The Art of LEGO Scale Modeling


The Art of LEGO Scale Modeling displays amazing, fan-built LEGO recreations of real-life vehicles, showing off every amazing detail with high-quality photographs. You’ll love poring over dozens of models, including Formula 1 racers, construction vehicles, ships, trains, airplanes, and all kinds of trucks.

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Black and White Minimalist Self Portraits by Noell Oszvald

Noell Oszvald2

Noell Oszvald is a talented 25 years old self taught photographer and visual artist based in Budapest, Hungary.

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Products of The Day #442

Promote road safety through tires for 2, 3 and 4 wheelers by using the FOBO Bike. This can be considered as the world’s first Bluetooth Smart Tire Pressure Monitoring System. FOBO is an acronym that reads For Our Better World and this system will ensure you get to maintain optimum tire pressure for your vehicles and enjoy a better riding performance that way. Tires underinflated by more than 25% are three times more likely to be involved in a crash which is why you need a system like FOBO Bike.

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These Disney Princesses Drawn as High School Students are So Great


Sometimes on a Wednesday morning, it’s pretty easy to get depressed when you remember that you weren’t born as a Disney princess and in fact have double chemistry, soggy shoes and a rubbish sarnie for lunch.

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Kei Meguro Pencil Illustrations of (mostly) Women


Kei Meguro, originally from Tokyo, she works and and lives in New York. She has a BFA in Graphic Design from New York’s SVA. Earlier this summer Meguro had an exhibition named ‘juxtaposition’ at Galerie Le Monde in Harajuku. “Simply stated, juxtaposition means things side-by-side.” explained.” Even though I primarily focus on photorealism, I aim to create a juxtaposition by adding a graphic pop of color”. In this article her overall work is rpesented. Enjoy.

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Full of Light House by ATV Arquitectos

Spacious Full of Light Argentinian House -

The architects from ATV Arquitectos had cleverly used the surrounding forest not only as backstage and romantic setup for their project but also as an active space definers and a border of the construct. Living trees are integrated into the architectural structures penetrating the wooden decks or providing shadow and wind protections for the premises.

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Learning Hub Designed for the University in Singapore


Heatherwick studio won a competition to design a Learning Hub for a university in Singapore. The hub, completed in March of 2015, is part of a £360 million scheme by Nanyang Technological University, and is the first redevelopment of its campus in twenty years.

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Stunning Street Photography by Takashi Yasui

Takashi Yasui

Takashi Yasui is a talented 35 years old freelance photographer based in Kyoto, Osaka, Tokyo. Takashi uses iPhone and flm cameras, he shoots also a lot of nature, architecture and urban photography.

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Michelle Van Bijnen by Gregory Harris

Michelle Van Bijnen by Gregory Harris

Beauty model Michelle Van Bijnen enjoys in “Beyond Retro”, photographed by Gregory Harris and styled by Camille Bidault-Waddington for Vogue China october 2015.

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Photo of the Day: Jiff The Dracula

Jiff The Pomeranian attends the “Hotel Transylvania 2” Special Screening Hosted By Awesomeness TV & Fifth Harmony at Sony Pictures Studios on September 22, 2015 in Culver City, California. (Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images for Sony Pictures Entertainment)

Beautiful Goldie Hawn’s “Laugh-In” Bikini Photoshoot


Vintage young Goldie Hawn from the time when this was considered pushing the envelope by late 1960’s TV standards, but Laugh-In was the #1 rated show for two seasons (1968-1970).

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In Bed with Marilyn Monroe


Perhaps it was her girlish, whispery voice; or the way her eyes danced when she smiled; or how she seemed to have an unearthly glow about her. Whatever the reason, Marilyn Monroe remains one of the most glamorous, seductive, and charming women in Hollywood history.

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This Artist Reimagines Disney Princesses as Twisted Characters and They’re So Creepy


If you spend a lot of time dreaming of being a Disney Princess, DeviantArt user Jeffrey Thomas‘s drawings will probably give you nightmares of a whole new kind, as he incredibly reimagines their characters as Twisted Princesses.

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The Stunning Art of George Redreev


The insanely beautiful and mind blowing artwork of George Redreev, a freelance digital artist and illustrator based in Russia. His impressive online portfolio contains a great selection of fantasy, science fiction and pin-up style illustrations.

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104-Year-Old Grandma Yarn-Bombs Her Town


Street artists are just whippersnappers in comparison to this “yarnbomber.” Grace Brett is 104 and she’s likely the world’s oldest guerrilla knitter. This English lady helped Souter Stormers, a group of knitting partisans, decorate 46 landmarks in the town of Borders. It was done as a part of the Yarrow, Ettrick and Selkirk (YES) festival.

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