Thiago Santana Updates!

New fresh stuff has been added!

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Portfolio of Vancouver based designer and art director Eli Horn.

The Republica Eyewear

I love this ‘Frankfurt’ frame theme.

I Heart Guts

I Heart Guts is the brainchild of an anatomically obsessed illustrator who loves internal organs and all they do. Founded in 2005, the company strives to offer the best in stoopid slogans paired with happy gloppy guts. They started out with one T-shirt and now our apartment is filled with tote bag guts, button guts, sticker guts, tons of tees, and now plush toys. Oy vey. If ever you need a gut, come on over and we’ll bust you one.

Alex Hohlov

So clean web design! With big respect to Alex.

Sahzene Nilhan Durmusoglu Johansen

Fashion style of Sahzene Nilhan Durmusoglu Johansen, a girl from Norway.

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Akimo, young designer based in Shanghai.

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WordPress 2.5. Huh?

A new stable release of WordPress 2.5 is ready for download. But, since I have a lot of real working plugins compartible with 2.3 only, I’m not ready to update at this moment. Still waiting.

Justadint Team

Update Behance profile.

Theo Gennitsakis updates

Theo Gennitsakis

Don´t leave your son Alone

[youtube E1zq34zu29g]

DYT Choice: Best of Wallpapers Made in Russia

Here’s a selection of the best creative wallpapers made in Russia, selected for you with pleasure by Design You Trust. Wiht respect to their authors. Every picture is a link to full-sized wallpaper. Enjoy.

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Top 10 Wired Reader Self-Portraits

The Risk of Entropy. Submitted by Marshall Marice.

Over the last two weeks, readers have shown themselves through their own – often twisted – eyes and picked the best of their peers.

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Anthony from, one ofmy big time favorite designers has updated his studio site with a teaser one that show some of his latest and greatest. I am looking forward for the full blows site. It’s gonna be a blast I am sure about it.

New demoreel and updated portfolio of Andrey Nepomnyaschev