Clinicloud Mobile Medical Kit


Clinicloud comes equipped with a digital thermometer and stethoscope to track of your family’s health in your own home.

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Flying Cars by Sylvain Viau

Sylvain Viau

Sylvain Viau is a talented artist, designer, photographer and yacht engineer based in Carentan, France. He created the “Flying Cars” photo series.

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Ululi-Ulula – suspended lamps

Collection of suspended lampsUluli-Ulula is a collection of suspended lamps realized by the Italian designer Mateo Ugolini for the brand called Karman. The lamps are globular in shape, the designer bringing to life his desire of bringing the moon closer to us, shown from the fact that the lamps resemble a full moon.

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Devil’s Children by Brit Bentine

Brit Bentine

Brit Bentine the photographic artist behind Locked Illusions creates a new world of dark and fantasy photo art for her clients and public viewers. She strives to create a photographic art piece unique to each client. She never shoots or styles any photo theme again once it has been done keeping it unique, special and very original to that family. Her commissioned pieces made specifically for her clients will never be resold to anyone else.

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21 square-meters flat renovated in Berlin

21 square-meters flat renovated by Spamroom in Berlin
Situated in Berlin, in an old building dated from the early 1900’s, this small, 21 square-meters flat, was renovated by Spamroom, an architecture and design studio led by Paola Bagna. As with many buildings from its period, the original room placement of the micro-apartment was of 2 tiny, separate rooms.

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Fashion Photography by Manu Fauque

Manu Fauque

Manu Fauque is a talented young French photographer based in Paris, who captures daily life around the world. Manu shoots a lot of travel, urban and lifestyle photography.

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Creative Photography by Nixon Freire

Nixon Freire

Nixon Freire is a self-taught 26-years old photographer based in São Paulo, Brazil. He shoots a lot of commercial, portrait and automotive photography. Nixon started commercial photography in Salvador, Bahia in 2012.

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Products of The Day #352

Keep your Apple Watch safeguarded from bumps and scratches by enveloping it with the Tough Armor case for the Apple Watch by Spigen. It has been made out of polycarbonate and TPU that gives a solid appearance as well as lets your watch absorb shock.

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2015 Photo Shoot, with Baseball team Miami Marlins, the session took place in Miami at the Marlins Stadium where the photographer had 10 min per player, using two cameras at the same time and profoto Pro 8a 2400 The photographer shot continiusly freezing the moments and getting two diferent angles of each shot to use latter on a 3D video.


Maria Veranen by Willy Vanderperre

Maria Veranen by Willy Vanderperre

Beauty model Maria Veranen photographed by Willy Vanderperre and styled by Benjamin Bruno for i-D Spring 2015.

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Animals Photography by Steven Ward

Steven Ward

Steven Ward is a talented self taught photographer based in Crosby Liverpool, England. Steven is 34 years old, he is married with three lovely children aged 12,7,3 the boy being the younger.

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Playhouse Beds for Kids from Mathy by Bols

A very cute and useful project was designed by the Belgian studio Mathy by Bols. They offered a collection of playhouse beds for children.

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The David Brown Automotive Speedback GT Is a Classic Brit With Modern Power

David Brown Automotive made a huge splash on the scene last year when it debuted it’s Speedback GT and recently specs of the classic styled designed car with a modern twist hit the web. The exterior of the car, which you might very well mistake for a classic Aston Martin DB5, was designed by former Land Rover designer Alan Mobberley will make it’s first public appearance during 2015 Monterey Car Week in August.

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Murad Osmann’s Follow Me To For Harper’s Bazaar Bride India


Photographer Murad Osmann went viral last year with a collection of photographs called “Follow Me To”. Working with model Natalia Zakharova, they are traveling the world taking photographs of the wonders and the ephemeral. This time they were travelling around India and taking these stunning photos.

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A Finnish ‘Wildlife Whisperer’ Captures Stunning Photos Of Animals Eating Out Of His Hand


A couple years ago, 21-year-old Konsta Punkka realized he has a special gift. In some sense he can talk to animals. As a teen, Punkka would go into the woods with his iPhone or DSLR, lure squirrels with nuts or biscuits, and photograph the little creatures eating out of his hand. Over the years, he’s honed his craft.

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