Cantin Bags Company Rebrand

Cantin Bag 3
Designed by the talented creative director Gabriel Lefebvre, photographer LM Chabot and copywriter Rachel Lecompte, special attention has been focused to the copy and visuals, in order to highlight justice to the unique look of the bags. Like all Cantin products, the imagery is classic and timeless with a feel for Montreal’s historic Mile-End district, where the company’s workshops are located.

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High Speed Photography of Light Bulbs by Jon Smith

Jon Smith

Jon Smith is a talented photographer and artist based in Fishers, IN, USA. He choose to primarily work with light bulbs because they are an everyday item that most people ignore.

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Energy Efficient House Renovation, La Moraleja, Madrid by ABATON Arquitectura


The house was originally built in 1984 in La Moraleja, a residential neighbourhood in Northern Madrid being the Spanish version of Beverly Hills. The owners of the house needed to refresh the view of it aesthetically but at the same time needed a house efficient of energy. ABATON Arquitectura did both nicely. “[…] we altered the construction’s morphology (rooves) to improve the general energy saving and strengthened the magnificent views over the impressive garden; we re-organized the interior space in full and as a novelty, we improved the thermal efficiency by applying an external insulation” they explained.

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Miranda Kerr for Wonderbra S/S 2015

Australian babe Miranda Kerr turns up the heat with this sultry and moody lingerie spread for the Wonderbra Spring Summer 2015 campaign.

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Products of The Day #291

You can chat with WhatsApp anywhere in the world absolutely free of charge and without any limits just like at home. Keep in touch with your friends, family or colleagues. It helps you stay in touch with the world and tell everyone where you are when you are traveling. Anywhere in the world. WhatSim can do all this because it is much more than a Sim: it’s everything a Sim should be. Everything you really need.

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Microsoft Hololens Brings Hollywood into Reality

We envisioned a world where technology could become more personal—where it could adapt to the natural ways we communicate, learn, and create. Where our digital lives would seamlessly connect with real life. The result is the world’s most advanced holographic computing platform, enabled by Windows 10. For the first time ever, Microsoft HoloLens brings high-definition holograms to life in your world, where they integrate with your physical places, spaces, and things.

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Zombie Checklist Poster

Are you prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse? If you’ve seen Design Different’s Zombie Safe Zone Maps you may be close. All you need now is a list of the most essential items to bring with you. This colourful and informative list highlights 14 must have items to take with you when you escape the zombie apocalypse.
View the more pictures of this print and a ‘Time Lapse Video’ on how it was made.

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Eclectic Home by Claudia Pelizzari

Eclectic Home by Claudia Pelizzari

Designed in 2013 by Claudia Pelizzari, this eclectic residence is situated in the heart of Brescia, Italy.

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Jogging by Sacha Goldberger

Fashion Photography by Diego Pinto

Diego Pinto

Diego Pinto was born in Buenos Aires (Argentina, 1992) actually based in Barcelona (Spain), where he finished his career “Photography and Digital Creation” in Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. Specialized in fashion, advertising, photo portrait and 3D modeling.

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Surreal Self Portraits by Joel Robison

Joel Robison

Joel Robinson is a talented 29 year old photographer, artist and teacher based out of Cranbrook, British Columbia, Canada. Joel shoot creative fine art and surreal photography.

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Emojiple – Emoji People

Moscow based High School of Art and Design (BHSAD) strikes again. Having a talented tutor like Dmitry Karpov can be fun but requires a lot of potentials to fulfill the daily challenges he gives to his students. The recent one was an 8 hrs workshop with the aim to imagine people using Emoji smile icons in real life. Check the quick results below. Surely it was inspired by French Rosapark’s “Innocence et Danger” campaign but goes a little bit crazy.

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Hidden Images under UV Light in Canadas New Passport


There are a variety of ways that official documents can be protected from forgery and one of these is to hide imagery in them only identifiable under certain conditions. Ultraviolet light, for instance. This is the method that Canada has chosen for their passports.

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Senaka // New Mural by Fin DAC in Hong-Kong


Our friend Fin DAC recently stopped by the peninsula of Hong-Kong where he was invited to work on this new piece somewhere near The Dragons Back.

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Diving with Manatees in Florida

Snorkelers interact with a Florida Manatee inside of the Three Sisters Springs in Crystal River, Florida January 15, 2015. On winter days, Florida manatees flock by the hundreds to the balmy waters of Three Sisters Springs, drawing crowds of snorkelers and kayakers to the U.S. sanctuary, where people may swim with the endangered species. But as tolerant as the gentle, whiskered sea giants can be of the accidental kicks and splashes of delighted tourists, wild life regulators want to ban most canoes and paddle boards and create people-free zones to protect the wintering “sea cow”. Proposed limitations for this winter are awaiting approval by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. (Photo by Scott Audette/Reuters)

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