NEVOA – Design for Expressive Spaces


NEVOA is a brand dedicated to the design of interior products that suggest a new vision of the fusion between contemporary design and craftsmanship. A vision that makes us believe that what we desire most is within reach.

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Retro 8 Bit Gaming Roller Blinds

If you’re a fan of classic arcade games or just a geeky pixel look this new collection of digitally printed roller blinds is for you. Created by the team at English Blinds offers a great way to add some retro gaming fun to the windows as homage to classic games of the late 70’s and early 80’s such as Space Invaders and Pac Man.

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Tagged Napkins


Having a meal with friends is always fun, and with ‘Tagged Napkins‘ it will be even more fun. Surprise your guests in your BBQ parties and dinners by writing their names in their napkins. A creative and original way to organize and decorate your table!

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Tweak: A Simple Solution to an Everyday Problem

Michael Jaccarino TWEAKs

No one likes a dirty sink. As if stagnant pools of water and leftover food particles wasn’t enough of a reason to keep your kitchen sink clean, how about the thought of stray roaches, ants and other insects scuttling around looking for a crumb? Or the fact that your pipes can get clogged if enough particles slip through the drain.

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Amazing Wall Murals That Will Make Your Room Look Bigger

Colorful Street in Burano - Wall Mural by PIXERS

Why limit yourself to decorating when you can use wall murals for more practical purposes?

The following designs prove that they are invaluable when it comes to adding visual space to the room. Trick your eyes with beautiful views and see for yourself that walls are no obstacle!

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House After The Attack Of Woodpeckers

It looked like some gang members spewed buckshot at his doorstep during a drive-by. These holes were made by acorn woodpeckers. The little birds created their own granaries or “acorn trees” to store their food. They do so by drilling holes into whatever they can, sometimes resulting in this kind of damage.

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Giveaway by Interior Deluxe – Win A Fantastic Demetra Table Lamp by Artemide

Demetra Table lamp

Interior Deluxe, a leader in high-end, innovative, lighting products is excited to offer this Demetra LED Table Lamp by Artemide ($600 value) in our latest promotional giveaway!

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Weston Homes Create “Lego Children’s Room” to Assist with Marketing Houses to Families


Developer Weston Homes have used standard and bespoke Lego bricks, mini-figures and themed accessories to create a magnificent children’s bedroom that is dressed in Lego products.

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Top 10 Summer Homes 2014

Top 10 Summer Homes 2014
Looking for a place to live outside of ordinary for a season? Have a look at our carefully curated collection of Top 10 Summer Homes 2014. The architectural designs of those houses blend into the surrounding terrains and guarantees indoor-outdoor relaxation in summer.

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2 in 1 Laptop Tablet Stand For Home And Office

Made of Aluminum alloy , very durable and strong and light Comes in brown box in semi kits for easy assembly with assembly guide. One arm has a tray that grips your laptop and the other arm ends with a tablet holder. Both arms are adjustable in height and 360 degrees rotation. The mount stand is made of aluminum alloy, easy to assemble and the best bedside stand for tablet and laptop.

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American signs
A series of wallpapers created for onWall by Nico189.

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Shelfie Bike Mount

Shelfie works as both a bicycle wall mount and a decent home accessory that looks cool with or without anything else on it. The most killer features are that you only need a second to hang your bike using its seat as a hook and it’ll look like a stylish décor item or shelf when you are out with your bike.

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35 Most Inspired Workspaces

Collection of the most inspired designer workspaces created by top dribbble users.

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Pulling off Minimalist Interior without Being too Modest

The main concept of minimalist design is to simplify the space to a point where you can no longer remove any design element without breaking the balance. The main misconception about minimalism is that it’s colourless and lacking ornamentation. If you look at early minimalist art, it uses bold colour and basic patterns.

Blue Interior

Minimalist design doesn’t necessarily mean white or sterile.

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A Man With a Very Big Heart Repurposes Trash to Make Tiny Homes for the Homeless

In Oakland, one compassionate artist named Gregory Kloehn, with the help of many others in the community, is turning trash into treasure for the homeless. He gathers various materials from dumpsters, curbs, and commercial waste to create tiny mobile shelters.

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