Billy and Hells Portrait Photography

Florence Knoll Credenza

Florence Knoll’s credenza designs are reserved and cool, severe and angular, reflecting the objective perfectionism of the early 1960s. The Eight Drawer Credenza comes in four body veneers, and a choice of matching veneer tops or five different marble top options. Includes four box drawers and four full-extension file drawers. The base is available in either Polished Chrome or Satin Chrome.

The Nokia N900 – Short Film

“Focus group” is a short film directed by Jack Masters and conceived by agency Jack Morton. The Mill’s Bif (Fabrice Le Nezet, Jules Janaud and Francois Roisin) helmed the post-production efforts.
Via Cretique

Silence Television

Polaroid is Back !

Yes sir! The impossible project relaunch the Polaroid factory and start with their black&white films for sale – More info & pics HERE

Machine Lights by Frank Buchwald

Amazing Machine Lights by Frank Buchwald – More info & pics HERE

interactive activism: earth hour, lights off

This year The Viral Factory has prepared an online video to attract attention to the Earth Hour, which is 2 days from now, with a viral video that is controlled with your light switch. Yes, when you turn off the lights in your room the video goes dark and when you turn back on the video turns back to normal. Try for yourself and see. It is actually quite fun and I believe, it will attract attention from the video watching, game playing, viral loving people, who are not so much aware of–nor interested in–environmental and social activism.
See the video here.

Zombie Kramer

Zombie Kramer by Shalimar Luis
9×12 Acrylic ink on Watercolor paper.
See more of Shalimar’s work here.

LOST: The Animated Series project

I recently began illustrating the cast of Lost in an animated style. You can view the full project at Behance here:

Here’s a sample of the characters.

The Animated Series

The Animated Series

The Animated Series

The Animated Series

The Animated Series

Kent St. John – Panspermia Prints

I recently made a small series of pieces that loosely personify the theory of Panspermia, or “Exogenesis.” The original drawings for some of these were done on 8.5×11 sheets of drawing paper, and scanned in at 1200 dpi. So when printed large, you should see some nice detail from the grain of the paper. Check out the prints here


Sodium Magazine #2 Issue

The #2 issue of Sodium Magazine is now online and already looking for artists for the 3# issue.

This magazine is dedicated tho showcase artists, designers and photographers from around the world.

Colgate 360 Sonic Power Ad

Achieve Brilliant Lighting Effects in Photoshop

Lighting effects can make or break any digital artwork. When done properly, lighting can add visual impact, draw the viewer’s eye, convey depth and emotion, and tie together all the elements of the piece for a quality finished result. However, achieving brilliant lighting is not always an easy task, particularly for newer digital artists. Perfecting contrast, color variation, sharpness and depth will help make your digital art more enticing.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn the essential process of achieving brilliant lighting effects in Photoshop. Using default brushes, blending options and a few stock images, you’ll learn step by step a variety of techniques that you can use in your own digital artworks to achieve professional results.

This is tutorial is jam packed with tips, shortcuts and techniques, and each detail is explained to allow beginning users to follow along. But even if you’re an advanced user, you’ll be inspired and take away some useful new ideas for your artwork. Let’s get started!
View the tutorial.

View the tutorial.

Thread Thrist Launch.

So this dude just started.. and His shirts are sick and the artists are sick as well
give it a peep

Hook-Ups Skateboard Decks

An old favorite rejuvenates with fresh vector line art from Http://Jen.Lu. See the details at Behance. Buy the decks here.