Noodles Light – EAT’S TIME

Light concept whose ingredients are left as they are more mundane of everyday life.

The approach of this project is to highlight the beauty of aesthetic plastic fast food today and perverted by the generalized mass consumption.

Even a simple pasta box can be wonderful and taste, depending on his development, his sanctification.

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Goldfish Happy Sack Bin Bags

Make your neighbors alert the Humane Societies, by making them think you’re disposing of huge goldfish when, in fact, you’re just taking out the trash.

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40+ Clever and Creative Package Designs

Australian Smokers React to New Tobacco Packaging Rules

The new cigarette packs are a plain drab colour apart from graphic images of the effects of smoking, a move health researchers believe will cut smoking rates. Australia’s stringent anti-tobacco laws, making manufacturers package cigarettes in drab olive green packs with pictures of ill babies and diseased body parts, come into effect on 1 December.

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Coffee Cups Design Inspiration by Alex Litovka

This is the concept of coffee cups that created by Alex Litovka. He is an talented graphic designer based in Warsaw, Poland. He make this Coffee cups design for his School. The task was to create the original package which will consist of 3 tnings.

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Christmas Gift Idea #1: Amelia Rope Chocolate Autumn/Winter Collection 2012

Chocolatier Amelia Rope has just introduced her 2012 Autumn/Winter collection, comprising luxury chocolate cubes arrange in a mosaic of vibrant colors.

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Kulte x Etat Libre d’Orange “Malaise of the 70s”


Just as Etat Libre d’Orange has drastically altered the concept of perfume, clothing brand Kulte has made dramatic changes in the codes of fashion. It has been said that, under cosmic law, like attracts like. And a relationship is inevitable.
Like Etat Libre d’Orange, Kulte has personality, attitude, and a sense of humor, and both brands recognize the connections between aesthetics-fashion, music, art. There is clearly an over-lap in our DNA, and this genetic link deserves acknowledgment. So, to demonstrate our affinity with this intriguing urban brand, Etat Libre d’Orange offers Malaise of the 70’s, a fresh mix of lemon, pepper and patchouli, vintage style. In keeping with the style of Kulte, this is a flagrance which celebrates the inherent beauty in contrast and juxtaposition. A cult flagrance for Kulte – how cosmic is that?

MALAISE OF THE 70’S will be available as soon as the 1st of december 2012, in all Kulte’s boutiques, as well as on the e-shop of the brand.

Candles branding: Apis Cera

Pictures of this cool candles brand called Apis Cera. Love the feel and the design.

Apis Cera branding

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20 Creative Abstract Graphic Illustrations and Photo manipulations by Rik Oostenbroek

Rik Oostenbroek is well known for his dynamic forms & unique abstract shapes, Rik is fluent in various styles of design including Graphic Design, Typography, 3D Graphics, Art Direction, Surreal/Abstract Illustration and a mixture of Photo Manipulation and Retouching. Rik has no shortage of imagination and, on top of his passion for Traditional Art, Photography & Typography, he is always exploring new forms of expression, new challenges and new ways to expand his horizons.

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33 Free Vector Floral Designs and Backgrounds – Download High quality EPS AI

This post contains 33 Free Vector floral backgrounds and designs for you with EPS & AI source files. AI is an Adobe Illustrator file, one of the most widely used graphic design programs in the world. Usually a file with the tag AI is an original design file, meaning that this is the file originally used for developing your logo design. AI files can generally only be opened successfully using the Adobe Illustrator program and cannot be generally brought into other applications.
AUTHOR LINK: Not available (Inspiration post)

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Football Salami

Merge the yearly football match with the dinner event by purchasing this exceptional football made out of award-winning salami.

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Kuryako Special Edition Packaging

Sebastian Barrena created a special edition packaging for Kuryako. The package includes a ‘mini gun’ and braces to give that ‘gang’ feel to it. Furthermore he created a gig poster and accompanying artwork.

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Wine Labels Design – Best of 2007 – 2009

A short selection of my Best Wine Labels Designs for the time from 2007 to 2009.

More Label Designs

26 Free Professional Fonts for Graphic and web Designers – Download

In this post we have added Free professional and good looking fonts for graphic and web designers. Download them here and start using in your next design. Happy Designing.
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Envato Holiday Bundle 500$ worth of items for just 20$!

Envato Holiday Bundle

Hi guys,

it’s holiday time again, and obviously Envato had to come up with yet another irresistible offer. This time you get a whopping 500$ worth of items for as little as 20$ which putts it around paying 4% of the actual price, which in turn is the lowest pricing Envato ever had on one of these awesome bundles of joy.

Also noteworthy, given the “20$” amount, you can be certain that after you purchase, no money will be left unattended in your account for longer periods of time if you decide it wasn’t worth it. That’s also a bad thing if you’ve loved the bundle so much… as you’ll likely have to deposit some more money to purchase other items :)

Check it out here: