Pierre Gonnord’s Striking Portraits of Southern Portugal’s Gypsies


For The Dream Goes Over Time, Madrid-based photographer Pierre Gonnord honors the lives of the last remaining gypsy people in the Portuguese Alentejo through a collection of intimate portraits shot in the style of Old Master paintings. Gonnord photographs the people who live in the Alentejo region of Portugal, a region that has been outside modernizing influences for generations.

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Beauty Portraits by Charles Hildreth

Charles Hildreth

Charles Hildreth is a talented portrait photographer, who was born in Denver, Colorado and currently based in Los Angeles, California. He majored in Journalism & News Editorial at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

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Maisie Williams Is Marvelous in Dazed and Confused Magazine, Spring 2015 Issue


She may be only 17 years old, but Maisie Williams isn’t about to be overlooked simply because she’s a teenager. The Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams takes the cover of Dazed and Confused Magazine‘s Spring Summer 2015 issue captured by fashion photographer Ben Toms with styling from Robbie Spencer.

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Beautiful Stencil Art by Logan Moody


Logan Moody began working on stencil art in 2006 while living in Auckland, New Zealand. Mainly working with simple one colour stencils, he began to slowly develop his style toward a more photorealistic look, focusing on getting as much detail as possible and his overall technique and style.

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Series “Frames” by Natalia Nora Meister


These images contain the tiniest details of well-known scenes. Despite that you can’t see faces you can feel the atmosphere of the iconic movies. Photos by Natalia Nora Meister.

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Kristen Stewart’s First Chanel Eyewear Campaign


Kristen Stewart channels a stunning photojournalist while showing off her glamour glasses for her new spring/summer 2015 Chanel Eyewear campaign. The 24-year-old actress was photographed by Karl Lagerfeld, who personally picked her for the campaign.

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Daredevil Photographer Captures New York City From Dizzying Heights


The 18-year-old New York City based photographer known as “Dark.Cyanide” has captured New York City from high above, rare sights of the city from the highest vantage points. Dark.Cyanide wants to show the beauty of the Big Apple from a different perspective, which has seen him capture unexpected shots of landmarks such as Times Square.

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12 Most Inventive Rings Ever


A ring signifies who you are — it can be a symbol of power, of love, or of inner beauty. Therefore, when artists take the time to truly express themselves in the form of a ring, the result is often a sight to behold.

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Malaika Firth by Michael Schwartz

Malaika Firth by Michael Schwartz

Beauty model Malaika Firth photographed by Michael Schwartz and styled by Jo Jones for the latest edition of Guardian‘s The Observer Magazine.

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Extraordinary Illustrations by Olly Moss


British designer and illustrator Olly Moss is somewhat of a legend within the design industry and is probably best known for his creative re-imagining of famous movie posters. His unique style and cunning ability to always come up with new creative ways to combine elements and messages makes his work instantly recognizable.

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Lifestyle Photography by Garrett Kornelison

Garrett Kornelison

Garrett Cornelison was born into a family of artists; his mother – a children’s book illustrator, and his father – a jazz musician. He grew up in a town, outside of a town, outside of a town not far from the middle of the USA. His family fully cultivated his creative endeavors and gifted him his first camera in high school.

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A Handbook for Dog Walkers by Tomas Werner

Tomas Werner

Tomas Werner uses the fading elegance of Art Deco Miami as his studio and a tiny dog called “Q” as his prop to produce this stunning photography book. It brilliantly captures the varied Floridian architecture and the consistent sunlight adds a uniformity to the images throughout the book.

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Stunning Handmade Scarves Look Like Animals

Stunning Animal Scarves by Nina Führer, made out of high quality cashmere and merino wool…

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When Morning Comes by Brandon Thibodeaux

Brandon Thibodeaux

Brandon Thibodeaux is a photographer based in Dallas, Texas, who creates portraits in the documentary tradition. In addition to his assignment work and creative commissions, he explores life in the American South.

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Ancient Trees Photography by Beth Moon

Beth Moon

Beth Moon’s stunning images capture the power and mystery of the world’s remaining ancient trees. These hoary forest sentinels are among the oldest living things on the planet and it is desperately important that we do all in our power to ensure their survival.

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