Toothbrush Storage


Use utensils divider to properly store toothbrushes and avoid them touching each other.

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Fashion Photography by Willy Vanderperre

Willy Vanderperre

Willy Vanderperre is a talented photographer based in Antwerp, Belgium. Willy shoots a lot of fashion, beauty and portrait photography.

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Old laundry transformed by architect Christi Azevedo

Brick House- old laundry transformed by architect Christi Azevedo (1)
Initially this brick house was an old laundry boiler room. Old and remained without utilities, this small construction from San Francisco was transformed by the architect Christi Azevedo into a full-service guest apartment.

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24 Artists, 1 Calendar, 1 Year – Some Other New Year


Some Other New Year provides an artistic perspective on the passing of time and introduces a discourse on personal motifs and recollections connected with moments in life. Through the exhibition and accompanying calendar Corporeal Geometrics curates a visual narrative told through twenty four temporal impressions from Croating and Serbian artists.

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Products of The Day #350

Give your child’s room the scene of a race course with this Horse Duvet Set by Snurk. It will help them gallop to a dreamland of horses as well as add a beautiful element to the overall decor of the room.

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Interior Photography by Colin Miller

Colin Miller

Colin Miller is a photographer based in Brooklyn, New York. His photography focuses on architecture and interior design throughout the world.

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Extra Butter x Saucony: “For the People” Social Design Experiment


Inspired by the 2016 US Presidential Election, NYC sneaker boutique Extra Butter is designing its next Saucony collaborative shoe based on design options voted on via social media. This will be the first time that the general public will be able to experience the full creative and production process of sneaker designing.

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Fashion Photography by Baard Lunde

Baard Lunde

Baard Lunde is a talented photographer based in Tromsø, Norway. He shoots a lot of beauty, glamour, fashion and editorial photography. Baarded works with L’Officiel, Harper’s Bazaar and Jalouse.

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Laser-cut Wood Sculptures by Martin Tomsky

Freelance illustrator and artist Martin Tomsky creates amazingly intricate and layered wood sculptures.

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Metamorpolis – Urban Rise by Tim Franco

1485 006

A strong believer of “art in documentary photography”, Tim Franco‘s works have received exposure in prestigious global publications such as the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, the Financial Times, and Le Monde. Other illustrious names that can be found in Tim’s portfolio are Moet Hennessey Diageo (LVMH), Hermes, Tiffany & Co., Pininfarina, GDF Suez, ACCOR, Henkel, Bentley, Apple, and Nokia to name a few.

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Polaroids by Carlo Mollino

Carlo Mollino

Carlo Mollino was an Italian architect and designer. Born in Turin, Piedmont, Carlo Mollino was the son of Eugenio Mollino, an engineer. As he grew up, Carlo Mollino became interested in a variety of topics that were as outrageous as his art, such as design, architecture, the occult, and race cars.

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Contemporary Edgeland House by Bercy Chen Studio

Designers and architects from Bercy Chen Studio developed an original design of a house in Texas that was named Edgeland House, and its main feature is the integration into the surrounding landscape.

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The Ansel Adams Wilderness by Peter Essick

Peter Essick

Recently named one of the 40 most influential nature photographers in the world by Outdoor Photography Magazine, Peter Essick has traveled extensively over the last two decades making photographs that move beyond mere documentation to reveal in careful compositions the human impact of development as well as the enduring power of the land.

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Shwood x Stanley Adventure Pack


The collaborative Shwood x Stanley package includes two adventure essentials: a Stanley Classic Flask and a pair of Shwood titanium sunglasses – both finished in the classic Stanley “hammertone” texture.

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X-Pot | by Sea to Summit


Cooking pots can be the most bulky and awkward items to pack in your bag. X-Pot, by Sea to Summit is the world’s most packable cook pot…

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