The Pantone Hotel Opens In Brussels

The Pantone Hotel, each room decorated in one of seven color palettes, even offers color consultants for color psychology and trends.

More info and images here.


Digital Trash Can Made Of Paper

Codeco has transformed the classic trash can computer icon into a paper cut project that brings the digital image to life. the design uses a single sheet of paper, which is cut-out, folded into form and glued together.

The template for the design is available for download through their site and could easily
be scaled to make a tabletop version or a life size trash can.

Check it out.


Steve & Bill Comic Strip

Fork Party has created a template for Steve Jobs and Bill Gates jokes, whether it’s about how insanely rich they are or how Microsoft pawns Apple, or vice versa. Enjoy!


Giant Toothbrusg Dish Brush

A giant toothbrush that will certainly put a smile on your face while you do the dishes.


Dmitry Saparov

Amazing travel photos by Dmitry Saparov.

Customization Ninjas You Can Call Whenever You Need WordPress Tweaks

Having a blog is almost like having a baby – it’s cute and all, neighbourghs admire you and you don’t have time for yourself anymore! BUT what can you do when your baby is sick and you don’t have a clue? Well, this is a post you should bookmark right now (yep, CTRL +D) because we asked all of our friends and neigborhs about the coolest, most responsive, most talented & skilled WordPress doctors and customization ninjas.

Blood Work Promo

Promo used for the first exhibition of Blood Work: The Blood Portraits of Brandon Blackwell. Art, blood and design by Brandon Blackwell. To see more Blood Work, visit

Troika Nature in the City Installations

Teenage Stories – Gulliver revisited by Julia Fullerton-Batten

Get Carter Prints (part of caine series for sale)

Get carter is just one of a new series of limited edition prints for sale by designer matt needle, the man who brought us Modern Hitchcock returns with some interesting designs inspired by the best Micheal Caine films.

Prints are £25 each this includes postage worldwide (deals can be done for bulk order or full set)

designs also include:
ipcress file
italian job

for more info email:

WHO SAID WE CANT / Roy Bäckström /// 0110

Organic packaging

Lindsay Perkins has created a set of sustainable packaging for organic products, which underline their simplicity and pure taste. The concept was inspired by a small farm in rural Maine. More pics after the jump!

Maison Louis Vuitton – New Bond Street London

Steuart Padwick: Stroller Desk

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