Dwight Eschliman’s 37 Or So Ingredients

Being fans of minimalist photography, Dwight Eschliman’s 37 Or So Ingredients was an immediate favorite of ours. Eschliman took the ingredients list for a Twinkie, and put a sampling of each ingredient into a petri dish before photographing it. From water, to animal shortening to (of course), sugar, Eschliman is brutally honest, depicting America’s favorite snack cake as it truly is.

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The World Cup Final at Nike LA @ The Montalban

Nike’s LA location at the Montalban theater has straight up been one of the choice places in LA to see the World Cup, so with the final looming tomorrow, take some time out to see what they have planned at this location. A pitch will be set up on the roof, Nike gear will be up for sale, and of course, the big showdown between Oranje and La Roja is up on the big screen.
Nike in LA @ The Montalbán
16 Vine Street
Hollywood, CA

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BTB post #200: THE BEST OF

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly: World Cup Photo Round Up


Le Clan Pompeux – Prints on Wood

Abbey Lee Kershaw by Terry Richardson

Saville Row Mini Cooper

Mini, inspired by London’s Saville Row, has created a limited edition Mini Cooper; severe yet elegant with a metallic black and chrome finish.

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People For Bikes | Uniting a Million Voices to Improve the Future of Biking

Tom Hussey

Nike Paper Shoes

Nike Paper Shoes

Nike Paper Shoes

Nike Paper Shoes

I’ve design and built this paper shoes for Nike Stories of Style event. MORE IMAGES HERE and HERE.


Jay Park @jaybumaom by Mina Kwon @MinaKwon

Jay Park


Exploring Water Magic

Perhaps, one of the true talents of real visual artists is their ability to discover and reveal new shades, facets, and dimensions of the usual, familiar, and conventional things. Let’s take water for example… One of the most widely-spread substances on Earth every living person deals with every day. However, you will be amazed with the variety of unexpected forms and visual effects, which can be created with or by this chemical substance. Though its structure is defined as simple as H2O in chemistry, a single drop of water, captured by a skillful photographer, can reveal the whole new world of amazing color spectrum and super complex geometrical structures.

Water is usually perceived as a dynamic substance, which rarely stands still in the natural environment. However, human eye cannot catch all the changing nature of water in motion. Happily, the lens of digital cameras can… Even a drop, falling in to a glass of water, captured by a photographer, can be a masterpiece by itself. Indeed, water, whether it is a quiet brook, magnificent iceberg or a powerful mountain waterfall, has always inspired painters and visual art designers. Multiple water and liquid effects are commonly used in advertising materials or web graphics. Some of the visual art works, featuring water, are presented in the showcase below. It is not only a demonstration of highly versatile nature of water – it is also a source of inspiration and new creative ideas.

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Treehotel in Harads, Sweeden to open soon

Treehotel, a unique new hotel which has transformed the simple treehouse concept from childhood into a destination for design conscious travelers, will be unveiled in Harads, Northern Sweden, on July 17, 2010.

The inspiration for the Treehotel project was borrowed from a documentary film that followed three urban friends who came out to Harads and built a treehouse. That treehouse has been used as a rental unit over the last year and ultimately inspired hotel developers to develop this project.

Came across the story browsing through World Interior Design Network

Andrew B. Meyers