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Facebook, Skype and Youtube Vintage Fake posters

New Calligraffiti Works

Amsterdam-based street artist Niels Meulman aka. ‘Shoe’ shared some of his latest Calligraffiti works on his website. Check out the new designs he did with ink and black permanent markers. There is also one artwork which was made with artists Zeds, Soap, Perto and Giose in Altamura, Italy. See more pictures…

Junkboy Demakes

Vintage Youtube, Facebook, Skype

Mikimoto Japan Headquaters’ ETERNAL LOVE Show Window

Eternal Love…a romantic ambience created for Mikimoto Jewelery’s windows display in their Japan headquaters…sweet color scheme, dreamy flower petals that appears floating + rings that romantically emerged from those pinkish rose lying above the elegance marble base…

more picture here…

Long Exposure Photography

Long exposure photography refers to a specific technique of taking photographs with the camera set for long exposure or slow shutter speed. Usually, a photographic film or an image sensor in a digital camera is exposed to light for only a fraction of a second. For example, in order to take a photo on a sunny day it is enough to choose the shutter speed of 1/100th of a second. However, taking photos with the slower shutter speed (e.g. from 1/8th of a second to 8 seconds or even to a couple of hours) can result in magnificent and eye-catching visual effects. For example, if a long exposure photograph is taken at night on a busy city avenue, the headlights of moving cars will appear on the photo as glowing lines of light.

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25 Terrifying examples of Wave Photography – Thrills and chills!


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“Savage Justice” by Morgan Slade

“Savage Justice” is a solo exhibition by Morgan Slade at LeBasse Projects that runs until August 7th.

More at



[vimeo 13894385]

Timelaps made by Benedikt von Seherr – Thoss

Matthew Dear’s Black City album totem

Nike Toki Nd | The Perfect Everyday Sneaker

The Nike Toki Nd ($75) is a perfect blend of a basketball shoe and an everyday sneaker. Perforated vinyl leather upper with 4-eyelet styling. More images and information here!

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