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aug MC&CNY

Idro51 is a creative design studio based in Italy, specializing in high quality visual solutions. We offer excellent services about Textile Design, Graphic Design and illustration.

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McBess Illustration

Picture3 McBess Illustration
Picture4 McBess Illustration
McBess has some fantastic work!

via RxFresh

2009’s 15 Sexiest Gadgets

gadgdyt 3 2009s 15 Sexiest Gadgets
gadgdyt 2 2009s 15 Sexiest Gadgets
gadgdyt 1 2009s 15 Sexiest Gadgets
With 2009 coming to a close, this year saw a steady improvement in the world of tech design. From luxury laptops to tablet pc’s to monster digital cameras, there were no shortage of cool gadget designs this year. To celebrate the best of the best, TheCoolist has put together a list of the 15 sexiest gadgets of 2009. Read the full list at TheCoolist.

Happy Holidays from Vision Design…

Holiday Card for the studio I work for.
Vision Christmas Eblast 01 Happy Holidays from Vision Design...

design+illustration+direction • visit my site here

merry xmas


3D Cubist Photography

szymonroginski 1 3D Cubist Photography
Inspired by Cubist art, this is a photo shoot for 2009 spring/summer fashion collection of Ania Kuczynskad (from her series “O Mia O”). Photographed and mounted by Szymon Roginski and Kasia Korzeniecka.


Lojinx Magazine

Made up cover for a made up magazine


lojinx 01 Lojinx Magazine

New commercial spot for financial company FxPro

fantas New commercial spot for financial company FxPro

New commercial spot about currency trading

produced by

AKA Magazine

Torture Basement

For museum goudA Trapped in Suburbia were asked to redesign the torture exhibition in their cellar. And so they started to think how to make it more exciting and get kids to read the little signs next to the torture equipment. They’ve decided to make it an experience put al the information on the floor with UV-paint. In this way you can only see something when you put on the UV-flash light otherwise it is just a white floor. So you really have to go exploring and discover new things.
All the info on the floor is hand drawn, even the text. Illustration was done by Jos Verwer, the typography by Trapped in Suburbia.
Special thanks to the CabFabLab, for their support.

For more images, check

torturebasement01 Torture Basementtorturebasement02 Torture Basement


pmedia projektMEDIA
See more: projektMEDIA
soon… ;)

Magic Woman

model new Magic Woman
Magic the beauty of a woman. See more…

Personal Portfolio – Marcin Proszak

1251901253749845 01 Personal Portfolio   Marcin Proszak
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Chapter I // Poster series

chapter1 Chapter I // Poster series

‘What’s Under Your Mask?’ By Adrian Pavic

WhatsUnderYourMaskByAdrianPavic1 ‘What’s Under Your Mask?’ By Adrian Pavic

What’s Under Your Mask? That’s the question that German illustrator Adrian Pavic asks in this series of prints. Honoring the masked icons in Western society, ranging from Darth Vader, to Spider-Man, and even the French thief Fantômas, this print is an interesting look at identity and our society’s obsession with secrets.

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