Photography by Bryan Traylor

Bryan Traylor, principle photographer of Locker 14, was appointed by BBDO Cape Town to photograph the launch print campaign for Oude Meester Demant.
Photography by Bryan Traylor

3D Art by Ognian Bonev

Photography By Dmitry Mozzherin

Beautiful birds photography by Dmitry Mozzherin, 46 years old professional animal photographer from Russia.
Photography By Dmitry Mozzherin

Creative Photos by Christian Kerber

AKA is a Montevideo-based online magazine centred on visual arts — such as photography, design, illustration and cinema — that aims to show the creative work of talented local artists. We started with the project in 2009, and it quickly grew into something big, mutating from “just-another-digital-magazine” to a full online experience, counting with new tech goodies such as our “videoteque”, an audiovisual show-off for young directors; and a blog, an international insight of everything happening in the creative industries all over the world.
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Cool Photos by Peter Lippmann

157+173 Designers

Babis Papanikolaou y Christina Tsiragelou son dos arquitectos griegos que un buen día decidieron tener su propio estudio al que llamaron 157+173 Designers. Más info en Trecool.

Pink Gardening Kit

Spring seems to have arrived with a flurry. The Pink Garden Kit is an ideal starter kit for budding gardeners everywhere. Everything the discerning gardener needs is neatly housed in a practical carry case, and better still, the gardening set and all the garden tools inside are pink! It makes a perfect for girly gardeners! Garden tools have never looked so good!

Great selection of garden tools

Photography by Mark Holthusen

Fantastic Works by Tony Ariawan

10 Tenets of Stratospheric Success

Everton won. Last week, one of my clients and I succeeded in getting our site listed on Google News (I know; you know; but in their infinite ‘wisdom’, this represented A Big Thing). I finally created a logo worthy of my big ambitions for the non-profit I’ve been crafting on the side for a while seemingly longer than eternity.


Greg “Craola” Simkins is an artist of the new wave of American illustrators via

Meredith’ sculptures

Atelier Bisque Doll

Atelier Bisque is a multifunctional building designed by UID Architects. It is a gallery, a doll-making studio and a residence at the same time.


Silence Television, Gianmarco Magnani’s Portfolio. The works are digital illustrations printed on premium matte 270 gm photo paper. For better care, printjobs are covered with a clear film that protects and gives them a matte tone. Each series are composed by 4 prints and the title of each print is the corresponding number.
View the rest of the series here via the Design Cove.