Cocoon Fireplaces


Just like a front porch or a back yard swing, a fireplace is one of those nostalgic pieces in your home that make holidays better and create an overall cozier space. But, as you’ve probably been accustomed by now, modern times ask for modern approaches.

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Urbio | Modular Magnetic Wall Storage


Urbio is an award-winning design and manufacturing brand that focuses on creating well-designed organizational solutions for small-space living…

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Writers’ Cutlery by Ana Novakovic

Stacking Shelf Container | by Snow Peak


The Stacking Shelf Container 50 is a rugged container that provides 50 liters of carrying space and a unique stacking capability.

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Steampunk interiors. It’s more than wall murals and wall decals

It’s hard to say what exactly is steampunk. Surely this is a trend in modern art inspired by mechanics. It’s a bit like cyberpunk but it is quite something different. It turns out that this style can fit well into home interior. Designers from Wallsheaven created a collection of wall murals and wall decals inspired by steampunk. See how to change your home into a stylish sanctuary.

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Light Switches and Dimmers by Buster & Punch


Surely, the instinctual reaction that comes with seeing an article about light switches and dimmers is “Who cares?” – but, seriously, look at them, they’re pretty impressive. Not everyone’s taste and lifestyle will be reflected in $50 worth of light switches, but for those of you who consider details like these important, checking out the Electricity range from Buster + Punch is a must.

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Fusion Tables

Fusion Tables0 (1)
All Tables are custom built in Belgium. Shipping time is approximately 6 – 8 weeks. Available in 4 finishes. Wenge (Dark Oak), Walnut, Grey Oak or Light Oak and your choice of Simonis 760 pool cloth. Dining Top Included. unlike the classic, heavy looking, wooden table. Height is easily adjustable with the built-in raising and lower system. Several styles and finishes are available to choose from.

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Eclectic Mix In A Contemporary House, Australia


Who does not love the eclectic style? You can combine ancient porcelain, modern paintings, leather armchairs and textile lamps without restrictions. But, you have to be careful not to trip over the thin line between contrast and chaos. Designed by Mr. Mitchell Studio, the residence below is an example of great equalizer.

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Contemporary Apartment Building by Andrew Burges Architects


This contemporary apartment building was designed in 2009 by Andrew Burges Architects. Located in Sydney, Australia, the archutects designed the threshold for this boathouse with weight and solidity to create a cavernous quality to the interior that is distinct from the surrounding lightweight timber boathouse structures.

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The Retro Apartment, Cluj Napoca, Romania


The Retro Apartment is also situated in the very center of Cluj, and has a wonderful view towards the St. Michael cathedral and the city main square. You couldn’t be more central than this. The apartment takes you on a journey into the 1950s through its retro design with exquisite furnishings, decorations and beautiful colors of the 50s (tuqoise, orange, green olive, etc.). Its surface of about 62 sqm is divided between a spacious bedroom with a sitting area, a living room with a dining area and open kitchen. The apartment can accommodate comfortably up to 4 people.

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Are you a hipster? See where you could live. Interiors by Wallsheaven


Who are the hipsters? Certainly each of us have heard this term. Individualists, nonconformists, creative creators – there are a lot of meanings matching hipster subculture. Regardless of who they are and how they are being seen, Wallsheaven’s designers tried to imagine the perfect hipster’s house. For the love to free people and creative life, they created a collection of design wall murals dedicated to hipsters.

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Sonhar me mantém acordado

Stunning interiors. Home design with style from Wallsheaven

We all love beautiful interiors. Each of us cares about the space where lives. Wallsheaven’s designers present the weekly inspirations for home design lovers.

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electroVine | The Cord That Hides In Plain Sight


Given all of the advancements in technology over the last century, it is surprising that the extension cord, an essential everyday tool, has not evolved into a more aesthetically pleasing device. electroVine is an extension cord designed to resemble a plant, specifically an ivy vine. It is a green extension cord that has repositionable ivy leaf clusters sprouting along its length that make it look like a tranquil vine instead of a typical unsightly extension cord.

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20 Coolest Hotel Rooms From Around The World


Traveling all over the world has many perks. Not only will you get to experience cultures unlike your own, but you’ll get to experience lots of amazing hotel rooms. Take a look at this collection of incredible rooms. They might be the best hotel accommodations that the world has to offer.

Their designs, furniture and feel are incredible. To be honest with you, these digs make my bedroom look like a closet with a mattress on the floor. Check them out!

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