Blood of Grapes

Wine bottle design and concept by Constantin Bolimond.

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Low Cost Surgery Light for India future of change

In developing nations, power outages or no access to an electrical grid means hospitals are left without lighting. Medical procedures are performed by kerosene lantern, flashlight, and in woefully underlit conditions. Michael O’Brien, from Sydney’s University of Technology, created an easy-to-ship and -assemble, hand-folded sheet metal and LED surgery lighting solution for developing countries.

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Bzzz Honey Packaging

A lovely package design from Backbone studio.

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Suerte Tequila Amazing Packaging

Hope you like this great work for Suerte Tequila!

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Sugarpova is a premium candy line that reflects the fun, fashionable, sweet side of international tennis sensation Maria Sharapova.

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The Football Suitcase

The rules and etiquette of using this product advise the purchasers to not discuss the contents of the football with anyone (especially not with the bachelor/birthday boy).

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Yué Wu for the Absolut Art-Stream

As part of the event Absolut Art-Stream, the Parisian artist Yue Wu realized the installation “The Circle of Life” consists of 60 white bottles before hand painted. The facility is also broken down into a stop motion animation on the theme of change and rebirth where each bottle is a sequence.

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Absolut Tune Sparkling Vodka

Renowned vodka Absolut has paired up with Pernod Ricard to produce a vodka spiked sparkling Sauvignon Blanc. According to Absolut, ‘the first taste of Absolut Tune reveals vibrant, fresh tropical fruits with a balanced sweetness through the front and mid palate which is brought to life through the bubbles…and with a persistent medium strength Absolut vodka flavor and balanced sweetness leading on to a dry finish.’ Continue reading >>

Casa Dragones limited-edition tequila by Gabriel Orozco

Mexican tequila brand- Casa Dragones and artist Gabriel Orozco have collaborated to produce a limited-edition bottle adorned with the artist’s Black Kites motif, and includes Orozco’s signature. Black Kites, 1997 is a human skull covered in an intricate graphic checkerboard, representing the two sides of life that are constantly at odds; the grid represents rationality and the skull represents uncertainty.

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Refreshing tea packaging designs

A collection of tea packaging designs that present how the differentiation process is done thru one of the most essential environments, it’s packaging.

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Noodles Light – EAT’S TIME

Light concept whose ingredients are left as they are more mundane of everyday life.

The approach of this project is to highlight the beauty of aesthetic plastic fast food today and perverted by the generalized mass consumption.

Even a simple pasta box can be wonderful and taste, depending on his development, his sanctification.

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Goldfish Happy Sack Bin Bags

Make your neighbors alert the Humane Societies, by making them think you’re disposing of huge goldfish when, in fact, you’re just taking out the trash.

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40+ Clever and Creative Package Designs

Australian Smokers React to New Tobacco Packaging Rules

The new cigarette packs are a plain drab colour apart from graphic images of the effects of smoking, a move health researchers believe will cut smoking rates. Australia’s stringent anti-tobacco laws, making manufacturers package cigarettes in drab olive green packs with pictures of ill babies and diseased body parts, come into effect on 1 December.

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