Hand lettering design works by creative authors


This year the design will probably be influenced by hand-lettering and big/bold element. Here is a list of creative and inspiring examples of calligraphy and hand lettering designs:

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Viewpoint by Ricardo Martinez

Viewpoint by Ricardo Martinez

Weekly illustrations for the “Punto de Vista” (Viewpoint) section of El Mundo newspaper by Ricardo Martinez.

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Timberland Helcor Exotics Collection


Helcor Leather Exotics by timberland features Helcor leather—abrasion-resistant, heat-resistant, and of course, waterproof—with an all-new, reptilian-skinned pattern. Coming in 6”, 3-Eye lug, and Euro-Hiker styles, Helcor Leather Exotics is the most unique Helcor pattern yet—and available only for a limited time.

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La Chasse-Galerie by Thellend Fortin Architectes

La Chasse-Galerie by Thellend Fortin Architectes

Surrounded by forest, this modern wooden residence is situated in Montreal, Canada. It was designed in 2013 by Thellend Fortin Architectes.

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Twist World Adapter


Twist World Travel Adapter is an ultra-portable universal adapter designed to work around the world. It offers much more functions and makes charging your mobile devices much easier. Some of its functions include, 4 USB ports for charging, universal outlet and the intuitive twist-to-change adapter type design.

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Mountain Modern


A striking survey of contemporary houses designed for high-altitudes that fuse style with comfort in extreme weather conditions…

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Cloud Lamp Speaker


A powerful speaker system that reacts to movement and then reproduces the sound and light of a real thunderstorm, even works as a regular sound system that you can stream music to!

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Illustrations by Alex Landish

Illustrations by Alex Landish

Set of inspiring illustrations by Belgium artist Alex Landish.

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Prodromos and Desi Residence by Studio Vardas

Prodromos and Desi Residence by Studio Vardas

This contemporary concrete residence was designed in 2014 by Studio Vardas. It’s situated in Cyprus.

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365 Self-Portrait Project by Mickael Jou

Mickael Jou

Mickael Jou is a talented photographer and professional dancer, who captured 365 photos of creative self portraits in dance poses. Mickael based in Berlin, Germany.

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Insomnia by Mika Suutari

Insomnia by Mika Suutari

Mystical night photography from Finland by Mika Suutari.

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AZ Bungalow by foundry12

AZ Bungalow by foundry12

This contemporary bungalow situated in Phoenix, Arizona was completely redesigned by foundry12.

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Beauty Photography by Marton Kecskes

Marton Kecskes

Marton Kecskes was born in Budapest, Hungary. After school, he spent several years in the fashion industry as a photo assistant. In the past few years in Hungary, his view become a fresh, dominant way of seeing fashion.

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The Lonesome Doll by Aline Smithson

Aline Smithson

After a career as a New York Fashion Editor and working along side the greats of fashion photography, Aline Smithson discovered the family Rolleiflex and never looked back. An artist now represented by galleries in the U.S. and Europe and published throughout the world, Aline continues to create her award-winning photography with humor, compassion, and a 50-year-old camera.

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Wolf & Hoof by Maxim Shkret