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Smyk is a Berlin based design and illustration studio founded by in 2007.
We just relaunched our Portfolio. Check out the new work and our free font olaf.
we are available for freelance work.

Laura Gatto. Italian graphic design female

Based on the work of Italian graphic artist Laura Gatto, this new Web site is structured on a typical Web 2.0 layout by implementing fully some features of the jQuery framework of Photo sharing Flickr, a Widget to your network and investing in a graphic style full web trend. have a good visit:
laura gatto blog1 Laura Gatto. Italian graphic design female

laura gatto blog3 Laura Gatto. Italian graphic design female


Andrew Archer’s beautiful illustrations

BFMSSL Andrew Archers beautiful illustrations
This guy is simply amazing, his work is powerful and subtle. Vibrant colors as well as moody……continue to read and view more images here

EMBROSYST issue 5 | Collage

out clean s EMBROSYST issue 5 | Collage

EMBROSYST visual communications e magazine | Art – Design – Photography – Motion Pictures | Always open for Collaborate
Check this out!

Ferrari 458 Italia

yessir Ferrari 458 Italia
This new Ferrari is also a major leap forward when it comes to cutting emissions. Despite the fact that the new engine is significantly more powerful than the V8s that preceded it…..Continue to read and more images

Photography by Katja Rahlwes

katjarahlwes bentrovato1 Photography by Katja Rahlwes
katjarahlwes bentrovato5 Photography by Katja Rahlwes

Fashion photography by Katja Rahlwes, more pics and info here.

Meet Frank, Your New Social Feed Streaming Friend

frank 01 Meet Frank, Your New Social Feed Streaming Friend

This time I found Frank and, given the fact that lifestream is so big right now, I brought this guy to say Hello :]

VS2: Design Changes – An Artvocacy Exhibit

The Exchange

[vimeo 5321237]
A simple, well-executed film by Sola Baptiste, inspired by the art of Josef Albers.

More videos at Scene 360 Illusion

Dinahosting Containers Office

dinahostingofficesbyoantidoto Dinahosting Containers Office
dinahostingofficesbyoantidoto2 Dinahosting Containers Office
A pretty cool design for Internet Company Dinahosting and their beautiful containers office – More info & pics HERE
Via Cyanatrendland

Organ 3

Mario as traditional japanese art

35 Breathtaking Examples of Concept Art

Concept art is one of the most common forms of art on the internet. Generally, concept art is simply art that is designed to express a ‘concept’, such as a person, location, event or object. Concept art is almost always created for large videogame or movie projects, in order to help provide creative guidance.

Today, we have 35 absolutely breathtaking examples of concept art, hand-picked from deviantART that will be sure to leave you awestruck.
conceptart 35 Breathtaking Examples of Concept Art

Pixelelement’s New “Digg” Like System is now open to the Public

pixelNews01 Pixelelement’s New “Digg” Like System is now open to the Public
Pixelelement has launch a new “digg” like system for the online community to share the best news/stories in the categories of design, photography, inspiration, motion, illustration, technology, and video games.

Click here for more information.

Okey Ad: Elephant.

[youtube cl-1SBN6Kd0]
Released: July 2009
Avertiser: Okey
Country: France
Category: Household maintenance & pet products
Advertising Agency: Les ouvriers du paradis, Paris, France
Creative Director: Serge Fichard
Art Director: Dimitri Smilenko
Copywriter: Richard Cador
Director: Didier Barcelo
Sound: Eric Cervera, Near deaf experience