Fashion Illustrations by Sunny Gu


Sunny Gu is a China born illustrator who has been based in Los Angeles since she was 13. Sunnny loves to discover beauties in everything in life and capture them in her fashion illustrations. Sunny’s works are always full of vibrant colors, rich details and delightful feelings, in which most of them were painted in watercolor.

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Stunning Digital Artworks by Richard Kingston


Richard Kingston is a full time graphic designer, illustrator and animator based in the heart of Somerset.

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Chinese Fun Project by Stefano Cerio

Stefano Cerio

Stefano Cerio is a talented Italian photographer and visual artist who lives and works between Rome and Paris. He started his career as a photographer when he was 18 with a collaboration with L’Espresso magazine and has worked in the field of research photography and video since 2001.

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Fantastic Digital Art of Yuriy Mazurkin


Explore the art of Yuriy Mazurkin, russian concept artist currently working for Yager.

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Romee Strijd by Nico Bustos

Romee Strijd by Nico Bustos

Beauty Dutch fashion model Romee Strijd stars in “Cambio de Chaqueta”, photographed by Nico Bustos and styled by Belen Antolin for Vogue Spain October 2015.

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Floating Kitchen Utensils


Prevent tabletop substances from attaching to your utensils.

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EcoReco: Smart Electric Scooter


EcoReco is perfect for easy commute, simply hop on and off, and scoot around; even recharge your smart electric scooter as you go about your destination.

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Chinese Tech Companies Hiring ‘Pretty’ Girls to Motivate Male Employees by Chatting, Playing Ping Pong and Buying them Breakfast


Because they cannot motivate themselves? Who knows! But according to Trending in China (via Tech in Asia), “programming cheerleaders” apparently exist.

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Street Artist Creates Guerrilla Posters on the Streets of New York City


Street artist Vermibus is keep on going on his route of the most influential Fashion Weeks around the Globe, travelling to New York, London, Milan and Paris. The “Unveiling Beauty Tour” has a declared objective to reveal the true beauty that lies hidden behind the various campaigns that are forced upon the public spaces of these cities. Here are some shots from the first completed step in NYC, stay tuned and check back with us for more interventions updates from the V-Tour.

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Street Artist Creates a Series of Invasions in Ravenna, Italy


Invader is back on the streets of Ravenna in Italy where he just finished working on his second wave of invasions in this lovely city.

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If Disney Princesses Were Canadian

As they should be, amiright?

© Disney. Kat Angus / BuzzFeed Canada

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Fake Family Portraits From the Art World

Self-Portrait with Laurie Simmons at her home in New York. © Chandler Holmes

Throughout college, Chandler Holmes took a lot of photos of his family. When he applied to graduate school, one of his interviewers suggested that he continue this trend by flying back and forth to visit them, an expensive proposition for a student already coping with tuition and other living expenses. “I’d hate for you to have to get a surrogate family,” the interviewer said when Holmes balked at the idea. The idea of using a different family seemed a bit far-fetched but it stuck with him, and a few months into school he began to explore ways to create a project about family that didn’t revolve around his own.

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These Posters Perfectly Sum Up Twentysomethings’ Addiction To The Internet


Ajit Johnson’s #This_Generation series is wise to your dependence on your phone, wifi, and Facebook.

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The Complete Number Pi Book


As early as in ancient times, the ancient enumerators noticed that all the wheels have something in common. Their diameter and circumference stay in the same proportion to each other and this figure is close to 3. That is the number Pi exactly and it is usually given approximately because it has more than a million of decimal places.

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Just a Selfie Spoon


Now, even during eating people will use smartphones. All because of a gadget called “Spoon Stick” that allows us to take photos while eating.

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