Flying Piano Show Hits Munich Airport

1205 Flying Piano Show Hits Munich Airport

German pianist Stefan Aaron plays an orange piano on a “flying carpet” platform suspended from a helicopter, over Munich Airport on Wednesday. The concert is the fourth station of the “Orange Piano Tour,” which brings the artist to places around the world. (Photo: AFP)

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This Is What Different Foods Look Like When Separated Into Monochromatic themes

1204 This Is What Different Foods Look Like When Separated Into Monochromatic themes

Photographer Isabella Vacchi gives us an idea of what different meal settings look like when color variety is absent. Entitled ‘MONOCHROME’, the series organizes food and dining ware according to just four color palettes: black, white, grey, and brown.

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Patterned Paint Roller Kit

1203 Patterned Paint Roller Kit

These patterned paint rollers from The Painted House, based in the UK, come in a range of different designs and are a really good alternative to wallpaper. Each design roller is reusable and interchangeable, and can be used with either the fabric applicator or the wall & paper applicator. You can use them on walls, perk up old wooden furniture, make reams of wrapping paper and meters of fabric.

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Model Transforms Into a Tarantula

1202 Model Transforms Into a Tarantula

Tarantulas are some of the creepiest creatures on the planet but this is just amazing. Model Lowri Thomas is transformed into a human tarantula by body painter Emma Fay, who used water-based paints to turn the ultra-flexible model into the giant arachnid. The artwork was captured by photographer Jonathan Macauley, who recorded the progress of the animalistic designs as they developed.

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Custom Built DIY Swimming Pool

1201 Custom Built DIY Swimming Pool

These people decided to build their own swimming pool and it ended up looking a lot cooler than any swimming pool they could have purchased.

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The Cageling Hanging Chair by Ontwerpduo

1389082707 6 640x946 The Cageling Hanging Chair by Ontwerpduo
A charming hanging chair Cageling was created by designers from the Dutch studio Ontwerpduo.

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The Thorny Dragon or Thorny Devil

1200 The Thorny Dragon or Thorny Devil

The thorny dragon or thorny devil (Moloch horridus) is an Australian lizard, also known as the mountain devil, the thorny lizard, or the moloch. This is the sole species of genus Moloch. The thorny devil grows up to 20 cm (8.0 in) in length, and it can live up to 20 years.

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Daily Gadget Inspiration #159

Simple Snap 01 650x365 Daily Gadget Inspiration #159
Simple Snap™ Screen Protector comes with a patented mold that fits perfectly around your device allowing for a flawless bubble-free installation. Simply push the mold over the device until it snaps off and leaves the screen protector flawlessly installed within 0.1mm precision. It comes in two variations, HD Anti-Fingerprint (Oleophobic) and Premium Tempered Glass.

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P2P: Turn Paper Into Pencils

p2p paper to pencils 01 P2P: Turn Paper Into Pencils

Reduce waste by recycling used paper into brand new pencils.

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10 Best Ferrari’s Of The World

1 ferar11 650x430 10 Best Ferraris Of The World
When it comes to Ferrari, everything is unique and recognizable. Since several decades in the past Ferrari has been giving us some excellent cars with superior features. Some of these cars have managed to stand the test of time and are still mentioned among the elites! In the list given below, some of the best Ferrari’s in the world have been put together precisely – some of them are quite old.

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New Body Painting Creations By Chooo-San

New Body Painting Creations By Chooo San 2014 01 New Body Painting Creations By Chooo San

“I don’t really have a reason why I started doing those pictures. But I guess I was a little sick of everyone making pictures with their computers and wanted to see how far I can go without those technologies such as Photoshop. My works are all done with acrylic paints. They are all painted on skin directly and I don’t use computers or anything to change the picture afterwards.” – Chooo-San

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Concept Art by Ilse “Lhune” Gort

Chuck’s The All Star Illustration by Elroy Klee

China Life by Matthieu Belin

001 china life matthieu belin China Life by Matthieu Belin

Collection of amazing portrait photography by Matthieu Belin.

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Best Blogging WordPress Themes for July

Having an online presence is popular for every person who has fun with sharing thoughts, designs, ideas and daily life happenings in term of a personal blog. Though blogs have changed a lot over the past few years, WordPress is still the best choice for everyone to get into the blog world. From the following post from MAG4WP, you will find these 10 of the best blogging WordPress themes for July 2014 to be an excellent match for your personal blog. Coming with some special functionalities, styles and plug-ins, it has never been so easy to configure your WordPress blogging site. The themes are selected to meet the requirements from bloggers of any field. Just pick the right one to help you make your personal blog attractive and your content shining!

Arwyn is a Clean, Modern & Responsive Personal WordPress Blog Theme. Its responsive view will serve content as fast as possible on any platfom. It comes packed with 6 Header Styles from you to pick from, adding social networks, taglines, background image & more, on top of that! Over 10 widgets, including Instagram, Facebook, Latest Posts, About Author.
1199 Best Blogging WordPress Themes for July

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