Sicksystems, Moscow

Sicksystems is a personal project of Aske, a Moscow-based artist. Aske started his career as a graffiti writer in 2000. He has constantly worked on his art developing his own style and not limiting himself to writing on walls. Now Aske is more of a graphic artist and designer than a graffiti writer. He launched the new updated site today. There you can view his portfolio and an archive with more than a hundred of my personal and commercial works made from 2003 to 2009.

You can check it at

social metal: hail the villain’s interactive website

Canadian Heavy Metal band, Hail the Villain, has launched its album, Population: Declining, with a creative interactive website that is designed by Grand Creative.
Click here to read the rest of the post and to watch the video.

40 Incredible Illustrations by Ralph Niese

Great work by the Leipzig, Germany based artist.
Via Unstage (Click here for more)

Ari Gabel ‘Endless Bliss’ Photo Series

Rarely is disturbing subject matter rendered with such haunting beauty as photographer Ari Gabel has done in his ‘Endless Bliss’ photo series. The collected images of suicide tread the fine line between offending and intriguing, skewing towards the latter through Gabel’s brilliant aesthetic selections and sensibilities.

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Jack Ambridge ‘Little Lands’ Photo Series

U.K. photographer Jack Ambridge has created a beautifully whimsical photo series fittingly titled ‘Little Lands’; utilizing photo manipulation to revert vast landscapes into miniaturized worlds. The landscapes Ambridge has selected work particularly well with his chosen effect, one that is often used, but seldom to such great effect as in ‘Little Lands’

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On the Job with Garbage Men

Illustrator Max Estes shares a few images from his upcoming Norwegian picture book, On the Job with Garbage Men.

Bent the illu

The Art of Nate Holmes Trapnell

The art of Nate Holmes Trapnell of Melbourne, Australia.

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Carnaval Fantasy by Sam Werczler

This artwork was created especially for the release of the new version of my website:

Dan Stafford’s Illustrations

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Carlos Nunez

Carlos Nunez

See more photos of Carlos Nunez on Le Blog de Yoland.

Mark Ryden Incarnation

incarnation - Concrete Rocket graphic t-shirt blog

Mark Ryden also uploaded the process of bringing this work from a blank canvas to a completed painting.
See the painting process at Concrete Rocket blog.

The Mirror Man of Los Angeles

L’homme miroir de Los Angeles est un artiste des plus étonnant. L’homme miroir utilise une combinaison qui couvre sa personne de la tête aux pieds. Le résultat est superbe, réflexion parfaite de la lumière vers le spectateur. Le reste des photos dans la suite..WWW.ZEUTCH.COM

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