Marvel heroes themed house

Taiwan-based interior designer House Design present this new project inspired by Marvel world of heroes. The idea was that space could be somewhat of a hero’s retreat for the apartment’s owner who wanted to have his own fortress where he could relax after a long day at work. The results are a bit industrial, but still comfortable with all the details that a superhero might need.

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Industrial Design Bachelor’s Apartment in Taiwan


The idea for this unusual combination belongs to House Design studio, who adapted the crib to the living needs of a single 30-year-old engineer: “After the client doing a lot of research, he came to us and hoped to have a home with natural cement-based environment for him to relax in after long working days. During construction, he had to keep his parents from knowing the truth that we applied cement finish to walls since normally senior people think of cement-finish house as unfinished house“. Construction site was always locked to avoid his parents’ visiting.

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Tribute to the Old Beetle. Awesome home design for car lovers


Today is an important day for cars enthusiasts. Thoroughly 11 years ago in Mexico produced the last copy of the old model Volkswagen Beetle. This is a perfect opportunity to remind ourselves one of the most popular cars in automotive history. For Beetle’s lovers created a collection of design wall murals inspired by this legendary car.

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MILK Classic Table Desk – Your own personalised milky way!

MILK Classic Table Desk - Your own personalised milky way (2)
It’s grade A all the way. The ideal desk, MILK Classic is designed to feed your body and mind by giving you a smart, stylish workspace that adjusts to your every need. Features of this sleek table desk include four storage compartments with your choice of lids, integrated notebook storage, concealed wire management, and cable outlets.

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Drink Shop Harpf by Monovolume Architecture and Design


The goal of the planning was to implement an area as a meeting place of indulgence and culture. Front and rear of the store are separated by different styles.

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Interior design inspired by Alice’s Aventures in Wonderland


White and blue dress, shiny hair and girlish smile. When in the second half of the nineteenth century English mathematician Charles Lutwidge Dogson (known as Lewis Carroll) created Alice, did not expect that soon the whole world will love her. Also, Walt Disney.

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Awesome Mom Turned Ticket Stubs Into Pillows


Redditor Sunflower_Fortunado was moving into a new apartment, and her mom wanted to do something special. Using ticket stubs from movies that were important to her – she had been saving stubs since Zoolander in 2001 — Sunflower’s mom turned the stubs into fabric using

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Handpresso Wild Hybrid Espresso Machine

Presenting the Handpresso Wild Hybrid! Adapting to the needs of our customers wishes and following the universal trend to hybridize the use of fuel, Handpresso has taken the popular Wild portable espresso maker and adapted it to use not only E.S.E. pods like the original but also ground espresso coffee. Now you can be an aspiring Barista in the office, on holiday, on weekends, at the beach, while trekking or traveling, just about anywhere! It’s so easy!

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Patterned Paint Roller Kit


These patterned paint rollers from The Painted House, based in the UK, come in a range of different designs and are a really good alternative to wallpaper. Each design roller is reusable and interchangeable, and can be used with either the fabric applicator or the wall & paper applicator. You can use them on walls, perk up old wooden furniture, make reams of wrapping paper and meters of fabric.

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Duvet Covers and Pillow Design Concept by Vadim Cherniy become real

Retro Wall Murals Inspired by Exotic Islands

Tropical Diaries - Retro Wall Murals by PIXERS

If you have ever dreamt of exotic journey, but you could never really afford, PIXERS has an alternative for you. Retro wall murals from the “Tropical Diaries” collection will transform your room into tropical island and we’be a great reminder of summer days.

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Cork Globe


Styled on a traditional world globe, this strong cork version adds something special to the experience of getting home after your holidays away. Stick pins in the places you’ve been or plan your future travels on this beautiful planet!

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Mozart by Tsubasai Wahashi

‘Mozart’ is a minimalist interior located in Kobe, Japan, designed by Tsubasai Wahashi. The space is relaxed and airy, characterized by inset ambient lighting, matched with white walls and wooden accents. The medical facility is designed to provide a sense of comfort and safety during the patrons’ stay. The large space allows patients to mingle or partake in the private lounges.

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Life Edited Flat NYC


In 2009, Graham Hill purchased two apartments in Manhattan, New York City with the sole purpose of showing that people could have everything they need using less stuff and space. Hill had had big dreams for the small spaces such as dinner parties for 12, accommodations for 2 overnight guests and a home office, which have all become a reality in the tiny apartment space.

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Wondercook Tea Towel


Bold and bright tea towel inspired by retro cookery books & constructivist shapes designed by UK based Illustrator and Designer Sam Osborne. The tea towel comes from Sam’s new Wondercook Collection product range.

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