10 vintage Japanese Ads

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FIFA World Cup 2010 – Action, Drama & Emotions!!

Give Me A wall


American Express “Play Doh” from Jose Ortiz


Natl.tv creates this believable claymation look entirely in CG for American Express.
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Hitchcock’s The Birds Revisited

Three different photographic approaches to Hitchcock’s classic movie “The Birds”:

by Eugenio Recuenco

by Peter Lindbergh

by Tom Ford

Leanne Lim-Walker

Mutant-Tv by Nache

The End of the World Cup

Sue Anne’s Shanghai Street Stories

Sue Anne Tay is a Singapore-born, Shanghai-based shooter, who runs a blog titled “Shanghai Street Stories“. Sue Anne’s photographic efforts are channeled toward documenting the city of Shanghai, a Chinese metropolis undergoing constant growth and rapid transformations.
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Tomas Muller

50 Creative Custom Pc Case Designs

Personal Computers have been the most important tool for work as well as play for centuries. But what exactly comes in your mind when you think about a PC? Almost for all of us, PC’s are still that boring and mundane combination of Monitor, CPU and Keyboard. But that doesn’t limit our creativity in anyway. We have compiled below some of the most innovative and creative custom PC case designs that takes the same boring concept of PC to the next level of creativity.

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Erotic Painting Artworks by Al Serov

Here is a collection of some of the best painting artworks done by Al Serov. If you are a artist or designer you must see these artworks for inspiration. Most of them are erotic.
Erotic Painting Artworks by Al Serov

Credenza by Jason Phillips

New Bags for One Village Coffee

Over the past 9 months we have spent a lot of time with the employees, roaster, and fans of One Village Coffee. One of our goals was to package the sentiments of “a village” into a customer experience. The bag was printed in white + two colors with a matte finish and gloss trapping over the logo. Because the budget didn’t allow for more than one type of bag, a different label with a customized icon is used to identify each type of coffee.

Our hope is that the bag provides multiple touch points for customers who want to learn more about the company and get more involved. We are currently working on manifesting the “village” experience online, on university campuses, in grocery stores, and farmer’s markets.

Designed by Able

60 controversial and striking playstation ads

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