Skulls, Skulls & More Skulls!

Designs by Dan Bru. Swell products available at Pop-ocalypse!

CosplayGen is out in the world

CosplayGen is out in the world
We are pleased to announce the launch of a new project CosplayGen, brought by Otaku Magazine team.
This new project is a cosplay-oriented magazine, whose purpose is to promote cosplay and various cosplayers from around the world.

Check out the official website for more updates:

My rendition of Andy Warhols pop art piece follow me please!

Indigenous games


Adara Sanchez

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Sam Frith

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Tyler Shields 1 million dollar photo

This is one of Tyler Shields “Collisions” they are made using no photoshop and no double exposure, he has created a new process to create these images I just read an article about how he sold this one for a million at his last show… Also he shot a guy with a gun during the show… There is video (I didn’t believe it either) Click on the photo to see the video!

Femine Fatale by Naxart

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Paper Dance Art Prints by Andre Nax

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12 Design Posters by Andre Nax

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G-Star Culture

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Stationary of horror

Corporate design for Germany’s most famous crime and horror channel

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Photography By Matthias Heiderich

Matthias Heiderich is a freelance photographer from Berlin. His amazing colorful photographs seems quite unreal particulary landscape pics that capture Berlin’s streets.

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Wedding Chapel Made of White Ventilation Tubes

DUS Architects has designed a wedding chapel inside Villa Escamp, the temporary city hall The Hague. The dome-shaped wedding chapel is crocheted of no less than two kilometres of white flexible ventilation tubes where couples can actually marry in the wedding chapel……More photos & info after the jump!