Miniature Cage-like Balconies Attached to a Building

For the Lodz 4 Cultures Festival, artist Isaac Cordal cages in little balconies miniature characters on a building’s facade in Lodz, Poland. Entitled “Sasiedzi” (“neighbors”), this artwork shows isolated protagonists demonstrating the idea of being together but alone and without any communication because of new technologies. Some figurines hold a mobile phone, head down to the screen, or call someone in order to show that they communicate elsewhere, through smartphones instead of the current moment.

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Detroit Then And Now: An Artist Combined Historic Pictures Of Detroit With Modern Photographs

According to photographer Flora Borsi:”The City of Detroit has gone through a major economic and demographic decline in recent decades. The population of the city has fallen from a high of 1,850,000 in 1950 to 701,000 in 2013. The automobile industry in Detroit has suffered from global competition and has moved much of the remaining production out of Detroit. Not so very long ago, Detroit was a rich, beautiful city, full of vibrant people. I have been there twice recently and I was saddened by the status of the abandoned buildings and factories I saw. I imagined how the city, its streets and buildings might have looked in past decades. I found pictures from the previous century and combined them with the photographs I took during my most recent visit to Detroit. What if these people from the past could see their beloved place now? Could Detroit rise again? I hope so.”

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Personal Robot: Advanced Home Automation System

The future is now with household personal robots. From starting your coffee to protecting your home, Maya will be there making life easier.

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The World’s Largest Electronic Waste Dump

A recycling electronic waste factory is seen beside a field in the township of Guiyu in China’s southern Guangdong province June 10, 2015. The town of Guiyu in the economic powerhouse of Guangdong province in China has long been known as one of the world’s largest electronic waste dump sites. At its peak, some 5,000 workshops in the village recycle 15,000 tonnes of waste daily including hard drives, mobile phones, computer screens and computers shipped in from across the world.

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Luis Quiles’ Controversial Illustrations Comment On the World We Live In (NSFW)

Luis Quiles is a Spanish artist with a line of extremely controversial and provocative work, that features caustic and powerful scenes that comment on important social issues. In his many illustrations the artist uses disturbing images in order to show the filth and corruption that rules our world. Picking up sensitive topics like sexual abuse, religion and violence, Quiles knows how to perfectly combine his exceptional skills with his thoughtful ideas.

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Photo of the Day: Happy Independence Day

Different ways of wearing the U.S. flag are seen in this combination picture of images taken in New York on July 2 and July 3, 2015, ahead of the Fourth of July holiday. The U.S. celebrates its Independence Day on July 4. (Photo by Andrew Kelly/Reuters)

Man Noticed This Abandoned Hangar But Whats Inside Caught Him By Surprise

Urban explorer and photographer Ralph Mirebs found something very rare; a find unlike anything we’ve seen before. While venturing around Kazakhstan, Ralph came across an enormous abandoned building. At first, the building looked similar to a large airport hangar but much larger. After breaking into it, he realized that this was a very special building with some of the most historical items in the world. In fact, two of the most historical items in the world! Scroll down to see these spectacular images for yourself.

The abandoned hangar is located at the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. The Cosmodrome is miles away and still in operation today. Because the NASA Space Program was recently shut down, this is the only area that astronauts can make their way up to the International Space Station via Russian Soyuz space shuttles. This hangar in particular is from a previous time when the Russians and the Americans were competing in a race for space exploration.

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A Japanese Artist Created Astonishing 3-Dimensional Sculpture Of The Sirene

Japanese artist Takashi Tsukada created this fantastic sculpture of the Sirene (about 53cm of height) inspired by the artworks of Terada Katsuya, famous Japanese illustrator and CG artist.

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Fashion Photography by Audrey Krawczyk

Audrey Krawczyk
Paris based young photographer, Audrey Krawczyk studied in the south of France before reaching the fashion capital to pursuit her art. Having experiences photography as a photo assistant for 5 years, helped her develop her artistic sensibility and her strong love for the minimalism and the sleek.

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Slapsee Sunglasses

Remember those slap bracelets from childhood? Now they are back but in the form of sunglasses. Introducing the innovative Slapsee Sunglasses. It features a collapsible center thanks to a hinge at the nose-bridge; and silicone-coated spring arms that let you “slap” them on your wrist, ankle, or bicycle handlebars. It is very lightweight and able to block 100% of UV rays.

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Constance Jablonski by Chris Colls

Constance Jablonski by Chris Colls
Beautiful French model Constance Jablonski photographed by Chris Colls and styled by Tracy Taylor for The Edit – Net-a-Porter 2nd July 2015.

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Portrait Photography by Mark Mann

Mark Mann
Mark Mann is a celebrity and sports photographer. He was born in Glasgow, where he lived until he went to study in the prestigious photographic program at Manchester Polytechnic. Before long, the recent graduate was assisting innovative fashion photographers Nick Knight and Miles Aldridge, learning the ropes and building his own body of work. Three years later, Mark started shooting on his own, relocating to New York City.

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Casa Brutale by OPA Works

In essential simplicity, Casa Brutale is defined by three thick concrete slabs with all the installations preformed. The crystaline pool, made by reinforced glass, is set between the walls to smoothen the hard materials and let the abundant natural light through, illuminating the residence. The enormous glass faade frames and extracts the beauty of the Aegean ocean.

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Vintage Omega Watches

Huckberry have opened an exclusive “Pre-Owned Watch Shop”, you´ll find up to 50% off sale on iconic Vintage Omega Watches!

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Glowpear | Self Watering Planter

Glowpear. Grow vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers at home with an easy to use, modular, self watering planter.

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