Magne-Hinge Glasses: The Unbreakable Glasses


Magne-Hinge glasses take away the work of fixing loose screws. Using magnets, the arms connect to the lenses for an easy fix that’s simple and stress-free.

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Products of The Day #468

Bezalel’s Latitude is the first case for the iPhone that works with both the Qi and PMA wireless charging standards. Such dual-mode compatibility means the Latitude can charge the iPhone with every type of wireless charger, including those at a growing number of public places and in an expanding range of products. Those currently using the Qi standard include McDonald’s, IKEA (in select tables and lamps) and Toyota/Lexus; those using PMA include Starbucks, Delta Airlines and GM (select vehicles).

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Creative Photography by Ilka & Franz

Ilka & Franz

Ilka & Franz are a Austrian/German photographer duo currently based in London, UK. They shoot a lot of quirky and minimalist conceptual work involving people, objects and sometimes animals.

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Cezeta 506 Electric Scooter


You have to love the eternal style and charm of the vintage Cezeta scooter from the 60s. Cezeta’s elegant new Type 506 retains this quintessential look whilst making one substantial difference – the hot petrol engine is replaced with much cooler 5000W electric motor.

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Beeline – City Cycling Navigation Simple Made Easy


BeeLine is a stripped back, intuitive, navigation device designed to put the cycling masses back in control of their journey.

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Triby – The Communication Device For Your Kitchen


We all want the best when it comes to communicating with our loved ones, and that includes sound quality. Triby is both a wireless music system and a communication hub: a new generation of connected speaker made for the kitchen, where family life happens. Experience outstanding sound and discover True Hands Free with Triby.

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Splash-Proof Cups


The Splash-Proof Cups have a splash-proof, nose-dome lid that prevents beverages from spilling out through the lid’s opening, making it ideal for commutes.

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Discover Stunning Swiss Ski Chalet Solais

Situated high above Villars, Switzerland, is a chalet that is the epitome of a beautiful design and an incredible imagination, both inside and out. The concept of this luxury ski chalet was created by a world-renowned architect Sir Norman Foster, who first drew his inspiration for the chalet on the back of a napkin. Sir Norman Foster is one of the most prominent and prolific architects of this era and has been successful in many projects, including the HSBC bank building in Hong Kong, which allows all the workers to have a wonderful view of Victoria Harbour, and 30 St Mary Axe, the building to which Londoners affectionately refer as “The Gherkin”.

Chalet-Solais-Callender Howorth- 00004

Once the concept of this ski chalet was created, it was imperative to find an interior designer who would be able to marry the architectural concept with the owners’ aspirations. Mark Howorth, one of London’s top interior designers, took on the challenge of creating an interior that was warm, cosy and comfortable for entertaining family and friends, yet spacious, modern and exquisite in its appearance.

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Mellow Skateboard Drive


The Mellow Drive electrifies any skateboard within minutes. With two in-wheel motors and a swappable battery pack, it takes the asphalt surf to the next level.

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Salt Self-Defence Gun


Instead of lead bullets, SALT shoots a round filled with a proprietary, powdered chemical that explodes on contact in a cloud that immediately incapacitates a would-be attacker by causing temporary blindness and lung constriction. All without the fatal accidents that accompany a traditional firearm in the home.

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Best Made Weather Station


Housed in a solid brass case that will likewise respond to its environment, this Weather Station contains both a thermometer and hygrometer that together indicate the comfort level outside or indoors. When the needles cross in the hatched region on the gauge, heat and humidity are perfectly balanced.

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Dark Energy Poseidon


This ultra-rugged portable charger and light was built to handle anything and everything. The Poseidon is completely waterproof, virtually indestructible, and comes with a water-resistant cable wrapped in twenty feet of paracord. With 10,000 mAh of portable power, and two charging ports capable of a combined 3.4 amp output, there is no better way to keep all your devices charged in the outdoors or while hunting.

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Clip-On Man Buns Are Here. No, We’re Not Joking


It was only a matter of time before someone jumped on the man bun wagon and produced fake clip-on buns for all those unhappy men who can’t grow their locks.

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17-Year-Old Cat Suffering From Kidney Failure Is Japan’s Cutest & Laziest Feline


Ura has lived a long and happy life. And at 17 years, the adorable white Scottish Fold cat has found internet fame.

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Meet the Lykoi: An Odd New Breed of “Werewolf” Cats


The stuff of nightmares, or a cat lover’s dream? The Lykoi is a brand new breed of cat that is gaining worldwide recognition for its odd werewolf-esque appearance. The word lykoi roughly translates to “wolf” in Greek, and the feline’s scruffy looks are credited to a naturally occurring genetic mutation of the domestic shorthair which prevents the growth of a full coat of fur. This genetic glitch in the wolf cats’ hair follicles means they don’t grow fur around their eyes, nose, ears and muzzle, and have only a patchy coat throughout the rest of their body that also lacks an undercoat.

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