2 Cool New Hangers: The 8-Bit And Axe

The 8-Bit Hanger to hang all your non 8 bit stuff.
And an axe hanger for anyone with a crazy desire to hit a door or a wall with an axe.

Check them out.


Porcelain Cardboard Box

A handmade porcelain box made to look like a cardboard box, with every little detail from wrinkles to folds and staples.


50 Great Examples of Automotive Photography

Beautiful images of cars captured by very talented photographers from all over the world.
Via Unstage (Click here for more)

The Acropolis Earth Hour 2010

[vimeo 10495006]

View 1080p version on Vimeo
More info at the Momentum Blog

Ludlow Leather Bed

Really digging the white leather on this bed from Modloft. The 5′ headboard would make quite a statement in a bedroom!


MoviePeg, the no-hand stand for watching movies on iPhone. More details here !

Hitchkock’s Blonde by Andreas Stavrinides

Hitchkock’s Blonde by Andreas Stavrinides
Via Cretique

COFA Talk: Porosity – Blurring the Boundaries Between Art and Architecture

Watch the video ->

Porosity is a research project established at COFA-UNSW by Professor Richard Goodwin. According to Goodwin, the aim of Porosity is, The revision of public space in the city using public art to test the functional boundaries of built form.

This talk was recorded live at COFA on March 9, 2010 as part of the free COFA Talks public lecture series. This video is an edited highlights version of the entire talk.

For more COFA Talks Online, please visit the COFA Online Gateway.

Artist Day: Lin I Chen

lin i chen inspiration illustration
lin i chen inspiration illustration
lin i chen inspiration illustration

This is the portfolio of an interesting artist: Lin I Chen, also known as “eat01234” on deviantart. Lin I Chen is a freelance illustrator from Taiwan; his paintings blends cartoon and realistic style presenting mysterious and colorful effect.

Check out his work here: Artist Day: Lin I Chen

SatelliteSoda Art Book 3 Contest

Hey Kiddos!

So SDCC 2010 is right around the corner, we got an effing booth (not table, BOOTH) and we’re cranking away on our 3rd (yes, we actually made 2 before) Art Book. Something we wanted to do different this time around is get some outside influence inside the book… so we’re gonna throw a contest.

So here’s your chance to add your flavor to the visually diverse SatelliteSoda Universe. Basically, all of the SatelliteSoda Art Books have been individual artistic interpretations of the characters created by the SS crew for the SS universe. They include:

Funky Love Bot
Devastator Funk
Chairman Bad Funk
Sir Psycho
Kid Missile
Space Chick (Azure)
Death (Dead) Fang (a.k.a. Evil Kid Missile)
SIM / Crisis Queen (Evil Space Chick)

Reference for all can be found here:

April 18th @ 11:59 PM PST (Pacific Standard Time)

Find all the details here:

T-shirts by ZacMax

bugeye T-shirt

I’ve decided to print some shirts this coming month and I need people to help me decide which shirts print.
To see all the shirts and to vote on which ones you like best go to http://zacmax.blogspot.com

-Zachary Max Shavrick

Spectacular Animal Portraits by Steve Hoskins

Having worked on ad campaigns for Pedigree, Purina and Whiskas, British photographer Steve Hoskins knows a thing or two about taking pictures of our furriest friends. Diving deeper into his work, we find stunningly clear photos of animals big and small, creepy and cuddly. With an eye for detail, Hoskins portrays these animals in both striking and subtle ways, making us appreciate the unique essence of each amazing animal. See more spectacular portraits at My Modern Metropolis.

Kervin Brisseaux

Voici quelques créas de Kervin Brisseaux, un designer qui vient de New York. Le reste des illustrations dans la suite. WWW.ZEUTCH.COM

Creative Photography by Cade Martin

Cade Martin is a photographer based in Washington, D.C. He has traveled around the world shooting for advertising, corporate and editorial clients.
Creative Photography by Cade Martin

8 Fantastic 3D Text Effects Tutorials