B+B House by Studio mk27 & Galeria Arquitetos

b+b-house-studio mk27-everythingwithatwist-02

The house is located in Sao Paulo, Brazil showing an older view from the fourties and the fifties while Oscar Niemeyer was introducing Brazilian Modernism in architecture.

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Casa G by Gudmundur Jonsson Arkitektkontor


Norwegian architectural firm Gudmundur Jonsson Arkitektkontor has designed Casa G in Iceland. This beautiful vacation house was completed in 2009.

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26 Best Free Bootstrap HTML5 Website Templates – February 2015 Edition

Twitter Bootstrap is one of the most popular front end framework for creating high quality websites. One of the main reasons for Bootstrap’s popularity is its tremendous support for responsive design. In this showcase we have compiled 26 Best Free Bootstrap HTML5 Website Templates. These free website templates are developed with HTML5 & CSS3 which will give a unique look to your website. All the templates are absolutely free to use. All these templates are designed with the latest trends of web design.

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Fine Art Selfies by Izumi Miyazaki

Izumi Miyazaki

Izumi Miyazaki is a talented 20 years old artsit and photography student based in Japan. She has a tumblr where she posted a lot of humorous, cinematic and ironic self-portraits.

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Watercolor Art by Alessandro Andreuccetti

In Plein Air by Ken Linsteadt Architects

In Plein Air by Ken Linsteadt Architects

Modern country residence designed by Ken Linsteadt Architects situated in Sonoma, California, United States.

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Photo Manipulations by Cal Redback

Cal Redback

Cal Redback is a talented photographer, artist and retoucher based in Paris, France. Cal captures and mixes portraits with flora, moon, mirrors, blood and more.

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Fujigaoka M by Sinato Architects

Fujigaoka M by Sinato Architects

Located in the Kanagawa Prefecture in Japan, this modern apartment was designed in 2014 by Sinato Architects.

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Emerging Identities by András Ladocsi

Emerging Identities by András Ladocsi

Set of creative portrait photography by Hungarian artist András Ladocsi.

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Helicopters fly over a corn field outside of Pahokee, Fla., before dawn Friday, February 20, 2015, in an attempt to keep the crops from freezing. The helicopters can force warm air down, displacing the colder air at ground level and raising the air temperature several degrees. (Photo by Lannis Waters/AP Photo/The Palm Beach Post)

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Curses Protected Indian River, But Now It Faces Modern World

In this photo taken Wednesday, April 30, 2014, a dragonfly sits on the nose of a Gharial, rare crocodile-like creatures, in the River Chambal near Bhopepura village in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. The narrow 250-mile stretch of the Chambal is a place of crocodiles and jackals, of river dolphins and the occasional wolf. Hundreds of species of birds, storks, geese, babblers, larks, falcons and so many more, nest along the river. Endangered birds lay small speckled eggs in tiny pits they dig in the sandbars. Gharials, rare crocodile-like creatures that look like they swaggered out of the Mesozoic Era, are commonplace here and nowhere else. (Photo by Altaf Qadri/AP Photo)

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2016 Range Rover Evoque


The new 2016 Evoque gets a new front bumper and grille, all-LED adaptive headlights and a fresh spoiler, all of which combine to retain its concept-car-made-real vibe…

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REX Rocking Chair


Rex Rocking Chair is a must-have for promising creative minds and retrospective idealists. Forget your preconceived notion that the rocking chair is for grandmothers. The elegant and stylish Rex Rocking Chair will rock your world. Anywhere you place it, it immediately becomes a center of attention. It’s a perfect place for a chill out, to lull your baby to sleep or when you need a piece of mind after a long day.

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The Ultimate Chicken Roaster


Meet your new favorite way to roast the world’s juiciest, most flavorful chicken—in the oven or on your outdoor grill. The innovative stainless-steel roaster features exclusive, patent-pending technology that suspends the chicken upside-down. As your bird cooks, the rich, savory juices from the dark meat continually baste the white meat—ensuring uniformly succulent chicken. The elevated position allows 360° heat circulation, so you’re guaranteed a perfectly cooked bird with crispy, golden skin.

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