Simple Be Bags

The Simple Be bags are manufactured using only naturally soft, unpolished full-grain leather (the finest selection of hides). This process preserves the grain surface and original features of leather, including durability and breathability properties.

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TeslaThemes turns 2 years old, get a massive discount

It’s time to celebrate our 2nd anniversary! It was a great year for all of us, we created lots of great WordPress themes, implemented new features, answered your questions, re-designed our site and more important: we now have a community of 12,780+ happy customers. Thanks for being a part of our family, you give us the confidence to move forward and we will do our best to provide you high quality products and services.

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A luminous residence that encourages communication

2H House a luminous residence that encourages communication
2H house is the result from the collaboration between Truong An Architecture and 23°5 Studio and it was designed for a family with two children from Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. The clients wanted more than just a habitable space, wanting that their residence would be a place of socializing and communication, which would connect all family members.

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Outfits of the Week #02

Oufits of the Week by fashion blogger Racquel Paiva, Valerie Husemann, Caroline Louis, Anouska Proetta Brandon and Jenelle Witty.

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Abstract Rooftops of Paris by Michael Wolf

Photographer Michel Wolf decided to point his camera away from the landmarks and towards the rooftops around Paris.

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Interesting Hyperrealistic Paintings by Joshua Suda

Artist Joshua Suda paints not just hyperrelistic portraits. He gives them an interesting entourage.

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FRAGILE – The story of two young glass lovers


This project born from the great talent of two young glass lovers and makers Maya Lapp and Denis Perera. A partnership in work and also in romance -after completing their studies they shaped their dream into a reality and opened a Laboratory where the Made in Italy school is the driver for their creations and work and Glass MaDe is subsequently born in Belluno,  Dolomiti – Italy.

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Glamour Photography by Antonio Terron

Antonio Terron

Antonio Terron is a talented photographer and artist based in Madrid, Spain. He shoots a lot of colorful fashion, glamour, editorial, interior and advertising photography.

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Concept for the new generations – unique solution for an urban cafe


Catching up with the challenges of satisfying the eye, rather than the taste, cafes need to come across modern ideas that could attract customer’s attention. The creative design of Passage Caffe, seems to be accomplishing the task quite fine: the project is noticeable and still-budget friendly!

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44 Amazing DIY Chalkboard Headboard Ideas for the Bedroom

A DIY Chalkboard headboard in your bedroom can be very fun because they allow you to get extremely creative and personalize them as you want.

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Beautiful Crimea’s Landscapes by Philip Nikolaenko

Philip Nikolaenko

Philip Nikolaenko is a talented self taught photographer based in Yalta, Crimea. He shoots amazing Crimea’s mountains, forests and the black sea.

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43 Most Fabulous Mood-Setting Romantic Bathrooms Ever

Create a romantic bathroom retreat by integrating a traditional master bath with the master bedroom for the ultimate space for relaxation, rest, pampering and romance.

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Free Download Minimalist UI Kit – 50+ Elements – White

Minimalist design, multipurpose elements, clean icons. Free download – 55+ elements UI Kit for personal and commercial use.

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Street Art at Sea Level in Hawaii by Sean Yoro


Sean Yoro is a New York City based artist, originally from Hawaii. Having been exposed both to the city and to the ocean his art is a blend of Hawaii’s relaxed mode and the stressed New York City lifestyle. These portraits of women are murals in the streets of Hawaii.

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Products of The Day #353

Now you can protect your belongings without relying on old school technology. The 246 Bluetooth Padlock functions like a smart lock and can be operated from the corresponding Android or iOS app. It is available in colors such as ivory, gray, black, blue and red. It weighs around 100g without batteries.

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