Daily Inspiration #69 DeviantArt Edition Part 1

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Gosia Herba – Illustrations

Vintage Characters from Bold Ideas

Vintage style pencil bags come with 2 new designs.
— Love bird & Moody rabbit —

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or more detail : MORE HERE

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We now launch our very own Submit page, where you can upload what ever you think is cool, either its your portfolio, a blog post, illustrations, photography, your videos, or even if its a creative/advertising agency, just upload an image, a description and a link – that’s it ! – http://cyanatrendland.com/submit/

Illustration pt 1

breathtaking sport photos

brilliant advertising sport photos for nike and underarmour by joel grimes.
more photos here.

Frozen In Time!

Business CenterGarageService CenterService Center

Here’s a series of amazing viral films for DHL, featuring the deceptively fast service provided by their couriers. The films showing time standing still as DHL consignments are delivered to their destinations.

To dramatized the concept in a fresh way, the effects were all filmed live in-camera, whereby great acting and meticulous art direction is needed to give the filmic look and feel. No post production special effects were applied. Art and creative direction by Michael Wong with film directed by Chinese film director Zhu JinJing.

Please view the 6 spots of a campaign here.

The spot ‘Shop’ was also featured in UK’s SHOTS vol. 106.

Graphic design work showreel

[vimeo 10343694]

by Martin “kic” Legzdins

Alex Freund

Alex Freund
See more pictures of Alex Freund on Le Blog de Yoland.

BOOK For iPad

The minimalist BOOK for iPad comes with a clean linen cover and 100% wool felt sleeve inner lining.


Wifi Fan

Wi-Fi icon-inspired hand fan from France’s Atyptk.


MacBook Air Supreme Ice Edition

Stuart Hughes’ MacBook Air Supreme Ice Edition is crafted from 2500 grams of platinum and 25.5 carats of diamonds. Get it for around $200,000.


Photoshop Wall Bar

Add a beveled, drop-shadowed layer of complexity to your decor with Menino’s Wall Bar; instantly recognizable by Photoshop fans, it’s a 31.5″ silk-screened MDF board of PS tools.


Bling Your Food!

Esslack Food Spray, the Deli Garage(Germany), you can now stain your tomatoes, pretzels, and whatever other food screams out to be covered in gold.

“Using these fresh spray cans full of edible silver and gold paint, food goes from ordinary to bling in seconds.”


2 Cool New Hangers: The 8-Bit And Axe

The 8-Bit Hanger to hang all your non 8 bit stuff.
And an axe hanger for anyone with a crazy desire to hit a door or a wall with an axe.

Check them out.