Sad Cement People

Cement Eclipses is a research project started by Isaac Cordal. Cordal places his sculptures in urban environments and photographs them hidden among the sidewalks, streets, and walls. See more at My Modern Metropolis.

Atelier Muesli Graphic Design

Martin Ansin Illustrations

Amazing Fake Planets.

This is an amazing work by a photographer named Jason Tozer. Click here to see his work and here to see the making of this amazing photos.

ReadMore for iPhone

ReadMore via Navel Labs is a eautifully designed, organized and fantastic tool for tracking reading progress!” ~

Fernando Forero

Creative illustrations by Fernando Forero, 31 years old talented male illustrator from Colombia.
Fernando Forero

Icons, Logos & Adam West

Art by Dan Bru

Available at 3-D Monster

Raphael Lacoste

Raphael Lacoste lives in Canada, Montreal, with wife and son since 2002. He was born in 1974 in Paris, but lived mostly around Bordeaux, south west of France until he left for Canada.
Raphael Lacoste


Dalva e Dito Restaurant – São Paulo, Brazil

Rosenbaum® brings the Brazilian colonial memorial back
One of the prominences of the restaurant are the walls made of clay using the SuperAdobe technic. The different tones of colors were created through the clay dying using herbs.

The project of the restaurant Dalva e Dito – from the chef Alex Atala, has come with the idea to bring the brazilian colonial food back.
From our understanding of this briefing, it was decided to create a space able to hold it and enlarge this work. We did this project with a huge stage, being possible to offer the esthetic and possible resources, functional and emotional, so that the brazilian colonial get expression at the space and at the present time.
Our research started with a study trip to Ouro Preto (MG), direct from the source of the preserved Brazilian architectonic patrimony.

The houses, churches, windows and doors were studied. As well the color of the floor and sky; the measures and proportions; the smell at meal times; the walk of the ones just walking. Everything caught our interest, the great arts, the latticework, wall tiles, and the hydraulic floors. We studied beyond Minas Gerais.
The Colonial Brazil was relived. We came back with a fresh brazilian memory in our heads and heart.
The concept of the project is the inclusion of this memory, because we believe there is no rescue of memories without the inclusion – of the culture, the object, the artist and the citizen.

Dalva e Dito was built this way. The proportions are generous. The walls are of Super Adobe, an evolution of mud wall; at the colors of the clay with natural dying, built by young people qualified by Arapoty Institute (Organization turned to diffuse the indigene wholly worth ).

The tables are made of remaining parts of wood floor of demolition. Large carpets of hydraulic floors re-cover the floor. The choice of the objects and arts privileges our popular art, makes a worth-mix and links the sophistication of the ambient.

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Beautiful Illustrations by poibuts

Evian – We’re All Babies Inside


An incredible shortfilm. Visually one of the best I ever saw…

TattooistArt – Free Electronic multi-lingual Tattoo e-Magazine


TattooistArt is an online electronic multi-lingual ( English, Spanish & Brazilian Portuguese ) Tattoo e-Magazine.

TattooistArt is an exciting new magazine that seeks to bring the tattoo culture together to learn, enjoy, appreciate and inspire. There is so much talent in the tattoo industry today, and more tattoo enthusiasts and collectors than ever before; in countries all around the globe, and in languages as diverse as the tattoo art that they wear.

TattooistArt’s goal is to offer a multilingual forum, so that countries with language barriers that often don’t have equal access to the brilliant work and information available, will now have the opportunity to not only visually savor the artwork, but read and connect as well.

The magazine will offer images, information, interviews, and news from some of the most sought-after artists in the world; as well as spotlights on tattoo collectors who wear the ink masterpieces upon their skin. It will cover tattoo accomplishments, paintings, photography, tattoo conventions, videos, and much more.

Readers are encouraged to join in on contributing information by submitting photos, articles, tips, advice, and anything else that it tattoo-related and might help others who are a part of the tattoo world.

We hope you will enjoy the features and feel camaraderie and inspiration through the TattooistArt </a>project, regardless of where you reside or what language you speak. If we come together, stay together, and work together, it can only lead to progress and success.

Cool Works by Wojciech Zalot