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Comin Straight Outta Crib-town!

Gangsta babies. For da real dudez.

Design You Trust™: 1 Year On Air!

Thank you for staying with us this year!!! Please, help us stay on top and thank you so much for everything you’ve done so far!

Small DYT™ stat from July 24, 2007 to July 24, 2008:

– registered users: 1807
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– posts: 1687
– 455,000+ unique visitors
– 1,800,000+ page views
– 266Mb of image storage content
– OMFG terabytes of traffic
– 1200+ post comments
– 3000+ spam comments (catched!)
– a lot of fun!

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Thank you all, friends! Stay tuned. Expect lots more! Best.

World’s First Hotel Made From Sand

Sand hotel, Weymouth, United Kingdom. £10 per night. Open sky included. Continue »

Lovely Audrey Kawasaki

First post here, hello.

Acrylic on wood is what she perfects on.

More in her gallery.

Julia Galdo

Stunning work from Julia Galdo. Clients include Nike Air Jordan, Juxtapoz, Microsoft.


via: Booooooom!

New piece

Hey I added one more piece to my portfolio ( http://www.olariualex.com ) check it out !


Some good logo works here ;)


A few more collages.

www.thiagoribeiro.com | flickr | sanssommeil.wordpress.com

Escape to Neverland | Season Zero

Latest artwork I added to my portfolio. Hope you like it! Visit www.seasonzero.de for more!

Breathewords Updates

My new website is up. It includes painting, illustration, photography, identity design, clothing prints, and narrative Flash films. There is also a Guest book, if you would like to sign it. I hope you enjoy it!

Reptiles Breakdown

From here.


You will have a newfound appreciation for glue when you see the innovative denim designed by G+N. Aptly named Gluejeans, the jeans are held together not by thread, but by glue.


Yay! Monday! Issue #31

Check it out: http://yaymonday.com/issue/31

I Need Some Votes-Please Help!

Here are 3 of the 5 boots I have designed for the Dr. Marten Design Contest and need some votes on all the designs. I hope you love them!

Please go to this site to vote

Thanks! PS