30+ Cool Ice Cream Packaging Designs For Inspiration


Today I am showcasing 30+ cool Ice Cream packaging designs for inspiration. The graphic designers should look through the collection with open eyes in order to get the glimpses that how scrumptious, delightful, enthralling and mouthwatering the packaging should look to attract the consumers and compel them through the packaging designs so they won’t do anything else but to try the product out. Have a gaze!

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Chocolate Packaging by Kathy Wu

An imaginary brand of chocolate inspired by origami paper and Japanese multi-purpose wrapping cloth called furoshiki. By paying attention to the art of wrapping, we bring moments of fun and beauty into everyday life. Featured on Packaging Design Served, Dec 2013.

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Surfboard Grooming Kit

The most sophisticated maintenance kit for your surfboard on the market. This kit includes a Bronze and Brazilian Lapacho waxcomb, a black cotton cloth, a bar of wax and a small bottle of methyl hydrate to clean off any residue left by the wax. The waxcomb features your standard comb grooves, a scraper and a bottle opener so you can enjoy a cold brew after you have laboured and loved your board.

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Screen Cover / vbg.si

Screen Cover. Help yourself with this healthy work resistant screen cover. It filters burn outs so we can build #topshit brands for you. Take care in 2014.

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Inspirational Examples of Packaging Design

Is the product or service dressed for success? Exactly how your business is packaged will be directly related to its general success in finding and maintaining a profitable customer foundation. The packaging of your brand name is one of the most important way that a person showcase your business to your target audience and differentiate yourself from the competitors. Achieving the perfect stability of a fully functional, yet prominent packaging design is one of the cornerstones of strategic brand product packaging.

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Packaging Designs Inspiration #6

Packaging it’s not just about the actual box or label. The primary function of packaging is to protect your product, but also is to attract. Your package is your brand ambassador. Here we have collected 7 packaging design part 6 for your inspiration. We hope that you will enjoy this wonderful showcase.

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Eye-Catching Handmade Wooden Packaging For A Vodka via @ongezondnl

Packaging is a visual way to represent the brand and its product

For ‘Firewood Vodka’, Belarus-based designer Constantin Bolimond gave it an eye-catching look to take after its name.

The packaging for the vodka was hand-made using wood, and made in the shape of firewood, with the brand’s logo and name letterpressed on the wooden flask.

Influenced by forestry, Firewood Vodka’s packaging is not only eye-catching and enticing, but also eco-friendly

View more pictures of it here

El Espía Wine

This wine is surrounded by mystery. Designed by Estudio Arena-Bahamonde.

More info + photos here

Beautiful Polypropylene (PP) boxes for every occasion

Polypropylene (PP) is widely used for packaging boxes. The presentation boxes produced these superior materials are very strong, durable and water-proof. The displayed products will have a better shelf life as they are better protected.
Besides, the availability of PP material in opaque, translucent or transparent with colourful design printing will create a very outstanding and elegant presentation for your products.

PP Boxes

PP Box

Polypropylene (PP) boxes

Source: PP boxes – AEC Packaging


Peacoque – Innovative Condom Packaging

Peacoque is an innovative brand/packaging concept for condoms.

The name of the brand is derived from the word ‘peacock’ (a symbol for beauty and pride), and the French word ‘coque’ which in translation means hull/shell.

To view the entire project including video demonstrations, visit this Behance link.

The author’s vision is to find someone who will actually turn this concept into reality. Everyone interested can contact him through http://peacoque.com

Click here to see more images and videos of this concept.
Author: Petar Pavlov

Lay’s Wavy Chocolate


You got to love this! A new release by Lay’s that is something unseen before! It’s called the Wavy Chocolate and represents chocolate covered potato chips that could…>read more

Stitch Bears Popsicle Soap by Ahhaproject

The Korean and German combo company ahhaproject have pulled another clever one out their sleeve pertaining to children and bath time. In the appearance of a creamy popsicle with a wooden handheld stick and…

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Candy Crush Launches Official Candy Crush Candies via @ongezondnl

Fans of the addictive Candy Crush Saga who can’t get enough of it, or can’t get enough lives, its makerKing.com has launched the first ever ‘Candy Crush Candies’.

The official sweet treats come in four varieties: chocolate Color Bombs with rainbow sprinkles, Jelly Fish gummies, Mixed Fruit Gummies, and Sour Fruit Gummies.

Made in collaboration with Dylan’s Candy Bar, the sweets look like they’re from the game itself, and are sure to give fans a sugar rush.

More photo’s and info here

Edible Bugs Gift Can Set

BBQ flavored Bamboo worms or Grasshoppers with bacon and cheese flavor? You decide! Check out all edible and delicious flavored insects here!

10 Creative Photo Album Templates You Should Use In This Wedding Season

Wedding Season is just around the corner in our country. We all love to capture our weddings. We hire great photographers for our weddings but we don’t pay much attention towards the photo album of our wedding. In this article I collected some of the most creative photo album templates that will make your wedding photographs look more beautiful.

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