Photographer Captures Small Toys With Big Imagination


To be creative you have to keep your inner child alive. Mexican photographer Felix Hernandez Rodriguez is a grown-up who’s never stopped playing. He creates his majestic photographs including small toys. Continue »

Wonderful Photos Of The Holi Celebrations In India

Photo by Anindito Mukherjee / Reuters

A widow daubed in colours sings religious songs as she takes part in the Holi celebrations organised by non-governmental organisation Sulabh International at a temple at Vrindavan, in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, India, March 21, 2016. Continue »

Real Flower Mobile Phone Cases To Celebrate Spring


Mobile phones. The world is addicted. Life as we know it has ceased to exist. Nobody even has time to stop and smell the roses anymore. And now you don’t even have to, because thanks to these colorful mobile phone cases you can carry the flowers with you wherever you go! Continue »

Careful What You Ask For Because This Guy Is A Photoshop Troll Master


Got a photo that could use a little Photoshop magic? James Friedman is your guy. Just know that like a magic wish-granting genie, he’ll give you some twisted version of exactly what you asked for. It’s the kind of Photoshop trolling that is worthy of the internet hall of fame. Continue »

Edible Flower Petals Are Preserved In These Unique Lollipops


Janet Best (of Sugar Bakers Bakery) has perfected the uncommon art of flower lollipops. Using high-quality ingredients and edible flowers, Best jokes, “It looks as though I’ll be growing lollipops this year!” She boasts a playful aesthetic by incorporating these natural ingredients into her treats, which include delicate flowers grown indoors (to avoid insecticides and toxins). Continue »

Vintage Vespa Parts Recontextualized As Sleek Modern Office Furniture


The sleek build of Vespa scooters have been redesigned to remain stationary, dissected and rebuilt as office furniture. Fit for an Italian motorist, the Scooter Chair, is handmade by Spanish studio Bel & Bel in a numbered series with a large variety of color combinations to choose for your office or home. Although it may appear like a normal swivel chair from the front, when turned around you can see how the curves of the vintage Vespa parts match that of the faux leather chair to create a sleek and ergonomic design. Continue »

This House Was Designed With A Wall Space For Projecting Movies On It

Photography by Benny Chen / Fotoworks

When Belzberg Architects were designing this home, perched atop a ridgeline in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles, California, they decided to include a space that would be perfect for projecting movies. Continue »

The Cutest Felt Kids Toys Ever By Katerina Kozunenko


Skilled master of creation of super cute felt kids toys Katerina Kozunenko from Saint-Petersburg, Russia, puts unique character into every single doll which makes them alive and inimitable. Each doll is created in one copy, there is no two identical ones. She is used to taking shots right on a window sill, so toys looks more real. Continue »

Talented Mum Creates Epic Napkin Art For Her Kids Lunch


Nina Levy is a photographer, illustrator, sculptor and a mother of two based in Brooklyn, and for the past 6 years she’s been inking incredible cartoons and popular characters onto the lunchtime napkins for her two sons. Continue »

Creativity By Natasha Kinaru: Drawn Pictures Of Celebrities


Using only some pencils the Russian artist from the city of Voronezh Natasha Kinaru (Natalia Miley) creates fantastically realistic pictures of celebrities. Here, we suggest to look at her finished job and also some ones being in process. Continue »

The Metamorphosis: Depressive And Dark Paintings By The Artist Anton Semenov


Artist Anton Semenov lives in the city of Bratsk, Siberia. His scary paintings really startle, but all the lovers of gloomy dark style admire Anton’s drawing. And, if you are an impressionable person and it is a night-time, you just must have to look! Continue »

Fantasy And Funny Paintings By The Illustrator Sergey Svistunov


Russian artist Sergey Svistunov was born in a small city in Moscow region in 1985. Now he is a professional 2D illustrator and hobbyist making awesome funny and mainly fantasy (but also horror) style pictures. Sergey has the high level of skills and unbridled flight of fancy. His paintings include terrible monsters, fantasy girls, mystical landscapes, and just strange mythical essences. So let’s have a look at his great job. Continue »

This Woman Has Dedicated Her Life To Taking Pictures Of The Oldest Trees On The Planet


San Francisco-based photographer Beth Moon traveled all over the planet shooting some of the world’s oldest living trees. She dedicated 14 years of her life to this quest, and the resulting photographic collection, a series of 60 duotone prints, were made into a book titled “Ancient Trees: Portraits of Time.” Continue »

The Incredibly Talented Photographer Who Takes Gorgeous Photos With A Touch Of Rain


Christophe Jacrot, also known as Rain Man, is a French photographer who takes awesome pictures of cities caught up in bad weather. He travels around the world, intentionally experiencing different weather conditions, in order to convey some melancholy and romantic charm through his works. Continue »

3-Year-Old Little Girl Creates Paintings Of Galaxies Using Paint, Glitter And A Fork


Cassandra Gee is a 3-year-old little artist. She loves going to the beach, elephants, fairies and painting. On canvas she uses acrylic paint and manipulates it with a fork or a skewer, and then adds a touch of glitter (toddlers and glitter… need we say more?). And her paintings look like real galaxies! Continue »