Array Stool- Stool Made of Single Sheet Metal

Designed by Tomas Kral, the Array stool is created from the repetition of a single aluminum sheet element. The idea is to reduce production & transportation cost…See how Array Stool is assembly here.

Louis Vuitton Tops for FW2010

7 Inspiring Vintage Website

For your visual amusement and inspiration, here the 7 inspiring retro & vintage website.

The Art of Derbyblue

Francisco José de Souto Leite also known as Derbyblue is an illustrator from João Pessoa, Brazil.

Take a look at the the Mcbess t-shirt the girls rocking in the first painting — very cool.

View more of Derbyblue’s work at

Stunning Salsa Ad by Frito Lay Dips

only on vimeo

Joe Recycled Suit by Poketo


Le Joe, du nom de Joe Poketo, est un sac 100% recyclé. Un fourre-tout soigneusement réalisé à partir de vestes. Avec une pochette de rangement pratique, de quoi avoir la grande classe pour cet été. WWW.ZEUTCH.COM

The Art of Crestron

Ashwin created a high quality brochure with the use of stunning imagery and bold headlines to help Crestron move into the luxurious marine market.

To view more of Ashwin’s work please visit

How Comic Books Can Make You a Better Designer

Long before I ever picked up a Wacom tablet or even heard the word kerning, I read comic books. I absorbed the artwork, page layouts and character designs like a nerdy little sponge. To this day I can’t figure out why comics are considered a low form of art. Pretentious designers pass it off as kid stuff, but they’re missing out on some valuable sources of inspiration.

Vector NET: New vector inspiration website

Vector.NET is a fresh website about vector art, graphic design and digital art at large. The site focuses on the latest digital masterpieces and most relevant design news. You’ll find lots of free vector graphics that even professionals use. The free vector art download files contain Illustrator ai, eps, pdf and svg files plus hi-res Photoshop jpg and are free for personal and commercial use.
The site is also an great source for inspiration, as the Vector.NET crew loves to showcase the vector artworks of emerging creative talents. The state of the art of the vector art scene is better than ever, so they gladly offer a huge collection of graphic design news, interviews with vector artists & graphic designers and vector art tutorials.

Marco Zamora


Marco Zamora est un artiste Californien qui puise son influence et sa culture de la rue. Il a exposé il y a peu à la galerie RVCA VASF pour l’exposition Hand Over Fist. Merci ViaComIT pour la source. WWW.ZEUTCH.COM

kama balloon by Anton Lobachev

Love Letter


Love Letter est un projet d’art mural initié par Stephen Powers en collaboration avec la ville de Philadelphie. Les créations sont très soignées, et le mariage typographie/couleur est à chaque fois remarquable. Le résultat est étonnant de précision compte tenu du support. Voici quelques unes de ses réalisations. WWW.ZEUTCH.COM

Dunhill Aluminium Luggage

Dunhill has a retro-futuristic take on travel this season with its new Aluminum luggage collection.

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Marathon Kids

“UP THERE” – Documentary about hand painted advertisings in NY

UP THERE” is a fascinating documentary about a group of guys from New York doing hand painted advertisings just like 100 years ago.