Reborn by Jesus Sotes

003 reborn jesus sotes Reborn by Jesus Sotes

Set of amazing magazine illustrations by Jesus Sotes.

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“The Signs of Life” – A Series by Photographer Daniel Zakharov

The Signs of Life Lebenszeichen A Series by Photographer Daniel Zakharov 2014 01 650x430 The Signs of Life   A Series by Photographer Daniel Zakharov

“It all began with two porcelain parakeets on the windowsill of the house next door. I got even more intrigued when I noticed that there were days when the parakeets would be looking out of the window, and there were days when they’d be facing the room. I couldn’t figure out what the birds were trying to tell me, my imagination was drawing its own pictures, but one thing was clear to me: the birds belonged to an old lady. Since then every time I was out on the street I would look up and notice more and more windows with budgies in them. Pretty soon I noticed other recurring patterns – skeletons, dogs, comic book characters, and human figures. I began classifying them. These “signs of life” provided very personal information about other people’s lives and the worlds unknown to me.” – Daniel Zakharov

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El Hierro by Mads Berg

001 el hierro mads berg El Hierro by Mads Berg

#onthedraw is an alternative artistic project by Mads Berg where The Canary Islands Tourism Board enlisted me and six other renowned illustrators from seven different countries in order to help capture the Canary Islands archipelago through our own experiences and artistic medium.

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Living Sculptures #2 by Mike Campau

005 living sculptures 2 mike campau Living Sculptures #2 by Mike Campau

A continuation from the original “Living Sculpture” series by Mike Campau, but this iteration takes a more dramatic and sophisticated approach to the concept. With classic portrait lighting and subtle color tones, this series gives the otherwise nondescript objects a sense of sophistication and intrigue.

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Crafthouse by Symbolics Architecture + Design

003 crafthouse symbolics architecture design 650x461 Crafthouse by Symbolics Architecture + Design

Designed in 2014 by Symbolics Architecture + Design, Crafthouse is a multiple single-family infill housing project located in Toronto, Canada.

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Arvak Bicycle

arvak bicycle large 650x944 Arvak Bicycle

Arvak is the culmination of a quest for the essential bike. Its hollow laboratory tested monocoque frame is a composite of 24 layers of laminate ash vacuo bio-sourced with a resin. The orientation of the wood fibers is optimized to take full advantage of the outstanding features of this species. Selecting the wood icing, each frame is custom shaped by Breitfuss workshop. The bike is equipped with high-quality technical components.

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Prep Pad | Smart Food Scale

prep pad large 650x802 Prep Pad | Smart Food Scale

Prep Pad is the smart food scale that gives you real-time insight into your food. Prep Pad helps you create more balanced meals through beautiful visualizations of calories, carbs, protein, and more. Together with the Countertop app, Prep Pad gives you the clarity and confidence you need to make nutritional decisions that are right for you.

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Photo Manipulations by Todd Baxter

Todd Baxter 650x479 Photo Manipulations by Todd Baxter

Todd Baxter has loved to draw the world around him as far back as he can remember, one of those enviable people who always knew what they wanted to be when they grew up. His artist’s eye first guided Todd’s successful career as a graphic designer, begun after he graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in 1975.

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Pelican Elite Luggage

pelican elite luggage large 650x444 Pelican Elite Luggage

After decades of protecting sensitive technologies for military and emergency services teams around the world – Pelican are ready to take on a new adventure. Pelican ProGear Luggage is watertight, crushproof and guaranteed for life.

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Fisherman Vest | by Stohlquist

stolquist fisherman vest large 650x444 Fisherman Vest | by Stohlquist

Comfort and water safety with all the necessities, close at hand. Put to work, while you play, the FISHERMAN provides excellent cockpit management with places for the little things that could end up in your seat, or overboard.

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Photo Manipulations by Methyss

002 photo manipulations methyss Photo Manipulations by Methyss

Rux aka Methyss is a female digital artist / photo manipulator based in the Romanian capital of Bucharest. Currently she’s studying at the SAE Inistitute of Animation and Game Design. Let’s take a look at some of her artworks.

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A by Benoit Paillé

007 benoit paill A by Benoit Paillé

Set of creative photography by Benoit Paillé, an artist from Montreal, Canada.

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Lotus on Orange by Leader Design Studio

002 lotus orange leader design studio 650x433 Lotus on Orange by Leader Design Studio

Designed by Leader Design Studio, this amazing single family residence is located in Sarasota, Florida, United States.

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Grovemade’s Leather iPhone 6 Cases

iPhone6 LeatherCase Walnut C1 650x650 Grovemades Leather iPhone 6 Cases

Grovemade’s handcrafted leather cases for the iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus feature an elegantly crafted frame made from Oregon Claro Walnut or Eastern Hardrock Maple fused with a supple cover made from premium vegetable-tanned leather.

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Daily Gadget Inspiration #198

Prep Pad 02 650x487 Daily Gadget Inspiration #198
Stay fit and healthy with a truly balanced meal using the Prep Pad that brings the benefits of digital connection between you and your food. It’s a smart food scale which once paired with the corresponding CounterTop App, can give you beautiful visualizations of Protein, Carbs, Fats, and more present in your daily diet.

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