House by Henkin Shavit Architecture & Design

Family Home for a Young Couple - InteriorZine
This modern semi-detached house by Henkin Shavit Architecture & Design, is planned as a family home for a young couple from a coastal kibbutz, so in a way becomes an extension of the kibbutz. Consequently, one of the main requirements of the brief was the spaciousness and open communal areas where the family can host their friends.

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Konost FF


“Konost FF is the world´s first true digital rangefinder”, instead of using the traditional mechanical rangefinder, it uses electronics overlayed on an optical viewfinder.

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Noocity Growbed


Noocity Growbed is an innovative self-watering and self-fertilizing urban gardening system that only needs to be watered every 15 days!

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Staple x Timberland GT Scramble


Staple takes a rugged Timberland classic initially introduced for hiking off the trail onto the street. Dark leathers, including Helcor® accents, contrast against pigeon pink and white for a unique new look.

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Colorful Mythical Beasts by Curiot

Street artist Curiot, creates colorful mythical beasts inspired from Mexican traditions that combine animal and human features.

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Animal-Shaped Dishware by Marta Turowska

Polish artist Marta Turowska creates these whimsical ceramic bowls and plates that resemble different kinds of animals—cats, hedgehogs, whales and others.

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Wall Desk | by Nordic Appeal


The minimal and functional design piece works both as a laptop stand, or as a wall desk…

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Concept Art by Garrett Post

Concept Art by Garrett Post

Set of digital concept illustrations by Garrett Post, an artist from the United States.

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Artist Studio by Modal Architecture

Artist Studio by Modal Architecture

Modal Architecture turned an old Breton barn located in Sizun, France, into a modern artist studio.

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“Springing In” feat. Madelyn Lance aka Madzilla by Photographer Van Styles


This was a fun shoot we did while running around while out and about. The one thing I love about shooting with Madzilla is her ability to improvise with any setting. Like the set below, we started out in a Los Angeles neighborhood then moved to my car and finished up at a graff yard. Regardless of the setting she did her thing. – Van Styles

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Black and White Photography by Reem Al Faisal


Reem Al-Faisal shares a strong opinion in both photography and writing. In her photography she goes out of her way to capture the divine in man and nature in her country and around the globe.

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Tobacco Business In Cuba

A general view of the valley of Vinales, where tobacco plants are grown, is pictured in the western Cuban province of Pinar del Rio, Cuba January 26, 2015. Picture taken January 26, 2015. (Photo by Pilar Olivares/Reuters)

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Shaolin Monks Soar Into London

Shaolin monks pose for a photograph in Chinatown on February 23, 2015 in London, England. The monks practice Shaolin Kung Fu which is believed to be the oldest institutionalised style of kung fu and are demonstrating their skills while in the UK. (Photo by Carl Court/Getty Images)

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Amazing Illustrations by D.T.Jun

Amazing Illustrations by D.T.Jun

Collection of amazing digital as well as traditional artworks by D.T.Jun, an artist based in China. Enjoy and get inspired!

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Fleeting Seasons by Andrea Wan

Fleeting Seasons by Andrea Wan

Collection of amazing illustrations by Andrea Wan, an artist from Berlin, Germany.

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