53 Most Amazing Outdoor Fireplace Designs Ever

Having an outdoor fireplace on your deck, patio or backyard living room instantly makes it a perfect place for entertaining and creates a dramatic focal point.

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Lifestyle Photography by Alyson Aliano

Alyson Aliano

Alyson Aliano is a talented photographer, who was born and raised in Queens, NY and currently based in Los Angeles, California. Alyson wanted to be a photographer since she is 14 years old. Aliano graduated from The School of Visual Arts with a BFA in photography.

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Portraits by Kai Samuel-Davis


Kai Samuel-Davis, originally from New York, currently works and lives in Jenner, California. He has a BFA from State University of New York (SUNY) at Purchase before competing a graduate degree at Art Center College of Design. He first encountered art at the Woodstock School of Art at the age of 16, although he loved art much earlier . At his graduate program he attended related studies about film, and as a result when painting cinematic instances arise. His work has been exhibited in both Coasts of United States and also in England and France.

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Luna Smartbed: A Better Night’s Sleep


There’s nothing like slipping into a warm bed on a cold night. This mattress remembers your sleeping patterns.

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Timber Cottage by Kariouk Associates

Cross Laminated Timber Cottage by Kariouk Associates -  HomeWorldDesign (1)
This cabin is situated on the shore of a lake in Ladysmith, Canada. On this private land for more than 60 years there has been a family cabin. Due to the degradation of the old cabin, the owner decided to build a new cottage, resorting for this project to the architects’ services from Kariouk Associates.

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Apartment in Mouraria by José Andrade Rocha

House in Mouraria minimal and modern in a historic neighbourhood in Lisbon - HomeWorldDesign  (1)
This apartment, located in the old Mouraria neighborhood from Lisbon, Portugal, has suffered many transformations over the years, which involved various partitions of the space. The relationship with the street was under-explored and the connections between social and private areas were ambiguous.

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Rosebank House by Make Architecture

Rosebank House spatial extension and renovation by Make Architecture - HomeWorldDesign (1)
House Rosebank project was realized by Make Architecture and it involved the spatial extension and renovation of an Edwardian house in Kew, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia. Harnessing the free land, there were built new living spaces, well adapted to the generous proportions of the old house.

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Rihanna’s “American Oxygen” leverages Uprising Creative

Directors Darren Craig, Jonathan Craven and Jeff Nicholas of The Uprising Creative have become especially popular lately, and their new music video for Rihanna’s “American Oxygen” has a lot to do with that. The project’s iconic imagery was first seen in the NCAA’s official March Madness promos, and the finished video was the first to debut exclusively on the much-debated Tidal service. Last week, it finally appeared on YouTube and Vevo, where it is currently racking up well over a million views per day.

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Landscape Photography by Michael A. Muller

Michael A. Muller

Michael A. Muller is a lifestyle photographer based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Splitting time between music and photos, Michael’s travels with his band Balmorhea have led to a wide array of photographic subjects and locations which he documents on his blog, Threading in the Choirs.

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What if pet shops use its exhibitors to put animals for adoption?

According to the World Health Organization, there are an estimated 30 million dogs and cats abandoned in Brazil. All waiting to get adopted. Due to this issue, the country’s shelters are overcrowded. Yet, most people still prefer to overpay for an animal than adopting one. To decrease this problem the Priceless Pets project was created. The idea consists in showing people there’s no difference between expensive purebred animals and mixed breed ones.

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Halfbike II


Halfbike is a vehicle that awakens your natural instinct to move, it trains your balance and reflexes in a completely new way. One that disconnects you for a moment from your daily routine and allows you to focus solely on your body and the ride itself.

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Hickies | Elastic Lacing System


HICKIES is a groundbreaking responsive lacing system that replaces shoelaces and turns any sneaker into a slip-on so you can easily slip in and out of your shoes while keeping them snug and secure. Get rid of the bows and customize your footwear. 16 color combinations allow you to customize your shoes in unique ways. Never tie or untie your kicks again!

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Grovemade Laptop Stand


Designed to bring clarity and comfort to your workspace, the Walnut Laptop Stand works hard to elevate your view as you work, watch, and play. Featuring an angled platform for improved ergonomics, a precision cut stainless steel stop lined with premium vegetable tanned leather for your device to rest in, and room below for stowing your laptop accessories.

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Anicorn Series 000


The Series 000 offers a fresh take on traditional elegance for a unified, contemporary aesthetic. Perfectly balanced in design and function, the unique concentric disc system present the time with our Swiss custom made typeface under the flat sapphire crystal.

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Fashion Photography by Tess Feuilhade

Tess Feuilhade

An internationally published fashion photographer based in Paris Fashion District. Tess Feuilhade was born in Paris in 1977. Earned a degree in Graphic arts from Ecole Superieure d’Arts Graphiques University (E.S.A.G.) in Paris in 1999.

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