Travel Landscapes by Karol Nienartowicz

Karol Nienartowicz

Karol Nienartowicz is a talented self taught photographer based in Jelenia Góra/Gdańsk, Poland. He shoot a lot of travel, landscape and mountain photography.

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Hyper Realistic Sculptures by Kazuhiro Tsuji


Best known as a special-effects make-up artist in Hollywood, Los Angeles-based Japanese artist Kazuhiro Tsuji creates impressive hyper-realistic 3D portraits/sculptures of famous artist and figures such as Andy Warhol, Dali, and Abraham Lincoln. Employing a variety of mold making and sculpting procedures, Tsuji constructs his busts with a variety of resins, silicones and pigments.

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10 Relaxing GIFs That Will Mesmerize You


Life is stressful. You need to relax. Spend as much time as you want looking at each GIF.

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What Celebrities Would Look Like Based On Their Worst Fan Art


Where there are celebrities, there are fans. And where there are fans, there is terrible fan art. British artist Jamie J decided to take it to the next level, transforming celebrities faces so that they actually resemble the ridiculously bad drawings. Check out these creepy fan-art created celebrities!

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Stunning Aerial Photos Of Icelandic Rivers From Above


The stunning images were captured by photographer Andre Ermolaev, who reminisces over the lovely charm of the Icelandic landscape:

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House of Awa-cho by Container Design

Japan-based architectural office Container Design has completed House of Awa-cho in Nasushiobara, Japan. The architect say that the client hoped “A spacious house with a garden”. I considered the necessary place where is lived as each “units”. Generally, when I thought square rooms, those will be only connection of four directions from outside.

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Dutch Hotelier Transforms Soviet Aircraft Into Luxurious Hotel Suite


Airplane Suite or as it’s called Vliegtuigsuite Teuge is a singular hotel destination. Stationed in the Teuge Airport, in The Netherlands, the plane was originally built in 1960 and measures 131 feet in length. This unique aeroplane suite still has a fully-equipped cockpit and boasts a luxurious bathroom with sauna, shower and spa bath. The raised terrace at Vliegtuigsuite overlooks Teuge Airport’s runway. The air-conditioned Vliegtuigsuite Teuge is occupies the whole plane and is nearly 40 metres long. Price tag is around $350 per night at this deluxe suite. Interested? You can book it here.

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Fashion Photography by Marcus Solomon

Marcus Solomon

Marcus Solomon is a talented young photographer based in Sydney, Australia. He shoot a lot of fashion, beauty and portrait photography.

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Lily James by Piczo

Lily James by Piczo

Beauty British actrees Lily James photographed by Piczo for the April 2015 issue of ASOS Magazine. The 25-year-old actress opened up about her ritular role as Cinderella.

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Lingerie Fashion Night In New York

The 2015 CURVExpo and Invista sleepwear, loungewear and swim collections are modeled during the 2nd annual Lingerie Fashion Night, “Romancing the Runway”, in New York, Monday, February 23, 2015. (Photo by Richard Drew/AP Photo)

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Rauf Yasit “Rubber Legz” Contorts His Body Into Impossible Positions

This Berlin-based dancer is able to contort his body into unimaginable positions that seem impossible to get into and he’s not afraid to show it off.

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Giant Globe Made From Matches By Andy Yoder


American artist Andy Yoder created this incredible world globe made entirely of matches. Completed in 2014 after two years of work, the sculpture, entitled Early One Morning, measures an impressive 42″ in diameter.

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Superheroes Reimagined With Realistic Body Types


Fans and critics have long discussed and debated the unrealistic bodies of comic book superheroes, from gravity-defying breasts and tiny waists to bulging biceps and washboard abs. However, now has done what it refers to as “reverse Photoshopping of comic covers,” and given the superheroes bodies that reflect average American body types.

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User Interface Inspiration: HUNTR App

HUNTR is a new app that targets for the Latin American and Spanish market. Further than that, the user interface that has catched our eyes. Its design and content transport us space good enough for a hunting and hunter’s store. Right now is available for Android smartphones in Spain, Portugal and Peru, but soon to launch to more markets in the Latam Region.

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Hot Handle Holder

september 2011 011

Sandwich two thick fabrics together and sew them according to the length of the pan holder you’re using it for. This would make a great hot handle holder for your pans and they’re easy to wash.

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