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Daily Inspiration #86

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Ian Field-Richards

Beautiful illustrations by Ian Field-Richards, talented artist and illustrator from United Kingdom.

Ian Field-Richards

Satellite Engineer

Photography by Anoush Abrar & Aimée Hoving. More here.

Ertac Altinoz

Beautiful illustrations by Ertac Altinoz, talented digital illustrator from Turkey who loves working with cinema, 3D, short animated films and animation, but primarily focuses on illustration.
Ertac Altinoz

Tate Otame Ladle by Mikiya Kobayashi

Designed by Mikiya Kobayashi, a Grand Prix winner for Toyama Product Design, Tate Otame Ladle is a ladle that can stand up on its own. See more pics of Tate Otame Ladle.

Vintage Photo Effect

This is a good advice ;-)

Magnificent Illustrations from Denis Zilber

Denis Zilber is an independent illustrator from Israel. We would love to show you his very absolutely magnificent and unique style with special emphasis on lighting and colors. These are the things that make his illustrations looks real and alive. He works mostly digitally, incorporating traditional media techniques.

View more magnificent illustrations from Denis Zilber at The Design Buzz

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Photography by Christoph Morlinghaus

Via Oh, Snap!

StopMotion “Do Amor”

Stopmotion made with paper for the valentine’s day party (in Brazil the date is June 12). CLICK on the image to watch.
Produced by Gotazkaen Estudio / Sound: Rita Lee – Buid Up – Viagem ao Fundo de Mim Mesmo

Tiah Eckhardt by Holly Blake

Cool Key Caps

CooKeys, UniKeys, FreaKeys and Robo-Keys…. check out 15 Cool Key Caps.

Legendary commercial

Anawesome commercial for a beer from Japan. Watch it on BEWARE!

1 shirt – 19 classic video game weapons. How many can you name?

Video games. You love them. I love them. Over the past decades they’ve carved an indelible mark on our souls. Rather than create a design for one game or system, I wanted to pay tribute to the entire institution of gaming, so I created this design, titled ‘Choose Your Weapon’ showcasing some of my favorite weapons throughout video game history.

Hand-screened on American Apparel and available in guys and girls sizes from S – 2XL for $18, only through my shop.

So – how many of them can YOU name? If you get stuck, click through to my shop for a link to an answer key.

Oh, and if you’ve got an extra second, I’d also appreciate your help getting it noticed on Digg.