What is a McGuffin?

Hitchcock explains…

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Hizoku Uprising T

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7 Apps to Keep You Fit

When it comes to exercise, just getting around to doing it can be a challenge, but once you overcome the discipline hurdle, doing it right can be just as tough. If you don’t have a plan when you start your workout, whatever it might be, it can be easy to waste a lot of time and not actually accomplish much with time.

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Japanese Pop Surrealism by Yosuke Ueno

If you dare to enter the world of Japanese artist Yosuke Ueno, get ready for a strange and surreal adventure. Ueno will take you on a magical ride, introducing you to everyone from a giant baby swan to what looks like Rainbow Bright’s black sheep cousin. See more at My Modern Metropolis.

CourtneyMc x Diesel (ITS9) Competition

Photography: Alex Milsom, bareclever.com
Model: William Sutherland


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Burglars Show

Awesome Magazine WordPress Themes

Nothing more than just a state of the art publishing platform, – describes the group of WordPress developers their free blogging and publishing platform. Claimed to be the largest self-hosted blogging solution in the whole world, WordPress is now used on millions of websites from small personal blogs to huge commercial web projects. As with any other CMS or blogging solution, WordPress offers only a limited number of themes or web interfaces to use by default, hence each blogger urges for making his or her blog or site unique and inimitable. Happily, WordPress is pretty flexible in terms of customization and offers enough instruments for everyone to turn default theme into something really eye-catching, attractive, and unique.

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Illustrations by Ashley Cope

Ashley is based in Florida, USA.
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Some graphics

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A sea made with 600,000 CD

Creative Animal Prints by Photographer Catherine Ledner

Amazing animals photography works by Catherine Ledner. Catherine capture animals photo in a creative way, a big different from most animal photography we have seen with the nature background. See more of Catherine Ledner works here.

Art Work By Kevin.Roodhorst (www.kevinroodhorst.com)

www.kevinroodhorst.com for more art work ! feel free to leave a comment !
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Figures by Stéphane Massa-Bidal / Retrofuturs

Bored by marketing noise ? You need to see some relationships between codes and objects. Stéphane Massa-Bidal takes some distances from them…
Some of his work are available to buy by email.

Flickr | Website | Cargocollective | Facebookgroup | personnal Facebook | Twitter

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