67 Amazing Mosaic Portraits Vol:2

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Milo Aukerman Print

Milo Aukerman screen-print by Aurora Moreno. Limited to 10 and hand-numbered in 250gr Tiziano 100% Cotton Paper. Size 42 cm x 29,7 cm. This is the first print of a series of 5 called “Masters of Hardcore”. The price is 30€, which includes shipping, and this print will be sent directly by her.
You can buy it here: http://organicanagram.com/industries.html

Garrigosa Studio

The Illustration of Anthony Ventura

Anthony Ventura is an artist and illustrator currently residing in Toronto Ont., Canada. He is a graduate of the the Sheridan College Illustration Program in Oakville Ontario, Canada.

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The joker : 50 artists visions of the worst Batman enemy

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Fuck Racism 2010

Fuck Racism 2010

Simply put Fuck Racism 2010 is a campaign for peace & equality.

Ross Gunter Posters


How to add Art Collection to your Modern Home

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OPUS Lamps by Jean-Paul Marzais

More images http://www.naxart.com/naxblog/2010/6/13/opus-lamps-by-jean-paul-marzais.html

Uffie x Complex

Uffie in the June/July 2010 issue issue of Complex.

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Japan – computer-synthesized vocal album tops chart for the first in history

Ralph Wenig

Amazing french photographer, Ralph Wenig took pictures of Mika, the french controversial writer Frederic Beigbeder, and one of the most beautiful french women, Audrey Tautou.

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Sexy Type Equals Sexy Package


Twenty-five packages we would probably by simply due to the beautiful type treatment each received.

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Aesthetic Artistic Productions – Localizated stamps

Tyler Shields Suit Series at MOMA?

Rumors are swelling that Tyler Shields Suit Series will be at MOMA in New York

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