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New episodes of Beverly Hills 90210 completely on air.
Who are all of those glamorous people??

bh 1 90210

This is the only one and real BH90210 cast:

bh 2 90210
No one compares with Shannen!


Sam Gilbey

sg 2 Sam Gilbey
sg 1 Sam Gilbey
Sam Gilbey is a freelance illustrator, graphic designer and art director. He has created graphics and illustrations, designed websites, and/or provided art direction for many well-known clients and brands, including Sony, Weetabix, The University of Manchester, MTV, O2, The BBC, Cadbury, Tiger Aspect Productions, Working Title and Motorola. He has worked with several respected design agencies including LBi, Preloaded, CMW Interacitve and AIS London.



rf 1 Retrofuturism
rf 2 Retrofuturism
rf 3 Retrofuturism
Retrofuturistic pictures. Download full archive (16Mb).


Look Closely, What Do You See?

rositamed Look Closely, What Do You See?

losangelesmed Look Closely, What Do You See?

lafitnessmed Look Closely, What Do You See?

buenamed Look Closely, What Do You See?

Art, Inspirations, Video

Body Navigation, dance installation

dyt Body Navigation, dance installation

Video of an interactive installation where image are reactive to dance, realised by the choregraph Tina Tarpgaard and developped in Processing by Jonas Jongejan.


Friday! Out of work!! Go home!!! End of the Week!

0 Friday! Out of work!! Go home!!! End of the Week!
Today we are looking on girls and… aliens! Oh, that is it! Dont’ miss!!!

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Pong Watch – Stunning DIY


FEDERATION TOWER Videoinstalation

[vimeo 1203555]

Videoinstalation on the last floor of Federation Tower, the highest skyscraper in Moscow-City. Event was dedicated to the completion of the constuction, but the building was not ready – people have to wear helmets. Videoinstallation by Januk Latushka


Nicholas Jones.

Design, Web

Ekspresja Redd’s

redds Ekspresja Redds

Ekspresja Redd’s is our new, freshly launched production. It is a flash website based on user generated content, very well designed with some nice animations and cool sound design (Combustion).
Check it out.


The north zone of Rio de Janeiro

2436170754 00290a6946 The north zone of Rio de Janeiro
Throw sneakers and shoes over the electric wires was a common tradition on the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro (the north zone), back at the 70′s/80′s; the spot sometimes were selling drug point. And also, some kids at that time used to throw their shoes over the wires on their last day in school.


Carlyn Beccia illustrates Royalty’s ugly rumors for Houghton-Miflin

Marie Antoinette never said her infamous line ‘Let them eat cake.’ Think Anne Boleyn had six fingers? One of her biographers said she had ‘an extra nail.’ A nail isn’t a finger. There’s more, much more.

02 238x300 Carlyn Beccia illustrates Royaltys ugly rumors for Houghton Miflin



My Asien Chest

my asian chest My Asien Chest


Sarah Maple

maple Sarah Maple

Notes from Sarah Maple’s press release: “23-year-old Sarah Maple is about to become the next leading voice of the international contemporary art scene; her tongue in-cheek, witty paintings and self portraits introduce a fresh and intimate take on today’s world cleverly tackling some of its most complex issues such as religion, politics and the societal role of women.” She aims to give people food for thought, through comedic ways. Also stated: “Inspiration for Maple’s work originated from her being brought up in the UK as a practising Muslim, with parents of mixed religious and cultural backgrounds. Understandably, issues of identity have early on set the background for her artwork.” In my opinion, some of her work appears to have influences of Cindy Sherman’s photography, self-portraits characterizing women in various roles. Always very interesting to set up and also see the end result in photo! -Adriana de Barros, from Scene 360

[Top Photo: “Fighting Fire With Fire No.2” © Sarah Maple]