My New Website…

This is a new website site… Show casing my artwork. I’m also selling prints and canvas prints. Thanks for visiting! Pegeen


Hellraiser inspired by Mike Friedrich. BHNC.

Captain Obama

by AJ Dimarucot. More on BHNC.


My man, Andreas, runs new awesome apparel brand – flareform. Good tees for a good people.

GTA4 Tuning

This is Russian GTA4-like bombshell tuning. Awful ;)

andrea giacobbe – picture vs motion

the picture has a life of its own, the picture part is named the face and was shot a november day in 1997. the other part witch is motion was made by the same man, andrea giacobbe

i dont know if i am the one without posting skills, but i cant insert the movie here. so if you want to watch the movie and other pictures from the face set, visit this site

Emil Kozak’s Plenty of Design

Hey, friends! Would you like your work to be published in Emil Kozak‘s next book, Plenty of Design?

It’s all about “our lives, from morning to night, through objects and spaces around us on everyday needs. From a room wall to a toothbrooch stick, from a t-shirt to a skateboard, an ipod, a shoe, a toy, a flowerpot, an ashtray, a clock, a CD cover, a pack of milk or a blanket cover,… and many other curious stuff.”

You can get more info visiting:

If you’re interested on appearing at Plenty of Design, you may know that deadline submissions are on 27th May 2008 (book size: 26x26cm, hi-res TIFF images: 300dpi, CMYK).

Watermelon Euphoria

A wallpaper made from a color palette found on Kuler.

Hello darkness my old friend

“hello darkness my old friend, I’ve come to talk with you again.” In one continuous line.

Personal work, water colour and ink. Also check out some of my other stuff via behance network at

Open House Design!

Omfg, Elios Lino ( turns his own house into the real-life graphic design project! Must see.

Photos by Drew Jarrett

blur, colors and decadent, that is some words that can describe Drew Jarretts photos. Drew is working for ultra management in NY, the class on the other photographers working there is also superb.
Of course there are more photos from Drew. Link

Diesel Wall Submission

Portfolio of Erik Borst

erik borst
erik borst lunched his new portfolio website, check it out for more stunning pictures

International Design Cources

Scuola Politecnica di Design organizes four summer courses with the participation of the milestones of international design:

Workshop with Ross Lovegrove, 27th June – 3rd July 2008, in collaboration with Serralunga.
Workshop with Fernando and Humberto Campana, 4th July – 10th July 2008, in collaboration with 3M.
Workshop with Matali Crasset, 11th July – 17th July 2008, in collaboration with Microsoft.
Workshop with Marti Guixe, 18th July – 24th July 2008, in collaboration with Alessi.

More info.

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