Photography by Mark Holthusen

Fantastic Works by Tony Ariawan

10 Tenets of Stratospheric Success

Everton won. Last week, one of my clients and I succeeded in getting our site listed on Google News (I know; you know; but in their infinite ‘wisdom’, this represented A Big Thing). I finally created a logo worthy of my big ambitions for the non-profit I’ve been crafting on the side for a while seemingly longer than eternity.


Greg “Craola” Simkins is an artist of the new wave of American illustrators via

Meredith’ sculptures

Atelier Bisque Doll

Atelier Bisque is a multifunctional building designed by UID Architects. It is a gallery, a doll-making studio and a residence at the same time.


Silence Television, Gianmarco Magnani’s Portfolio. The works are digital illustrations printed on premium matte 270 gm photo paper. For better care, printjobs are covered with a clear film that protects and gives them a matte tone. Each series are composed by 4 prints and the title of each print is the corresponding number.
View the rest of the series here via the Design Cove.

Schlossmuseum Linz

Graphic Design by Josh Vanover

Visual Artist Josh Vanover / SPACEKNUCKLE Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Josh Vanover works freelance from his home studio. Although he mainly uses black and white, he brings a lot of energy and edge to his art, which mixes geometric line work, organic patterns and dark themes. Josh also finds that collaborations can electrify the day-to-day design process. – Computer Arts magazine.
Via Cretique

A Diamond House in a California Canyon

16 Cool Vectors

Art Work Kevin.Roodhorst

My Artwork, Hope you like it.


Thanks & Greetz Kevin.Roodhorst

The Photography of Peter Yang

Originally from Texas, Peter currently lives in Brooklyn. His work has been featured in Rolling Stone, ESPN Magazine and Wired.

More of Peter’s work and a link to his site at Ink Butter.

Ferrari 275 GTB 4 Berlinetta

Voici la méticuleuse Ferrari 275 GTB 4 Berlinetta après sa restauration. Elle reste fidèle à son original de 1967. V12 de 3,3 L pour 300 chevaux. Une œuvre de Pininfarina..More pics > WWW.ZEUTCH.COM

Alberto, a nice graphic designer