Intrigue, Mystery, Quirk and an Element of Fun Characterise Gangsta’s Cafe & Bar


Located in Mumbai, India, Gangsta’s bar is designed by interior designer Minal Chopra.Gangsta’s cafe and bar as the christening goes is predictably dark and grungy with metal doors, cable chains, jail bars and tattooed walls that boast of dark creatures in charcoal silhouettes.

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Gemma Ward by Ben Toms

Gemma Ward by Ben Toms

Australian fashion model turned actress, Gemma Ward enjoys in “Cruising With Gemma”, photographed by Ben Toms and styled by Robbie Spencer for V Magazine #98 winter 2015.16

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Renowned Tattoo Artist Inked Clients Through a Hole in the Wall Without Ever Meeting Them


Normally, a lot of careful planning goes into getting a tattoo. Or, at the very least, people looking to get a tattoo become familiar with their design of choice. Tattoo artist Scott Campbell, however, has added an element of surprise to this process with his performance project called Whole Glory. Unlike the typical client/artist relationship, complete strangers slid their arms into a hole with no knowledge of what Campbell would draw, and no say in the matter, either.

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This “Story Pod” Is A Free-For-All Lending Library Designed For A Public Park


On the edge of a recently completed civic square for the Canadian town of Newmarket, Ontario, Atelier Kastelic Buffey (AKB) have designed the “Story Pod,” a free community-supported lending library that is open to everyone.

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ZSL Animal Photography Prize 2015

Until 28 February 2016 visitors to ZSL London Zoo will be able to admire the stunning shots entered into the Zoological Society of London’s fourth annual photography competition, displayed in a striking exhibition. Combining mesmerising imagery with the enthralling sights, and sounds of the creatures at the Zoo, the exhibition is on show within squawking distance of the flamboyant flamingos and picturesque pelicans.

The exhibition’s top wildlife photographs were chosen by a panel of judges including ZSL Honorary Conservation Fellow and television presenter Kate Humble, and renowned ornithologist Bill Oddie.


The Strongest Bond by Tom Way. The Perfect Moment category; Adult runner up. (Photo by Tom Way/ZSL Animal Photography Prize 2015)

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Beautiful Baroque Architecture Bags


Ukrainian designer Konstantin Kofta imagined a collection of bags and backpacks that mimics the baroque architecture. His collection, called Arxi, is inspired by sculptural, natural and dramatic lines and curves of the XVIth century buildings. Decorative elements of a grey stone facade are here applied to fashion. The used materials make the illusion of concrete.

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This Man Spent 25 Years To Create The ”World Map” On The Banks Of Lake Klejtrup, Denmark

Photo credit: Frank Vincentz / Wikimedia

The World Map on the banks of the Lake Klejtrup in Denmark is a 4,000-square-meter walkable map of the world built out of soil, stones and grass. It’s the work of only one man — Søren Poulsen, who spent the last 25 years of his life building it.

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Nintendo Gameboy 1UP


Design concept of new a Game Boy by Florian Renner.

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The Museum’s Ghosts Project by Andres Wertheim

The Museum's Ghosts Project by Andres Wertheim

Andres Wertheim is a talented photographer who in 1962 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He began taking pictures as a child, and went on to study photography with the filmmaker Horacio Coppola. From 1986 on, he travels around the world documenting various places and their people, publishing articles in several magazines and newspapers.

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Sandinavian Vintage House, Nacka, Sweden


Sandinavian Peninsula has been described as the most efficient area of the world where people prosper. Norway, Denmark, Finland and Sweden are countries that have the best-cities featured in numerous reports.

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Brazilian Home by SuperLimao Studio

SuperLimao Studio Designed Urban House With Artistic Facade -

The house may not be very rich in space, gardens and views but is full of sunlight – check the fresh and warm bathroom space, illuminated from above – very roman-bath-like, with fresh green life: roof terraces, hidden corners and balconies and vital green accents throughout the house; and with abundance of light, thoughtful details and soft textures.

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Katerina Kopytina Has Designed an Astronomy Inspired Planter Collection


Designer Katerina Kopytina, has designed a collection of hanging pots, she has named the Kuiper Belt.

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A Designer and Engineer Have Created a Rideable Piece of Luggage


Designer Kevin O’Donnell has teamed up with engineer Boyd Brunner, to create MODOBAG, a motorized, rideable piece of luggage.

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Architecture Photography by Daniel Everett

Daniel Everett

Daniel Everett is a talented 32 years old photographer and artist from Hudson, Ohio and currently based in Provo, Utah. He shoots a lot of urban, architecture and sculpture photography.

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Tasmanian Devils Come Home


Devil Ark manager Dean Reid reacts as Tasmanian Devil joeys climb on him before the first shipment of healthy and genetically diverse devils to the island state of Tasmania leave the Devil Ark sanctuary in Barrington Tops on Australia’s mainland, November 17, 2015. The largest group so far of disease-free Tasmanian devils has been released in the wild, as part of plans to save the carnivorous marsupials from a cancer threatening them with extinction. (Photo by Jason Reed/Reuters)

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