Concept for the UAE Pavilion at Shanghai’s Expo 2010

The concept for the United Arab Emirates Pavilion at Shanghai’s Expo 2010, created by Foster+Partners, a UK archtectural company, is devised to relate to the theme ‘Better Cities, Better Lives’. The pavilion is inspired by the principles of traditional Arab city planning combined with the integration of the latest technologies to maximise both the passive and active environmental profile of the building. This illustrates the UAE’s commitment to a more sustainable urban vision for the future.


Tall&Tiny are two Vinyl sticker-lamps, designed by Alice Rosignoli, Italian designer. The shape of Tall remind of a large living-room lamp and the shape of Tiny of a small bedside lamp. As a decorative furniture, Tall&Tiny answers the desire/need for home furnitures while considering the problem of ever-decreasing living space. In fact the sticker allows the transformation of a 3D object into a 2D one, givin the illusion of a lamp without the encumbrance of the material.

Yana Rudenko

Enviromental design lady named Yana.

Kiyonobu Nakagame & Associates

House in Sendai-Kasumi by Kiyonobu Nakagame.


Tom Vining spent the past 5 years working in the digital design industry, before setting out with a team of Japanese entrepreneurs on a new project of creating a fresh brand to spread the buzz on all things Japanese and design – Tokyocube™!

Guilty Simpson feat. Mr. Porter

[youtube QUU0iGeWYUk]

“Get Riches” (clean version of “Get Bitches”)

Check out more at Stones Throw Records

Hezekiah ft. Bilal – Looking Up

[youtube teGpxtMIJ_o]
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Briana in Traffic

Ornella Fourn

This girl has a very ugly website, but sweet skilled works. Show your love on Behance.

Kirill Zaytsev

Cool photoworks of Kirill Zaytsev, full of sense of humor. Via Designcollector.

Dana Aksinovits

Handmade mixed techniques of Dana Aksinovits. Via Behance.

Network Osaka

He’s a designer! Born to South Korean parents and lived most of his life in Santiago, Chile.


Artur Neufeld is designer from germany. He has been interested in art and design since he was a child, and eventually decided to start learning photoshop and 3d studio max on his own. Artur Neufeld likes to put a meaning behind the art he creates and likes to use different mediums in order to reach the desired concept.

Nuare Art Studio

Sample from Nuare Art Studio

Just browsing around and I was more than lucky to stumble upon this site. Based in Russia, this studio focuses on doing high-quality visuals for the entertainment history (e.g., video games, movies, etc.). If you think, this is all, then you haven’t seen anything yet. Go forth, and check out more of what they have to offer at the Nuare Art Studio.

“Weaving” by Josh Keyes

Josh Keyes’s “Weaving” is part our Spring Print Collection 2008. The Spring Seasonal prints are much larger than the traditional Tiny Showcase print. Via The World’s Best Ever.