Johnson Tiles partners with ceramic artist Daphne Carnegy for London Craft Week

Johnson Tiles has announced an exciting new partnership with ceramic artist Daphne Carnegy and Contemporary Applied Arts to decorate The Crafted City pavilion, a new public commission funded by the Arts Council England. A series of beautiful porcelain murals produced at the Johnson Tiles factory in Stoke-on-Trent, will adorn a unique new arts space in London being unveiled for the inaugural London Craft Week (6-10 May).

The Crafted City Pavilion CAA LCW A&M

The Crafted City pavilion, image courtesy of Allies and Morrison & CAA

The Crafted City pavilion is the brainchild of Contemporary Applied Arts, London’s premier multi-disciplinary gallery devoted to fine British craft.

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Only Best Sellers – Mega Bundle! vol.7

Brand new volume 7 from Dealjumbo TOP popular deal is really something special. As always, with only highest quality resources – best sellers with retro/vintage and also modern feel in one mega bundle! With almost 96% off, and available for limited time only, you’ll need to grab this mega bundle while you can.

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Abstract Photography by Mike Cable

Mike Cable

Mike Cable is an Award Winning and Published Photographer who lives on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. His photographs have appeared in major photography magazines, an Canon EOS Camera Brochure, hotels, private collections, books and won or placed in some of the worlds largest and most prestigious photography competitions.

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Holiday Cruise – Photography by SEAN-MICAH

Holiday @ Sea
A Holiday Cruise by SEAN:MICAH Excerpt from NYC Based Portrait, Fashion and Fine Art Photographer Sean-Micah’s series that documents the juxtaposition between the beauty and starkness of reality when it comes to a Holiday Cruise.

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Beauty Photography by Nathalie Gordon

Nathalie Gordon

London photographer Nathalie Gordon started her career working as a production manager in TV advertising after gaining a degree in Media Production. Nathalie began exploring still photography during this time and experimented extensively with studio lighting before launching a successful career photographing portraits of high profile artists and musicians.

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Streetart meets Optical Illusions: Felice Varini unveils a Series of new anamorphic Pieces in Paris


The master of illusions aka Felice Varini is currently in Paris, France where he opened a solo exhibition entitled “La Villette en suites”. The compositions can only be seen in its entirety from one particular vantage point.

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Animal Photography by Mark Laita

Mark Laita

For over twenty years, advertising agencies worldwide have asked Mark Laita to bring his expertise, problem-solving abilities and signature style to their most important campaigns. His clean, colorful, graphic photography has earned him a reputation for award winning work for clients such as Adidas, BMW, Van Cleef and Arpels, and MINI.

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Photography by Lars Tunbjörk

Lars Tunbjork

Lars Tunbjörk is one of Sweden’s most acknowledged photographers. His pictures, whether they are verging on the surreal or the humorous, always captures the Swedish soul.

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Street Photography by Leanne Boulton


Leanne Boulton is a Glasgow, UK based photographer who is passionate for capturing life and how it interacts with, adapts to and alters the immediate natural environment. On an artistic level she is drawn towards street photography, the urban landscape and nature. Preserving those often missed, and seemingly insignificant, fleeting moments that make life special and a joy to behold.

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Reptiles – Life On White

Most probably wouldnt think of snakes, spiders and lizards as beautiful animals – but these photographs could change some minds. The images show the reptiles seemingly playful sides, from a gleeful looking Budgetts frog, a cheeky leopard sticking out its tongue at the camera and a stack of four colourful iguanas. Contrasted against a white background and shot with a Canon EOS 5D Mark 2 and macro lens, photographer Mickael Leger really made sure they could be seen in all their glory. The photographer and Zookeeper, 28, from Dammarie-les-Lys, France has always had a passion for these less-favoured, but actually incredible intelligent and interesting, animals and wants other people to change their minds. Here: Iguanas. (Photo by Mickael Leger/Caters News)

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“Cats In Hats”

This photo provided by Running Press and Quarto, Inc. shows Feline Fox from the book, “Cats in Hats”, published by Running Press. The book released on March 24, 2015. (Photo by Liz Coleman/Running Press/Quarto, Inc. via AP Photo)

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Brazil Graffiti Biennial

Visitors pose for a picture in front of graffiti art created by Brazilian artist Vermelho during the 3rd annual Graffiti Fine Art Biennial International exhibit, at the Pavilion of Brazilian Cultures, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Tuesday, April 21, 2015. The month-long event features the work of more than 60 street artists, representing 11 countries. (Photo by Andre Penner/AP Photo)

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Conform Chair: Bends to Your Will


Conform chair gives you a carefree and comfortable seating experience, in a unique and simple way.

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“Lil’ Ye & The Hip Hop Hoorays” – Daily Illustrations by Ali Graham

“Avoid Conversation” – Twisted Table Sculptures by Michael Beitz


Michael Beitz impressively combines furniture design and craftsmanship to create twisted, and looping table sculptures. He obstructs each item’s ability to serve as a site of social interaction, and transforms familiar household items into explorations of intimacy and alienation. Although humorous and playful, these works also speak to the complexity of human relationships and reveal deeper psychological impacts of our experience with everyday objects.

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