Mock ups.

some images of the mocks for the new shirts.

I actually created these from scratch on the computer first two designs that came straight from Ideas.

Mini Spring Release… get them here.

the Design Cove | Photography by Yagmur Kizilok

IZH-1| Hybrid Concept Motorcycle

Igor Chak is only 26 years old, but judging from this highly tecnological hybrid concept motorcycle based on the 1929 Soviet Izh–1, he has a bright future in motorcycle design. More info, images and a video here.

Free-Flowing Illustrations by Shadow Chen

Shadow Chen is a super talented illustrator based out of Ningbo, China. Her work oozes with creativity and bursts with color.

More pics at My Modern Metropolis.

Focus on Jeffrey Vanhoutte, talented commercial photographer

More on Zéfulon

Foehn & Hirsch Brand Identity Development

Foehn and Hirsch Logo

I was approached late last year by Foehn & Hirsch and asked if I would consider taking on the job of rebranding their existing identity. This is a detailed post detailing the process involved in the creation of this identity redesign.

Brand Identity Process – Foehn & Hirsch Identity Development

Art Made from Real Human Bones – Francois Robert

Francois Robert spent hundreds of hours arranging the real bones of a single human skeleton into a series of striking iconic shapes, each five or six feet wide. He titled the beautiful yet eerily haunting series, ‘Stop the Violence.'”

More pics at My Modern Metropolis.

Photo Embroidery

Shot by Lithuanian photographer Ausra Osipaviciute… More Info & pics HERE

RetroTV: The Brooklyn Circus SF Rises Above the Tide (Trailer)

[vimeo 11260851]

All of us here at The Retrospective are big fans of The Brooklyn Circus and we couldn’t be more excited that lately they’ve been getting more press than Christina Hendricks of Mad Men. From a profile on Justin Timberlake’s blog to a speaking gig at one of our favorite conferences held by PSFK, people have been scoping Brooklyn Circus in a big way, and so it was a shock to learn that the Brooklyn Circus SF shop has been closed due to flooding for nearly two weeks.

Instead of dwelling on the negative impact of these unfortunate circumstances, The Brooklyn Circus SF saw the downtime as an opportunity to strengthen their business. Not only have they made some exciting changes to the store, they’ve also come up with some new ways to increase their presence in the cultural landscape of San Francisco. They recently celebrated their grand re-opening with a raucous in-store party and we were there to socialize with and support our friends, as well document the event. The full video will be live on Thursday, April 29th but in case you can’t wait here’s a sneak peek at what went down.

The RetrospectiveWant more? Come visit!</span

Super Weird Toes Shoe By Comme Des Garçons

For those of you out there that are becoming bored with the same old shoes, this Toes Shoe by Comme Des Garçons is indeed extremely creative, and definitely something different. The Toes shoe features gold and black leather with Trompe L’oeil effect of a child-like drawing of crooked toes with painted red toe nails. Fashion or weird? More Toes Shoe here.

Kwon Kyung Yup

Magpie Studio

Aesop Singapore

source vectro ave

Mesmerizing Beauty – Chen Man

Photographer Chen Man blew up on the scene with her groundbreaking covers produced for Vision magazine from 2003 to 2007. As a regular contributor to such publications as Vogue, Nylon, Esquire and Bazaar, she’s defining the new face of modern China. See more at My Modern Metropolis.

The Klax – We Ride At Night x Gallery Heist

[vimeo 11257953]

We Ride At Night, the creative collective founded by Jason Vivona, Brian Henderson and Matthew Izen, has their sights set high. From t-shirts to skatedecks, this ambitious group has amassed an impressive array of artists to create imaginative, humorous, and all-around striking work centered around the ever-evolving world of skateboard culture. A newcomer to the San Francisco art scene, Gallery Heist played host for the kick-off party of the group’s inaugural namesake show. And just like their name implies, this show won’t be around forever; it closes Wednesday, April 28th.

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