Beautiful Illustrations by Brian Stauffer

Brian Stauffer

As a contributing artist to publications including The New York Times, TIME Magazine, The New Yorker, The Nation, The Village Voice, Rolling Stone, Esquire, GQ, and over 300 others worldwide, Brian Stauffer’s illustrations are best known for their conceptual take on social issues.

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A Few Interesting Photos From The Past

Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow, somewhere in Arkansas, USA, circa 1933

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6 Photographers Asked To Shoot Portraits Of 1 Man… With A Twist


Canon recently conducted an interesting experiment on the power of perspective in portrait photography. They enlisted the help of 6 photographers and asked them each to independently shoot portraits of a man named Michael. But there was a twist: each photographer was told a different thing about Michael’s background.

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Experience The Beauty Of Autumn Around The World

Fog hangs over trees in autumnal colors and the so-called Rakotzbruecke bridge of the Rhododendronpark Kromlau landscaped park in Kromlau, eastern Germany, on October 27, 2015. The park was created in the middle of the 19th century. (Photo by Patrick Pleul/AFP Photo/DPA)

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Pack Animal Motorcycle Saddlebags


Pack Animal is a new brand from Seattle that craft beautiful Motorcycle Travel Goods with classic styling and timeless materials that look great on any bike.

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Biltwell Gringo Helmet


Featuring a look straight out of the 70s or Mad Max, the Gringo creates an immediate impression wherever it goes. This helmet is more than just style though, a comfy liner wicks away sweat and helps dampen the roar of the wind.

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Revo SuperSystem


Revo SuperSystem is a brilliant combo of old-school craftsmanship and cool vintage look with state-of-the-art technology, all of which combine to provide a superior sound experience.

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Nike Tech Fleece Aeroloft Jacket


The Nike Tech Fleece Aeroloft Men’s Jacket offers ultimate winter-weather protection with an innovative mix of breathable insulation and engineered fleece to help keep you at an optimal temperature.

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Restaurant in Singapore by Idbox

Senya Restaurant by Idbox -

For Senya, the concept of the shop was inspired by the idea of “Mixed” as shown in the image provided. The concepts come up with a mix of Western and Asian culture design. For the western area, designers from Idbox applied vintage yet classy style with wording as the wall decoration describing the spirit of the brave Japanese warrior.

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2016 Triumph Street Twin


The 2016 Triumph Street Twin is a classic Triumph designed for customization, it features a new 900 cc inline two-cylinder high torque engine with liquid cooling, and sports most of the electronic gadgetry that is incorporated on the other Bonneville models, namely the ride-by-wire throttle with traction control, ABS, switchable traction control, LED lighting, and USB port on the headstock.

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Under-The-Jack Laptop Pack


Under-The-Jack is an ultra-slim laptop bag you wear under your jacket! Available in two sizes to fit 13″ or 15″ laptop.

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Coloring Notebook


The Coloring Notebook is a happy combo of stylish paper notebooks and traditional adult coloring books.

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Keep your little ones happy with our Gadgets for Kids

Teach your kids how to manage money with ERNIT, the intelligent digital piggy bank. Children today live in a highly digitized world and ERNIT helps connect them to it. Looking like a modern take on the traditional pig design, this piggy bank is interactive with buttons and lights. Using the app, you and your child can set attainable financial goals such as money for a new bike or weekly allowance.

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Products of The Day #465

The BULLET Bluetooth 4.1 Earpiece + Charging Capsule by Schatzii is state-of-the-art audio design at its finest, and the world’s smallest Bluetooth Earbud. Ultra lightweight and comfortable weighing 3.5g, The Bullet allows for making calls effortlessly, and listening to music with crystal clear sound quality. It features CVC Noise Reduction for noise suppression and echo cancellation. The BULLET supports multi-point connectivity for connection to more than one device, and is expertly designed for comfort for long lasting wear.

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Hide and Seek Project by Kamil Kotarba

Kamil Kotarba5

Kamil Kotarba is a 25 years old creative freelance photographer and artist from Krakow, who currently based in Warsaw, Poland. For his series “Hide and Seek”, Kamil captured arms attached to mobile phones without the bodies. The Polish photographer began the series last year.

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