The Evolution of the King of Pop

Titled Epic Thriller, this amazing phenakistiscope (old optical toy) will show the evolution of the “King of Pop” through various stages in his life when spin. Designed by Kelly Coats. More photos after the jump!

Humor Tee Designs by Glennz

Cindy Gravelat

Prints: Bangalore traffic police


barcelona’s street mimes shooted by paul mobley and post production by mike campau.
more photos here.

Terry Richardson Shoots Ben Stiller

Ben Stiller show his ‘Magnum‘ to Terry Richardson!

Justin Williams

‘James told me to be silent’, oil on canvas by Melbourne-based Justin Williams.

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15 Applications For A Better Facebook Fan Page

Do you know there are over 20 million people join as fans of Facebook Fan Pages daily?
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Harumaki & Hirosher

Les designers japonnais Harumaki et Hirosher donnent dans le recyclage de skateboards ! Des créations originales que vous pouvez découvrir dans la suite … WWW.ZEUTCH.COM

Typography is for…

Series of wallpapers going through the day of a graphic designer.
Download these and other letters from my site

Örgüt Çaylı | Visual Communication Designer
Örgüt Çaylı. Visual Communication Designer from Istanbul.
Check out:

via flickr/orgutcayli

Lucra LC470 2010

Last Resort – A Sustainable Solar-Powered Floating Home

The Last Resort – a sustainable solar-powered floating home concept – designed by the Swiss firm RAFAA Architecture & Design has won a competition held by Internationale Bauausstellung (IBA) or International Building Exhibition in Germany.

Read the story at ‘World Interior Design Network

Mucho Macho – “La Colegiala”

Sabine Pigalle

The Stunning photographic work of Sabine Pigalle.
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