THE ROOTS JAM at the Highline Ballroom, NYC

roots press THE ROOTS JAM at the Highline Ballroom, NYC
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The Book on Tasty and Healthy Foods: Icon of Soviet Times

alcj 03 The Book on Tasty and Healthy Foods: Icon of Soviet Times

The every day Soviet life was far from luxurious, however, the government had its ways of making people believe that life was good and constantly getting better. An interesting means of achieving it was a notable culinary book published in the USSR — The Book On Tasty and Healthy Foods. This book, a few inches thick, turned out to be more than a collection of recipes — it is considered to be an encyclopedia of the Soviet epoch, an insight into the ordinary life of the Soviets. Written by prominent chefs and dieticians of the time, the book was approved by the minister of health and then by Stalin himself (the first edition dating 1939). Until the 1980s, the book contained no actual photographs — only drawings. These have become an one of the most significant and memorable set of illustrations in Soviet culture.

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“beside the seaside” – by designandstuff

designandstuff beside the seaside   by designandstuff

First collection from playful uk duo designandstuff.
Image shown: “sandcastle stool” 2009
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Japi Honoo

08 059 tipofyour DYT Japi Honoo

This is part of the gallery vectors [vm 18 / xxx] by the italian digital artist Japi Honoo.

Sexy HTML Tips


[youtube j3BAzKxJlh4]
Computer Animation, Motion Graphic by xp1394

33 Spectacular Black and White Photographs

bw 33 Spectacular Black and White Photographs

There’s just something about black and white photography. Maybe it’s because humans are used to seeing the world in color, or maybe it’s because we associate black and white with a sort of “old time” feel. Or maybe it’s that black and white photography force us to examine beauty not as a myriad of colors, but instead, absence of color.

Moonwalk shoe concept

Amazing Concept for Moonwalk shoes, based on the famous All Stars Converse.

conversemoonwalk2580x388 Moonwalk shoe concept

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Keith Davis Young

Phil Noto

philnotoillustrations1600x448 Phil Noto
The comic style illustrations of Phil Noto of his Sexy, vintage spy girls have attracted a legion of fans. More info & pics HERE
philnotosketches600x462 Phil Noto
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VB Ad: The Regulars.

[youtube 0v79UzSnbp8]
Released: July 2009
Brand name: VB BEER
Agency: Droga5
Category: Alcoholic drinks
Tags: Beer
The scale of the production demanded a cast that is a combo of professionals, CUB employees, punters straight off the street plus some well known faces. There are cameos from Australian sports stars and personalities including Michael Clarke, Wally Lewis, Paul De Gelder, Scott Cam, Molly Meldrum, Peter Russell Clarke, Dean Jones, Michael Klim, Billy Brownless and Greg Evans.
The TVC is part of a much bigger campaign that includes VB’s first ever dedicated brand website ( There will also be print, radio, outdoor, on line and “The Regulars” will be brought to life in store through point of sale and refreshed packaging.
“At their heart, our new VB ads are about a beer at the pub with your mates but they’re brought to life in a way that is uniquely Australian. There are the classic VB trademarks but it’s definitely a new take – both from a creative and launch to market standpoint. This new campaign is another step forward for VB and will play an integral role in driving the brand’s future growth,” said Peter Sinclair, CUB Marketing Director.
The new VB commercial was shot in Ballarat and is one of the largest beer commercials ever produced in Australia boasting a 1500 plus cast and a 150 person strong crew. Whilst still identifiable as VB through classic trademarks like the theme song, it brings to life VB’s evolved positioning and unveils the new tagline “VB – The Drinking Beer”.
David Nobay, Droga 5 Creative Chairman said about the creative idea: “What was clear to us from the start is that VB is the great leveller – that’s what makes it such a quintessential Aussie brand. It doesn’t matter who you are, what you do or wear, when you pick up VB you become a part of something authentic. Our creative challenge was to amplify that in a way that is equally authentic, Australian and real. The result is the ‘The Regulars’ and as a team it’s work we’re really proud of.”

Client: VB
Agency: Droga5, Sydney
Creative: Cam Blackley,
Matty Burton
Agency Producer: Paul Johnston
Production Company: Radical Media
Director: The Glue Society
Producer: Cath Anderson,
Karen Bryson
Director of Photography: Danny Ruhlman
Editorial Company: The Editors
Editor: Bernard Garry,
Mark Burnett,
Zen Rosenthal
Sound Design: Nylon Studios
VFX Company: Fuel

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Photography is not equal to Crime

A t-shirt designed with a clear message in mind… available here

3207741 1 photography is not equal to crime 2 Photography is not equal to Crime

Photography by Nina Andersson

ninaanderssonbentrovato2 Photography by Nina Andersson
ninaanderssonbentrovato3 Photography by Nina Andersson

Fashion photography by Nina Andersson, more pics and info here.