchen look always organised and at the same time to not lose its original, practical function? Well yes, a formula for a comfortable and simultaneously beautiful kitchen is . a minimalism of colours, which is black and white.

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 – How to use this trend in your house” »

”H.O.M.E.” Collection signed thecraft LAB, by Irina Neacșu – a tale of finding your inner home

Mr.Gentleman Mrs.Her thecraftLAB by Irina Neacsu3 650x433 ”H.O.M.E.” Collection signed thecraft LAB, by Irina Neacșu – a tale of finding your inner home
thecraft LAB, by Irina Neacșu unveiled at the Inaugural Evening of ARTE Donna Exhibition at Galleria 360 in Florence, Italy the first pieces of a new concept collection entitled “H.O.M.E.”. Fragments of authentic Romanian traditional items have been carefully recovered and reintegrated in the urban sense of design. Chairs, lamps or pillows are among the showcased examples of art at the edge of past and future.

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Amazing Loft Apartment in Milano

Airy room Amazing Loft Apartment in Milano

Situated in the center of Milan, this warm and cozy loft is dedicated for both, leisure and business. The apartment, located in a former soap factory, was projected by Frederic Gooris and Werner Silvestri. Its extraordinary modesty and the tidy atmosphere highlight the idea of freedom.

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Upper East Side residence, New York City

158 650x430 Upper East Side residence, New York City
Here is a renovation and redesign NYC Interior Design firm just completed.

The project featured a high gloss build in in the living room (between the chaise lounge chairs) which opened to display a flat screen tv and closed to display artwork and downlights on each side.  Custom built ins are a great way to maximize and change the feel of a space.  This project also feature a new kitchen with high gloss lacquer cabinets, new hardwood white oak flooring and a complete overhaul of all furniture in the space with custom chaise lounges and a vintage egg chair!

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The duvet cover, reinvented by Crane & Canopy

Bedroom Nova Bedding Gray 650x461 The duvet cover, reinvented by Crane & Canopy
Have you ever stuffed the comforter in the duvet cover?  Odds are that it was so frustrating that you most likely gave up. The team behind SF-based Crane & Canopy wants to change that with their introduction of the Nova Duvet Cover.  With the Nova, it now takes 80% less time to make a bed.

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Dat Bar Newcastle

money o 650x407 Dat Bar Newcastle
New design studio, DirtyHandsCo have just completed work on a huge interior design project for meat & ale house, dAtbAr, in Newcastle Upon Tyne. An extensive building-site to launch-party dream project, they have come up with something pretty unique creating impossibly big murals, signage, branding, and all other collateral design work.

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Beautiful Loft on Broadway by Rangr Studio

Amazing Loft on Broadway by Rangr Studio2 650x434 Beautiful Loft on Broadway by Rangr Studio

The redesign of this full carpet & top space made the fantasy of one vast space while coordinating an expansive Living room, kitchen & eating zones, office, two separate rooms, more than two bathrooms, sauna, and changing areas.

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Sophisticated Bachelor Apartment

architecture living tribeca bachelors residence Sophisticated Bachelor Apartment

Today we will share with you an apartmentbelonging to a bachelor, that was recently renovated, receiving a modern design that inspires exquisite luxury everywhere. The main idea to the design was that all interiors had to be maximized to create a special visual effect and to inspire a harmonious life. The apartment after renovation gives the feeling of well balancing, without using any extravagant pieces.

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Designer Pop Art Roman Blinds

Riviera Jazz Pop Art Roman Blinds Designer Pop Art Roman Blinds

If you’re a fan of brash and bold design, the team at English Blinds have created a range of pop art inspired roman blinds for those who dare to be different. The essence of this latest collection is retro meets contemporary along with all the playfulness and fun associated with pop art styling.

Featuring iconic imagery such as Mini Coopers Fiat 500’s, Lambretta scooters and glamorous models on the Cote-D’Azure in summer dresses with cool Martinis, along with vibrant florals, tropical fruits and birds. The distinctive collage of imagery is a mix of both classic and modern that is infused with hot high impact colour-ways and timeless pop art styling. Whether they’re you bag or not these designer roman blinds are a fabulous way to bring elegance, glamour and vibrancy to a room’s décor.

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Don’t be scared. Invite zombies to your home

46912612 650x390 Dont be scared. Invite zombies to your home
They want fresh blood and human flesh. Prowling around to hunt down and devour you alive. They have a disgusting look and their stench feel from the distance. Despite this, they’re many years in the pop culture. Zombie, because we write about them, still intrigue people around the world. Today, designers from Wallsheaven present you collection of wall murals inspired by famous walkers.

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