Photographer Vadim Trunov Captures a Cute Squirrel Photo-Shoot


The Russian photographer Vadim Trunov, 30, captured the courting pair in the woods in Voronezh, Russia, where he lives. In the snowy forest outside of Voronezh in Russia, Trunov had subtly filed accessories and waited with his camera for a pair of a cute squirrels to play with.

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Landscapes & Scenery Digital Art by Niken Anindita

La Luge Holiday House by YH2 Architects

YH2 Architects has completed La Luge, a modern holiday house in Quebec, Canada. The architect say that while La Luge is as a compact scheme meant to accommodate a large number of guests, the house’s spaces can be reconfigured into diverse geometries: using large sliding doors, the users may transform the children bedroom into a playground or a guest bedroom, more or less opened onto the main living spaces.

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Residence on White Trout Lake by Alfonso Architects


Residence on White Trout Lake is a house for a traditional family designed by Alfonso Architects. It is situated on a lakefront site in central Florida, USA.

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200 Chambers Penthouse by Incorporated Architecture & Design


The 200 Chambers Penthouse is located in New York, USA and was designed by Incorporated Architecture & Design. The 4000 square foot home with a construction cost of $2,200,000 was designed in 2006.

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Laetitia Casta by Paolo Roversi

Laetitia Casta by Paolo Roversi

Beauty french actress and model Laetitia Casta photographed by Paolo Roversi and designed by creative director Raf Simons for Dior Magazine’s 9th issue.

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Preservation by Blake Little

Blake Little

Blake Little is an award winning, Los Angeles-based photographer best known for his ability to intimately capture the energy and personality of his subjects. His skills as a portrait photographer have garnered him a reputation as a favorite amongst celebrities, international publications, and corporate clients.

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Paper Airplane Drone Kit


Turn an ordinary paper plane into a remote control aircraft.

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Hyperrealistic Noodle Sculptures by Seung Yul Oh

Art master Seung Yul Oh recreates in his hyper-realistic works such a popular dish in South Korea as noodles.

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Portraits of Couples Switching Clothes by Hana Pesut

Canada-based photographer Hana Pesut created a photo project called Switcheroo. The project consists of photos of fashionably dressed couples that are asked to swap clothes.

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Behind Photographs by Tim Mantoani

Bob Gruen – John Lennon

Tim Mantoani remembers the moment he first held a 35mm camera in his hand and raised it to his eye to take a photograph of his high school counselor. His love of image making subsequently drew him to Brooks Institute of Photography, where he specialized in advertising photography.

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DTV Shredder

The DTV Shredder is a brand new type of off road vehicle. The Shredder combines the best characteristics of traditional board sports with the power of Motocross and ATVing. Our patented DUAL-CTV Transmission system convert the riders body movements into smooth carving turns that simulate the freedom snowboarders feel while racing down a mountain.

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Residence SMH by SO Architecture


Residence SMH is a contemporary home designed by SO Architecture. It is located in Yehiam, Israel.

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Sydney House by Andrew Burges

Skylight House Extension by Andrew Burges - InteriorZine
For the Sydney owners and the architect Andrew Burges this was one of the main goals during the construction of the house addition – improving the connection with the garden and filling the premises with natural light and welcoming sensation.

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Textile Room Divider by Marco Zito

Room Divider – Compact System that Decorate and Separate -
Shade is a filter, a screen, a compact system that decorate and separate private and intimate corners. The two sizes and the different finishes allow highly distinctive spaces to be created, with a choice of different fabrics perfectly coordinated with the upholstery and accessories.

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