Glamour Photography by Molly Stone

Molly Stone1 650x424 Glamour Photography by Molly Stone

Molly Stone is a talented fashion and fine art photographer based in Los Angeles, California. She shot fashion portraits, depicting quiet, reflective & intimate moments amidst the earth’s elements, creatively fit the bill for both the fine art and commercial sides of photography. Molly mostly shoot film for her personal projects.

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Ptengine is disrupting website analytics

225 650x401 Ptengine is disrupting website analytics
Website analytics can be very informative, unfortunately though some companies present the data in such a boring way that it almost becomes meaningless. That is what Ptengine wishes to change. The company was founded in 2010 and is currently providing analytical data for more than 6,000 different sites, with some of their biggest clients being Sony Music, SoftBank & Rakuten.

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Brilliant Photography by Stefan Gesell

014 photography stefan gesell Brilliant Photography by Stefan Gesell

Stefan Gesell is a talanted photographer / retoucher based in Munich, Germany. As you may see below, Stefan specializes in dark female portrait photography. Below, you may scroll through a fraction of his photos … for more, make sure to check out his web site. Enjoy!

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The Plague by Cihan Ünalan

001 plague cihan nalan The Plague by Cihan Ünalan

Quality portrait photography by Istanbul, Turkey – based Cihan Ünalan.

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Mid-Century Modern by Maxime Jacquet

005 midcentury modern maxime jacquet 650x433 Mid Century Modern by Maxime Jacquet

Designed in 2014 by Maxime Jacquet, this beautiful mid-century residence is situated in Beverly Hills, California, United States.

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Canyon Urban Bike

canyon urban bike large 650x888 Canyon Urban Bike

Meeting up with friends in the evening or heading to the shops at the weekend, with the Canyon Urban models you’re guaranteed to arrive in style. Whatever the destination, there is no scenario where these bikes are out of place. Their minimalist design and lightweight components ensure you’ll cut a fine figure when cruising through town. An array of technical features are hidden behind the stripped-down looks.

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GoPro All Day Battery | by Brunton

brunton all day gopro power pack large 650x829 GoPro All Day Battery | by Brunton

BRUNTON’s GO ALL-DAY extends the power of your Hero3+ to more than four times the spec’d run-time and still maintains the rugged, waterproofing your action camera requires. Plus it doubles as a portable power device, providing up to 2.5 smartphone charges.

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Able Archer Bags

able archer bags large 650x766 Able Archer Bags

Able Archer is a line of purpose-driven bags inspired by the work of photojournalists, news writers and guerrilla filmmakers. Invoking surplus military designs and materials of yesterday, able archer bags are as rugged and functional as they are unimposing and globally familiar.

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Daily Gadget Inspiration #189

Eggbot 02 650x494 Daily Gadget Inspiration #189
After the range of various robots we’ve seen around, it’s time we could go for a change with this humorous yet intelligent Eggbot on the breakfast table. Otherwise a simple egg holder, it’s the design which makes Eggbot a bit different from others. Through this 3D printed ceramic you can actually visualize your morning egg with robotic hands and legs and imagine it walking around the house with its own “eggyness” and style.

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Vintage Flowers by Sylvia Cook

Sylvia Cook 16 Vintage Flowers by Sylvia Cook

Sylvia Cook is a photographer based in Newcastle, WA who loves to capture beautiful pictures of nature, flowers, macros. Sylvia grew up with her father who was a photographer, so she started to play around photography in her earlier years. Now she enjoys practicing her design and art background with digital photography, expressing details of subjects and provoking memories or emotions.

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Clarks Trigenic

clarks trigenic large 650x800 Clarks Trigenic

Clarks are reinventing the future with their latest Trigenic colection, two models have been presented, the Trigenic Flex, and the Trigenic Dune, both are built on an EVA midsole and special Vibram outsole.

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Celebrity Photography by Robert Erdmann

Robert Erdmann 650x431 Celebrity Photography by Robert Erdmann

Having started his photography career in London and Paris, Robert Erdmann has worked for a long list of editorial publications including Vogue, W, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, Allure, GQ, as well as many international editions.

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Rainbow-Like Stars

139 Rainbow Like Stars

A photographer has captured these amazing rainbow-like images of stars high above the skies of Colorado. Stargazer Matt Payne, from Oregon, loves the evening skies so much, he has devoted hours to shooting the marvels of the Milky Way. The 35-year-old has to meticulously plan his work, taking into account weather, terrain, season and even the cycle of the moon to get the perfect snap. (Photo by Matt Payne/Caters News)

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Beautiful Illustrations by Abigail L. Dela Cruz

004 beautiful illustrations abigail dela cruz Beautiful Illustrations by Abigail L. Dela Cruz

Abigail L. Dela Cruz aka hyamei is a freelance and studio artist, living and working in the Philippines. Her work includes portraiture, character design, and colorful and whimsical illustrations. Let’s take a look at several of her artworks.

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Awesome Illustrations by Arthur Mask

025 awesome illustrations arthur mask Awesome Illustrations by Arthur Mask

Set of spectacular illustrations by Brazilian artist Arthur Mask.

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