New Collection of Biscuits & Cookies Packaging For Inspiration








Packaging of eatables plays a vital role for its massive selling. An eye grabbing pack of biscuits which seems appealing and tempting would surely be picked by…

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Chillsner Beer Chiller by Corkcicle

Cool to the last sip. The Chillsner by Corkcicle is the one and only in-bottle beer chiller that keeps cold ones cold from the first sip to the last. Whether drinking from the bottle or as you pour into a glass, the Chillsner keeps each sip icy cold. Just freeze, insert into any bottled beer and drink right through the Chillsner. Never deal with warm beer again. Perfect for parties, tailgating or pretty much any occasion where beloved beers are enjoyed.


Birrificio, a beer from Dry Design

This pack of beer was made by Italian Studio Dry Design.

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Glass water bottles

Have you ever noticed how everything tastes better in glass? That’s because glass won’t taint liquids like plastic or metal can. You already use glass for wine and other beverages, so why not for your water? Get a Faucet Face bottle today and keep your water tasting fresh!

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Concrete bottle surface by Remember The Lion

Awesome beer bottles covered with a special concrete based surface by Remember The Lion. Via
MORE INFO & IMAGES > Concrete bottle surface by Remember The Lion

MORE INFO & IMAGES > Concrete bottle surface by Remember The Lion
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Creative Brand Packaging Design Inspiration

Brand Packaging Design is taking an important part within the overall selling campaign. However just in case, if you are not invested efforts during this regard, then you are moving the incorrect means. Most of the marketers presently are concentrating on turning their label into a whole, thus, good stigmatization is imperative during this regard. Most members choose the standard of the product with its distinctive brand packaging.

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What about a special gift for your best clients?

Check out now Plicopá for Corporate.
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Wiener Honig

A Vienna based brand specialized in producing organic honey.

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The latest (and possibly cleverest!) concept in the long line of Pantone products. Underpantones and Pantytones. More on collabcubed.

Some Really Cool Food Packaging for Inspiration




There are a million of reasons why a product is preferred and picked over the others. The quality of a product can be…

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Creative Packaging Design for Inspiration

Package design can be a good alternative place for finding inspiration. From textures to color schemes and typography, we can get a lot of references from packaging designs. Today we gathered a few examples of inspiring packaging design from the web to showcase here. Check out each one of them and click on the images to find out more about each design and their designers.

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Creative Packaging Design for Inspiration

Creative Packaging Design for Inspiration

Creative Packaging Design for Inspiration

Creative Packaging Design for Inspiration

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Hrsz. 737 Wine Label

A concept design by Kira Koroknai.

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Zombie Fragrances

A range of smells for the undead has gone on sale: Zombie for Him and Zombie for Her. The product has been produced by US firm Demeter Fragrance, who claim to have made fragrances that can make the dead simply pass by without offending. Zombie for Him is a combination of dried leaves, mushrooms, mildew, moss and earth. Zombie for Her is a slightly lighter version of the Men’s fragrance with a touch of dregs from the bottom of the wine barrel for a feminine touch. They are available until the end of April at.


A new breakfast that describes itself as the world’s most passionate cereal has gone on sale. The provocatively-named Sexcereal claims to fuel your fire by improving the performance and sexual health of men and women. Described as the world’s first gender-based breakfast cereal, it comes in two types one for men that claims to support testosterone and another hormonal balance variety for women.

The male cereal contains bee pollen, which the Toronto-based company says has been shown to support sperm count, endurance and sex drive, and maca, an ancient super food of the Incas said to have enhanced sex drives in Peruvians for more than 2,000 years. The female ingredients include ginger, credited with increasing lustful yearnings, stimulating sex drive, increasing sexual performance, and aiding in the feelings of love, lust and attraction, and cacao nibs which apparently provide phenylalanine, an amino acid that raises the body’s endorphins and produces dopamine. (QMI Agency / Rex Features)

How To Get Best Packaging Design For Your Brand

10 Tips on how to get best packaging design.

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