Past in the Future Series by Evgeny Kazantsev

Past in the Future Series by Evgeny Kazantsev

Set of creative digital artworks by Evgeny Kazantsev, an artist from Anapa, Russia.

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Fashion Photography by Kesler Tran

Kesler Tran

Kesler Tran is a talented fashion, editorial and beauty photographer based between Los Angeles and New York, USA. He started photography only five years ago.

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Concept Art by Andrei Pervukhin

Concept Art by Andrei Pervukhin

Andrei Pervukhin is a conceptual artist based in Voronezh, Russia. Currently he’s working for German developer and publisher of online games – InnoGames.

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Portrait Photography by Stephanie Dimiskovski

Stephanie Dimiskovski

Stephanie Dimiskovski is a talented freelance photographer, illustrator and student based in New Jersey, USA. She shoot a lot of portrait, lifestyle and wedding photography.

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Mephistophela by Elizaveta Porodina

30 Incredible Pieces of Coffee Latte art


Coffee is one of favorite drinks for many people. Drinking coffee helps to wake you up or make you relax. There are more reasons for people to love the classic drinks besides taste of coffee. The process of preparing coffee could be as creative as drawing an art piece. By using latte art technique, various patterns or designs could be created on the surface of foam as well as smooth and sweet coffee drink.

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Business Card For A Makeup Artist And Hair Stylist

Designer Lesha Limonov created a business card for a makeup artist and hair stylist. Solution: We created a business card with a face, on the basis of which you can create numerous striking images. Each new card is an individual product, a masterpiece that will have no analogues. And to create this masterwork all you need is just simple material: marker, ink, lipstick, eyeshadowю

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Douze Cycles Cargobike


DOUZE Cycles creates a new generation of cargo-bikes: convenient, comfortable, flexible to move and transport who/what you like!

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F-Bomb | Anti-Fog Goggles


The world’s first snow goggle with active anti-fog technology. no smeared lenses, no fans, no moving parts. the f-bom is super easy and 100% reliable. just turn it on, drop in and say goodbye to fog forever.

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Audio Engineer Hoodie


You can get your headphones over the hoodie and you´ll still be able to perfectly hear what comes out of them …

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Sweeper & Funnel | by Menu


The smart design lets the sweeper fit inside the handle of the dustpan for compact storage. The hollow handle of the dustpan functions as a funnel, allowing for easier disposal of collected waste.

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Infographic: Pros & cons of infinite scrolling


One of the hottest topics around is infinite scrolling. Infinite scrolling is the style of navigation that loads new content when you reach the bottom, like a Twitter feed, or a Pinterest board.

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5 Modern Resume Template Designs to Entice Employers


A lot of applicants are now realizing the importance of resume templates. It makes the whole process of building a more personalized self-marketing document without the need to hire a professional graphic artist to do the job. All you have to do is pick a design that suits your personality and industry, input your details and you’re set. Choosing one however can be a tough task so we’ve provided a few interesting samples that are sure to give you inspiration. Check out these great and unique modern CV templates that are sure to give more boost in presenting your qualifications to employers:

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24HoursX90Years by Simona Bonanno


Simona Bonanno is an Italian photographer having studied in Atelier Peninghen, ESAG in Paris and have also received a Bachelor of Arts in 1999 at the School of Arts in Italy.

The project ’24hoursX90years’ is, apart from exceptional photograph capturing, a story over time of people living on their own (and not necessarily about loneliness). Aunt Sara has never married, lived with her parents some time ago, and she occupies her time with great joy. The new and the old is blended creating Aunt Sara’s life. Five photographs from ’24hoursX90years’ have won the Honorable Mention at People/Lifestyle, Non Professional Section at the 2012 International Photography Awards.

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Boxing Wizards Free Font

Boxing Wizards created based on handwriting with a thick felt tip marker. You can can download for free and best for designs that with personality. Permission: Free for personal and commercial works.

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