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HD2 Camera Goggle

hd2 camera goggle 650x398 HD2 Camera Goggle

If you are the kind of guy that doesn’t like having a GoPro attached to your helmet, the HD2 Camera Goggle is for you. It connects and transfers videos and photos straight to your smartphone enabling you to instantly check any shot any time.

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Aerial Summertime by Tom Blachford

aerial summertime tom blachford everythingwithatwist 17 650x433 Aerial Summertime by Tom Blachford

Tom Blachford is a photographer from Melbourne, Australia. This series is aerial photography on beaches, a topic covered many times over here (please check Bernhard’sAlex’s or Antoine’s photographs). Tom is a couple with Kate Ballis and they both express themselves wonderfully over the camera. Consider the shipwreck below by Tom and explore the same one captured by Kate. Enjoy.

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Free Photorealistic Magazine Mockup with Editable background

magazine mockup 650x433 Free Photorealistic Magazine Mockup with Editable background
This free photorealistic magazine mockups presented in layered psd file. It come with 3 PSD based presentations and optimized for A4 letter format with editable background smart object. It easy to use and time saving layered PSD mockups with smart object layer for adding your design project. You just open downloaded psd file, double click the green smart object layers and replace your design. Save the smart object to commit the changes.

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Free Photorealistic Designer Desk Essentials Mockup

Designer Desk Essentials 04 Free Photorealistic Designer Desk Essentials Mockup
Here is free photorealistic designer desk essentials mockup that you can use to create custom hero images for your portfolio page, profile cover and more. All objects, shadows and background are separated so you can build your own composition with ease. This pack contain 38 isolated object, 4 ready-made PSD scenes and 2 seamless wooden textures.

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Gumba : Free HTML5/CSS3 One Page website template

gumba ipad 650x431 Gumba : Free HTML5/CSS3 One Page website template
In this post, we presented Gumba, free HTML5/CSS3 one page website template that perfect for digital or creative agency. Gumba is a free and simple static website template with simple animation. Come with clean and dark design, this template reeady for present your business profile and showcase our work.

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Powerful CV Designs to Knockout Your Competition

creative portfolio cv 650x432 Powerful CV Designs to Knockout Your Competition

The current job market is no doubt more challenging than ever before. If you are not exerting any effort then your chances of getting hired or even the probability of getting an interview invitation are very slim. With so many applications these days, recruiters are on the lookout for something that will easily capture their interest. They want something that will break the monotony of plain and boring pieces of documents that basically look the same. If you want to knockout your competition then you certainly need to check out these powerful CV designs:

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Get 30 trendy free website templates

30 free website templates 650x401 Get 30 trendy free website templates
Designing a website? What kind of business is it this time? We are asking not because of curiosity. There is a lot of things that need to be taken into consideration before starting your next web project. In this article we will present 30 trendy website templates that are all free.

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Watch People Get Slow-mo Smacked in the Face With Snowballs

There’s nothing more satisfying than watching someone take a snowball right square in the jaw. Unless of course, it’s a whole crew of folks getting smacked with snow right in the face, like in this seasonal supercut. ‘Tis the season!

The video comes to us by way of Exit10, who decided to make a holiday video card that consisted of a smacking each other in the face with little balls of frozen water. It was shot in slow-mo using a Phantom camera. Really, nothing spells holidays cheer than some frozen precipitation straight to the noggin.

Hat tip to Gizmodo

Superhero Cats in Jenny Parks’ Illustration

1384627862 1 640x416 Superhero Cats in Jenny Parks Illustration
Illustrator Jenny Parks likes to draw cats in superhero costumes. After all, the power of cats in real life can be compared only with the superpowers of the comic book heroes.

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Best Products of The Day #266

 Best Products of The Day #266
The only key organizer you’ll ever need. Made from hard anodized aluminum and crafted with beautiful aesthetics by the team at Liquid Co. The Key Caddy can hold an unlimited number of keys and is even slim enough to fit into your pants coin pocket.

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White House by In2

008 white house in2 650x977 White House by In2

Modern two-storey residence designed in 2014 by In2 located in Melbourne, Australia.

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Free Christmas Characters

Beautiful Creative Styling by Susanna Vento

1384627026 1 640x480 Beautiful Creative Styling by Susanna Vento
Helsinki based stylist Susanna Vento works with the so called quintessential Scandinavian look. When designing interiors she easily integrates organic materials with minimalist white surfaces.

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Giveaway | Suunto Watch

template large 650x444 Giveaway | Suunto Watch

Together with Huckberry, Blessthisstuff are giving away this awesome SUUNTO Watch worth $300 to one of our lucky readers.

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LowePro ProTactic Series

lowepro protactic series large 650x888 LowePro ProTactic Series

The LowePro ProTactic is a high-performance, urban-inspired, professional camera backpack with unparalleled 4-way access.

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