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“Play in the Lake” by Brani & Desi

Brani Desi Play in the lake 32 650x487 Play in the Lake by Brani & Desi
Brani & Desi is a creative art and design Sofia-based studio with driving force the experienced interior designers Branimira Ivanova and Desislava Ivanova.

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Celebrate Dinosaur Day. Collection from Wallsheaven

e493d165d3 650x390 Celebrate Dinosaur Day. Collection from Wallsheaven
The largest of them had 12 feet tall and weigh up to 60 tons! Formerly, huge reptiles inhabited our planet and today we see them only in cartoons and comics. In a few days untypical holiday – Global Dinosaur Day.

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Interior Design of Contemporary Home in Monaco

2145 Interior Design of Contemporary Home in Monaco

NG Studio completed the design and development of a highly modern home in Monaco. The entire interior demonstrates the idea of ​​relaxing in a space where everything is subordinated to the natural shades of the sea, sand and stone.

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A $35,000 Renovation Turned This Suburban Home Into a Cat Paradise

856 A $35,000 Renovation Turned This Suburban Home Into a Cat Paradise
A man with 18 cats decided to turn his home into a feline paradise, adding in colorful ramps, walkways and tunnels for the animals to play on.

The unidentified cat lover, whose house is located in Goleta, California, spent a whopping $35,000 on the renovation, which included the addition of a spiral walkway, tiny stairs to leading to various kitty ledges and climbing polls that double as scratching posts. More importantly, he also installed a new ventilation system to ensure that the air is regulated – a necessity for a home housing so many animals.

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„Freedom of Choice” collection. Solidarity with Ukraine

wallsheaven design canvas for Ukraine 650x390 „Freedom of Choice” collection. Solidarity with Ukraine

Sparrow resembling a grenade, fists ready to fight or poster in retro style with the slogan “Workers Rights” – these and other images have been placed in the new collection “Freedom of Choice”, designed by the portal of creative wall murals The creators of the site want in this way to show that they are in solidarity with the residents of Ukraine, who for several months fighting with the authorities for democracy in his country.

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White Space Orthodontic Clinic by bureauhub

leibal whitespaceorthodontic bureauhub  650x406 White Space Orthodontic Clinic by bureauhub
White Space Orthodontic Clinic is a minimalist interior located in Catania, Italy, designed by bureauhub. The pristine interior defines the sterile nature of the business, and amplifies a sense of cleanliness and neatness. Advanced materials and techniques were implemented in order to bring the project to fruition. DuPont™ Corian was used in order to seamlessly merge the walls and furniture together.

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Sleepbox Hotel Tverskaya

Sleepbox Hotel Tverskaya 81 650x433  Sleepbox Hotel Tverskaya
The 61 tiny rooms called Sleepboxes having a shelf, small closet, LED reading lamps with electric outlets, a desk and the optional one/two beds though they don’t have any windows or bathroom. Only 5 rooms have attached bathrooms. There are communal shower plus wash facilities are located on each floor.

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Balloon Rooms

Balloon Rooms 650x520 Balloon Rooms
The simplest inventions can make life so much more interesting. What do you think when you hear the word “balloon”? I am sure we all remember back to a time in our childhood when we were inhaling the helium from balloons to make our voices squeaky. And we can not forget all of those new balloon animal pets that we got at the local fair, the circus, or at birthday parties for those who had parents cool enough to get a clown to show up.

But, how many of us could ever imagine using a balloon to fill up an entire room, transforming the look of it? I know I have seen some huge balloons in the past, but this really takes the grand prize. Penique Productions, an artist collective from Barcelona, Spain that was founded in the year 2007, using gigantic plastic balloons to completely change the look of any room.

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55+ Bathroom Remodel Ideas

bathroom remodel ideas 7600 900 55+ Bathroom Remodel Ideas

With so many options and considerations, bathroom remodel has been the same challenging as fresh bathroom design. It’s worthy of action if your bathroom is out-of-date, not function well, or you feel theres is no enough storage space in the bathroom. A good bathroom remodel could turn an ordinary bathroom into a relaxing retreat.

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Fantastic Frank Berlin by Studio Oink

leibal fantasticfrank studiooink 1 650x448 Fantastic Frank Berlin by Studio Oink
Fantastic Frank Berlin is a minimalist house located in Kreuzberg, Germany, designed by Studio Oink. The 127 sqm design was made on behalf of Swedish real-estate agency, Fantastic Frank. Studio Oink was responsible for the staging of a renovated and empty Berlin apartment. The firm was responsible for the selection of furniture, down to the accessories and plants.

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20 Lamps You Need To Know About

126 20 Lamps You Need To Know About has published a selection of some of the most stylish lamps lately produced. Time to upgrade your lights? We think so.

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Exclusive Interview with Top Interior Designer Karim Rashid

Hello friends! 

Miami Design District have met with Karim Rashid to an exclusive interview! The Top Interior Designer Karim Rashid tell us is storylife and some secrets in a exclusive interview.

karim rashid1 Exclusive Interview with Top Interior Designer Karim Rashid

– How and why did you get into the design Industry? Where did you study, etc.?

– I originally was torn between studying architecture, fashion, or fine art and ended up applying to architecture. Over the summer I procrastinated so much that by the time I applied to the Carleton University Architecture program, it was much too late so they were full. They told me they could accept me in the architectural stream of Industrial Design. So I went to the university expecting to study architecture, but fate had it, that the second I took some industrial design courses, I knew that that is what I wanted to do. I assumed that one had to be an architect to design a chair or a coffee machine (I loved the Italian product design landscape and all those products were designed by architects. In fact Italy did not have an industrial design school until 1984).

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O2 Facebook Pop Up Store

menswear fashion lifestyle o2 facebook pop up store 02 600x400 O2 Facebook Pop Up Store
Facebook Pop Up Store in Munich by O2.

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Bathrooms by MOMA Design

001 bathrooms moma design Bathrooms by MOMA Design

Beautiful bathrooms / bathroom elements by Milano’s exclusive manufacturing company – MOMA Design.

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Uxus Office by Uxus

001 uxus office uxus Uxus Office by Uxus
The theme for the new UXUS office’s décor is inspired by the rich visual world of Fables. Both the fairytale location of its Art-Nouveau/Neo-Gothic office tower at the crossing of two major canals in central Amsterdam, and the design agency’s penchant for the mysterious and poetic atmosphere of old and new world Fables, influenced the look and feel of a space where imagination is free to roam.

As Fables bring together narrative and memorable insights into the everyday, UXUS has created an environment to stimulate the imagination and foster powerful, unforgettable stories that color our everyday life.

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