Kantik Bookcase

A bookcase that leans on the wall and displays the books quite interestingly.


The Little Time

The Little Time by Rafael Morgan, a clock with magnifiers for hands!
“Little Time comes with numbers printed so small they’re difficult to read except when the hour or minute hand, which are tipped with magnifying lenses, passes over them.”


Infinite USB

The Infinite USB, a new kind of USB Plug, provides a USB port when it occupies one. There is no limitation of the USB port of labtop anymore. By Gonglue Jiang.


“Green” Furniture

The Secret Garden collection by home furniture Thai company Ayodhya uses real dried moss inserted under a glass table top.
Also mirrors, stools, trays and boxes all made with recycled newspaper.

Check it out.


1948 Buick Streamliner

The beautiful 1948 Buick Streamliner by Norman E. Timbs.
Check out more pics.


Daily Inspiration #68

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Marie Claire Advertising by Network BBDO

The Naked Issue ad campaign by Network BBDO, find out more…

The Dead Weather – Die by The Drop

The Dead Weather

The Dead Weather par Savid Swanson

See the new music video and listen the new songs of The Dead Weather, Die by The Drop and Old Mary on Le Blog de Yoland.

Cool Works by Sirkku Tuomela

Paper Gamboy

Photography By Sebastien Tabuteaud

Beautiful photography by Sebastien Tabuteaud, semi-professional male photographer, based in Paris, France.
Photography By Sebastien Tabuteaud

Michael Wandelmaier Illustrations

Photography by Bryan Traylor

Bryan Traylor, principle photographer of Locker 14, was appointed by BBDO Cape Town to photograph the launch print campaign for Oude Meester Demant.
Photography by Bryan Traylor

3D Art by Ognian Bonev

Photography By Dmitry Mozzherin

Beautiful birds photography by Dmitry Mozzherin, 46 years old professional animal photographer from Russia.
Photography By Dmitry Mozzherin