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lisa jee: selected work

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Mendel Heit Rings

MendelHeit Rings img1 Mendel Heit Rings

The past few years has seen a sort of shift in the production method of certain pieces of jewellery. With the breakneck speed of technology, jewellery designers have come across all new techniques and ways to create interesting new designs and concepts. 3D stainless steel printing is one of the more popular production techniques at the present moment and is used by Mendel Heit’s new collection of rings. The result is a cool looking detailed bit of jewellery that can also be seen as an indication of the direction modern jewellery design is headed.

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Dani Miras Bike Locker Concept

DaniMiras BikeLocker Concept img1 Dani Miras Bike Locker Concept

With climate change being the hot button topic of the day, word is that alternative methods of transportation are one of the key factors to stabilizing the environment, as well as the next financial ‘big thing’. Industries are quickly trying to be the first to break through in to this profitably promising sector with innovative and interesting new concepts and designs like Dani Miras’s Bike Locker idea. The folding bike Modular Locker is for interior public spaces and creates a light and elegant appearance and also has a fixed wall option.

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Aleix Gordo Hostau ‘Mis Nuevas Tarjetas’ Personal Cards

AleixGordoHostau MisNuevasTarjetas PersonalCards img1 Aleix Gordo Hostau ‘Mis Nuevas Tarjetas’ Personal Cards

Barcelona’s Aleix Gordo Hostau designs these interesting personalized cards titled Mis Nuevas Tarjetas. The images on the cards consist of his trademark brightly colord eyeballed globs on the face of the card and information on the back in white using standard Helvetica font.

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Aston Martin, Backstage

astonmartinrapide1 Aston Martin, Backstage
astonmartinrapide4 Aston Martin, Backstage

Materialiste invites you to the backstage of the Aston Martin plant for the making of the new Rapide (4 doors). [VIDEO AND IMAGES AFTER THE JUMP]

Claudia Schiffer by Luis Sanchis

“Words Create Worlds” Ad

ANAGRAM Octopus Words Create Worlds Ad
ANAGRAM Knights Words Create Worlds Ad
Very creative promotional campaign for Anagram Bookshop in Prague, Czech Republic, called “Words create Worlds”.A production from the company Kaspan.

More info and images here

The Flipbook Onion Calendar

onion calendar 01 The Flipbook Onion Calendar
The Onion Calendar is printed with 365 image views of the sliced vegetable. A photo per each day of the year. The calendar can also be a flipbook, which allows you to see the onion in animation form. This concept is similar to a recent post of Is your hair getting thinner?

the highPixel ezine #4 and +(toys)

hP4  DYT01 the highPixel ezine #4 and +(toys)

We’ve reached our 4th number. So far the content was mainly what appealed to us. We couldn’t get all the stuff that we wanted in, but believe we’re on the right track, and it pleases us that a community was build around this project.
Although it wasn’t said before, we hope it’s obvious that highpixel is more than a magazine, it’s a platform which is at your service and beginning with this number we present you with a “+” of information. Watch the facebook page or the blog for more.

Highpixel is your magazine, if you’re interested in contributing with any kind of material on the subject.
We’re looking forward to receiving your mails.

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The Merry Newsinator – who has time to mail holiday cards?

Picture4 01 The Merry Newsinator   who has time to mail holiday cards?

The Merry Newsinator by Plaid Creative lets you customize a personal newsletter in a matter of minutes. Also you can share it with facebook,twitter,email etc.

Beautiful Works by Roberto Gamito

Please, for more works visit

833831260975237 Beautiful Works by Roberto Gamito

833831248023162 Beautiful Works by Roberto Gamito

Philco PC :: ordenador retro

trecoolPhilco PC1 Philco PC :: ordenador retro
Uno de los ejemplos es este Philco PC, diseñado por el estudio Schultzeworks, que parece ser el hijo directo del Philco Predicta de 1954. Philco PC es un ordenador de mesa, con mucho aire a los ’50, toques de minimalismo modernista y que todo queda sólo en su estética, el ordenador en sí es uno más. Más en Trecool.

DHNN (Design Has No Name) Studio

Двамата аржентинци, Лукас Дейвисън (Lucas Davison) и Хуан Кресимоне (Juan Crescimone) са едни от любимите ми дизайнери. Тяхното студио DHNN (Design Has No Name), основано в Буенос Айрес преди едва 3 години работи за клиенти като FOX International, Nike, Lacoste и McDonalds. Споменавайки последните трябва да им се признае, че по някакъв начин успяват да прокарат добрия дизайн и по-точно техния специфичен прочит успешно. Стилът им е изключително разнообразен за екип от двама човека, както си личи от примерите по-долу (първите три са на свежи техни проекти излезли последните няколко месеца). DHNN успяват да докарат, когато е нужно изискан и консервативно сдържан дизайн и се разхиврят по проекти, като идентичностите на FOX International например с модерни цветове и по моя формулировка ърбън графика и усещане. Инфографиките им също са доста силни със стегната логика и красива типография.

DHNN wine3 DHNN (Design Has No Name) Studio
DHNN id2 DHNN (Design Has No Name) Studio
DHNN infogfx1 DHNN (Design Has No Name) Studio

More ’bout DHNN @ Sorrythisblogalreadyexists

Cool Dharma cigarette ad

Jon MacNair