lost at the bottom of the world

New work by Camillo Longo

Alejandra Quesada

Alejandra Quesada is a fashion designer from Mexico City and lately she´s doing some wonderful work.
Check out more of her stuff HERE

Breathless Beauty by Angela Kohler

I first learned about Angela Kohler when I saw the amazing stop-motion film she wrote and directed called Lost Things. How wonderful it is to find an artist/photographer with such imagination and creativity? Look through her site and you’ll find beautifully styled photographs…in fact, the women she shoots will quite literally take your breath away…See more at My Modern Metropolis.

“Spacious Thoughts” NASA feat. Kool Keith & Tom Waits

Amazing video and amazing motion by the guys at Fluorescent Hill.
Check out the video HERE


This is for the contest of www.madebyvillain.com and this is my entry no.1
Love it on Emptees.


Tall Chicks, Saucer-Men & Red Hulk

Art by Dan Bru. Available at 3-D Monster

Identity Guidelines for Wavepulse Acoustics Logo

Identity Guide Wavepulse Logo

This is a single page A4
identity guide for the Wavepulse Acoustics logo. It’s purpose is to provide basic guidelines for the correct usage of the logo. As some projects are only providing logo designs, opposed to more complex brand identities, the amount of information needed is minimal. It’s not meant to confuse or overwhelm the client, hence it being a handy A4 PDF file.

Identity Guidelines for Wavepulse Acoustics Logo

Music Wallpaper

Wallpaper design by Duda Pan. More here!

fine illustrations

creative illustrations by fine kohl kohl, based in mannheim/germany.
more infos and pictures here.

pop-surrealism with Prettymonkey

Prettymonkey26 is an illustrator and art director based in United Arab Emirates. A member of the Dubai-based art collective the Brownmonkeys, she has also worked previously for MTV Arabia. See more of her pop surreal illustration at her Tumblr and website www.victoriaviray.com


Greenpeace ne manque pas d’idées en matières de communication. La preuve avec ce pochoir réalisé par lartiste Bleck Le Rat sous la direction de l’agence Grupa 66. Les polonais peuvent ainsi découvrir sur les murs ce message simple: Sauvez l’ours, éteignez la lumière. Une belle preuve de guérilla marketing via le street art. WWW.ZEUTCH.COM

Chris Crutchfield

Le 3 avril, le jour de la bataille d’oreillers ! Chris Crutchfield a capturé l’événement avec sa caméra et réalisé cette vidéo. Juste un délice ! WWW.ZEUTCH.COM

Photography by Azarah Eells

26 photographs chocolate tones

More on Zéfulon

Sicksystems, Moscow

Sicksystems is a personal project of Aske, a Moscow-based artist. Aske started his career as a graffiti writer in 2000. He has constantly worked on his art developing his own style and not limiting himself to writing on walls. Now Aske is more of a graphic artist and designer than a graffiti writer. He launched the new updated site today. There you can view his portfolio and an archive with more than a hundred of my personal and commercial works made from 2003 to 2009.

You can check it at www.sicksystems.ru