Andres Guzman Illustrations

Alex Welsh Photography

Lightbotz by Marcus Tremonto

Fantastic Works by HD-Fortress

Buster Keaton type tale

Do you remember your first love? your first kiss? Do you remember? APRICOT by Ben Briand


See the short film on Le Blog de Yoland.

Cool Works by Kervin W Brisseaux

The Photography of Warwick Saint

Many of you may recognize Warwick’s work from Inked magazine. He’s also photographed many celebrities and advertising campaigns from around the world.

More photos and a link to Warick’s site at

Photography by Chris Nicholls

Born in England and raised in Canada, Chris Nicholls has emerged as one of the most sought after fashion photographers.
Photography by Chris Nicholls

Molly Bendall & John O’Brien Verbal-Visual Collaboration

This verbal and visual collaboration between Molly Bendall & John O’Brien claims a spatiality of meaning. Bendall’s verse is “strewn now” about O’Brien’s underlying expansive landscape sketches. By placing words over maps, the words must be seen in a spatial arrangement as each letter and word corresponds to the location it covers. We are left asking: What are the borders between the words and the visuals? We recognize the words as words, but that line between word and visual is blurred. Words can be a guide towards meaning in the same way that maps can be a guide toward a location. The word and map by themselves do not indicate meaning or location. Each is just varying gradations of gray and black on a white page. The reader or viewer takes these raw elements—marks on a page—and turns them into a space of meaning.

See the rest of the series at The Offending Adam.

Ruadh DeLone ‘Faces of History’

Dutch photographer Ruadh DeLone’s ‘Faces of History’ series brings individuals such as Sigmund Freud and Albert Einstein to life through a little creativity, and a lot of shaving cream. DeLone’s series, with a characteristic quality of digitized realism, captures a playfully surreal world of portrait photography; taking a whimsical look at this cast of historical figures while maintaining a high mind for the quality and execution of the images. ‘Faces of History’ is ultimately a fascinating exercise by the talented DeLone, a series that’s sure to intrigue, and maybe even make you reconsider something as mundane as your morning shave.

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Penguin Gaming Classics

Minimalist Penguin classics style covers for video games by James Griffiths.

Flickr set


Tait Oosthuizen ‘Track Bike’

Beautiful in its simplicity, Tait Oosthuizen’s track bike design pays homage to these minimalist machines through complimenting, not overshadowing the lugged steel frame. The bike, which will be available in local Melbourne, Australia shops soon, references the quality and styling of bike manufacturers past, a time when logos and computer generated laminate graphics would be an affront to the frame builders craftsmanship. Tait Oosthuizen’s design demonstrates the ability for an artist to respect a medium, indelibly adding to it with elegant design, but in the most complimentary way.

More Pictures – plant a digital seed with skyskraper

London-based digital media agency skyskraper is launching a self-promoting and unique advertising campaign to bridge the gap between print and digital media using a social network mechanism via an online experience.

Launching on March 19th, 2010 plant a digital seed at, and watch it grow as you Tweet. Skyskraper‘s specifically designed algorithm will determine how big, what colour and how many branches each plant will be, based on your information and interaction.

Keep an eye on and skyskraper for more – and get ready to plant your digital seed…

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