Vinyl Wall Clocks by Pavel Sidorenko

Estonian designer Pavel Sidorenko is amultiple winner of various contests in design. He has developed an amazing collection of vinyl wall clocks.

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Modern bathroom: wood, stone and shadows

Modern bathroom by Paul Vetrov wood, stone and shadows - HomeWorldDesign (1)
This modern bathroom has been designed by the ukrainian designer Pavel Vetrov. The project uses environmental materials, emphasizing the wood and stone that give elegance, warmth and comfort.

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Macrame pendant lights

Macrame pendant lights - three collections by Sarah Parkes - HomeWorldDesign (1)
The Australian designer Sarah Parkes has realized three collections of pendant lights under the name of Mini Knotted Egg Light, Knotted Industrial Pendant and Knotted Tube pendant.

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Top 3 Responsive Blogger Templates of 2015

Hello everybody, I am here sharing some most popular blogger templates of 2015 that cater needs of almost every blogger who wants to own there space in the internet or want to change their website design.

1. Charm Clean Responsive Template


Charm is a clean and responsive blogger template. The template design is for personal blogging and is a responsive blogger template that comes with 2 column layout given which is SEO optimized to come up in SERP as fast as possible.

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5in1 Mega Bundle v.17: Best Add-Ons & Effects

Already 17th volume of Dealjumbo’s unique deal format 5in1 – 5 authors in 1 bundle. As always only highest quality Photoshop & Illustrator Add-ons in one mega bundle! Whether you’re just starting your freelance career or looking to beef up your own effects, actions, brushes & styles library, this Jumbo Deal is just for you! With almost 92% off + extended license and available for limited time only, you’ll need to grab this new 5in1 mega bundle while you can.

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Real Handmade Candy Typography by Alex Palazzi


Alex Palazzi for his project “Do not play with your food” explored endless posibilities that lay in food to create beautiful 3D typography sculptures. In collaboration with Dani Raya he mixed food design and lettering art creating these three pink candy sculptures. Find out more in the gallery and discover the making-of on the project’s page.

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Taylor Swift Stars in Glamour UK May 2015 Shoot


Taylor Swift is back in the spotlight for the June 2015 cover story from Glamour UK. Photographed by Damon Baker.

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Warm Mountain House Blending Rustic and Modern in Spain

Mountain House-Alfons Tost-01-1 Kindesign
Located in rural Spain, this warm mountain house has a rustic exterior characteristic with its surroundings, with a radically contemporary interior designed by Alfons Tost.

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Light and Airy Four-Room Loft in Sweden Exhibits Intriguing Layout

Sodermalm Loft-01-1 Kindesign
This bright and spacious four-room loft with attached terrace offers expansive views, in a desirable location in the lovely Södermalm, a district in Stockholm, Sweden.

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Flower Power: Portraits of Dogs with Garlands by Sophie Gamand


New York-based French photographer Sophie Gamand created heartmelting photo series entitled “Flower Power, Pit Bulls of the Revolution,” that aims to show the sweeter side of these oft-misunderstood animals. The overall effect leaves us wondering why we have this irrational and unfair fear of pit bulls and definitely makes us see them in a different and kinder light.

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Woofice: An All-In-One Doggie Den, Chair, and Exercise Ball


Working has never been more enjoyable with your favourite furry pet right underneath your chair.

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Victorian House T, Sydney, Australia


The house was formerly a Victorian one, as a result it a was a very heavy one for one to handle nowadays. With collaboration between two architectural offices in the city, Luigi Rosselli Architects and Campbell Architecture, a smooth, easy to use and sustainable house remaining though the old elegance it had once had was created. The façade is exactly the same but in the interiors were replaced fully.

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Products of The Day #339

Provided with noise isolation capacity. These Monster 24K Over-Ear Headphones makes it easy for you to flow with your music without any disturbance on the go. It comes with Pure Monster Sound and DJ-style swiveling earcups which has been topped with ControlTalk Universal in-line audio controls.

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Aerial Photography by Alex MacLean

Alex MacLean

Pilot and photographer Alex MacLean has flown his plane over much of the United States documenting the landscape. Trained as an architect, he has portrayed the history and evolution of the land from vast agricultural patterns to city grids, recording changes brought about by human intervention and natural processes.

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iPhoneography by Hynek Hampl

Hynek Hampl

Hynek Hampl aka hynecheck is a talented amateur self taught photographer based in Czech Republic. #hynecheck is a very popular account on instagram, he shoot a lot of landscapes, travel and portraits. His inspiration comes from many talented photographers and their art from all around the world, not just on Instagram, but also personally.

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