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Wallpaper Application

walls Wallpaper Application

X3 Studios just launched The Wallpaper Application:
This web-application allows anyone to create personalized wallpapers on the fly, with a little help from us as far as background elements, graphics that can be used, a bunch of text and font options and many more that we invite you to discover for yourself.
Check it here or you can see a video tutorial here.


Negative Space, Optical Illusions

noma spock Negative Space, Optical Illusions
A fantastic collection of illustration/graphic design by Noma Bar. Each image has an optical illusion, which although looks simple is quite challenging to invent and create. Wow!

View more optical illusions »

Carrot Clothing

Tera Patrick x Supreme Polaroids

terapatricksupremepolaroidskennethcapello4 Tera Patrick x Supreme Polaroids
A few seasons after the collaboration between porn star Tera Patrick and skatebrand Supreme comes some Polaroid photographs which were shot by Kenneth Capello. Via: iGNANT

Photography by Matt Irwin

mattirwin bentrovato7 Photography by Matt Irwin
mattirwin bentrovato5 Photography by Matt Irwin

Fashion photography by Matt Irwin, more pics and info here.

Muzorama. Short 3D animation film.

Beau White – Artist (Melbourne)

New T-shirt design for adidas

adidas bboy New T shirt design for adidas
designed by Stubborn Sideburn

The Dark Side

darkside1 The Dark Side
darkside2 The Dark Side
darkside3 The Dark Side
Star Wars and Full Metal Jacket is like chocolate and peanut butter… Darth Vader and Private Joker’s helmet epitomize the duality of man, or “the Jungian thing, Sir.”

And even if you aren’t picking up on my FMJ reference, you have to admit this is one badass looking poster. This is printed using clear gloss on matte black for the perfect black on black.

Buy one first, then tell your friends. KENYONB

Inhotim Museum Ad: Stendhal Syndrome.

[youtube gBLtb_4qwpo]
Released: July 2009
Avertiser: Inhotim
Agency: Filadelfia, Belo Horizonte
Country: Brazil
Category: Entertainment & leisure
Tags: Collection of creative museums ads
Back to front storyline ads
Advertising Agency: Filadelfia, Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Creative Director: Dan Zecchinelli
Art Director: Joao Paz, Rene Bionor
Copywriters: Hellen Mundim, Dan Zecchinelli
Other additional credits:
Agency Producer: Elenize Almeida
Agency Account Executive: Brunna Lopes
Production Company: Zeppelin Filmes
Director: Carlos Manga Jr.
Director of Photography: Paulo Mendes da Rocha
Executive Producer: Pedro Bueno
Production Company Account Director: Breno Castro
Production Company Account Executive: Alonso Sperb
Editors: Alex Lacerda, Umberto Martins
Finalization: Camila Doimo e Fabiana Mc Mullan
Soundtrack and Sound Mix: Sax So Funny
Composer: Zezinho Mutarelli
Sound Technician: Cezar Brandao, Sergio Fouad
Post Production: Casablanca

‘Animal Gangs’ by Mostro

animalgangs3 ‘Animal Gangs’ by Mostro

Mostro has made these hilarious animal illustrations. He has conceived of four animals gangs—the Lower East Side Bandana Foxes, the Upper East Side Dagger Cats, the East Village Zebra Punks, and the Downtown Roller Bears—reminiscent of The Warriors.

More Pics

Lily Mae Martin

Sun Tattoo

Photography by Sam Ash.

Cats06 Photography by Sam Ash.
mikeanderin05 Photography by Sam Ash.
more images here.